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The final night with three sexual maniacs continues
Part 19

Much as I had seen pictures of one guy with several girls on the Internet, it was never something I had even considered doing myself. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by three beautiful girls, each with something special to offer. Despite the weekend of sex, Sarah was still the innocent little 10-year old. Cassie was the slightly older, slightly more adventurous lay. And Kelly was the sexual ringleader willing to try anything. I wasn't even sure how to start things off, so I relaxed and went with the flow.

Sarah was already in the bed when I walked into the room, and I quickly joined her. Her tiny body was shaking with excitement, and I understood why. I brushed her long blond locks out of her face then leaned in to give her a quick kiss. I returned one hand to her smooth pussy and slipped a finger inside. Sarah moaned as I started to slide my finger in and out of her cunt, and leaned back into the pillow as my mouth worked its way from her mouth, down her neck, onto her chest. The nipples of her tiny tits were standing straight up, and I teased them with my tongue one at a time.

By the time Cassie joined us, I had worked my way between Sarah's legs and was giving her the ultimate kiss. Sarah was writhing from pleasure as I worked both my tongue and fingers into her body. Cassie laid down beside her sister and they started deep kissing. Sarah's hands moved to Cassie's chest and started caressing the budding breasts and nipples. Cassie's position allowed me to move my mouth to her pussy as I continued to fuck Sarah with my fingers. Like Sarah, Cassie began to squirm under the attention to her mouth, chest, and pussy.

Kelly didn't say a word when she walked into the room. She joined me at the foot of the bed and put her face between Sarah's legs, dipping her tongue into the young slit. With Kelly eating Sarah, I focused all of my attention on Cassie. I drove my tongue deep into her cunt, causing her to buck her hips against my face. As she ground herself into me, my tongue flicked across her clit, pussy and anus, driving her wild.

As Cassie went into an orgasm from the oral stimulation, I crawled back onto the bed and laid down beside her. She broke of her kiss with Sarah and turned to me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. The intensity of her actions revealed how excited she was by not only her orgasm but the entire situation. As we kissed, Sarah lowered her mouth to Cassie's chest and started licking the nipples she had been fondling with her hands. Cassie moaned into my mouth as Sarah took her sister's tiny tits into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, responding enthusiastically to her mom's tongue buried in her pussy.

As Cassie and I kissed, she reached for my cock and started to slide her hand up and down the shaft. I started to moan with her as our tongues danced together. Kelly, noticing what Cassie was doing, moved from between Sarah's legs to between mine. As Cassie continued jerking me, Kelly started to suck and lick at my head and shaft. I broke off my kiss with Cassie and threw my head back enjoying the combined sensation of hand and mouth on my cock.

Kelly continued her blowjob for several minutes, then I felt her pull Cassie's hand away and stand up, herself. I looked up and saw her motioning for Sarah to mount me. Sarah needed no extra encouragement and immediately straddled my hips, positioning her pussy over my cock. As she impaled herself on my shaft, I felt Kelly kneel back down between my legs. Sarah began sliding up and down my cock as Kelly leaned in and started to lick at my dick and Sarah's pussy. Sarah went through the roof and started bucking her hips in response to the sensation of having both a tongue and a cock tending to her cunt.

Cassie had apparently learned from the movie we'd watched because she wasted little time getting involved. Kneeling on the bed, she squatted over my face with her pussy on my mouth. That was enough of a hint for me to shove my tongue deep into her wet cunt and start to eat her out, again. Cassie then leaned forward and pulled Sarah toward her. Their mouths came together with a nearly insatiable hunger.

With Cassie sitting on my face, I could only imagine what a picture of us might look like. Sarah, the flat chested 10-year old impaled on my cock while her 12-year old sister drove her own pussy onto my face. The three of us a perfect triangle as the two girls came together in an erotic kiss. And behind it all was Kelly kneeling on the floor eating her lover's cock and her daughter's pussy.

The image was more than I could take, and I felt my balls start to tense up. I started to thrust up toward Sarah with more force, and finally lost control, once again filling her tiny cunt with my cum. I continued to buck my hips as Sarah forced herself down on my shaft. Between the warmth of my cum and the driving of my cock, Sarah climaxed shortly after I did, her body tensing from the sensation. As her body tightened, her pussy squeezed around my cock, milking any remaining seed and pulling it into her body.

Sarah collapsed on the bed beside me, and was caught completely off guard by what happened next. Kelly returned to her position between Sarah's legs and lowered her face to her daughter's pussy. The orgasm Sarah had from riding my cock was nothing compared to what happened when Kelly began eating the cum that was starting to run out of Sarah's pussy. Sarah started to writhe in pleasure, unable to lay still as the contractions built to a crescendo of ecstasy.

