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C'est incroyable...
Walking toward the rear entrance, I bid my adieus; I open, then shut the rear exit door, and descend the basement stairs, seeing Chad’ wife sleeping on the chesterfield I quietly enter the room...
Chad’ wife, Carol, is a quiet woman. She prefers to read and enjoy TV than participate in the parties Chad throws for his buds.
I stop and look at her as she lies on the chesterfield. Her large book resting on the arm of the chesterfield, Carol’ brown hair has fallen across her face as she sleeps.
Carol is sleeping on her black leather chesterfield. She is wearing a sleeveless black top, a knee length jean skirt and heavy blue socks. Her knees are curled up with her arms crossed somewhat as she sleeps; a half cup of coffee sits on the coffee table in front of her.
It is 3:00 pm on a Saturday and the lads are at Chad’s watching the football game. An Afternoon tilt; normally we do not gather at Chad’ until the night but this day is different, very different.
Chad has a good job in construction so he makes a good buck. Chad a Carol own their own home and it is the only place we can gather consistently for our parties and other related events. Carol is very low key so this does not bother her; in fact she likes the company although she mostly leaves early for bed or a rest as she is not a strong woman and not into the booze scene...
Carol works as a nurse in the main hospital in the city so she gets tired from the shifts she has to work.
There are four of us over at Chad’ today; George, Rap and Mike. Rap and Mike are black guys, Chad and I are white. George is an older fellow with no family so we kind of adopted him. George is a Native American. Oh yeah, I’m Bob.
Today Rap and Mike bought Pizza for and afternoon lunch treat. Therein lies the story which is about to be told. They bought two pizzas; one is tradition Italian with a salted crust. The other is a traditional deep pan pizza. The idea was to treat Carol as a reward for her hospitality.
The lads had picked up a large coffee for Carol, a double- double, from her favourite coffee outlet. Carol was hovered over as she was seated and waited on, and the tradition Italian salt crust pizza. Carol took two bites and asked for the deep pan pizza; too salty she said.
Chad was also served, but not with the same deceit as Carol was. Ya see, Carol’ traditional Italian had been spiked with KH; Ketamine Hydrocloride. The drug was placed on the tip of her salty Italian; along with a little white powder; the salt would mask the taste of the drugs. Some grated cheese was used as a visual cover for the drugs on her pizza.
First bite and Carol is done for ... it would take about 20 minutes or slightly more for the effects to hit... her coffee was spiked with a sleeping pill; to take the chance out of their plan. Rap and Mike had asked me if I wanted in and I shrugged and said; “do what you must”...
What I did agree too though was to eat whatever Carol did not of her serving of pizza; we all figured she would not like the salty crust. I also had a small piece of deep pan pizza as they all know that is my fav... with my usual Bud Lite. The die was cast and their plan unfolded like a flower in the morning sun.
Chad liked his Rum, as did the others.... so they all drank Rum.
........... ............
I sat in the chair in the den and watched Carol sleep; she was at peace with herself. I was not going to let Rap and Mike rape her ... despite their contention that she needed a ‘Good Fuck’. I would do the raping if anyone was going to, and no one would be any the wiser.
Carol had said some time ago that she would not mind being fucked in her sleep as long as it was her husband. She winked at us and we all howled... we’re like puppies in Carol’ kennel.
Chad had told us about 3 months ago that he had fucked Carol in her sleep and she never woke up, she had taken sleeping pills. Carol was prone to take sleeping pills do to the shift work.
Chad, after a few too many Rum and coke that night and had related to his pals that Carol had cum once while he was fucking her. Chad gave out far too much information that night; including the fact that gentle fucking of his wife usually brought her to orgasm. As Chad said; “slow and easy does it every time”....the old in out in slo-mo.
So here I sit watching Carol sleep, unbeknownst to the lads upstairs.
I hear cheering aloud as the game proceeds. I hear the door close and I know George has left for his Saturday date with Wilma, a rather large but very nice black women. Luck be with ya’ George I say to myself as I sit in the basement den biding my time.
