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this is FICTION, and is for entertainment purposes only! im not looking for the colledge professors and teachers to grade this! first one i posted!
I grew up in a very religious home. I remember going to church for three hours every Sunday. It was also a very strict home. I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Family of 7 wasn't all that big but it was big to me. There was my youngest sister Bianca who was 8, there was Leigh ann who was 10, my younger brother jacob who was 11 me, I'm Adam and I was 12. And finally my elder brother named Jason who was 14. Now keep in mind we are all older now but this is how old we were in the beginning. Truth is, it wasn't as bad as some people think. I had a large family, and we were all close, so I really had no complaints for, well, quite a while anyway.

My issues began when I turned 12. I was beginning to notice things that I had been taught from an early age was wrong. I was seeing things, and feeling things that if my parents found out I would have been in loads of trouble. For example, girls at school would come in, during the warmer months, wearing clothes that were showing more skin than usual. Their little tits would be visible in some of them and I couldn't really keep my eyes off of some of them. I noticed that I would get hard while looking at them.

I eventually discovered masturbation. It felt so good to masturbate while In my minds eye I saw those little titties strutting around school. I had to be very careful as I would have been in a lot of trouble if I got caught. I loved the feeling of having a hardon. It was the best feeling I had ever had. I enjoyed rubbing my hardon through my pants to the brink of cumming. But I stopped not knowing what would happen, or even being kinda scared if I kept going. I didn't know what cum was or even what it felt like. All I knew was when I got to the point where I was about to cum I would stop. A sticky substance would be leaking out of my rock hard bone and that began to be the "sign" to me that I had better stop.

When I turned 13 however, things took a turn for the worse, or Better however you look at it. We had a neighbor, she was Leighanns age, now 11. Her name was Jenny. She was a short blonde haired hotty. She had blue eyes and pale white skin. Her little titties had not quite began to develope yet, but she was very hot! Cute little body, nicely developing ass, and nice little curves. She was all of 4 feet 5 inches. I remember how she looked at me sometimes, she would have a very slight smile while she stared at me. At times I noticed that she was staring at my slight bulge in my pants, with her eyes slightly closed with a straight face, and her lower lip in between her teeth. She didn't know I was watching her stare. Truth be told, I was enjoying this new attention. She would stare more and leer more when I ran around with no shirt. I wasn't too bad to look at. I was about 5'8. I had a pretty good tan going from all my time with no shirt. I had dark hair with hazel eyes. My shoulders we're starting to broden, and from playing football in little league teams, I was toned and cut a little. Not bad for a 13 year old.

As kids we would play games a lot. One day however it took a turn for, well, the better. I still remember a day we were all outside just messing around. I don't even know what game were playing. What I do remember was that Jenny would reach down my pants as far as she could without touching my growing bone. That went on for a few minutes without anyone noticing, thank god! I was loving it. But then leighann walked up to me, as she was playing around with Jenny, and started to do the same thing! The whole time her big green eyes staring into mine, straight face with the corner of her bottom lip caught between her teeth! I didn't know what to do, I just stood there while my 11 year old sister slid her fingers past my waist band into my pants! My then hard cock was growing down into my right pant leg. Leighann actually touched the top of the base of my cock very gently! I was so turned on I thought I was going to pass out! I was already hard from Jenny doing that, but I sure got harder. I guess I had a crush on both of them. Especially Jenny, as she wasn't my sister! But when my sister did this I got even harder!

