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My name is Mike.This all happened about 10 years ago. I was maried and lived in a small town. I had my wife Mellisa . And two sons Tom7 and Mark 6. And a daughter Lori 8.
One weekend my wife was baby sitting her sisters daughters. She had 3 little girls Tina 9 Gina 8 and Mandy.6
All the kids were playing and doing there thing and I was in the garage working on my car. My wife was doing laundry and all her house chores.the kids were playing hide and seek and Gina came into the garage and was hiding behind the door. I looked at her and could not help but to notice how cute she was.about that time lori came in and found her and they ran out the door. I could not get my mind off her as they left. She was cute as a button and her little butt was very round not a real skinny girl but not fat either and her butt was very round on her 4 foot frame.the next hour I was still thinking about it looking out the window watching them play in the yard. All the girls was cute but gina was the one with the nice butt I wanted to see naked.
About that time my wife came out and said she needed to go to the store and asked if I would keep an eye on the kids. I said sure and watched her back out the drive and go down the road. About that time Gina came in and hid behind the door.I looked at her sittting on the floor and I got an idea. I go to her and say Gina don’t move you got some Greece on you and I stand her up and act like I am trying to get it off her back. About that time mark came in to find her and I said you guys are going to have to play with out her for a bit I got to get some greece off her. Mark left and I shut the door. Gina was standing there quite trying to look at her back twisting to try to see it. Stand still Gina it will smeer if you move and I won't be able to get it all.So she stood still while I pretended to wipe it off. She was being all quite and nervous.
Well we are going to have to get some soap and water to get it all it won’t come off. Its ok uncle Mike mom can get it later can I go now. No your mom will get mad at you and if we leave it on there it will dry and never come off. Come on lets go to the camper where no one will bother us and we can clean you up. I take her hand and step out the back door of the garage and into our camper parked right out side the door.
We get in and I lock the door. I take a wash cloth and have her stand still as I get on my knees and pretend to wipe her back and her butt off. I pull up her shirt a little and touch the warm wash cloth on her back. How did you get this all over you. You must of got it the first time you were in there cause its all over. I’m sorry Mike I didn’t know. That ok sweetheart I’ll get it. Hold up your shirt so I can clean your back off. She holds on to her shirt and I have her raise it up so she can't see me. Her cute belly was sticking out bare and cute as can be. I pull her shorts slightly and she drops her arms . Hold it up gina I got to get this off your shorts and it has ran down the inside some. She raised her arms back up and I slowly pull her pants down. Mike I am sure mom won't care if they are ruined we don’t need to clean them. It will only take a minuite honey and she won’t have to know.I wipe her legs as I look at that panty covered butt. I am going slow so she wont get more nervous than she was already. I pull her panties down and she droped her shirt so to cover herself.I just caught a glimps of her butt she moved so fast. Its ok Gina I seen naked girls before I wont hurt you. She was just about to cry. Its ok give me a chance to wipe you off and then you can get dressed and go play with the others. She smiled at that and I raise her shirt up over her head and off in one motion.
She stood before me naked and covered her little pussy with her hands. I turn her around and admire her round butt. Get down and lean over the chair so I can clean you up and as soon as I get you clean we can get you dressed so lets hurry before the others come in here and see you too. At that she turn to the chair and bent over it with her butt in the air. I pull my sweat pants down with her back turned to me and release my rock hard dick. I get behind her and start rubing her clit sticking my finger between her legs and get it lubed up.I take my dick in my hand and rub it up and down her crack between her butt. I rub it up and down my precum lubing her and making it slick . Taking a hand on each hip I pump my hips up against her my head just sliping up and down and between her legs. I pump and thrust trying to control my breathing as I cum all over her butt and pussy lips. I pull back and pull up my sweat pants. I rub my cum all over her butt like I am cleaning her off have to get all the greese I say. And I stand her up she is looking down at the wet shine I put all over her as I smear it on her pussy and all over her hips. Whats that she asked with a nervous voice? It’s a lotion to remove the Greece I tell her as I work my hand up and down her crack. I can feel her leg twitch each time my finger flicked over her clit. I rub her quicker.her legs gave out and she sit down on the chair as I teased her clit. By this time I am hard again. Hear put your shirt on while I finish cleaning you up. She gladly put her shirt on and I have her pull it up so she don’t get any of my lotion so called on it.I sit her back on the chair and have her hold her shirt up so she can not look down and she leans back in the char. I pull her hips to the edge and spred her legs pulling out my cock and I start rubing it up and down her pussy every time it rubs over her clit I feel her twitch her legs from the sensation. It don’t take me long and I cum again filling her crack with my semen. I smear it around and realize it had been a half hour and we needed to get dressed.I wiped her off and she quickly got dressed. Now Gina we don’t have to tell anyone you got Greece all over you do we? No way uncle Mike I’m not telling anyone. Good now go out and play with the others as I watched her cute little bottom walk out the door. I go out to the garage and my wife pulls back in the drive a few minutes later. How were the kids? Oh they been good real good.

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