I must have sat there for an hour and nodded off; ... I noticed the cheering was gone from the house. I walked up the stairs and into the living room where the TV was located.
Rap, Mike and Chad were all out; I had slipped some of Carol’ pills into their mix. I noticed the 40’ of Navy Rum was empty and several beer cans lay empty also.
Chad was not a big man.... easy for me to handle. I hauled Chad to the downstairs bedroom and laid him on the bed. This should deter Rap and Mike from raping Carol.
I returned upstairs to double check on Rap and Mike and locked up the house ... once more descending to the den to look after Carol. I sat in the chair again and watched her sleep. She was rather attractive I told myself, for Carol was not that good looking; but she was one hell of a fine human being.
I finished my beer and thought to myself, ‘time to move Carol in with Chad, and get the hell out of here.’
I got up and picked up Carol, she was gangly with big hands and feet but not heavy, I gently lifted Carol, holding her in my arms for the very first time in all the years I had known her. Carol would only hug any of us on Xmas and our respective birthdays and only on these occasions a kiss on the cheek. Carol is quite shy.
I carried Carol to Chad and carefully laid her beside her husband and my friend Chad.
It was at this moment that the tables turn against me. Lady luck in her usual fashion had allowed Carols hem to slide up her legs; I saw her white panties.
As I lay her down gravity pulled at her meat thus opening the space between her legs to my view treating me to very attractive female crotch covered with clean white panties.
I turned in panic to leave the room heading directly for the bedroom door ... it was a struggle...akin to climbing up a shale slop.
It was then that I made my final mistake, as I reached the door I turned to look and see if I had left Carol in a comfortable position on her bed; as I looked I saw up her skirt to her crotch and those white panties. I was on her in a second.
On my knees, my head was pressed against her lower tummy and I inhaled her clean scent. The raging fire within me drove me wild, like a vampire ready to feed.... God she was so tasty to look at and smell.
I look at Carols face and move toward it, for the first time in my life I kissed her mouth. I took my time to sample her lips and tongue her mouth, she had thin lips but in no time at all I was sure they tasted better than any woman I had every kissed before. Forbidden fruit tastes the best I guess.
I moved back and slipped a hand into her sleeveless top through the arm hole. My hand moved inside her bra and held Carol’ tit. I was so aroused I was shaking.
God those tits of hers felt fantastic. I forced the opening wide so I could see her tit. Carol had little nipples. I went wild at the sight of those little nipples.
Cupping her tit so the nipple poked upward, I position my mouth over her top and bra so the nipple would be in my mouth. I savaged those little nipples with my mouth. Biting into them threw her shirt and bra; pulling at them to make them erect.
Pulling and pulling, biting and biting, time passes and my lust roars at full throttle..... Carol winched two or three times so I know I hurt her tits, this only served to turn up the dial in my assault on her little nipples; my God I could not get enough of them. Thank God I had enough sense to keep her tits covered...
I don’t know how long her breasts endured this barrage of biting and pulling but in time my lust ebbed and common sense returned, at least partially. I looked at her tits and I could see they were red. ....... I had really gotten into it. Damn I love those nipples...they drove me crazy.
Pulling away from Carol I looked at Chad who was sleeping soundly, so was his lovely wife. I knew I was going to have to blow a load or I would never control myself enough to get Carol off. If I cum in her cunt she’ll know when it runs out of her, that leaves only one opening in her body, that sweet mouth.
Once more thanks to Chad’ chatty nature I know that Carol does not swallow. In fact Chad told us that night 3 months ago that she only sucks his cock on his birthday and New Years. Carol never swallows. I smile.
Returning from the ½ bath in the basement I lift Carol’ head and place a hand towel under her head, tilting her head to the side facing me. I open her mouth and in my cock goes. Gentle stokes in and out of that sweet mouth of hers. What a rush ... wow ... I position my shaft so that when I cum the shots will hit the side of her mouth and not go into her lungs or stomach. I am rock hard and aching ... fuck I am horny for Carol.
