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Family Guy
Part 1

Meg had always been a tom-boy though a pretty one. She had short brown hair, deep pink pouty lips, and stricking green eyes). She would run around in her younger brother’s old clothes constantly. Pants that were many sizes to big shirts that she could swim in but nothing to show off what was underneath. Her parents thought that maybe she’d grow out of this and choose more feminine clothes once she got to high school but no. She still wore the same old clothes every day even once she became a teenager.

No one would think it by just looking at her but under all those baggy clothes was a hot young teen body. She had perky tits topped off with large pink nipples a flat stomach a firm shapely ass and long sexy legs all waiting for the right guy to take notice of. One or two ever did usually at the beach over the summer but never one of her guy friends. They didn’t think of her as a girl really but just another one of the guys. Not the sexual beautiful girl she was. That all changed one hot summer day though…

“Come on guys! It’s too fucking hot to be out here!” Meg yelled “We’ve practiced for two hours. Can we call it quits now?”

“Yeah Meg’s right” Chris said to the rest of the team. He thought he was a hot very fit guy but was really about 5ft 10 inch tall with sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes but far too over weight. He knew he was hot as his mother had told him he was. He loved older women and had a reputation for sleeping with any one he got the chance to even his mother. “We’ll just get here early tomorrow and practice” he said heading towards the locker room. Followed by the other guys on the team.

Meg stayed outside waiting for the other guys to get in and get changed so she could change. Then she noticed Brian thier dog another one of the guys on her team he had short white hair and light brown eyes, he stood at about 4’10 and was a good looking dog. He was more out going than her bother though drinking and partying all the time. He was standing near the wall looking half dead. “Bri!” She yelled to him. “Brian! Wake up. Practice is over”

He looked over towards her shook his head to wake himself up then started walking towards the locker room. “It’s to hot to practice today” He said. “I just wanna go home and sleep.”

“Yeah, well you get your wish today. But tomorrow our lord and captain Chris wants us here early to get in another practice.”

O that’ll be a shit load of fun. How early?” Brian asked as they walked into the locker room. Meg changed in the bathroom rather than make a fuss about having her own room to change in.

“He didn’t say. Well, I’m gonna get changed. See ya in a bit” Meg said walking over towards the bathroom, Brian passing into the main room with the other guys. She walked over to the bathroom door and pulled on the handle It didn’t move. She pulled on it harder still nothing. “Shit” she muttered under her breath pulling one last time on the relentless handle. “Well I’ll just change here real quick” she thought to herself. The guys always take a while to change anyway” She lulled away any fear of being caught with that thought. “Besides…” she thought “It’s just my friends”

As she slid off her shirt she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. She was stripping just a wall away from a bunch of hot young guys. She felt her pussy tingle despite herself. She threw her top down shacking her head as if to clear away her thoughts her tits bouncing in the unfitting sports bra she wore for practice. She pulled her pants quickly down her shapely legs and bent over to get a clean bra out of her bag.

While she was looking through her bag her brother and Brian were leaving the locker rooms. They turned the corner and were greeted by a sight any teenage guy would love to see. A girl bent over her ass sticking up in the air, wearing a sports bra and skimpy panties pulled tight over her ass. They stared transfixed at this vision watching as his sister and brians owner as she stood up and pulled her bra off letting her tits bounce freely before starting to put her other bra on.

Chris broke out of this fantasy first with a “Holy shit Meg.” escaping from his lips. Meg spun around her hands flying up to her breasts trying to cover them from her brothers view though not before he and Brian got a view of her naked chest. Brian jerked out of his trance and muttered “Fuck… me ... Meg… umm… Sorry.” he said, his eyes going back and forth from her blushing face and her tits.

“Yeah… Um…” Chris stammered. “We’ll just… Yeah… go” Then grabbing Brian they turned hastily and went back to the locker room the image of Meg wearing nothing but skimpy panties playing over in thier minds.

Meg started at them as they left never feeling so embarrassed in all her life. Yet at the same time it had turned her on. The way they were staring at her made her hot in a way she didn’t understand and didn’t know she wanted too. She quickly threw on her clothes and left without a word.

