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Pretty crazy, and out there
This story is pretty far out there, but hey it’s a fantasy.

I was sitting online, scrolling through the personals. Looking for either a guy or girl to be my master/mistress for some serious BDSM. CBT, try and get fisted, just overall used like a bitch for a weekend. Some looked ok, but nothing really caught my eye as being into some crazy pain and torture I’m looking for. Finally after like an hour of searching I see one.
“ Master looking for extreme pain slave who can also be my toilet. I will push your limits. Hosting at my house. Serious slaves only please. 555-3628.”
Yes! This will be awesome, I thought. Ill call right now. The phone rings again and again, after the 8th ring someone answers. “Hello?” “Yes I’m looking for a master?” “Bitch, if you are serious be at 360 Randall st. Friday at 6 P.M. Shave your entire body except your head. Don’t be late.” Click.
Damn, this guy is serious. I had 3 days to prep. I hopped in the tub and began shaving everything, legs, arms, cock, balls which were particularly hard, everything. And did touch ups the next days. Finally Friday came, I gave my body a once over for hair, got dressed and hopped in the car. Took about 15 minutes to get there. The place had a long driveway, at least half a mile. I parked in front of the house in the turnaround, and went to the door and rang the bell….
It seemed like 10 minutes when someone answered the door. He was big. Like 6’4” maybe 250 lbs. Bald all over except his head. “Strip” he said. I took my clothes off. He grabbed them threw them inside and slammed the door in my face. What the Fuck? I thought. I cant leave, my keys were in my pants. This has to be part of it. Well, time went on. It got colder and colder. Fuckin November. Had to be below freezing. My cock had shrunk, nipples were hard as rocks and I was shivering so hard. Eventually the guy opened the door and pulled me inside, jesus I could barely move. As he dragged me downstairs I saw a clock that read 11:00. “Fuck that was long, I’m lucky to be alive.” At the bottom of the stairs was the basement as I was brought in the door was closed and locked. I was put onto a table face up and strapped down. I couldn’t tell if it was cold or not, still shivering and I bet I was blue. The guy who brought me in was strapping down my arms and legs. An older man appeared in front of my face looking down on me and said “Welcome Bitch, you are mine.” Something sharp touched my arm and a few moments later I was asleep.
When I finally woke up I was still strapped down, but wasn’t completely naked. I had no idea what time it was either. Looking at myself I had gauze wrapped over my chest and crotch. “What the hell?” I thought. The older man entered. “ Morning Bitch, I hope you like what I’ve done.” He removed the gauze and the first thing I noticed was the huge boobs I now had. “What the!” “They’re E cups” said the man. “Theres more too,” he said “ I’m a surgeon, and so is my slave who brought you in, but we lost our licenses because we were doing illegal surgeries.” “What kind?” I asked. “Well, take you for example, you now have a 14 inch soft cock, 2 more testicles and 2 more prostates.” Said the guy. I asked “How is that possible?” “That’s not all,” he said “I gave you the pussy and all the included organs from an 11 year old virgin girl. So you can bear children. You are a complete shemale, everything included, and you are mine.” “Oh my god, O My God!” and I passed out.
I woke up to a splash of cold water on my face. The “Slave” was there. “You will address me as “Sir” and the master as “Master”. You need to heal first so this is your room until you are determined to be ready. There is exercise equipment, you will stay in shape. You will not speak unless addressed first, and during your healing you will learn to cook and serve us.” “Yes Sir” I said. He undid my restraints and left, locking me inside the room. I had a kitchen, with a dumbwaiter to supply me food, a bathroom, total gym, lots of books, bed and TV.
I heard a sound at the door. Sir entered. I hadn’t seen anyone except whats on TV for the past 2 months. “Follow me” he said. I followed him out and down into the basement. There was Master, sitting in a chair waiting for us. “Tie it up” he said. Sir tied my wrists to the ceiling and cranked the rope so my feet barely touched the ground. My feet were also bound. “Now leave us” said Master. Sir gave me a smile and left. Master came over and said “You are ready”. There was a table with a sheet on it. He pulled the sheet off and there was a ridiculous amount of gadgets, whips, dildos, and more. He began with rope. Looping it over a hook on the ceiling, he then tied my tits incredibly tight and pulled the rope tight to pull me forward. Oh my god it hurt so bad. Then he began caning my tits, words cannot describe the pain. I was screaming. Again and again he hit them. I passed out from the pain. I awoke to cold water, My tits were untied, but felt on fire. I was bent over a wood table, legs spread and tied down to the legs of the table, Master was behind me, tying my balls off, then running the rope to a winch in the floor. Coming in front of me he pulled my tits towards him and then one at a time, used a staple gun on my nipples to keep them pulled tight on the table, 5 staples each. Blood was trickling, I was screaming. Hahaha Master laughed. He was back behind me, and began cranking the winch, pulling my balls down further and further. I was being stretched both ways, if I tried to loosen my tits, my balls got worse. “Now Bitch, remember what else I gave you, a virgin pussy. Well tonite its getting broke in.”
He stood in front again and stripped, I was now staring at a coke can thick 20 inch hard cock. It looked incredible. I wanted to suck it forever. I opened my mouth and he pushed the head in. It was so big, stretching my mouth wide. He pushed harder, as it filled my mouth I could only take about 3 inches of the massive dick. But he pushed, my nipples were pushed away from the staples. I groaned in pain and he began face fucking me. Harder his dick hit my mouth yanking my balls and hurting my nipples so bad. He pulled out and smacked my face with it. It was so heavy. “Good Bitch, take what I give you.” He moved behind me. I felt his fingers on my pussy, spreading my lips open, and then the cockhead touched my cunt. “Theres no way that will fit” I thought. He pushed, very hard, forcing the massive cock inside me. Ripping my hymen, stretching my tight tight pussy. I screamed in pain. I was so full of cock. Master then grabbed a handful of my hair and began fucking me wildly. So hard and fast. Stuffing my pussy again and again, yanking on my balls and nipples. So much pain, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Master just laughed and fucked me harder. He began trying to stuff as much cock as possible inside me. He yanked hard on my hair, stuffed that giant meat so deep and what felt like a gallon of cum filled my pussy. It was a steady stream of cum, like he was pissing in me. Oh my god. He pulled out, untied my balls, pried the staples out and flipped me on my back with my legs spread. “Ah yes gotta keep that cum in you.” He tied my hands down at my sides, propped my head up so I was looking at my cock. Then he pulled a cart of tools and instruments over to the table. “Lets fix those nipples.” He said. He took a qtip and began wiping my shredded nipples. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed. “Shutup slut or I’ll pour the alcohol all over them!” I tried to stay quiet, he kept touching the cuts with alcohol soaked qtips. “Master please!” Master grabbed a gag, which was a dildo he shoved in my mouth and strapped it down. It was just at my gag reflex. He then poured the alcohol on my tits, I tried to scream and struggle but it burned so bad. Oh my god!
Once I calmed down from the burning, Master moved to between my legs. He grabbed my long cock and held it straight up. With his other hand he held up a long metal rod. He spit on my cockhead and began pushing the tube into my urethra. I moaned into the dildo, it was stretching my cock hole. He slid it deeper and deeper. I felt it enter my bladder. Master then filled the bulb at the end with air to lock it in and tied an eyelet on the end to a string from the ceiling. My cock was straight up, with a metal rod in it, and it wasn’t going anywhere. “Now you cannot piss and cannot cum, this is going to hurt, a lot.”
He wrapped a small wire tightly around my cock from base to head and connected a wire to it. “Oh god” I thought. He pulled another wire up and touched it to the rod. My cock felt like it was being stabbed with 50 knives. Master began slapping my tits as he shocked my cock again and again. The pain was immense. I tried to scream but could only groan. Master laughed again and again. Finally he stopped. He then grabbed a different wire clipped the end to the rod and left the room….