I then began to really notice how hot Leighann was! She was the same height as Jenny. But like me, she had dark hair, that was long, too the middle of her back. She had little titties that had develoved a little bit more than Jennies. Her ass was a little rounder, and she was developing a really really nice body! Her skin was milky white smooth, and had bright green eyes. She had a little button nose, truth be told she was just much better looking than Jenny. What really sucked was that she was my little sister! I really started to have a serious inner battle brewing! This was so sick! It was so wrong, and what made it grotesque, was it was my sisters touch that turned me on the most! "She is my sister damn it" I yelled in my head, but I couldn't help it! It was the sexiest thing that had ever happened to me! And honestly I wanted it to happen again! I was definitely going to be killed by all family members except leighann, if they even had a small little hint of what I was thinking or even feeling, let alone if they found out what went on during this little game we played. A few minutes after the game was finished, I was so horny I couldn't stand it. It was at this point that I decided that I didn't really care if they saw the sizable bulge running down my pant leg! In fact I wanted them to see it! Even more disgusting I wanted to see leighanns face when she saw it. So for the rest of the evening I would take every opportunity to face them while they looked at me. I remember how they would look right at my bulge. Leighann had the best reaction. The first time I saw her look at me her lips parted as her eyes locked on my jean covered throbbing cock, then she bit her lip as she started breathing harder. My cock twitched as i saw her eye brows jump. Goddamn it! She is my sister I thought. But oh god I love the way she is looking at me!

From that day on things got very hot, and very interesting. My sister was starting to do what ever she could to get a glimpse of my cock with nothing covering it! I would go into the bathroom to piss when out of the shower my sister leighann would jump out and run out of the bathroom while I was in mid stream. One time I was in the shower picturing the look on her face as she stared at my bulge, and the way she looked in her small baithung suit. She had a small blue swim suit she would wear, that I loved seeing her in. It was tight and I starting seeing the outline of her little pussy, and could even see the slit that ran down the middle of it. I was seeing that image while I showered, and I started to get hard. I heard the curtain slide open so I turned around reall fast to see leighann looking at my growing bone, then she ran out again. I was so turned on now that I had to touch myself. My little sister had just seen my cock with nothing to hide it! As I turned around the stream from the shower hit my hard cock and it sent an electric pulse through my body, chills forming and goosebumps growing fast! Ooh god that felt so good! I just held it there and began to rock my hips back and forth letting the stream hit every inch of my hard cock! I took the soap and lathered my hand and began stroking my hard cock! "Oh god" I moaned as I slid my hand up and down my cock. "Mmmmm.... oh god" I moaned I felt the "sign" begin to warn me. "Uuuhhhhhh......... Oh shit" I said as I realized I can't stop. I wanna see your pussy so bad leighann" I moaned, picturing her naked body with that look on her face. Soon my whole body felt like it was on fire, my balls were tight and my cock began to swell. Then, "oh fuck, om my god, as I began to shoot load after load of cum into the tub. All of a sudden everything went white! After everything cleared I was on the floor of the tub breathing hard! I stood up and smiled. I just discovered what it was like to cum! And I loved it! I had never felt anything so amazing in my life!

I got out of the shower and went down stairs, it was just my brother jacob and leighann down there. We started playing around again. Only it was innocent, well, that's until jacob went to take a shower. When he left the room it was just me and her. Everyone else was outside playing. We started playing, role playing I guess. She wanted to play a hooker and I play one of her customers. I went along with it as she took her shirt and pants off revealing that she was wearing her swim suit! I got hard again and things really began to heat up. She was talking a little dirty. "hey you looking for some fun?" she said. She walked up to me and her hands began to slowly rub me all over. We walked into the back room and she started to pull my shirt off! "you're so hot" she said as she began to rub over my pecs small of corse to the waist band of my pants. Before I knew it I was on my back and she was on top of me. She was speaking quietly. "you have such a nice boner" she said as she began to slide her covered pussy along the length of my rock hard cock in my sweats. I felt like I was going to cum again! "oh god" I breathed out as she slid along my cock. I looked into her bright green eyes as they closed from the sheer pleasure she was feeling. "Hhhhhhoh my god" I moaned as she bit her lower lip. She began to tremble as I did. "Oh wow, uuhhhhhh" she moaned as she kept grinding harder and faster, "oh yeah..................this feels so good uuuhhhhhh" she moaned "Looks sooo good uuuhhhhhh It looks soooo good too hhhh uuuhhhhhh" then she stopped and got off saying she couldn't do this anymore. I was not ok with it but I wasn't about to make her do what she didn't want to do. Good thing anyway cause jacob had returned right after she just got dressed! She then winked at me and looked at my covered hard cock as she left the room to go back upstairs. If jacob had caught us we both would have been In deep deep shit!