She went straight home and up to her room where she lay down on her bed running today’s events through her head. As she pictured herself standing half naked before her brother and Brian she again felt her pussy getting wet. She ran her hands down the flat plane of her stomach and under the waist band of her pants. She reached into her panties and slowly ran a finger up and down her moist slit. A gasp coming from her lips as she found her hardened clit, gently rubbing around the bud. With one hand working her clit she reached under her shirt with the other and moving her bra ran her nail along her hardening nipples.

She pulled on her nipples arching her back her breath hard and shallow letting out a long groan of pleasure Meg bit her lip her eyes squeezing shut as the pleasure flowed over her body. Her moaning grew louder as she pinched and pulled on her hard nipples her hips rolling as she rubbed her clit.

With the mental image of herself and her brother Chris kissing, fondling and slowly stripping each other flowing through her mind. She felt an orgasm building inside of her. She rubbed her clit faster and harder her whole body shacking as she came soaking her fingers in her juices. She lay on the bed panting, and there she fell into a deep sleep.

Back at the locker rooms Chris and Brian were sharing their recent discovery with the other guys…

“Yeah Neil, Meg is hot as shit” her brother said happy to share in his new findings. None of the guys could believe it. It was as if they didn’t even realize that Meg was a girl before today. Though now they couldn’t get enough of hearing about her. “She just stood there trying to hide her tits… It was so hot” Chris said recalling his sistersr shacking body.

“Did she say anything to you?” Cleveland jr asked.

“No she just stood there like a deer in the headlights” Brian replied. “We just came back in here and she wasn’t there when we went back to out again to check”

“I wouldn’t mind fuckin’ Meg… sister or not” Chris said, more to himself then to anyone else. His mind filling with images of his sisters naked body on his bed begging him to fill her with his long hard cock.

“Shit, are you kidding?” Brian asked “ Chris You do remember this is Meg right? You know Meg your sister?”

Yeah. You know you want to too you just don’t wanna admit it Brian ‘cause she’s your friend.” retorted Chris.

“If it were any other girl I’d say yeah but I don’t know. It’s weird thinking about Meg like that. Let alone actually fucking her.”

“So you mean if you came home and she was laying naked on your bed you wouldn’t fuck her just ‘cause you’ve known her all your life Brian?” Kevin asked. He knew he’d fuck her. He was getting off just by what they told him about her.

“I know I would.” Chris said, his answer repeated around the room by a few of the other guys.

“Well, if that happened I’d do it… but it’s not gonna happen.” Brian said. “She was really hot though. I’m not gonna be able to get her body out of my mind for a long time.”

“I can’t wait ‘til practice tomorrow.” Neil said. “I’d like to ‘accidentally’ catch her changing myself”

“And I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance of today.” Chris said. With that all the guys slowly left for home each one of them rushing home to jerk-off thinking about the newly discovered hot girl, Meg.

The next day Meg spent a little more time than usual getting dressed in the morning. She still hadn’t shaken the feelings from yesterday of both excitement and embarrassment. She tried to lull away her feelings “These guys are your bother and your friends Meg.” she thought “Just stop thinking about it…It was just a mistake. Let it lay.”

Though she still put on the skimpiest underwear she had. A sheer thong and matching bra her cousin bought her as a joke for her christmas last year. Her brother even noticed something was different with her that morning when she came down.

“Meg, what’s up with you?” Chris asked her. She’d been acting weird all that morning and spent more then her usual minute and a half getting dressed. “Got a new boyfriend to impress?” he joked.

“Wow… A guy from around here not one of those jack asses from the team you and your bother play with nice… So who’s the lucky man her father said?”

‘Shut-up dad!” Meg said tossing her bag at him. “And no I don’t have a boyfriend. What the hell gave you that idea?”

“O maybe the spending ten minutes getting dressed in the bathroom instead of your usual pick up first thing from the floor that doesn’t stink.” He said

“Fuck you dad!”

