This is a true story
Hi every one, I m naren from Salem, Tamil nadu.
I always loved incest and especially incest with sisters.

Let me start my real life.
Our family consists of 7 member, my dad, mom, grandfather, grandmother, my 1st elder sister surya (elder to me by 8 years), and 2nd elder sister maha (elder to me by 7 years). As I m the youngest I was the prince in my family, when I was about 5 my grandma died. Then either one of my sister will sleep with my granddad bcoz he is too old. The rest of my family members will sleep in the hall. We 3 siblings had always been so close. When they woke up in the morning the used to piss together, whenever I saw then on time I'll touch their butts and cupped them. They also enjoyed that.
My first incest happens at when I was 5 years old. Surya she was that time 13 and had asked me to sleep with her in our grandpa’s room, bcoz she is getting bored. At 1st rejected since the childhood I didn’t slept in that room. But she said if I sleep with her she would allow me to touch her butt for the whole night. Then I sad its ok I'll sleep with you. Remember at that age I don’t know anything about sex.

The night came and it was the rainy season it was raining bit heavily. After finishing the dinner we went to grandpa’s room. He was sleeping on the mat at the one end of the room. Surya spread the mat for us on the others end and turned of the light. It was chill out so loudly said come naren we will share this blanket bcoz it’s so chill. We were comfortably in side the blanket we were so close to each other. Then immediately I started to fondle her butts, she stopped me and whispered don’t do that right now coz grandpa is facing on us.

Then 10 mins later he turned the other side. I said is it ok? She said just a minute, she suddenly stood up and removed her petticoat, now she is in her shirt, and knee lengthens slip and panty inside. She came into the blanket. Then immediately pulled her slip and inserted my finger into her panty. She stopped me again and she pulled her panty down to her thighs, which allows me to cup her sweet ass. Then after 10 mins she told me to insert my finger in her vagina. As I did it was hairy and wet I didn’t liked I said no your butts are fine for me.

But she refused it so that I fingered her vagina. It was so wet; at that time I don’t know what it was. This last about 45 mins, then I went to sleep and till today I don’t what happened after my sleep.

When I woke up I found her in her full costume. After 2 days surya and I shared the bathroom in the morning since it was getting late for our school. We both were naked, by that time I tried to fondle her she refused it and after that I wasn’t also interested in her vagina that time.

I probably think she must have been felled guilty on her incest action with me. After that incident she never approached me or I.

Then few months later my cousin Latha (who was 11 years elder to me) came to our house. After finishing the lunch I was playing in the home. Eventually I went across my grandpa’s room, there I found she was changing bra. I saw her budding puffy nipples. Her boobs were so flat. But latha don’t know that I watched her on that pose.

I came to the hall and found surya, I told her that I watched latha’s boobs while she was changing. All of a sudden she told me that it was not good, and she is gonna say this to every one in the family. I got afraid and begged her to not to tell that anyone. She accepted it with a condition that I need to obey her orders else she will reveal the matter. I accepted this offer.

But after that she would black mail me for some things but not for any more incest. Time rolled on. Surya got married when she was 21. after an year she got pregnant and admitted in a hospital for about an month in our city. So mom had stayed with her in the hospital, b’coz her husband was busy in works. In those times maha will do the house woks. I was joined my college.

At the nights we slept in the hall in the order of dad, next me and maha in on the other side. On that day I saw some sex pics thru my friend. That thing immediately came in to my mind. I was so mad on that. It was 11.30 p.m. I couldn’t sleep because of those pics. I rolled over both my dad and maha were in deep sleep. Dad was facing on the wall. Suddenly maha rolled over and now she was facing me in her sleep. She was wearing nighty and looked cute.

That time evil occupied my mind, I touched maha’s right boob. It was so silky, I came to know that she was wearing a bra & a banyan inside. Oh shit! I forget to say about her. She was 21 that time, 5’6” tall normal body, grown boobs, white skinned and to say in a word she is an ANGEL. My heart was pumping at the rate of knots. She didn’t reacted towards my touch, which allows me to cup and squeeze her boob over her nighty. I did this for 20 mins, and then gathering some more courage I pulled her nighty zip fully. And inserted my left hand inside the nighty and fondles her both boobs. Slowly I inserted my fingers inside the banyan and bra. It was so tight I couldn’t reach out to her nipples. But most of her boob was in my palm. Wow there is no word to explain my feeling, it was my first touch of a well-grown mostly naked boob.

