Shyamala was running late for work. As she entered the lift with her African neighbor, the lift got stuck. Trapped, he seduced her
I am so late, thought Shyamala Nair herself. She ran a comb through her shoulder length burgundy coloured hair and ran out the door. Her cell suddenly rang. She dove into her leather handbag and grabbed it.


"Hey Shyamala Ji where are you I have been down here for like 15 minutes." The voice at the end of the phone said.

Shyamala sighed and pushed the elevator button on the 5th floor of her Punarvasu building. I can't deal with this dominating shit guy today, thought Shyamala.

"Ronnie, I am on my way. I am at the elevator. Just give me a second."

Shyamala looked up to see a Black guy walk up beside her to get in the elevator. He was Chilukutu, the African student who lived at Number 54, across the corridor from her. He was only about 23 years old while she was double his age. The first thing she noticed about him was his gorgeous smile and strong ivory-white teeth. His dimples were deep and strong. He had dark that was in dread locks. He was dressed in black slacks and a button down shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. His build was not overly muscular, but she could tell he did attend the gym regularly.

Wow he is cute, thought Shyamala. Ronnie continued to whine about her lateness. Ronnie and Shyamala worked at Royal Logistics in Andheri and he gave Shyamala a lift to and from work in return for a few Rupees to buy petrol. This arrangement saved Shyamala the agony of using crowded public transport in the city of Mumbai.

The elevator doors opened and Shyamala and her young cutie got on.

"Ronnie, I am getting on now. Hello, hello. Ronnie are you there?"

"I do not think the phone works in the elevator that well," smiled Chilukutu.

"Yeah, I just realized that. Thanks."

Shyamala pushed the button hoping that it would make the elevator go faster. Ronnie was beginning to be a big pain in the ass. While she had been dating him on and off, unknowingly to his wife, for close to two years he had become way too controlling. He wanted everything to be on his schedule. He wanted her to be on time constantly. The worst of all was the sex. He wanted it on a specific day, a specific way, and oh it was so boring. No spontaneity at all, and his manhood was more of a hindrance than a help. But at the time, Shyamala considered it the correct thing to do. She knew that it was a stop gap measure only.

Shyamala felt the elevator suddenly jerk up, then it abruptly stopped between the 3rd and 2nd floors. Shyamala bumped into Chilukutu’s arms in the process and he held her. She could smell his cologne and he smelled great, that distinctive smell of Paco Rabane.

"Are you ok," asked Chilukutu?

Shyamala stood up. "Yeah, I think so. Thank you for catching me. What happen?"

"I think we are stuck."

"Oh no. No, I can not be stuck. All we have to do is press these buttons and make this thing move."

She started pushing al the floors. But nothing happened.

This cannot be happening. I am stuck in the elevator with a guy I hardly know. Ronnie is going to be so pissed off. Shyamala reflected.

"Look calm down. First thing first I am Chilukutu. Secondly, if you stay cool and collective we will probably be out of here in a minute or two."

Chilukutu walked to the panel and pressed the help button. Their cries of help were responded back to quickly.

"How can I help you?"

"Hey we are stuck between the 3rd and 2nd floors. Can you please get us out here?”

"Unfortunately sir, it will be a while. Maintenance is stuck in traffic in that pile up accident on the highway by Dahisar toll station. He will not be here for a while. Stay put and he will be there as soon as possible."

Chilukutu turned and smiled sheepishly at Shyamala. "It looks like we are going to be here for quite a while."

"Oh crap this sucks big time." Shyamala threw her purse on the floor and stared at her phone hoping that a signal bar would come on. No such luck.

"Look it’s not that bad. I have water and some food in my bag. And I am pretty sure the maintenance man will be here soon so you can meet your boyfriend." Chilukutu reassured Shyamala.

"He is a good friend and work colleague. I would not say boyfriend." Shyama replied
Chilukutu looked at her curiously. He had seen her before in the apartment. She usually was on her phone. He had wanted to say something to her before, but did not know what. All he knew was that she was gorgeous. He never had thought about dating an older Indian woman before, but she was literally irresistible. She had an athletic type body that was not skinny like he was used to, but sexy. Right now he kept staring at her breast as she sighed at her annoyance of being in the elevator. They jiggled slightly as she exhaled sharply. He cleared his throat to shake off the growing penis in his pants.

