Ramprabhu and Shakuntala were cohabiting students at Dalmia College in Mumbai. Their sex life was boring due to Ramprabhu's small cock. Shakuntala, a computer science student volunteered to help four African students build a wed page for their football team...they then gand banged her
My name is Ramprabhu and I go to the Dalmia College, it's a rather small college. My girlfriend Shakuntala also goes to the same college. I was studying for a degree in accountancy and Shakuntala a degree in mathematics and computer science. We met a little less than a year ago and had been dating ever since, despite our parents’ objection. My mother went to an astrologer and he said that we were incompatible, our horoscopes did not match. In conservative India, that is all that matters for a lasting marriage! I'm 22 years old. I am not what you would call an athlete; I have a rather skinny body, and a minuscule manhood.

I'm really into computers so I help the teachers at the college with the computer classes; I was mainly into the hardware side of computing. I also help out with students who don't really care for computers and try to get them to use those more, explaining how computers shape our everyday lives. My girlfriend Shakuntala also uses computers a lot, but she was in to software and design web pages. She also helps other students with their web sites; she concentrates on the foreign students. Shakuntala isn't either what you would call an athlete. I mean she's not fat but she isn't skinny either. She is a bit chubby I guess. Shakuntala is light skinned (wheatish in Indian parlance) middle class Indian with burgundy hair. She is 20 years old and she's about 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a voracious appetite for sex. My small manhood does not do her justice, and every time we fuck, she has to reach her orgasm by using her fingers, often only by probing both orifices, pussy and ass; this is invariably 5 minute after I normally ejaculate. She weights about 59 kgs.

As I said she's a bit chubby so she doesn't have that thin waist you would see on models. But I think she looks great anyway. She has a nice big ass, not a fat ass but a little bigger then usual. So she really looks great in a pair of tight jeans. Although she is a bit chubby, she still has a few guys watching her. Because she really is quite beautiful, and due to the fact that she does have really big breasts. She is a size EE. And those breasts you could spend hours just fondling.

Shakuntala and I have just moved into a 4th floor, 2 room apartment next to the college in Mira Road. The flat in Sector 1 of the Shrishti Housing Complex was a mere five minutes walk from college. I think we have it great. In this conservative society, we have to pretend to be brother and sister…as the neighbours will not tolerate a cohabiting couple in their midst!

But there is something I'm a bit concerned about. There are these four Black guys who almost always hang out together. I guess it's because they are almost the only Black guys at the college, all from Africa, on Indian Government sponsored scholarships. They always try to pick up Shakuntala. They try to get her to come to their parties and such things.
She has always refused but I think she likes the attention she gets from them. We later learned that their names were Habiyaramanna, Joaquin, Kundalembalemba and Chilufyamwano. And that they were all excellent football players. In fact, they were the only football players in the college. When they practiced in the nearby park, there is usually a large crowd of spectators cheering them on. When we are walking in the hallways at the college and she sees them, she almost always stops next to them and starts talking to me loudly to attract their attention. And every time they try would to pick her up, even when she's with me. Despite doing separate degrees, we had common courses in subjects such as statistics, linear programming and computer science.

