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Just for fun..
Fuck me...

Fuck me in all the ways the dirtiest minds can come up with...

Fuck me hard and fast
Slow and long, make it brutal
Make it painful.........

Fuck my mouth
My ass, my pussy, my hand
My tits, my feet even my ear...

Fuck me hard
With a strap on, a stiff tounge,
A hard dick, a pole, a bottle

Fuck me here fuck me there

Hurt me when u fuck me
Slap me spank me choke me
cut me bite me, beat me

Drink my blood

Double penatration, gang bangs,
Orgees im all for it..

Pussy to pussy,dick to ass,
Ass to mouth, pussy to dick

Make me your sex slave,
we can roleplay

Fuck me wild and hard,
Piss on me cum on me
Fill me up

Anonymous readerReport

2015-06-04 11:07:49
i love this
" the great craving of a Virgin "

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-19 03:37:26
i want to be pissed on. but i cant finger out how to get my boyfriend to do it. :/ pm me?

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-23 03:33:22
piss on u man wtf u sick

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