"Um so I told you my name now the friendly thing to do is at least tell me yours since we will be in here for a while." He said.

"I am sorry I do not want to come off bitchy. I am Shyamala. Sorry about all the ranting and raving."

"Nice to put a name with the frown. Just joking! I have seen you before a few times in the building." Chilukutu said.

Wow, thought Shyamala. He had noticed me. Nice to know I have someone like him looking at me. He is absolutely gorgeous. He keeps grinning that irresistible smile at me. Oh and it has been so long since I have had some real passionate sex. And he looks like he would be great in bed. Who am I kidding, he is probably just making conversation.

"Yeah, I have lived here for about a year now. Nothing like this was on the tour of the place though before I signed the tenancy agreement." Shyamala said.

"I have lived here for about 4 months. I moved here from Gambia." Chilukutu replied. “I work with Air Senegal”

"Oh, No wonder, the sexy African accent."

Did I just say sexy accent, thought Shyamala.

He smiled at her. "So you think my accent is sexy, huh."

"I guess if you like accents. Some people might find it to be. Whooooo wow it is getting hot in here." Shyamala replied.

"Really, not to me. Look why don't we play a game to kill time." Chilukutu remarked.

"With what? Do you have cards in your bag or something?" Shyamala asked.

"Actually I do." He reached in his bag and pulled out a deck of cards.

"What do you do? Play cards while waiting for Air Senegal flights?" laughed Shyamala.

"You would think so huh. No I work in air cargo these cards were in a gift bag I got at party we hosted. While we are on professions what do you do, Shyamala?"

"Funny, I’m in logistics also, air as well as sea. I do not have any big time clients, but I do pretty well for myself."

"Wow then I will be coming to you for business then. We fly to east as well as west Africa"

"Yeah, well what game do you want to play?" Shyamala asked.

"Poker, and since you said you were hot lets make is spicy and play strip poker." Chilukutu quipped.

"Tell me you are joking right." Shyamala stressed.

He looked at her in the eyes. His brownish-black eyes looked intensely in hers.
"Does it look like I am joking. This is of course unless you are chicken to play me." He studied her face and saw her frown.

"Chicken, I do not think so. Only reason I asked is because I do not want the maintenance man to come and find you naked because I beat your socks of literally. Even though, that would be a great sight to see!!!”

"Well Shyamala, you are on." I can’t wait to see those breasts, thought Chilukutu.

They sat on the floor of the elevator and Chilukutu dealt the cards.

"So Mr. Chilukutu, show me what you’ve got."

" Two pair, how about you?" He replied.

"Oh Loser Boy, I've got a flush!!" Shyamala rejoiced.

"Crap, what do you want me to take off?" Chilukutu asked.

"Ummmm let’s see. I think that shirt has to go first." Shyamala demanded.

He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his muscular arms and hard chest under his tank top. Shyamala could only stare intently at them without suddenly feeling so turned on.

"Your deal Shyamala, winner deals." Chilukutu insisted.

She dealt the cards.

"What can you say to another flush, Chilukutu Babe?" Shyamala jeered.

"How about full house, pretty Indian Queen?" Chilukutu replied.

"Lucky you!!. Too bad it is your only win of the day. What do you want me to take off, better make it count!!" Shyamala cautioned.

"Since we are taking off shirts, let us continue the trend, you do the same, off with your blouse." Chilukutu commanded.

Shyamala put her hands at the bottom of her blouse and slowly pulled in over her head. Chilukutu watched at her breast emerged from under the top. They pushed against her lace black bra. He pictured himself burying his head beneath the two globes.

Shyamala lost the next hand.

"Are you sure these cards are not rigged Chilukutu?" Shyamala enquired.

"No, so lose the pants Shyamala." He watched her push the pants down her firm hips and butt. She had turned around so her butt was facing him. Her butt was covered in matching black lace panties.

Please do not let him see my wetness, thought Shyamala.

She dealt the cards not able to look at his face.

Chilukutu stared up and down her body. He stopped and looked at her navel, which exposed her flat belly on her flater stomach.

"So what do you have Chilukutu?"

" You show me and I will show you." Chilukutu bargained.

Somehow that sounds sexual to Shyamala. She felt her body heat up when he said it.