Yesterday when we were walking to our statistics class we stopped at a notice board to see when our next class was scheduled. A minute later the four guys showed up and started talking to Shakuntala. "Hey gorgeous, what’s you doing?" Joaquin asked. "Nothing, just looking when our next class is scheduled." She told them while blushing a bit. "Well girl you look great today." Kundalembalemba told her. Shakuntala blushed a bit more. "Thanks." She told them. They were all hitting on her, but I didn't know what to do. I mean they were all a lot bigger than I, and I was afraid of if I offended them that they might do something to me later. Chilufyamwano then got up close to her and laid his hand on her back and whispered. "Why don't you skip this Indian boy and come with us to our next party." Shakuntala looked over to me, expecting me to say something like, that she was my girlfriend and that she was going with me, and only me. But I didn't, I just looked back at her. I wanted to speak up but I was actually a bit intimidated by them. "You don't mind if your girlfriend comes with us do you, Indian boy." Chilufyamwano said to me, jeeringly. I looked over at Shakuntala. "I..." I tried to say something but it wouldn't come out. Shakuntala looked over at me, and with her eyes it almost looked like she thought that I was a little pathetic not to say anything. "Well what do you say; you want to come with us and party. Your boyfriend doesn't seem to mind." Joaquin told her. "I don't know, maybe later." She told them. I was shocked that she would even consider it. "Oh and by the way, we hear that you help students design their web pages." Kundalembalemba said. "Yes." Shakuntala told them. "Well we are considering doing a homepage for the football team. Could you help us out little with that?" Joaquin asked Shakuntala. "I guess I could." She told them. "And when would be a good time for you?" He asked. "Well I usually help out after school, but I already have someone today. Maybe tomorrow after school." Shakuntala told them. "Ok then, after school tomorrow." Joaquin said. After that they left. "Are you actually going to help them?" I asked Shakuntala. "Yes." She told me. "But...." "But what?" She asked. Then she told me. "I didn't hear you say anything when they asked me about it. You didn't even say something when they were asking me out to go to their party!!" She told me in a bit of an angry voice. Later that night at our apartment, when we were going to bed. "You want to fool around a little?" I asked her feeling horny.
"No, you can go and jerk off in the bathroom if you feel like it." She told me. I guess that she was still a bit angry that I hadn't said anything to the guys. The next day after school, an hour before she was going to help the guys with their web page, she decided to go home and change clothes. "Why do you need to change clothes?" I asked her. "I thought that I would change into something a bit sexier and tease those guys a little." She told me. "But I..." I tried to say that I didn't want her to do that. "You know nothing will happen, and you'll be there won't you?" She stressed. "Yes I will, but..." I said. She knew I had to be there because I was the only one with a key to the school and to the computer lab after school was out. No one except Shakuntala or I was allowed to be in the computer lab after school, when no one else was in the school, Mr. Devakaran, the computer lecturer was very keen on controlling who enters the computer lab after school hours. So she went home and changed. She put on a rather tight brown long sleeved top for her breast size. The top showed off her ample breasts without showing any skin. She also put on a pair of tight jean pants that showed off her big corpulent ass. I was a little concerned with her wearing such clothes when she was going to meet those four guys at school, even though I was going to be there. When we got to the school we opened the doors up to the computer room and went inside and turned on some computers. We waited for about a half an hour before they showed up. "Damn girl, you look hot." Joaquin told Shakuntala. "Yeah that's a nice outfit you are wearing." said Chilufyamwano. "Thanks." Shakuntala said. Then they noticed me. "Hey, what's the Indian boy doing here?" Habiyaramanna asked Shakuntala. "Oh, Ramprabhu is the only one with a key to the computer lab." She told them. "Well should we get started?" Shakuntala asked. "Ok." They told her. Shakuntala sat down with a computer and the guys all gathered around her. I was sitting at the front of the room at the teacher’s desk. She began to show them some basic stuff about building your own web site. I noticed that they were more interested in Shakuntala than the web page. You could see that they were looking at her body and her big breasts through her clothes. Then I noticed that Joaquin was whispering something to the other guys. Apparently, Joaquin was the leader of the pack and he was highest up the pecking order. "Oh shit Habiyaramanna, we almost missed oyr football training." Chilufyamwano told Habiyaramanna. "We have to go Joaquin, we'll see you later." They told Joaquin. Then Habiyaramanna and Chilufyamwano left. A few minutes later I noticed on my monitor that a part of the schools server had crashed, so I had to go and fix it. The server room was in the next room so I told Shakuntala that I had to go and fix it, and that I would be back in about 15-20 minutes. I went into the next room, but I left the door open a little so I would hear if someone screamed or something. While I was in the next room, Shakuntala continued to show Joaquin the web page software. "You know Shakuntala; you're a really sexy woman." Joaquin told Shakuntala whilst looking into her eyes. Shakuntala looked back at him and blushed.
Joaquin then reached over and laid his black hand on her neck and began to caress it slowly. Shakuntala let out a little moan. "You're a bit tense I think, I'll better give you a little neck rub." Joaquin said. Shakuntala didn't say anything.
Joaquin then stood up and placed his big hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. I had now finished with the server and it was up and running again. So I went back to the class room. When I came up to the door that I had left a bit ajar, I looked inside and there I saw Joaquin standing behind Shakuntala and he was rubbing her neck and shoulders. I didn't know what to do so I stayed where I was and watched them. "Mmmmm, you have nice hands Joaquin." Shakuntala told him. "And you have a nice neck." He told her. Then Joaquin reached down and kissed her neck. "Mmmmm." Shakuntala moaned a little. He then continued up her cheek and to her mouth. She didn't refuse him so he started kissing her mouth and soon they were both kissing rather passionately. Joaquin then motioned Shakuntala to get up and so she did. They were now standing up and sucking on each others tongues. Joaquin reached up with one of his hands and placed it on her left breast. He started to squeeze her large breast on the outside of her top. "Lets open this blouse; I want to see your big tits." He told her. She reached for the zipper and pulled it down. Shakuntala had a bra on underneath. Joaquin reached around her back and undid her bra and then removed it. "Damn, those are some big tits you’ve got there." Joaquin told her. He now had her breasts in his hands and was squeezing both of them. Then he reached down and began to suck on her now hard nipples. Shakuntala had her hands around his bald head. "Oh yes, suck my nipples." She moaned. Joaquin went up and began to kiss her mouth again while he was feeling her tits with one of his black hands. Shakuntala now took a hold of his T-shirt and pulled it off of him. She began to kiss his black body. "Yeah get down on your knees." Joaquin told her. She got down on her knees. Joaquin then unzipped his pants and got out of them. He now stood in front of her in his striped grey boxers. He took one of her hands and placed it on his boxer front. Shakuntala could feel his cock inside of his boxers. "Now pull them down." He told her. She reached up and took a hold of his underwear and pulled them down.