Cassie and I watched in awe as Kelly continued the tongue lashing of Sarah's slit. I noticed that Cassie had dropped her hand to her pussy and slipped two fingers inside her body. It was almost instinctive, and I quickly leaned over to help her out by taking her nipples into my mouth. Running my tongue across her tits, I gave each enough attention to make them hard and wet. As I did, I slid my hand down her body and added my fingers to hers. Cassie gasped in pleasure as she felt both our fingers slide into her pussy. As we worked together to fuck her, I continued to suck and lick at Cassie's fully erect nipples. Beside us, we heard Sarah continue to moan as Kelly kept flicking her tongue into her daughter's cunt.

Feeling how wet Cassie was from our sexual activities, I eased a second finger into her pussy, raising the total to three fingers inside of her body. As our hands actively pleasured Cassie's body, I worked my mouth from her titties toward her mouth. We started to explore each others mouth with our tongues, and the change in position allowed Cassie to get her other hand onto my cock. Matching her rhythm to that of our fingers sliding in and out of her cunt, Cassie started to stroke my shaft, rubbing life back into it until it was erect and ready for fucking.

Sensing I was ready to go, Cassie rolled onto her side and pushed her butt toward me, obviously inviting me to take her from behind. Reaching between her legs, I smeared her own cum from her pussy back and across her tight brown hole. She groaned as I eased one cum lubricated finger into her ass, then started to push back as I began sliding that finger in and out of her rear. When she had loosened up enough, I laid down behind her, positioned myself, and slowly started to force the head of my cock into her tight asshole. She gasped as the head forced her open, then moaned in pleasure as my entire shaft started to slide inside her. Gently at first, then more forcefully, I started to fuck my young lover in a way she was quickly learning to relish.

Kelly had finished lapping the cum out of Sarah's pussy and looked up to see me fucking Cassie's ass. Reaching to the floor beside the bed, she picked up a toy that was obviously a strap-on dildo, the very dildo she had used to fuck me up the ass the night I took the virginity of both of her daughters. Once again easing the shorter end into her pussy, Kelly fastened the straps and joined us on the bed, laying in front of and facing Cassie. As I continued to ease my shaft in and out of Cassie's rear, Kelly positioned the head of the massive strap-on at the opening of Cassie's cunt. Rocking her hips forward, Kelly started to force the simulated cock into her daughter.

Cassie started to scream in pleasure as her mother pushed the entire length of the strap-on into her pussy. She practically collapsed as she felt herself filled completely from both sides. Kelly started to rock her hips in time with me and we fucked Cassie like few 12-year old girls have ever been fucked. Trapped between us, Cassie leaned her head back into my shoulder, turning her head so we could kiss deeply. Kelly lowered her mouth to Cassie's chest, taking one nipple into her mouth and sucking hard. I felt Cassie suck in her breath as she felt the sting of her mother's teeth on her tit.

It wasn't long until I felt Cassie start to shake against my body. I felt her ass tighten around my cock and knew that she was experiencing a massive orgasm. Spasms rocked her ass and cunt, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She rode the wave for several minutes as her mother and I continued to force our cocks in and out of her body. I felt her relax back into my arms, and knew she was through the first wave of orgasmic delight. I also knew that she wasn't done for the night. I had cum inside her sister only a short time before starting to fuck her, and her mom was using a dildo. Cassie was sure to climax multiple times before she would feel my cum in her ass.

Sarah, not wanting to miss all of the fun, crawled behind me and leaned over so she could kiss me. Eager to involve her, I forced my tongue deep into her mouth and encouraged her to suck on it lick a cock. She jumped right into the new experience, adding to the pleasure I was experiencing. The attention Sarah was showing me encouraged me to pick up the pace of my fucking of Cassie, and Kelly matched the change in rhythm.

The change in speed had an immediate impact on Cassie's already sensitive nerves. I felt her start to tense up, again, and she changed from moans of pleasure back to screams of ecstasy. Bucking hard, I forced my cock as deep into her ass as possible, sensing that I was close to my own climax. Cassie started to buck her hips back and forth, alternating between ramming her ass onto my cock and her pussy onto her mother's strap-on. Sarah started to suck on my tongue with more pressure, and I felt an orgasm rip through my own body, hitting me from head to toe. As my cum streamed into Cassie's ass, she tensed up and I felt the spasms of another massive orgasm rock her pussy and ass. She thrashed wildly, now, unable to control herself. I pushed myself tight into her body, keeping my cock firmly planted in her rear. Our combined actions pushed each other further over the edge of sexual bliss, and we eventually collapsed in each others arms.

As we laid back, I pulled her to me so I could keep my shaft inside her as long as possible. We lay like that until my cock went limp and her body pushed it out of her ass. When it did, Kelly crawled between us and licked the cum off my rod. When it was clean, she turned her attention to Cassie, performing the same task for her as she had for Sarah. After cumming inside each of my young lovers, my cock wasn't able to respond, but the sight of Kelly licking my cum out of Cassie's rear hole was incredibly erotic. Cassie seemed to appreciate it, as well, if her response was any indication.