"Two of a kind." Shyamala replied.

"One pair." He replied.

"Then lose the pants Chilukutu. They have to go." Shyamala stressed.

He stood up and stared at her. He unbuckled his pants and let them fall exposing his hard bulging penis in his boxers. He looked at his penis and then smiled to Shyamala.

Shyamala licked her lips and stared at it. It was smooth, about 10 inches, and thick. She felt her pussy twitch. She knew he could see her wetness now. Shyamala stood up and paced the confined elevator floor trying not to do what she wanted. Chilukutu pulled her to him and pushed his lips onto hers. He kissed her lips softly and their tongues entangles with one another’s. He slid his hands down her side to the heat of her pussy. He let his fingers rub the outside of the panties.

"You are so wet. Did you get this wet for me?" Chilukutu asked.

He pushed the fabric aside and pushed his fingers into her pussy. Shyamala moaned into his lips as she felt him work his fingers in and out of her. She gripped his head and pushed him deeper into the kiss. He massaged her clit with his thumb as he pushed three fingers in and out of her pussy. Shyamala felt herself about to cum.

"Chilukutu, I am going to cum." Moaned Shyamala.

He pushed his fingers in deeper, Shyamala accommodating four easily. Chilukutu thought, this whore is well stretched! "Open your eyes and look at me as you cum, Shyamala." He asked.

Shyamala opened her eyes slowly and looked into Chilukutu’s lustful eyes. She felt her body's tremor and squeeze his fingers as she came. Chilukutu removed his fingers and licked them cleanly.

"You taste as sweet as I thought you would Shyamala."

"Let’s see if you taste good as well?" Shyamala asked.

Shyamala dropped to her knees and stuck out her tongue and licked up and down Chilukutu's penis.

"Oh yeah Shyamala just like that." He encouraged.

She sucked the head in her mouth like a sucker and let her tongue roll around the head. Chilukutu placed his hand on her head and rubbed his hands in her hair as she sucked. Shyamala pulled his penis farther in her mouth until the head hit the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on his penis sucking it farther and harder into her mouth. As she pulled up on it she let her tongue swirl across the head.

Chilukutu pulled Shyamala up and laid her on the elevator floor. "I want you Shyamala."

Shyamala opened her legs and let him see her sex. Chilukutu dug in his pants for a condom. He put it on and slid a finger into her wet pussy. He placed himself and the entrance and rubbed his penis up and down her slit.

"Put it in Chilukutu. Stop torturing me." Shyamala begged.

Chilukutu grinned and pushed his penis into Shyamala and stopped until she adjusted to his size. Her pussy was so tight around his penis. He pushed in deeper and harder with each stroke. Shyamala gripped Chilukutu's back and matched his thrust. She wrapped her legs around his back to deepen each stoke.

Chilukutu leaned and sucked on Shyamala’s nipple. He let his tongue swirl and nibble on it. He heard Shyamala moan as he nibbled and sucked.

"Oh right there Chilukutu. I……, I……, am about to cum. Cum with me please, Chilukutu……Ahhhhh, Black man is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!"

Chilukutu felt Shyamala’s pussy muscles squeeze his penis as she began to cum. He could not take it any longer. He pushed into Shyamala with deeper harder strokes as he came unloading his seed into the condom. He laid down and switched positions putting her on top of him as they caught their breath. He left his penis in her until it shrank and he removed the condom. He kissed her forehead as she slept on his naked chest. He closed his eyes and fell asleep as well.

"Hello, Hello. Is anyone in the elevator?" said a voice over the intercom.

Shyamala jerked up and realized where she was. She shook Chilukutu slightly and stood and answered the intercom.

'Hello yeas, we are still here? Can you get us out please?"

Chilukutu got up and walked behind her and kissed her neck. He let his hands lazily pay with her breast as she talked on the intercom.

Shyamala’s mouth stuck to his, but moaned when he pinched her nipple.

"Yes, ma'am I will have you two out of there in just about 10 minutes. I’m extremely srry for the delay."

"No problem at all." Said Chilukutu into the intercom. They heard it buzz off.

"So we have ten minutes to kill, huh?”He smiled a sneaky grin at her. His eyes were filled with lust.