After 2 hours I felt sleepy so take off my hand and pulled up the zip and slept. In the morning she doesn’t realised what I did her last night. This makes me feel better. I continued the whole things for about 10 days. Then one day when I was doing this she woke up, that time my hand was on her left boob. When I realised she woke up I kept my hand freely on her boob and pretending like I was sleeping. She saw me whether I was sleep or not, then took my hand off and rolled over. I remained motionless for 15mins. Then I rolled over toward her and I cupped her boobs from behind, also touching her ass with my hard cock on back. While doing this she got conscious and pushed me off. So I didn’t make any attempt that night and slept.

But after that night she was bit aware of what I was doing her in the nights. At first she pushed me many times, later she started to hit me in the nights for that I wouldn’t react. This continued for about six months. At that time feeling her breast was quit rare, b’coz when start to touch her she immediately woke and hit me. But she never said anything this to anyone. But we both never show anything in the day time, we speak normally.

Then she cleaned an unused room and made her bed arrangements over there. Now it was quit tough for me to get in her bed. So I was itching to get in her bed. Days passed, I never missed any opportunity to touch her. While watching TV I'll put my hand on her thighs on purpose, touching my dick on her while moving, pushing her by pressing her, etc., she may know I was intentional but never reacted. Then dad and mom were going for a marriage to our nearest place. They will be back after day. So she will must come to the hall and sleep with me. I went to my college, when I came back my parents were already left. Maha was alone with me. She was wearing a red coloured churidhar without the dupatta. She gave me a cup of coffee and went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. Around 8.30 p.m. we finished our dinner and we watched the TV till 10 p.m. Then she said, "ok da, its the time. I'll go to sleep, good night"
Me-'' akka, why can't you sleep here with me tonight?"
Maha-" you'll bite me da" she said with a smile and gone out to her. I felt so bad. But for a surprise, she came back with her pillow and her blanket. Then she laid besides me. Around 10.30 we turned off the TV. She was facing away from me. I waited for 30 mins. Then I slowly touched her ass. There was no response from her. So, I gently cupped her ass. Then I rolled my hand over her waist to un-tie her pant's nod. I loosened her pant to some extent. Then slide my hand inside it and into her panty. I found her pubic hair. I slipped my finger into her crack. She gave no response. I began to rub her pussy. Wow I was getting rock hard by that scene. So I lifted my lungi and took out my penis and inserted into her panty from behind. My cock was touching maha's nude ass. Then I took my hand out off her pussy and moved it to her wonderful boobs. When I start to caress her boob, she suddenly gained conscience. I had no time to react. I simply laid there by providing no movements. She tried to lay on her back but found some disturbance. She removed my hand away from her left boob and took out my cock away from her panty and laid on her back. But she didn't hit me(which she usually does)
She was laying very close to my naked cock which was still touching her. I was a bit surprised. Then after sometime I again inserted my fingers into her pussy and rubbed it hard. She didn't responded anything. Then I took her left hand and inserted it with my cock inside my underwear. Now she was touching my hard cock and I was touching her wet cunt. Then I slipped my hand under her churidhar top and went inside of her banyan to find the bra. I cupped her lovely boobs over her bra. She just simply laid on her position. Then suddenly an idea stricken in my mind. I took my hand out of her body but kept her hand which was in my underwear. I woke up her by tapping her shoulder and calling akka. She opened her eyes with a clumsy manner and was having confusions in her eyes and asked, "what da?"
Me-" where did u placed ur hand?"
Maha-" where it is?" by saying this she checked it by pressing her palm inside my underwear but she didn't took it out.
Maha-" how did it went over there?"
Me-" u only need to say that"
Maha-" I don't know da may be I placed it while in sleep"
Me-" but how can u place it on my manhood?"
Maha-" what u want me to do for that? Ok I'm sorry for that" saying this she took her hand away and rolled over.
Me-" I'm not ok with the sorry"
Maha-" what u want me to do?"
Me-" I want to feel your body too" by saying this I rolled my hand over her from behind and grabbed her left boob. But suddenly maha turned around and slapped me on my face and thrown my hand away from her boob. I was terribly confused about her act. I had no other options, but I loosened my lungi and pulled my underwear down to my knees and lowered my lungi. I was lying nude just besides my lovely sister maha then I slept.