And out from his underwear flung this huge black cock. Shakuntala couldn't believe her eyes, it was so big. I couldn't believe my eyes either. It had to be at least 11 or 12 inches long. My dick was just a bit over 3 inches when it was hard. "Oh my god, that thing is huge." Shakuntala said. Joaquin was now totally naked. "Now suck it you Indian slut." He told her. She reached out and took it into her hand and began to stroke it a little. Then she opened her mouth and took his entire cockhead into her mouth.

I could see that she was now sucking on his big cock. She was almost slurping on it. It appeared that she was enjoying sucking his cock. "Yeah bitch you like Black cock, don't you." Joaquin asked her. "Mmmmm yes." She said as she was bobbing her head. I saw that she could only get a little more than half of his shaft into her mouth before she started to gag on it. Joaquin now pulled her up to her feet. She was still stroking his fat cock. He then pulled his pants down completely. She was wearing a thong underneath which Joaquin pulled off her quite fast. Shakuntala now stood completely naked in front of this Black man. He grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up. Joaquin then sat her down on a table in the middle of the room. He then lowered himself so that he was facing her pussy. Joaquin got closer and then reached out with his tongue and started to lick her pussy. "Oh yes." Shakuntala moaned. A few minutes later she appeared to be close to an orgasm. She placed her hands around his head and pulled him in closer to her pussy. "Oh godddddd!!!!!" Shakuntala screamed out as she was cumming. I had gone down on her a few times, but she had never screamed like that with me, this Black man must have been special. Joaquin then got up and kissed her a few times. Then he grabbed his hard cock and placed it up against Shakuntala’s pussy. He then slowly pushed it into her pussy. "Oh Joaquin, I've never had a Black cock inside of me before, or anything else that big for that matter. It is so stiffffff and hard!!!." She moaned. Joaquin started to move his cock faster in and out of her. "Oh godddddd yesssss." Shakuntala moaned as she was cumming again. He was now slamming his huge tool into her.