"Yeah so?" Shyamala asked

"Then I have ten minutes to leave you with something to remember me by Shyamala Dear."

He kissed her passionately and let his fingers find her pussy again. Her pussy was wet once again. "I wonder does your boyfriend know that your pussy only gets this wet for a Nigger man."

He kissed down her neck, and in between her cleavage. Her kissed her stomach and circled his tongue around her belly button. He then replaced his fingers with his tongue. He pushed his tongue into her pussy and slowly bit down on her clit. He lowered himself to the floor and had her sit on his face and he pushed his tongue in her pussy tasting every bit of her. Shyamala began humping his tongue. He was doing things to her that no one had done before with their tongue. She pushed her pussy down harder on his tongue and screamed his name as she came.

Chilukutu raised her off his face and kissed her slowly. "We better get dressed Shyamala."

They put on their clothes and straightened up just in time for the elevator to kick back on.

"I do not know what to say," said Shyamala.

She looked shy around him.

"How about we do this some...." And the elevator door opened.

"Is everything ok?" Asked Kankonkar, the maintenance man.

'Yeah I had the best time of my life." Said Chilukutu.

They walked out of the elevator.

"Look Shyamala what I was trying to say was that we should………."

"Shyamala, what the hell happen?" exclaimed Ronnie.

Chilukutu looked at the guy. He had to be about 10 inch or so shorter then him. He guessed 5 ft 4 inches. He was dark brown, with neatly cut hair on his head. He already did not like him. He felt like he had seen him somewhere before though.

"The elevator got stuck. So Chilukutu and I played cards the whole time and waited patiently."

“Why the hell did you not call me woman?" Ronnie raged.

"No network service in the elevator Sir. She could not cal you." said Chilukutu.

Ronnie looked over at Chilukutu as if first noticing him. "Chilukutu right? Thanks for watching my girl in there. I am Ronnie if you need anything take my card feel free to call."

Chilukutu read the card and saw that Ronnie was the senior partner of Royal Logistics, near to the International Airport.

"Thanks well I better go. Nice hanging out with you Shyamala. We ought to do it again…... real soon eh?"

She watched him lick his lips and she felt her body quiver. "Yes, definitely again!!!!"

"Hmm nice guy. So can we finally leave? I have been parked outside this whole time." Ronnie said.

"Yeah let's go Ronnie. Thanks for being so patient. That Chilukutu guy was really nice to me!"

"What was the hold up Chilukutu?" asked Wang’aari Chilukutu’s pretty Kenyan office assistant.

"Oh, you will not believe it. I got stuck in the elevator in my flat," laughed Chilukutu. He sheepishly rubbed his head remembering what he and Shyamala had just done.

"Oh my gosh really. Were you stuck by yourself or with people?"

"I was with a woman." Chilukutu replied.

She looked at him with a frown. I sure wish I could have been stuck in an elevator with him, thought Wang’aari.

"Anyway Wang’aari what's up for the rest of my afternoon."

"You have a lunch meeting with Ganesh at that new restaurant downtown; he’s the GM of Royal Logistics in Andheri."

"Thanks Wang’aari, I’ll be in my office and then head out to meet Ganesh. You can go home it you want."

"You sure you do not want me to stay. I don't mind I have no plans." Wang’aari replied in a truly African woman’s submissive manner.

"Go home Wang’aari!!! See you tomorrow!!!" Chilukutu shouted.

Chilukutu sat at his desk and laid his head back in the chair and sighed. His mind flashed back to 46 year old Shyamala moaning under him like a teenager. She was something special, thought Chilukutu. Not just a rump in the sack. He had to definitely see her again. His phone rang suddenly pulling him out of the memory of being with her.

"Hello!" Answered Chilukutu.

"Chilukutu, I heard you got stuck in the elevator at your place." The voice at the other end of the phone said.

"How did you hear that Ganesh? I just got out of it like an hour ago. Do you have a tracker on me Bro?"

"No, but Wang’aari does. She just told me. So details please? I heard that you were stuck in there with a woman."

"Oh man she wasn't just a woman. She was something special, about 44 to 47 years old, but looking young like a teen ager…and she works in your field, logistics."

"Oh really more special than Kareena, Anjani, and Thandiwe?" Ganesh asked.

"Yeah, yeah I got what you are trying to say, but for real I think I've got something special this time."