Around 6 o'clock I woke up and saw my sister, she was still sleeping. I pretended like sleeping and waiting to see her reaction about my nudity. Maha woke up about 6.30 and she saw my semi hard cock just got up to do her normal works. Around 7.30 she came and woke me up. I got up as my lungi fell down on the ground. My cock stood up infront of my sister. I casually pulled my lungi and tied it up. Then she offered me a cup of coffee and went to take bath. She came out wearing a churidhar which has a bit wide open top and as usual she didn't wore the dupatta. She went to the kitchen and prepared the breakfast. She asked me," r u going to take bath or eat?''
I said I'll eat first and then I'll take bath. Then we finished our breakfast. I went and took bath, came out with nothing but a thin cotton towel. Maha was sitting on the cot and watching the TV. I sat besides her probably a foot away from her. After 10 mins she asked," aren't you going to where something more"
I said," I feel comfortable on this, I'll put come clothes later" she didn't said anything in reply and continued on her TV show. Then the phone rang and maha went to answer it. Its my dad who was on the line and he informed that they'll be back around tonight. In the mean time I took the remote which was on the cot and placed it on to my other side. Maha came back sat close to me. Our thighs were touching each others. Then she searched the remote, I pointed its location. She leaned herself over my thighs and grabbed it, while doing so her boobs brushed my thigh and made my cock hard. My cock formed a tent in my lap. She took sometime to regain her position back. I was again confused, then I loosened my towel and spread my legs which made my cock to come out of the towel hide. Now she can view my nakedness in full. She turned around and saw my cock and said me that my towel had loosened and everything is poking out now. In reply I asked her," does it bothers u"
Maha-"no, nothing like that. I just wanted to inform u. That's all"
I said," ok"
Then I deliberately I pushed the remote on the flour and she bent down to take it. She offered me a nice cleavage show in ultra slow motion. 20 mins later she laid on my lap to watch the TV. She put her left hand over her head and now her fingers were placed on my nude cock. She was acting like normal. Then, finally I asked her," akka I want to speak to u"
Maha-'' ya tell me da what's the matter?"
Me-" its about the last night event"
Maha-" It was already over na? No more talks on that topic pls"
Me-" oh...I see...... Ok let me ask u directly"
Maha-'' what u want to ask?"
Me-" I love u so much dear sister"
Maha-" I too love so much u my dear thambi..... What's the issue?"
Me-" I want make love with u. Just not in a siblings relationship manner. I want it much more deeper"
Maha-" means?"
Me-" I like to treat u as my queen. U r so beautiful and u have an awesome body. I want to have full access over it"
Maha-" over what?"
Me-" your beautiful sexy body akka?"
Maha-" shut up.... What the hell u r saying? I'm your elder sisters. Elder to u by 7 yrs. Is this the way u think about ur akka? Think on our society, think on my life. I'm going to get married as soon as a good man comes. Without thinking on these u r asking the permission to have sexual intercourse with me...... How nasty it is??"
Me-'' what's wrong on saying my wish. I never bother about the society. I'll never damage ur future marriage life. I never asked u have sexual intercourse with me....."
Maha-" then what u asked? "
Me-" I just wanted to feel all over ur body..... I wanted to have oral sex only, that's all....."
Maha-" disgusting naren, how can u think like this way? I can't accept this..."
Me-" don't lie akka..... "
Maha-" why the hell should I need to lie?"
Me-" yes u r hiding the truth.... Don't u want feel my body?"
Maha-" no I don't......"
Me-" look at ur left hand and see where it is and what u r touching and feeling"
Maha-" its accident..... That's all" by saying this got up and sat on the cot.
Me-" akka pls don't say no....."
Maha-" no, what happens if someone came to know.... I can't accept it"
Me-"akka, pls..... How can anyone knows this.... Am I going to feel u infront of a group or infront of our parents? It'll be 100'/. Confidence in between us"
Maha-" what the hell u want me to do? Tell what's ur plan?''
Me-" I just want to do all things except intercourse"
Maha-" so u want me as to be ur sex slave, am I correct?"
Me-" no its not like that.... I want us to be as good siblings who shares all things even their bodies too"
Maha-" speaking smart...... Why u don't have intercourse with me?"
Me-" cos, it may lead u to get pregnant before ur marriage"
Maha-" hmmm...... Ok...... Don't think that I'm convinced. I need to think about it... But if I'm not ok with it u shouldn't ask it anymore.... Let me think and I'll tell u later..... Ok?"
Me-" pls favour it on my side pls...... Or u can try it only one time, then decide"
Maha-" that too sounds nice.... Let me think on the trial" saying this she went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch.

To be continued..........

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