“Yeah… We all know you want to.” he joked

“How about… no... I’m gonna go now. See ya later.” With that she left for the practice her brother had planned for that morning. She walked down the street excitement building up inside of her. What were the guys gonna say about what happened? Would they even say anything?

Why was she making such a big deal about this…? Well the answer to the last question she knew. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in a year her sexual activity consisted of masturbating in her bed room at night. Any attention from guys was good to her. She hadn’t been fucked since last summer… And any girl’s horny after that.

She walked into the locker room without announcing her presence. She figured that all the guys were either in the room changing or on the field already. Though she didn’t know if she wanted them to catch her again or if she was scared of it. She dreaded the embarrassment of being found but she already felt her pussy moistening. She threw caution to the wind her excitement winning out over everything else and didn’t even try the bathroom door and just began stripping where she was.

Unknown to Meg, Chris had called all the guys earlier to practice for a chance at seeing his half naked sister. They had all been there for a good ½ hour before Meg showed up trying to get the best place to view from without being seen. They even went through the trouble of making sure the bathroom door was locked not that it ended up that they needed to.

They all stood shocked as Meg just stopped not even checking the door and slowly pulled her top over her head. She shook her head and lowered her pants down her legs. All the guys stared shocked as they saw her in nothing but a sheer thong and bra. Every cock in the room hardened as she stooped over her ass pushed up in the air as she looked through her bag for her sports bra and practice uniform.

Meg reached behind her and unhooked her bra slowly drawing it down her arms stripping for her unknown watchers. She drew her bra off from her tits her nipples instantly hardening in the cold air of the room. Her heart was racing. Just the thought that one of the guys might walk in at any moment was making her pussy throb. Despite her better judgment her hands went up to her nipples and gently played over them drawing quite gasps from her lips.

The guys were dumbstruck. Here was Meg the girl they’d known for so long half naked playing with her tits. She was so sexy. Her long legs, curvy ass, perky tits and hard pink nipples… And she was putting on a show for them unknowingly. No one could believe what was happening.

Meg became more bold as her arousal took over her. She leaned back against the bathroom door and lowered her thong down her legs with her other hand running along her soaking slit. She wasn’t thinking about being found anymore. She just needed release. Her fingers quickly found her clit and she began rubbing it hard her hips circling grinding her clit against her finger.

Her breathing was shallow as her speed picked up. She had never been so turned on. She moaned audibly as her other hand began rubbing her nipples. Her speed increased as she got closer and closer to climax faster then she ever had. Her whole body shook as she came her sweet juices running down the inside of her thighs.

A few guys came in their pants as they saw Meg masturbate herself to orgasm right in front of them. They had never seen anything hotter in their lives than this young girl shacking in her self induced orgasm. Though none of the guys knew what to do now. She was quickly regaining composure sitting up and quickly throwing on her shirt and pants leaving her bra lying on the floor. Brian quietly motioned for the guys to head out onto the field and once outside they all ran into the opposing team’s empty locker room, just before Meg got outside.

The stalls quickly filled with guys jerking off Chris quickly finished off his load and walked out into the main room. “Damn” he said “That was way hotter then I thought it was gonna be. I never even thought she’d do anything like that.”

“Neither did I Chris but I’m glad she did” Kevin said. “Fuck that was hot”

A chorus of ‘Yeah’s filled the room. As more guys filed out from the stalls the locker room grew more crowed and more plotting began. “Do you think she’ll ever do that again?” Neil asked. He sure hoped she did. He could get used to that kind of show.

“Is anyone else a little freaked out about watching Meg do that? I mean it was hot but it’s Meg you know? I get what Bri was talking about yesterday.” Neil said.

“Well a hot chick’s a hot chick I say sister or not my sister” Chris said. “And Meg’s definitely hot” most guys agreed with him a few though did think it was weird though hardly felt weird enough to not want to see that again.

“What do you think about me getting with her?” her bother asked He couldn’t get the idea of fucking his sister Meg out of his mind. He wanted to see her spread naked so bad. He felt his cock stirring again just thinking about it.