"So when are you going out with her again?" Ganesh probed.

"There lays the problem Ganesh. She has a boyfriend."

"So when has that stopped you before. Anyway my line is clicking. I will see you at the restaurant."

Chilukutu grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. ....................... Shyamala looked out the window of the car daydreaming of what happened earlier with Chilukutu. She saw his muscles flex as he pushed her leg up and pushed his penis in her.

"Shyamala did you hear me?" Shyamala was pushed out of her daydream back into reality.

"What! Sorry Ronnie. What did you say?" Shyamala asked her boyfriend.

"I said do you want to go to that new restaurant to eat?" Ronnie asked.

"Yeah, sure why not." Shyamala accepted.

"You sure you are ok. You have been all day dreamy ever since you came out of that stuck lift." Ronnie observed.

"Yes, yes Ronnie I am fine. Please stop asking me that. Let's just go get a good meal and then we can go back to the house and then well you know." She let her hand rub his knee.

He stopped her hand. "Shyamala, baby you know today is Thursday. Tomorrow I am all yours, but I have that big meeting tomorrow. Sex clogs up my brain. But, tomorrow trust me I am all yours." He leaned down and gave her a quick peck.

"Yeah you will really give it to me," mumbled Shyamala. She rolled her eyes and looked out the window.

"What was that babe?"

"Nothing, I just said look there's Shagun." They pulled over to the Shagun restaurant and walked in and went to their table. They ordered their food and waited.

"This place is nice. Don't you think Ronnie?" Shyamala asked.

"Umm hmm sure babe." Shyamala looked at him while he texted on his phone oblivious to the outside world. She looked around the restaurant at the beautiful artwork and design. I definitely have to bring a client here, thought Shyamala. She looked around at the people in the restaurant and then paused. Oh my gosh!!! He is here, thought Shyamala.

She looked at his table and tried to see who he was sitting next to. She couldn't from the angle she was sitting. Just a she was looking at him he looked up at her. She turned around fast and looked back at Ronnie, while he continued texting.

Maybe, he didn't see me, thought Shyamala.

"So Chilukutu tell me about this woman from the elevator," asked Ganesh over the lunch table, as he broke a piece of papadom and put it in his mouth.

"Man, its something about her. She is a gorgeous one. And I know this is going to sound weird, but I feel like something is drawing me to her. I have an innate feeling that she adores, rather worships, Black men."

"Really, could it be the sex?" laughed Ganesh.

"Whatever, man. Not just the sex, we are on the same wavelength........despite the age gap." Chilukutu replied.

"Oh, wait you all had sex. Really Chilukutu you had sex in the elevator with this chick. No wander you sprung on her. You virile African stud!"

Chilukutu glanced around the restaurant. That is when he saw her. She looked at him and then turned back to Ronnie. He smirked.

"So Chilukutu what does this woman look like?"

"She is right at that table over there. Take a look." Chilukutu replied, trembling with excitement.

"Where? Is she sitting with that guy whose texting?"

"Yeah, that's her "boyfriend" Ronnie."

"Wow, she is hot. I would not mind getting stuck in the elevator with her." Ganesh replied.

Chilukutu watched her get up from her table and head to the bathroom.

He got up from the table. He yelled, "I’ll be right back!!!!" to Ganesh.

He watched her go down the hallway. He walked up behind her and put his arm around her waist pulling him to her.

Shyamala turned around suddenly and then smiled. "So you saw me, my sweeeet African?"

"How could I not see you? You were with your……..what is he again….. oh yeah your boyfriend?"

"Oh wow you have jokes. Ronnie and I are complicated."

"Right ok. So what are we?" He leaned down and kissed her slowly pulling her to him she could feel his penis growing harder. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and she pushed his head deeper into the kiss. Then she heard somebody walk out of the kitchen door next to them. She pulled back.

"Oh my gosh Chilukutu you are intoxicating." Shyamala said to appease the kitchen staff man.

"Let me show you what I have wanted to do to you since I saw you this morning." Chilukutu said.

"We can't I have to get back to my table."

He put his fingers to her mouth to shush her. Shyamala licked his finger and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked his finger in and out of her mouth.

"I can't believe a finger suck would be so hot," said Chilukutu.