"Now lie back on the table whore." Joaquin told her. “I’ll give you my speciality, I like to fuck asses.” She got up on to the table and then Joaquin got up on top of her, pushing her legs far back and slamming his massive cock in her ass. Shakuntala blacked out with the excruciating pain, but within two minutes….she was enjoying the deep plumbing!!

He started to move up and down as he was feeling her large breasts simultaneously. "You’re a big slut aren't you; you did not even feel pain?" He asked her. "Oh yes, I'm your big slut, I’ve been yearning for this for years." She said to him.

I had never gotten away with calling Shakuntala anything like that.
But Joaquin was calling her a bitch, a whore and a slut and she actually seemed to like being called those derogatory names. By now, Shakuntala’s big tits were ensconced in Joaquin massive black hands. He then laid his hands on her hip and moved with her. "Let me keep slamming your big ass with my Black cock, you Indian bitch." Joaquin grunted to her. "Oh godddddd, I love your big Black cock up my ass, it is so filling….and fulfilling." She told him. They fucked like this for a few minutes. Then he dismounted. "Ahh, get up and get down on your knees bitch." Joaquin told Shakuntala. She got up for the table and got down on the floor and onto her knees. Joaquin got down on the floor and grabbed his cock and placed it up against her face. "Open your mouth." Joaquin told her. Shakuntala opened her mouth and at that moment Joaquin started to cum. He spurted his cum all over her face and into her mouth. "Yeah slut, swallow it all." Joaquin grunted.

He shot a lot of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed all of it. Shakuntala then took his cock into her mouth. "Yeah, suck it clean." He told her. She sucked it until it went soft. "Damn girl, you're one hot fuck." He told Shakuntala. A few minutes later they got dressed. "Oh god Joaquin, I have to have you again." Shakuntala told him. "Well, I and the guys could come over to your apartment tomorrow." He told her. "The four of you, well ok?" She told him. A minute later Joaquin left. I then walked into the room.

"Oh hi Ramprabhu, did you watch?" She asked me. "Yes..." I told her. "And did you like watching me getting fucked by that Black man?" She asked me. "I…...I…....." I tried to say something but I couldn't. "Good, then you know what is going to happen tomorrow, the guys are coming over to our apartment." She said to me. "Yes." I told her. The next day after school when we got home to our apartment. "Oh god, it's going to feel sooooo good getting some real cock for a change." She told me. I didn't say anything. "Now Ramprabhu, you can watch if you want, but then you have to hide in the closet." She told me. I nodded yes. An hour later when the guys rang the door bell Shakuntala had changed her clothes. She was now wearing only a thong and a bath robe. Her big tits were totally exposed underneath that robe. "Now hide in the closet." She told me. I did. She opened the door and the Black guys came inside. "Nice place you got here." Habiyaramanna said. "Thanks." Shakuntala said. They talked for a few minutes then Joaquin went up to Shakuntala and started to kiss her.
"Now let's see what you are hiding underneath this robe." Joaquin said. He undid the robe and let it fall to the floor. "Damn you were right; those are some real big tits she's got there." Kundalembalemba said. Habiyaramanna then came up behind Shakuntala and grabbed her tits from behind. "These feel real nice." He said. Joaquin then took her thong and pulled it down and she stepped out of them. He placed his hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. "Man, she's really wet down here." Joaquin told the guys.

