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This is a story I sent to a certain lady to turn her on at work. She asked that I post it here.
It was late, and nearly everyone was gone from the office. That is what gave Cher the confidence to make one last trip to the bathroom to take some pictures Tom was sure to love. She had saved a water bottle and knew that Tom would enjoy seeing it shoved completely into her cunt. She walked out of the bathroom flushed, wet, and excited about sending the pictures as soon as she could.

Given the situation, Cher was almost oblivious to her surroundings, which is probably why she missed the shadowy figure standing in the doorway of the janitor's closet. It is also why she was caught completely off guard when the figure grabbed her and roughly pulled her into the small room, shutting the door behind him. Cher's scream of fear was cut off when an open palm slapped her across the face and a rough voice told her to shut her mouth. Cher started to scream again, but her voice choked off as the assailant grabbed her around the throat.

Once the scream stopped, the hands around her throat relaxed, and the scream was replaced by fearful crying. Cher tried to see her attacker, but the room was too dark. All she knew was that he had her pinned against the wall with one hand still around her throat, and she was too scared to try anything.

She felt the attacker's other hand go down her shirt and into her bra until he found the camera she kept hidden there. He pulled it out and searched until he found the photo album. The dim glow of the screen provided some light in the closet, but not enough to identify the man. He clicked through the album, looking at each of the new pictures Cher had just taken.

"These are pretty nice. They must be for someone very special for you to be getting naked in an office bathroom." He set the camera down on a shelf and with the now free hand ripped open Cher's blouse and pulled the shredded material from her arms. Keeping one hand on her throat, he then ordered Cher to remove her bra and skirt. Cher hesitated until he squeezed her throat and slammed her against the wall.

"You like it rough, don't you, bitch? I'll get as rough as you make me. I said to take off the bra and skirt."

Shaking, Cher fumbled with the catch on her bra until it came free. The bra slid off her arms as she lowered her hands to slip her skirt down her legs. Goose bumps from both fear and the chill of being naked covered Cher's body, and she jumped when she felt a rough hand flick her nipples.

"Figures. They're already hard, Cher. Does this excite you?"

Without waiting for an answer, the man pressed his arm into Cher's throat, pinning her to the wall so he could lower his mouth to her chest. Cher cringed in pain when she felt him bite hard onto one nipple while pinching the other tightly between two fingers. Tears streaked down her cheek as she reacted to the pain in her now throbbing nipples. But her attacker didn't stop. He opened his mouth wider and bit down, again, certainly leaving teeth marks on Cher's tit. After that, he eased up and started to suck at her nipples, teasing them until they were rock hard.

The attacker said, "So, you DO like it rough. At least your body says you do." With excitement in his voice, he added, "Let's see what else your body says!"

Still pinned against the will, Cher could do nothing as the man forced his free hand between her legs and roughly grabbed the material of her panties. Cher felt the fabric cutting into the flesh of her rear as the man pulled until the panties started to tear. Then, pulling with even more force, he ripped them off Cher's body and threw them onto the ground.

Cher fought as the man tried to force his hand back between her legs, and her actions earned her a slap across the face. It wasn't extremely hard, but it still shocked Cher. She struggled even harder, drawing a firmer slap from the open hand. The second hit was meant to hurt rather than attract attention, and Cher tasted blood in her mouth from a split on her lip. Crying from pain, Cher stopped struggling and the third hit never landed.

Instead, the attacker forced his knee between Cher's legs and then jammed a hand into her crotch. Roughly, he shoved three fingers straight into Cher's pussy, then said, "See, you're wet, too. I guess you like this more than I thought."

Cher cried softly, knowing the wetness between her legs had little to do with the assault and everything to do with masturbating while taking pictures earlier. That was of no concern to her assailant, though, and he started to force his fingers in and out of her slippery hole. As he did, he kept his other arm pressed up against Cher's neck, preventing her from moving.