He grabbed her hand and pushed her into the bathroom and locked the door. He picked Shyamala up and put her on the counter. Chilukutu pushed his lips onto hers and passionately kissed her, pullink her pussy lips until they stretched like a piece of rubber......This sent Shyamala squirming!!! He let his hands slide down her body. Shyamala opened her legs and allowed him entrance into her pussy. Chilukutu pushed her thong down and pushed two fingers into Shyamala's wet pussy. Her rubbed her clit with his thumb and kissed down her neck. Shyamala opened her eyes and watched as he lowered himself in front of her pussy. He let the tip of his tongue run up and down her slit. He kissed her clit loudly and then stuck his tongue in her pussy. He swirled it around her pussy and fucked her slowly with it. She has two quick orgasms. He was about to plunge his 10 inch cock in Shyamala’s dripping pussy when…”Knock, Knock, Knock!!!” Other customers wanted to use the toilet.

“Shit!!!” Chilukutu screamed.

“Sorry baby.” Shyamala replied. They then tidied themselves and opened the door. As they stepped out, Chilukutu remarked, “Thanks for getting the speck of dust out of my eyes Ma’am. I appreciate your kindness.” The onlookers were not convinced.

Chilukutu went back to the table where Ganesh was seated. Having eaten his sixth papadom, he asked Chilukutu where he was. Chilukutu replied that he had just fucked Shyamala in the toilet.

An enraged Ganesh stood up, looked Chilukutu in the eyes and said, “I’m off, I cannot do business with an immoral person like you. That woman works for me. Our intended business deal is off…..GOOD BYE, you are immoral!!!!”

Ganesh then walked over to the table where Shyamala and Ronnie were seated and told them, “Cancel this lunch, and come to my office immediately!!!”

They were both surprised. When they reached Royal Logistics and went into Ganesh’s office he immediately bolted the door. Ganesh looked Ronnie in the eyes and said, “Ronnie, leave this whore, she fucked that Niggar (sic) in the lift this morning, and again in the toilet at the restaurant just now.” Tears flowed down Ronnie’s cheeks. Shyamala bent her head down and did not look up.

Ganesh then turned to Shyamala and said, “You Niggar Loving Prostitute….YOU ARE FIRED, get out if my sight!!! Please clear out your desk and leave my premises. Your terminal benefits will be sent to your bank account.”

Shyamala was distraught; she took a rickshaw and went to the Koh-I-Noor bar in Goregaon where she drank until midnight on imported Coors beer. The black clientele in the bar consoled her. Whatever happened after mid night she could not remember? All she knew was that she woke up at 10AM in Gokulam Hotel in Dahisar, feeling sore in her pussy and ass and smelling foul.....…like the time she was gangbanged in the park by four Black men. She showered and went to reception to settle the bill. The bellboy, who was manning the desk, told her that the bill was settled by cash in the early hours of the morning, at 0547AM to be exact, according to the records on the computer.

Shyamala booked a taxi and asked him to take her to her Punarvasu flat.

After a hiatus of about six weeks without a job, Shyamala teamed up with her friend Kuntal and she started selling insurance products. Not as lucrative as working at Royal, but she is able to buy basic food. Her trips to the beauty parlour were curtailed and holidays to Simla and Kashmir were cancelled. The drop in her standard of living was visible.

Apparently Chilukutu was a regular visitor to her flat for the next six months. He subsidised her bills, he paid for electricity and gas. Whenever Chilukutu visited, Shyamala sent her mother to visit her brother so they could have quality time together.

Chilukutu was transferred to head office in Dakar, Senegal. He married Anjani and took her to Africa.

Ronnie’s wife got promoted to manager at the European multinational where she worked in Mumbai. Impressed with her success, Ronnie went back to his wife and became a loyal husband. Being Catholics, they went to church every Sunday.

Shyamala remained destitute. Friends very often gave her spare cash to help make ends meet. There is a rumour that she has signed up on, and created a profile there. She stated that she is looking for a Non Resident Indian (NRI), but she does not want to leave Mumbai……HOW WILL THE MARRIAGE SURVIVE?? I can only assume she plans to capitalise on the time proven adage…WHEN THE CAT’S AWAY……….THE MOUSE WILL PLAY!!!!!

Watch this space.

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