Pumping in and out of Carol’s mouth is heaven to me; the stimulation is out of this world. I thought I was going to have trouble controlling myself, but instead I am so horny I can’t cum. The warmth of Carol’ mouth and the knowledge that she doesn’t like oral sex creates a euphoric state of mind. Stroking her mouth slowly and right up to her gag reflex for five minutes or more.
I mean, ‘how often will I get this chance’, I say to myself. I unload a few small shots into her mouth. I love fucking Carol’ mouth.
Turning Carol's head so her face points toward the ceiling, I open her mouth and see my white liquid coating the inside of her mouth, what a rush. I put my fingers in the glass of water I have sitting beside the bed and let a few drops fall into her sexy mouth.
Drop, drop, drop..... Carol’ neck contracts as she swallows, I watch my creamy white liquid disappear down her throat. The tingle that runs through my body is beyond words; my semen is in her body. Carol’ body will digest Bob’ cum.
........ ...............
Moving below Carols waist and hem line I pickup her skirt and lift it over her waist, exposing those nice clean white panties. My arm moves under her knees; lifting Carol; those nice clean white panties slide down her thighs, past her knees, over her calves draping about her ankles before they fall from her feet to lie on the end of the bed.
Carol has a nice brown bush. My face is immersed in pub’s in a second ... sniffing, licking her slit, tasting this wonderful woman.
Moving down, I find Carols pussy hole, diving in I lick this woman’s hole like a man processed. I lick her taint, her asshole and her pussy wetting her and poking her with my tongue. I know I am the first man to lick her here other than her husband.
My cock is throbbing, fuck I am so hard I ache.
Reaching over I take hold of a small dab o’ Vaseline and spread it onto her vaginal opening.
Moving between her legs, and lifting her legs high and pinning them with my arms in a beautiful “V”; I enter Carol in one swift motion, I want her to feel me. She jumps a little.
I begin the slow fucking of my friend, and Chad’ wife; or more precisely, the rape of Carol' sweet, and to my surprise; gorgeous body... God she feels good, she smells nice, she is a tight woman, and a good woman and I love violating her. God help me but it feels so right. Chad will take the hit for me on this one ... she would never suspect me of rape. Carol is to believe that Chad fucked her in her sleep; I smile.
Slo-man, that’s me ... those nice ... long... slow ....penetrations Chad talked about. In less than a minute her breathing changes and I know Carol is getting turned on. I feel her respond, I see her face change expression, her mouth opens, Carol’ hips push back at my gentle thrusts.
I roughly grab the pillow from under Chad’ head and slip it under Carol’ hips, elevating her for my express use.
I can see her asshole clearly now and place the tip of my cock against her bum hole. Pressing forward I make little headway, Carol fidgets’ some trying to remove my cock from its position at the entrance to her anus. I press harder but I am not going in.... I think for a minute and decide to leave her ass alone.
Lining my cock with her vagina I drive hard into Carol, she bucks some but doesn’t waken. Legs up in a “V”, I work Carol slowly. Those long gentle stokes bring motion from Carol’ hips, soon she is fucking back. I match her rhythm. I watch to see her facial expression, I want to see her face when she cums.
I am treated to undulating hips; I watch her hips move; waiting for Carol to orgasm.
I’m surprised to feel her arms surround my neck. I look up and am surprised to see her beautiful eyes.
Carol smiles; “Come here Bobbie.”
I move closer to her as her hug pulls me to her. Carol and I move together in what I can only describe as the most loving piece of ass I ever had.

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2014-08-25 23:21:29
You sound like a man that is processed but certainly not one who is possessed

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2012-11-12 16:26:24
I have to agree with the first comment. Stick to a language you know. Clearly english isn't your native tongue or if it is you barely made it through the 3ds grade... if you made that far...

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2010-11-26 22:44:35
As I read the story I wondered if English is your first language. The sentence and paragraph structure is as awkward and clumsy as mine is in Spanish and German. Also, I don't understand your use of possessives. I am well educated and well read but have never seen "Carol' hips" or anything remotely like it.

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