After several minutes, the man pulled his fingers from Cher's pussy, causing her to bite back a gasp of pleasure. With both hands, he forced Cher to sit back on the edge of a low sink, then started to force her legs further apart. Cher struggled again, but quickly cringed and stopped when she saw the hand go back for another slap.

Once Cher was sitting where he wanted her, the man put one hand back on her throat to keep her from moving, then reached down and forced all five of his fingers into Cher's pussy. Cher started to scream in pain, and had it choked off as the attacker squeezed her throat. At the same time, he kept pushing, forcing his entire hand into Cher's cunt. Though she wanted to struggle against what was being done to her body, Cher had no option but to let it happen. Fighting it would only get her choked, or hit harder than before.

But relaxing was out of the question as she felt the man forcing his hand further into her body. She realized he was making a fist and starting to ram that in and out of her cunt, stretching her pussy further than it had ever been stretched before. And despite the assault, she was starting to breathe heavily in response to the sexual stimulation. And Cher's attacker took the combination of sobs and heavy breathing to be gasps of pleasure.

"Oh, you like this, huh? You like having your pussy filled?"

"No," Cher sobbed. "Stop. It hurts."

"I don't believe you, and you forgot to say, 'Please.' So I think you'll have to beg more."

Cher started to beg, but he tightened the grip on her throat, making it impossible for her to speak.

At the same time, he pushed his fist as far as he could into Cher's cunt, burying his arm nearly to his elbow. Cher's eyes were wide in horror and shock at the realization that she had nearly an entire arm inside her body. And she collapsed with relief when her attacker pulled back, only to react in pain when he forced it back in again. Cher was almost unable to remain upright as the man began to fuck her with his fist and arm, and only the grip on her throat kept her from falling over. Unable to fight back any longer, Cher's gasps of pain were mixed with sobs of fright, something in which the attacker reveled.

Eventually, Cher stopped struggling entirely. At the same time, the fist in her pussy had forced the muscles to loosen and stretch to take the massive object. As that happened, the attacker seemed to lose interest as Cher didn't seem to be in as much pain. Once that happened, he pulled his fist out, but not without noting Cher's almost imperceptible gasp of dismay.

Grabbing her roughly by the throat and arm, he forced Cher to her feet then bent her forward over a small workbench. Cher, thinking she was going to finally be raped, started crying again. When she felt the fist being forced back into her pussy, she gasped in surprise, but didn't resist.

When she felt the attacker slide his hand back from her pussy and force three fingers into her ass, she did resist, but only until he reached around and slapped her hard in the face. Collapsing back onto the work surface, she waited for whatever would come next. And it only took her a few moments to realize the rapist planned for her ass what he had just done to her pussy. She felt him force three fingers deep into her ass, then start to work a fourth in, forcing her anus open further than Cher thought possible.

The attacker then worked his thumb into Cher's ass, and started to push hard. Cher started to sob in pain as she felt herself being forced to take the man's fist into her anus. Her muscles resisted as the sound of Cher's cries motivated her assailant to push with even greater force. Cher screamed out as she felt her ass forced open to accept the widest part of her attackers hand. She collapsed down onto the workbench when she realized she the arm so recently rammed into her cunt was now buried in her ass.

Cher grunted in pain as her attacker started to work his fist back out of her ass, then let out a moan that was a combination of pain and ecstasy as he forced it back inside her body. Terrified as she was, she was amazed that her body had been able to take a fist in both her cunt and ass. Her will started to break under the constant attack, and Cher was no longer resisting the assault upon her body.

Sensing that his victim was no longer fighting, the man stopped holding her down with his free hand. Instead, he positioned it at the opening to Cher's cunt and started to work his fingers back into her wet hole. Cher, unable to put up more than token resistance, sobbed as she realized her attacker meant to force one fist into her pussy while ramming the other into her ass.