Hours later…
The new wire was hooked up to some device that had random pulses. My cock was shocked again and again at different intensities. I tried to scream, I was crying. Master entered again. Turned off the machine and took the wires off. Oh my god, it was heaven to have the shocking stop. Master undid the bulb holding the rod in and ripped the pole out of my cock. Oh my cock hurt so bad. Master then pulled out two needles, put on in each side of my sack. Pulled the needles out leaving the catheters in place. Tubes were hooked up and master opened two valves. Fluid flowed into my sack, filling it, stretching it. More and more fluid my sack was growing larger. Oh it began to hurt as it filled more and more. It was the size of 2 softballs and master finally turned the flow off. Locked the catheters and disconnected them. Master took the gag out and He put my cock into my mouth and told me to suck myself off. He then lubed up my ass. Ooo my cock tasted soo good. I sucked and sucked ooh my god so big. Master began driving his massive cock into my tight little ass splitting it open. He grabbed a strapon and put it on above his dick. Pointing it at my pussy drove both cocks in deep. Ohh stuffed in all holes. He fucked me hard and fast as I sucked and sucked. Running my tongue all over my cock head ooo. Masters dick was filling my ass, oh it felt like a whole arm was in there. I felt a feeling building in my pussy, oh my god master fucked harder and faster. Oh I was gonna cum. Oh it was incredible my pussy clenched on the dildo oooo ..OOOOOOOOOOOOO Ohh all four balls fired into my mouth, filling me with cum, so much cum oh my god!!! Seconds later, my pussy erupted. I sprayed fluid from my pussy all over Master Oh my god it felt incredible! Master fucked and fucked and his cock swelled and erupted another massive load in my ass. OOOOOO felt so good. Master pulled out and shoved a butt plug in my ass to keep the cum in. Master then untied me and left.
Sir entered shortly after, pulled out the plug pissed in my ass and replaced the plug. “You are our toilet, you fucking slut.” He hit a button that lowered the table I was on. Then slid a toilet seat contraption over my head. Tied my head down and put a device to hold my mouth open. He then left. Periodically someone would come in, either piss in my ass and put the plug in, or shit in my mouth undid a lock to let me chew, locked it again and left. Well, the ad said for serious slaves only, and that he’d push limits……

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2013-12-26 06:21:10
WTF is this? dam
comment too short so Ima putting this in

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2013-06-09 19:50:03
Your lungs will hold my future children
As I puke blood into your soul

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2012-11-05 23:38:44
I almost finished the story, and I was going to feel accomplished when I did, but when I saw all four balls, I just couldn't take it anymore. This is...

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2012-07-24 06:04:00
19 years is old enough for me. cant cmpoare nuthin to the round firm ass of a babe that nature hasnt really ruined. Gotta brag before they start to sag, thats what I've been told anyway.

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2012-02-16 00:51:26
O.O wtf did I just read

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