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True story: met a girl on a beach resort, fucked on a public beach
I have a pretty fun story from a few years ago. I had just recently turned 21, and was home from college on Christmas break. My parents invited me on a trip to a Mexican resort. Now, my parents tend to travel nicely, staying in fancy hotels and whatnot, so I took up their offer.

Next thing I know, I’m walking the beaches of a beautiful, warm, and exotic beach resort. And fortunately, there are plenty of college girls around here, too. I was recently single at the time, and open to just meeting new people and having fun. I’m not bad looking, a tall and thin swimmer. I feel comfortable walking around the hot girls on the beach. And yeah, I’m discreetly taking peeks at the girls in their small bikinis. I could tell it was going to be a fun trip.

I met a few people my age at the hotel’s pool. We decided to go out to a club that night for fun. After going to a few places, we wound up at a tiny dive called Margarita’s. They had good specials. Sitting next to me at the bar was this stunning girl. She was in her early 20s, wearing a sexy black dress over her full breasts and hips. She had large, dark eyes with long, dark hair gently curled. I decided to strike up a conversation with her. Amber. From Montana. She seemed really sweet, a small town college girl who, like me, was home from school and traveling with parents. She had a separate hotel room. We seemed to get along, flirting and having fun, and decided to find another club together.

The place we found was a madhouse. Scuba tanks used to blow up women’s dresses in front of everyone. Jello shots that came with the shot girl grabbing Amber’s tits. Free tequila shot lines. I’m sure this place was made specifically for tourists looking for some extra ‘fun’ while on vacation. I got the feeling that Amber and I suddenly belonged to that demographic, out for some extra fun while away. Amber and I ordered drinks, talked for a bit, and she grabbed my hand. We went out and danced for a while, close, with her grinding on me SO sensually, it was hot seeing the curves of her body against me. And to think, she was a small town girl. When we danced with my chest to her back, we whispered together. She hinted about being single, liking me, having a good time, about how I feel good against her.

I was of course getting excited through this and got kinda hard. She was pressed up so close against me that she felt the effect of her words against her perfect ass. She responded positively, touching me all over my chest, stealing off to a darker corner, copping feels, kissing passionately. We both stopped for a moment and looked at each other. We both silently knew it, nodded it, and agreed. We had to fuck, and we both knew it. Obviously there are too many people here at this club, so where do we go?

Amber, for all her sweetness, obviously had her daring side. We practically ran out the club and down towards our hotels, occasionally stopping to make out and grope each other near moonlit hotel pool sides next to the beach.

We finally decided – the beach. We had to just fuck on the beach. It wasn’t a nude beach, nor was in necessarily secluded. It was dark and difficult to see much – the sand was black and the ocean rippled with some moonlight, but that was about it. Nobody was there, so we stopped and tore each other’s clothes off. It felt so good, her hands all over my body, my hands grabbing her perfect, C size breasts under her dress. Suddenly, she pulls back, rips off her dress, takes off her thong, and starts to run to the water as she threw off her bra. I knew what I had to do. I stripped down on the beach and rand after her, my hard cock bouncing as I chased down this beautiful girl to fuck. The anticipation of touching her, licking her, making her cum, everything was so intense. I caught up to her and grabbed her around the waist. Our ankles were in the cool ocean water when she grabbed my cock and started stroking. I kissed her and grabbed her tits, feeling her hard brown nipples and seeing her sunkissed skin in the moonlight. She whispered ‘I need you’ and ran off again, back towards our clothes. I ran back, watching her perfect naked ass run across the beach, where in a matter of hours the sun will come up and dozens of people will lay out on the nearby beach chairs.

Amber turned around at the place where our clothes were. Our eyes had adjusted to the moonlight, so we could see everything pretty clearly. My shirt and her bra were off to the side, but she placed everything else out flat. She squatted to the ground, turned to me, exposing wet pussy with a sexy landing strip, the small bit of sand on her stomach, her perfect tits with hard nipples. She rubbed my cock over her face, teasing my shaft and balls, until she wrapped her lips around my swollen head. It felt so fucking good, out there on the beach, nude and getting a blow job. I let her continue to suck me off while playing with her hair until I was about to cum. I pulled her off, and gently lowered her down onto the stretched out clothes. I kissed her, her heck, her collarbone, her whole body, paying extra attention to Amber’s tits. Eventually I went down on her, licking slowing, making her wait before I licked her clitoris. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she ran her fingers through my short hair while I licked and sucked her clit. It was so hot thinking that just a few hours ago, Amber was the sweet girl out at the bar. I could have only imagine her naked, and now she’s cumming while I rub her gspot on the beach.

By then I couldn’t take any more foreplay. I climbed on top and rubbed my hard cock against her wet, tight cunt. Sliding into her was amazing, it felt so good, and to think we could get caught if anyone happened to walk by. I fucked her slow, fast, hard, and soft. She took it a number of ways, on top, from behind, and I made her cum when her legs were over my shoulders and she was rubbing her clit. She told me she was on the pill and that I could just cum inside her. I pumped my hard cock deep into her pussy, grinding upward into her gspot again and again while leaning forward and playing with her tits. Having her sexy body in my hands while fucking her on the beach was great, and I could tell that she was about to cum again as I was nearing climax. I was getting closer and closer when she started to cum. Seeing her climax sent me over the edge, and I came inside her.

We stayed there like that on the beach for a while, naked and sitting on the clothes. The experience was so intense, so good. We were hot and sweaty after fucking, and the ocean breeze was perfect for cooling off. We kept kissing and touching… one thing after another, we’re fucking again!

After all the fun we had on the beach, we decided it was late and time to go back. We got dressed only to discover that her thong and my shirt, which were separate from the rest of the clothes, were missing! We looked all over for the missing articles, but they weren’t around. Oh well, I had my hoodie and she didn’t really need her thong. I walked her back to her hotel, the whole time kissing. We said goodbye and agreed to keep in touch. In fact, we decided to meet again in 2 nights at the bar where we first met. She said she wanted more fun, and confessed that sex on a public beach was a fantasy of hers. I kissed Amber and said goodnight before walking back. On the way, I noticed a flashlight at one hotel near the place where we had sex. There was a person there, who possibly could have seen us having sex on a public beach. But there’s no way of knowing. Still, I suspect that guy has my shirt and her thong.

Amber and I still keep in touch. We had more fun in Mexico, and we now have a good relationship with webcams ;) I’ll write about those later.

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2011-07-08 18:43:24
My bf and I did a similar thing but we fell asleep after fucking.
We woke up as sun was starting to come up. We saw people in the distance but got carried away and fucked again.

We got our clothes on and went to eat breakfast. People were smiling at us and whispering. We walked around the deck and saw it.... There was a telescope pointing to the beach right where we put on a show for anyone who wanted to see.

We got more daring and did it as sun was setting and rising every day for the ret of he week.
Once during the day we even did it on he first deck of my hotel room. Any one just walking by could see us... And lots stopped,some even took pictures. WOW. It was a blast!!!

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