Joaquin, Kundalembalemba and Habiyaramanna now began to undress. A moment later they all stood naked in front of Shakuntala. She just stared at their muscle bodies and at their big cocks in disbelief. "Well I think its time for the slut to do some work." Joaquin said. He pushed Shakuntala down onto her knees and the guys now stood all around her. Joaquin grabbed his cock and pushed it into Shakuntala’s open awaiting mouth. "Damn, this Indian bitch can really suck cock." He said. She then reached up with her hands and grabbed Kundalembalemba’s and Habiyaramanna’s cocks and started to stroke them. She now switched and started to suck Habiyaramanna’s cock. Kundalembalemba grabbed his cock and pulled it up. "Suck my balls." He told Shakuntala. She started to lick them, and then she took one of his big balls into her mouth and sucked on it. Kundalembalemba then took a hold of her head. Shakuntala then turned around and started to suck Kundalembalemba’s Black cock. "This Indian girl must be a complete whore for Black cock." Habiyaramanna said. "You got that right." Joaquin agreed. "Let’s ask her." Chilufyamwano said. "What are you bitch." He asked Shakuntala. Shakuntala stopped sucking for a little while. "I'm your slut." She told them. "What else." He asked. "I love to suck your Black cocks." She told them. "That's a good bitch." Joaquin said. "Now show us your bed, we're gonna fuck the shit out of you." Chilufyamwano told her. Shakuntala showed them our bed and then got up on it. Joaquin got on top of her and spread her legs. He then shoved his fat cock into her pussy and started fucking her; he could not get all of it into her at first. "Oh yes, fuck me." She moaned.

Kundalembalemba and Chilufyamwano got up on the bed on each side of her and held their cocks in front of her face. She took one of them and started sucking it, while she jerked off the other one. A few minutes later Habiyaramanna lay down on the bed and told Shakuntala to get on top of him. Joaquin stopped fucking so she could get on top of Habiyaramanna. She sat down on his Black cock, and started to move up and down.

Joaquin had gotten up and was now standing in front of Shakuntala with his cock up to her face. She started to suck him while she was fucking Habiyaramanna. "Well girl, I guess its just one hole left for me." Chilufyamwano told Shakuntala. She just kept on fucking and sucking Habiyaramanna and Joaquin. "Spread your ass slut." Chilufyamwano told her. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide. Chilufyamwano placed his fat black cock up to her asshole and pushed it inside of her. "Oh godddddd." She screamed out as Chilufyamwano started to fuck her ass. She was now completely stuffed, a cock in every hole. And they were fucking her hard. They switched places and continued to fuck her for about half an hour before they pulled out. They laid her down on her back on the bed and started to pull their cocks all around her. "Now you're going to get some Black cum down your throat." Joaquin told her. He then started to cum. He had placed his cockhead right next to her mouth.
Joaquin started to spurt out a lot of sperm right into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed. Before Joaquin had finished Habiyaramanna started to cum. He shot his load into her deep vaginal cavity. She had so much sperm in her mouth that some leaked out from her lips. A few seconds later Kundalembalemba also started shooting his big load over her face. He spurted wad after wad of semen on her face. When they guys had stopped cumming, Shakuntala’s face was covered in cum. She took some of it on her fingers and placed it in her mouth and swallowed. "This Indian slut just loves to swallow cum doesn't she?" Kundalembalemba said. "You love Black cum don't you bitch." Habiyaramanna asked Shakuntala. "Mmmmm, I love the taste of your delicious sperm." She told them. They talked for a few minutes more then the guys had to leave. "We'll see your big Indian ass tomorrow at school." Chilufyamwano said to Shakuntala. "I can't wait." She told them. After they had left I came out of the closet. "Did you like what you saw?" Shakuntala asked. I nodded. "I see that you did." She said as she pointed down at my pants. My pants had a stain on them, I had cum in my pants while watching her fuck those guys. She came over to me and kissed me. She still had a lot of cum on her face and I could taste their sperm in her mouth. "From now on I will be fucking those Black studs when ever they want to." She told me. "Ok...." I told her. Because I knew that even if I said no, she would still fuck them. And 5 years later, we are still together. We are even married, but she still fucks Black guys.

I’m now working in Chad in Africa as management accountant at a sugar plantation owned by Mr. Mhadvani the Indian billionaire from Uganda. Shakuntala teaches computer science at Dalmia College. She often invites the African students to our Punarvasu flat for “extra tuition”. I regularly send African business colleagues to stay in our house with her when they are on business trips to India. I get a chance to visit home every two years…..WE DO HAVE A COMFORTABLE, AND REWARDING LIFE

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