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With Sophie pregnant by her dad or brother what next?
A couple of days after the family was devastated by the news of Sophie`s pregnancy, my mother called the police around convinced that she had been raped but wasn`t letting on.

A policeman called Jed turned up just after Kate and myself returned from school the next day. Dad was working late and Mum had taken Sophie to see an aunt of ours that we are all close to in the hope that Sophie would open up to her.

We let Jed in and he asked if my mother was home and explained that he had called round at her request. Kate said that mum and Sophie would be out for a few hours but she could shed some light on what had been happening. Jed explained that this was just an initial visit and if he felt there was a case to deal with, he would have to return with a woman officer.

Kate told me to go upstairs while she chatted to Jed in the hallway. I sat at the top of the stairs listening to what was being said, hoping that Kate would make up some realistic story. I was shocked to hear her say that she would tell Jed everything but if he proceeded with any action it would destroy the family . He explained it would be best to tell the truth and he would be lenient if he could be. She then proceeded to explain in great detail how Sophie had had sex with my father and then a couple of days later with me and that Kate had also joined in the fun with me.Jed appeared shocked at first then said that dad would almost certainly end up in prison if the truth came out even if Sophie admitted that she consented to sex with him and the fact she was 16.

The tone of the conversation then started to change and I heard kate begging him not to take action against dad or me. She said she would do anything to stop it getting out and I was amazed to then see her move closer to Jed and put both arms around him to give him a big hug and again beg to him "and I mean ANYTHING" she said. By now it was beginning to click what game she was playing. "Well I should report this as a serious matter but must consider the effect it will have on you and your family" he said." If there was a way out of this mess for you I will have to consider it" he continued. With that, kate put a hand inside his shirt and slid it up around his chest.

"Hang on" he said, " I can`t be bought like that" and he grabbed hold of her arms and marched her into the downstairs guest room.He then pushed her back on to the bed and pulled out two sets of hand cuffs. In one movement he slapped a pair on each wrist then took off her top before fastening each set to the headboard bedposts. "If you are going to obstruct the law, I need to secure you to the bed while I consider what action to take" he said. "One major flaw with your plan young lady is that your brother is a witness to this so I don`t think you should continue with your plans". I was then stunned when Kate replied "ok what if he gets involved as well, then he can`t tell anyone about this". Now I look a lot older than I am and don`t think he realised I am only 13 when he replied."Ok seems like the only solution especially as he was a possible culprit for making Sophie pregnant" he said.

Jed then ordered me down into the bedroom and told me to take off all my clothes. I realised that by taking part in this it was probably the only way out of this mess for all of us. I turned away from Jed and kate and slowly undid my shirt buttons before taking it off. "Come on all of it" he said. So I then undid my jeans and pulled them down with my underpants before throwing them on the floor. "Now turn around" he ordered which I did slowly. As I turned I was somewhat embarrassed as my cock started to stiffen and slowly rise so that at first it was pointing horizontally then became more erect. I am not sure whether I was most embarrassed by being naked in front of my sister and the policeman or the fact that my cock was showing that I was enjoying this.

"Well look what we have here" jed said "looks like Tom wants to get involved again like he did before with you and Sophie". "Right Tom, I want you to take Kates clothes off and show me exactly what you did to her and Sophie on the night in question." I could see a clear bulge developing in Jed`s pants and decided the only thing to do would be to go through with what he instructs.He undid Kate briefly so I could get her top off, then did the cuffs up again as I pulled down her shorts and knickers.

I climbed on the bed and Kate was now lying there, arms handcuffed above her head. I started licking around her belly button then slowly up towards her tits. Her nipples were becoming erect so I slid further up the bed so I could slowly run the tip of my tongue around them. I felt my throbbing cock and balls lying cosily on her pussy as I did this. I felt her hips move as she tried to get her cunt to my cock head. "No you don`t" said jed "I regard that as interfering with a witness and you will be punished accordingly. He pulled out a wooden truncheon from his bag and instructed me to move further up the bed so Kate could start licking my cock. As she started to lick around my firm cock head,I could see Jed greasing up his trucheon. He then told us to carry on as he started to slowly finger Kate`s pussy which by now was getting very damp as her love juices were beginning to flow. He slid a couple of fingers inside deeper and deeper making circular motions as he did it to widen the hole. "So you like having things up your young pussy" he said then I think I need to use my truncheon because of this bad behaviour".