“Shit Chris if you don’t do it I will” Cleveland Brown jr said. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Who’d think Meg was such a hottie under those clothes?” Just then they remembered that Meg was standing just outside waiting for them to show up.

“How are we gonna explain being in here to her? She won’t wanna hear that we caught her little show.” Kevin said.

“I’ll go around and tell her I canceled the practice and once she has left we can all go.” Chris volunteered. Without waiting for a response he left the room through the back and made his way out towards the field where Meg sat waiting. If all went well he was gonna have a great story to tell the guys when he got back. He knew Meg was desperate for a good hard fucking and he was gonna give her one.

“Hey! Meg… I didn’t get a chance to tell you but I called off the early practice. No one wanted to get here early on such a hot day” he said. His eyes moving up and down her body.

“Oo, okay then…” Meg said still slightly embarrassed about him seeing her yesterday. Though despite that she felt a little tinge of arousal building up inside of her. She felt his eyes traveling up and down her body staring at her tits.

“Look Meg about yesterday… I’m sorry about that whole thing. But can you really blame me and Brian for staring… I mean… you are just so beautiful.” He said sitting down next to his sister on the bench.

“Uh… thanks Chris.” Meg mumbled blushing. She never thought of herself as anything more then his sister… And here was her bother telling her she was beautiful.

“I mean it Meg. You shouldn’t hide under all that baggy clothing… You look really nice without all that extra stuff hiding you.” He said sliding closer to her on the bench and gently resting his hand on her knee. “Meg, I know you are just my sister but… I just never really realized how beautiful you were… you really are.”

“Chris… I don’t know what to say your my bother” Meg breathed lightly. His hand felt so good gently rubbing her knee. She again felt her pussy juicing up as his hand slowly massaged her.

“You don’t have to say anything Meg” he said, his hand moving up her leg massaging her thigh.

She spread her legs open a little letting him get closer and closer to her pussy, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. “Chris… lets go into the locker room…” she said standing up and walking into the empty locker room. She felt her pussy dripping. She was so horny for her brother. She needed to feel a hard cock inside of her tight wet cunt and she didn’t care who was providing her with relief even if it was her brother as long as someone did.

Chris followed his sister into the locker room this was going better then he ever planned. His sister was almost begging him to fuck her. He followed her into the locker room and once inside pushed her against the wall. With one hand he held her arms up above her head sticking her tits out from her body. He ran his other hand along her hips making her gently roll them in pleasure. He couldn’t wait to tell the guys about this… His sister was gonna be his hot little fuck toy if all went well. He knew she wanted it bad and he could give it to her.

He slid his hand under her shirt running his hand up her flat stomach towards her tits. He gently rubbed the underside of her breasts her breath becoming more shallow as he did. He let go of her arms whispering “Keep them up” to her while he went under her shirt and pulled it up over her head. He slowly uncovered her breasts her nipples hard and pointy.

Meg listened to her brothers orders keeping her arms up while he slipped her shirt off. His hand went back up to holding her arms up while the other began rubbing around her tits. Meg shuddered as he played over her young firm tits teasing her never letting his hand touch her hard nipples. He ran the edge of his nail just around her nipple drawing a gasp from Meg’s lips. “Ooo god” she whispered. He just kept circling around her nipples making goose bumps show as he alternately played with her left and right tits. “O… Chris pleases touch me she begged.

Chris could'nt believe his luck here he was with his sister and she was begging him to touch her nipples this was playing out better then he thought possible. His cock was hard as a rock inside his pants and he would need Meg to do something about that very soon but for now he would just have to keep playing with her hot body.

He ran his nail very softly around her nipple waiting for her to beg him again. She pushed her tits out needing to feel his fingers on her nipples. They felt like they were going to explode. Her pussy was dripping wet with her juices running down her leg she needed relief. Chris¦ please touch me, I need it she whispered in his ear.