But this time, rather than try to fight or get away, Cher spread her legs slightly, opening herself to the sexual assault that was coming. The attacker was surprised, but nowhere near as much as Cher. And despite the terror in her mind, her body started to react to the fucking she was receiving. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she started to rock back into the hands that were buried in her body. Then, she started to rotate her hips in tiny circles. As her body grew more accustomed to the size of the objects fucking her holes, she started to grind her pussy and ass against her attacker's arms.

The sobs of fear turned into moans of pleasure. Cher had never been so full in her life, and the sensations were becoming more than she could take. It scared her to admit it, but she was starting to enjoy what was happening, rape or not. She could feel her body starting to tense up and knew that she was about to have an orgasm at the hands of a rapist. But there was nothing she could do to stop herself.

As the spasms started to build, Cher started to force herself back against her attacker. She was no longer gently rotating her hips, she was thrashing wildly, trying to buck herself up and down on the fists fucking her. The man, realizing what was about to happen, started to alternate hands, ramming one deep into Cher's ass as he slid the other out of her cunt.

Despite herself, Cher started to thrash on the workbench as a massive orgasm tore through her body. Her attacker continued to pound both holes, forcing Cher to ride out waves of pleasure and pain. The muscles in her cunt and ass convulsed as she became more and more sensitive to assailant's touch. Each stroke of his arms forced Cher to moan in ecstasy until she could take no more.

Exhausted, Cher collapsed onto the workbench. She laid there, sweating and breathing heavily, with one arm still buried in her pussy and another in her ass. Then, her attacker slid both out of Cher's body, nearly causing her to thrash off the workbench. He quickly turned to the sink and started to wash his hands off. When he was done, he turned back to Cher, who remained prostrate on the workbench, her body shaking, though he was unable to tell if it was from sobbing or the effects of the orgasm.

Once again, Cher heard the assailants rough voice. "Now it's my turn." Grabbing Cher by the hair, he forced her up off the workbench, then down onto her back on the floor. Sliding his own pants down and off, he straddled Cher's chest. He told her to push her tits together, then slid his cock between them. His cock, wet with his own pre-cum, easily slid between the mountains of flesh, and the attacker started to tit fuck her.

As he did, he instructed Cher to open her mouth. "And if you even think about biting..." He raised his fist in silent warning. Cher's fear was reflected in her eyes, and she opened her mouth, knowing what was coming.

The attacker slid his cock further forward and forced Cher to take the head and shaft into her mouth as he fucked her tits. With each stroke, Cher felt him slide over her tongue, and she once again found herself unable to control the urge to suck on his shaft. As the man realized she was actually giving him a blowjob instead of just laying there, he started to take longer, slower strokes, giving Cher more time to actually lick and suck at his cock.

Eventually, he stopped worrying about fucking Cher's tits and started forcing more and more of his shaft into her throat. Soon, Cher found herself choking as the attacker forced his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. Cher forced herself to relax, and allowed the man's cock to slip as far into her throat as he wanted. Leaning forward, the man rested his weight on his arms and started to thrust his shaft in and out of Cher's mouth, driving it deep into her throat with each forward thrust.

Cher's tongue, mouth, and throat were so effective that it was only minutes before she felt her attacker's hot semen shoot into her mouth and throat. She sucked as hard and fast as she could, swallowing every drop as the man's cock pulsed to discharge more cum. Then, rather than stop, Cher continued to suck as hard as she could. Unwilling to let the feelings in her body end, she did everything she could to get her attacker hard, again.

When he did pull away, slipping his cock from between her gentle mouth, a soft moan of dismay escaped Cher's lips. Sensing her emotions, the attacker stood up, dressed, and looked down at Cher. "Now, bitch, tell your lovers what a real man does for you!" With that, he walked out the door leaving Cher to wonder who he was, and how he knew so much.

And if she would ever encounter him, again.


2012-08-25 03:36:24
You should create a second encounter


2010-11-23 10:00:00
I get wet every time I read this. Your descriptions are so vivid. Absolutely the best writer on this site. Cher's pretty lucky ;-)

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