Jed then took hold of the truncheon and slowly slid it inside Kate`s pussy lips prising them open as he did so. She screemed as he pushed it deeper then pulled it out a bit and thrust it in deeper still next time. As he was doing this, she became more active with my cock, sucking hard around the swollen head. I pushed in deeper until my cock was as far back her throat as I could get it.Every time Jed thrust the truncheon in, she yelled then sucked hard on my throbbing cock.I grabbed hold of the sides of her head and kept pulling it backwards and forwards so that her mouth was fucking my cock rather than my cock fucking her mouth. It felt great, she was groaning with pleasure at what was happening between her legs. Eventually her body tensed and I felt her shuddering as she errupted into a massive orgasm. She sucked harder and harder on my cock and I could hold out no longer shooting load after load of hot creamy cum into her mouth. She continued to suck until she could get no more out of me and my penis began to lose it`s erection.

Jed then told me to get off the bed and stand at the bottom of the bed and watch what was to happen next. Jed took off all his clothes to reveal a massive erection. It was the first time I had ever seen an erection other than my own and I was turned on inside at the sight of it although my just emptied penis showed no signs of life thankfully as that would have been very embarrassing.

Jed climbed on to the bed and manoevered himself so that he was kneeling with his kness either side of Kates head facing me at the foot of the bed. He moved into a position so he could get his cock to Kate`s mouth while lying down over her body with his face between her legs. Using a hand to help guide it he placed his cock head between Kates lips and told her to gently lick and suck around the head of his circumcised tool. As she started doing this I could immediately see the look of immense pleasure on his face. He quickly lowered his face and started licking around kate`s clit, pulling the side open with his fingers he slid his tongue inside and started lapping up the juices that were still inside after the fucking her pussy had received from his truncheon.

He lowered his body slightly so that more of his cock was going into Kate`s mouth and as it got deeper she sucked harder and harder. I could see the pleasure building more and more on his face. He took his tongue out of her cunt for a moment and asked her to stop sucking but just let his cock rest in her mouth as he didn`t want to cum yet. All the time he was watching me standing there naked with my cock positioned just above the level of the bed. He got back to business, gently fingering her wet pussy before putting his face in deep again to start lapping up the remaining juices. His tongue flicked around deeper and deeper moving around faster and faster.I looked beyond him and could see by kates face this was really turning her on again.She started breahing faster and faster, heavier and heavier and began grinding her pussy into his mouth to increase the pleasure. She was about to explode into another orgasm when jed,sensing this, pulled himself away from her pussy and lifted his throbbing cock out of her mouth. "not yet" he said " I want to save the finish for when I am inside you and can see your face as it fills with pleasure". Looking at me he noticed that I was now hard again and playing with myself."Looks like your little brother likes watching you get fucked Kate"he said before telling me to go and stand by the side of the bed next to Kate`s face and looking towards her.

Jed now moved around so his cock was between kate`s legs before quickly thrusting his throbbing cock into her pussy hole and as deep as he could get it in one go.She yelled with pain as it hit deeper than anything had ever done before. With his cock inside her he started slowly moving it about which brought pleasure to both their faces. He leant forward and started lipping one of her nipples gently with his tongue and indicated to me to do the same to the other.It felt great with my face on her firm young tit licking her solid nipple as I continued to play with myself.Jed then forced her whole tit into his mouth sucking fiercly on it as he started thrusting quickly in and out of her wet cunt. He pushed my off and told me to stand where I was before and jerk off where he could watch.He lowered his mouth to Kate`s and they started passionately kissing with their tongues deep inside each other`s mouths their hips grinding into each other. I was getting more and more excited and was jerking faster and faster. Suddenly they both exploded into huge erruptions of pleasure groaning and screeming as they came almost at the same time, Jed filling kates horny pussy with his hot cum. I could hold back no longer as my young cock exploded shooting cum across my sister`s face before we al collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

After lying there a few minutes, Jed got off and undid the handcuffs releasing Kate and telling us both to go and get cleaned up as he did the same.

Jed stayed with us for another hour or so until mum and Sophie came home. He sat down with them and stated that he had carried out a very extensive investigation, delving deep for evidence and was totally satisfied. No criminal act had taken place. He stated that he was happy that Sophie had got pregnant by a boy at school and that she had been a willing participant. He also said that the boy and his family had moved away to Europe and would be difficult to trace and that the act had been a farewell between him and Sophie before he left. Mum looked at Sophie who agreed that this was indeed correct. Although unhappy, mum acepted the situation unaware of how deep jed had been going in search of evidence that afternoon.


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Hahahahhahahahahha PENIS!!!!


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I think that is the best story so far. Some of the supposedly) True stories I have read can't complete with these...Keep up the good work


2004-12-23 22:36:38
good write another thay all kick ass


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write another one but let me know when you do


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