He lowered his head down to her tits and taking her right tit in his hand he drew out his tongue and flicked her hard pink nipple. O yes! she moaned as his tongue made contact with her hard nipple. She gasped for air as he lapped her nipple into his mouth. She shut her eyes and leaning against the wall she just let the waves of pleasure take over her body. She felt an orgasm building inside of her as her brother ran his tongue along her nipple. Her breathing became labored as Chris worked his magic on her tits.

Chris felt her urgency he knew she was getting close to cumming. He did'nt want her getting off just yet. He wanted her to be horny as hell for him. He pulled away from her tits now glistening with his spit. Mmm Meg moaned as she felt him pull away. No¦ please Chris, Please just keep going she pleaded.

Were just gonna change our fun a little bit Meg dont worry youll get what you want he said. He stepped away from her pulling his shirt up over his head. He felt Meg run her hands along his chest. She suddenly moved away from him and stood near the other end of the room. She looked at him with lust in her eyes and slowly began lowering her pants dragging them down her long legs. She stood up before him her thong the only thing hiding her pussy from him. Chris's cock was twitching in his pants as his sister walked to him he could see her juices glistening through her sheer thong.

Meg walked to him and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She knelt down in front of him lowering his pants down his legs. His cock was tenting his boxers and throbbing and was needing to be relived. Meg knew just what to do to keep his cock happy. She reached up and lowered his boxers off his legs. His rock hard cock sprang up right in front of her face.

Meg licked her lips gazing at the long thick 12 inch cock in front of her. She loved it. She longed to feel it filling up her tight young wet pussy filling her with it's hot white sticky cum. But first she wanted to taste this hot cock. She leaned forward kissing the massive head of her brothers cock letting her tongue dance over his piss slit.

Chris was in heaven. Here was his sister who was now knelling in front of him licking is hard long thick cock. He never thought she do this. She really wanted it bad. He moaned as she moved her hand down to cup his balls. She gently massaged them in her hand while she took the head of his cock into her mouth running her tongue against it. He felt his cock jerk in her hot mouth. He leaned his head back as she worked on his throbbing member.

Suddenly he felt Meg pull his cock out of her mouth. She stood up and quickly removed her thong. She stood completely naked in front of her brother now, her pussy lips puffy and glistening. Chris was all she whispered and he knew to take his cue. He pushed her against the wall and spread her legs open wide. Her pussy looked so hot and juicy he was gonna love fucking his sister. He ran the head of his cock up and down her hot wet slit pushing slightly teasing her.

Meg moaned as his cock hit against her clit waves of pleasure going through her body. She spread her legs open wider as he guided his long hard cock right up into her cunt. He paused just barely inside of her and she moaned loudly. She needed his cock inside of her. She circled her hips trying to force his cock into her but to no avail. O god Chris fuck me. Please! she yelled.

Just what her brother had been waiting for. Without giving her time to think he shoved his rock hard cock hard into her tight wet pussy burying his cock deep inside of her in one swift motion. Her cunt was so hot and tight gripping his cock squeezing it tight. He reached his hand down to her clit finding the little button and pinching it making Meg squeal. He started pounding into her thrusting into her with swift strokes.

Megs pussy was running with her wet juices. She felt her brother pinching and rubbing her clit and she tightened her grip on his thrusting cock. Her breath was coming in gasps feeling so full after so long with out fucking. Her mind was a blur of pleasure she reached down and found Chris's balls taking them in her hands and massaging them keeping time to his strokes.

Chris groaned as his sister started squeezing his balls. O fuck yeah he moaned rubbing harder against her clit. He felt his cum rising up from his balls he now started to slam into her more urgently wanting to fill her with his hot white seed.

Megs body began to shake as she reached her climax. O o o god yes! she screamed as her pussy clamped down on her brothers cock. Suddenly she felt his cock swell inside of her tight cunt. As she felt his hot cum rush into her cunt then another orgasm came over her.

Chris pulled his now shrinking cock out of his sisters cum filled pussy. He looked at Meg her body was covered in a sheen of sweat her chest heaving. He took her by the hand and led her back towards the showers. "Come on Meg We have to clean you up" he said turning the knobs and letting the room fill with steam.

Meg smiled to herself knowing that todays activities were far from over.
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