A few days after I noticed Jenny was looking at me differently. Her eyes looked glassy as they looked like they were partially closed. She would start breathing hard around me, and she made no effort in hiding the fact that she was looking at my 13 year old bulge in my pants. Leighann was also making no effort in hiding it as she too would look right at it. Then they would wisper something to each other. I over heard Jenny moan as she told leighann, "god your lucky, I wanna see it so bad!". When it was just the three of us alone in the back yard Leighann looked at me then at my bulge, and said out loud "he likes it when we look at him, he likes it better when we look at his bulging pants". At that point I was getting really hard again, and I walked over to them and stood as close as I could to them and slightly thrusted my hips foward a little pressing my now hard cock against my jeans. They both just stared, and Jenny looked up into my eyes and said "I hear you have a really big dick, I kinda want you to show me", then she locked her eyes back onto my bulge. "mmmmhhh", I said. Then I got my throbbing bulge as close to Jennys face as I could, then turned toward leighann who then took her hand and with her thumb on one side and her middle finger on the other, then her index finger on my covered cock. She ran them along the whole length of my throbbing bulge! I almost came. It was so hard to keep myself under control. I had goose bumps and chills running through my body as her fingers slowly ran along my cocks length! Mmmmmm I moaned I began to breath hard as I took my shirt off. As I took my shirt off Jenny grabbed my waist band and pulled it towards her. As soon as she had it out far enough both Jenny and leighann looked right down my pants! I heard gasps as they looked down and saw part of my hardened cock! I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off so I left and went into the bathroom and dropped my pants! I pulled out my cock and began to slowly stroke it! I kept imagining both of them looking at my cock and how they both were talking. "Hhhhooh god mmmmm hmmmmm" I moaned as I began to pull on my cock while twisting my hand! The sound of leighanns sweet little sexy voice rang through my head! "Ohhhh ohh fuck oh god" as jennies voice and words "I hear you have a realy big dick, and "you're so lucky, I really want you to show me". rang through my head! I didn't last long! My balls tightened and I got harder as chills ran through out my body. I began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. Ohh god oh fuck I'm cumming oh oh oh fuck as steam after stream of hot cum spurted out of my cock! Hhhhh oo my god mmm mmm hhhuuuh oh shit! I moaned as I came hard! I had to clean up the mess I Made but oh my god that was incredible! I was still shaking when I came out of the bathroom. Jen and leighann were standing outside of the door and both had very lustfull looks on their faces. Leighann said "nice, very nice uhhhhhh." Jenny said "that sounded so good, maybe we can watch you do that sometime too huh? I would like that a lot" I smiled at them both and leighann had her hand in her panties. Then someone came in the front door and we all split into different directions.
After a few months of us teasing each other I had turned 14. The girls were turning 12 now. Their little titties were blooming no bigger than small b cups but they we're developing nice bodies! We would tease each other relentlessly, for months without anyone in either family realizing what was going on! On Leighanns 12th birthday she told me that she wanted something from me for her birthday.

That night as I was taking my turn doing the dishes after dinner, the rest of the family helped clear the table off. We just had cake and ice cream, so I was a little less than thrilled because there was more than the usual amount of dishes. I was by myself in the kitchen wondering what she was going to ask of me. I was starting to get hard because of the possibilities. Everyone went into the family room, and I was by myself. I heard my little sister say she was going to the bathroom. She came to the kitchen instead, knowing I was the only one there. She walked into the kitchen and looked both ways to be sure no one was around or looking. She then looked at me with a little grin. She walked up to me and pressed herself against me. My cock jumped and started to get harder. She told me to bend down, at which point she wispered in my ear. "Jenny is coming over to spend the night here, not tonight, but next weekend".

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yes i am not fuck my sister

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2010-11-16 02:19:23
Escaping and dealing with Mormonism is hard to do as a teen.

The cought, snitch, and in trouble factors are so great.

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please continue the story of the growing siblings and their neighborhood friends, this has the potential for being a long series of interesting growth.

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yesyou totally should.iloved the story.

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You should make more

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