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Walking into the high glass doors of the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center we walked into the tall open atrium. Dee's hand held in mine we purchased our tickets to the museum then asked about where the restroom is.
"There are no restrooms on this floor." the woman setting next to the big black security guard.
I squeezed Dee's hand and asked "Are they downstairs?"
When the woman said "Yes on every floor but this one." we took the smaller elevator downstairs to the vacant floor.
No artwork down here and our whispers and giggles echoed in the silent uncluttered space. Around the elevator column were the men's and women's rooms and I stopped to give Dee a hard kiss. My hands snaked around her waist to grab her ass through her loose fit jeans. She let out a little squeak of surprise as I pushed her into the bathroom. "There might be camera's!" she whispered before I kissed her hard and shoved her against the wall. She is always worried about cameras. My hand shoved into her pants and panties to find the clit. She gasped and ground back against my insistent finger while my other hand wrapped around her throat. Her face began turning red against my fingers wrapping thightly around her neck. Dee struggled for every measure of air, her hands gripping my arm is desperation. She began cumming jerking against my fingers and humping my hand as her eyes went from wide to half open and her grip relaxed along with mine. The color faded some from her face as I kissed her lips passionately before turning her and making her move on staggering legs to the mirrored sink. Grabbing her top and pulling it up to reveal her bra I crushed the soft flesh in my fists watching Dee's face turn even more wanton. Reaching around I undid her bra and lifted it up exposing her round white globes surrounding dark pink nipples the size of erasers. Biting and sucking them I could feel her hands holding onto my head as she moaned her pleasure. Soon I had her jeans undone and began pushing them down.
"Someone might come! We might get caught!" she panted as her nipple popped out of my mouth so I could push her jeans off her foot along with her shoe.
I turned her around, bent her over and lifted her right leg up onto the sink counter. Her white panties were easily pulled aside and I rubbed her pussy as I undid my jeans to free my cock. Semi hard it took a couple of strokes while looking at Dee's beautiful ass to become a ridged column. With one deep hard thrust I was buried into her cunt.
"Does my little slut like that?" I growled.
With her hair gripped in my fist Dee grunted out between thrusts a "Yes your little slut loves her big cock."
I dug my hand into her hip and pounded her hard. stopping only to regain control of the advancement of my climax. I wanted to enjoy this for a while. Reach under her I took her nipple into a hard pinch and could feel her cunny squeeze down on my cock. She held onto the sink as the wet sounds of sex filled the room. Her hungry cunt sucking at my dick with every return thrust.
Pulling out I rolled her over onto her ass, my cock bobbing indecently before gliding it back into to her tight wet hole. This allowed me to attack both her nipples with vicious pinches that made her pussy clamp down on me and get even wetter. Her jeans hanging off one leg and her panties pushed to the side she looked every ounce the slut that she is.
Taking my hand I reached down and shoved my thumb into her clit rubbing it fast as I fucked her deeply. Her face contorted with concentration she locked eyes with me "Cum for me now slut!" I commanded and she closed her eyes and hissed out her breathing as he juicy walls squeezed hard popping me out and grinding my wet dick against her labia. "Aaaaahhhhhh God!" she groaned as I pushed my cock back in and pounded away at her. Riding her deep and hard she came holding onto my arm for dear life as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. My slowing and speeding up was driving her crazy and she was breathing hard with me.
"Please cum for me... Please I need it!... I need your cum please." she panted against my thrusts.
Outside I could here voices, women's voices, as they passed by the men's room door before they grew silent. I could feel the intensity growing at the head of my dick. Dee chanted "Oh Yes!" over and over as I exploded in her pussy. Shooting jet after jet of my hot cum from my jerking shaft.
I continued thrusting feeling myself becoming softer with each thrust.
"Oh baby that was great."Dee said as I pulled out. I kissed her hard and caressed her breasts until we heard giggling outside the door. Dee and I quickly was getting her dressed as we saw the door open a little and two hands poke themselves in with a thumbs up gesture. Dee and I smiled as we got her dressed and we went out of the restroom where the hallway was empty once again.
Riding up the elevator Dee pulled me close told me how much she loved me and kissed me. "Ewwwww!" is what greeted us as the doors slid open and two young girls stared at us and covered their mouths. "There are children here." the mother scolded us as we walked out onto the sixth floor gallery.
We are going to have to visit the CAC again soon.
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