While Kelly continued to eat Cassie's ass, I motioned for Sarah to follow me to the other room. There we picked out a couple vibrators from the box Kelly had brought. Carrying them, we went back to the bedroom and watched Kelly finish cleaning the cum out of her daughter's rear. When she was finished, Kelly worked her mouth up Cassie's body until she was able to shove her tongue into Cassie's mouth. Cassie, undeterred by the thought of where her mom's tongue had just been, returned the kiss with passion. They were so involved with each other that they barely noticed when Sarah and I joined them on the bed.

I positioned myself behind Kelly with my head near her legs. As she made out with her daughter, I spread her butt cheeks apart and started rubbing the dildo across her tight brown hole. Using cum from Kelly's pussy, I lubricated the toy and easily slid it into her ass. Once the entire length was inside Kelly's body, I switched it on, causing her to jump with excitement. I started to slide the vibrator in and out of her rear, and Kelly responded by bucking her hips in rhythm with me.

I then motioned for Sarah to join me between her mother's legs. Sarah knelt down on the floor as I fucked her mother in the ass, then turned on the vibrator she had and slipped it inside Kelly's cunt. That had a clear affect on Kelly who started to rock her hips back and forth while increasing the passion with which she was making out with Cassie. Sarah was also visibly turned on by what was happening and I watched her slip her free hand between her legs and start to rub herself forcefully.

With Sarah so excited by the scene, I decided to get her more involved. The dildo Kelly had used seemed like the perfect choice. I grabbed the flexible rubber cock and slid off the bed so I could reach the area between Sarah's legs. I pulled her hand from between her legs and pointed for her to take the vibrator that was in her mother's ass. With Sarah controlling both of those, I pushed her up on her knees and positioned the long, wide toy at the opening of her cunt. Her eyes were wide, and she said she wasn't sure if she could take the whole thing.

Kneeling beside her, I gently kissed her neck then ear. I whispered that she would be in control. "Just take as much as you want."

Saying that, I nudged her down and the top of the dildo slid inside her pussy. Reminiscent of the night I took her virginity, Sarah's face showed a mix of extreme arousal and pain. And just as she had with my cock, Sarah pushed herself down, biting back the pain. At first, she only took about half of the dildos length, and she continued to fuck her mom with the vibrators as she slid up and down on her own toy cock. After several minutes, I took some of that control away by kneeling behind Sarah and kissing her shoulders and neck. As she surrendered to my gentle touch, I pulled her back and down, forcing more of the dildo into her pussy. Sarah gasped in pain, but didn't fight me. With my hands on her hips, I pushed her body down hard, and heard her scream out as her body went nearly to the floor.

Sarah's body started to shake in my hands as she experienced the beginnings of one last, massive orgasm from being filled completely by the dildo. So was moaning and writhing, forcing the shaft to push further into her hot hole.

Pulling her away from the bed, I forced her to abandon the vibrators that were buried in Kelly's cunt. I laid Sarah back on the ground and then took the monstrous dildo in both hands. Slowly, I started to slide the massive length in and out of her tiny body. Sarah started to gasp and moan as I fucked her with the huge toy. And I was in heaven watching the huge rubber cock split my tiny lovers pussy wide open.

Soon, the sound of the dildos vibrating in Kelly's pussy was drowned out by Sarah's screams. For the first time in our sexual relationship, Sarah vocalized her passion with energy and passion. She writhed on the ground, struggling to take even more of the dildo into her body. In continued to fuck her with the toy until she collapsed, exhausted, onto the ground. As she did, I pulled the rubber cock from her with a sucking sound. Sarah moaned again as she felt her gaping hole collapse.

With Sarah completely exhausted, I turned my attention back to the bed. Kelly and Cassie were still engaged in extremely heavy petting, and each had one vibrator buried deep in her pussy. Though the vision of them fucking each other was beautiful, I had another thought in mind. What I really wanted to see was Cassie fucking her mom with the dildo I had in my hand.

I separated them from their embrace and suggested Kelly help Cassie get into the strap on. Kelly was excited by the thought and showed her daughter how to insert the smaller end into her pussy and get the rest of it properly situated and tightened. Cassie gave out soft moans as she moved around and the dildo shifted inside of her.

I gently pushed Kelly down until she was laying on the bed, then motioned for Cassie to crawl between her legs. As she did, I guided the long shaft of the dildo to the opening of Kelly's pussy and helped Cassie push it into her mother. Kelly looked at her daughter with lust in her eyes as she felt the huge cock slide into her cunt. Kelly was amazingly supportive and helped Cassie fuck her properly. At the same time, Kelly returned the love being shown by her daughter.

As Cassie became more comfortable with the role of doing the fucking instead of being fucked, Kelly reached up and pulled Cassie's mouth to hers. The two locked into a passionate, sloppy kiss. Kelly's hands wandered freely over her daughter's body until the fingers of one hand found their way into the crease of Cassie's butt. Cassie gasped in ecstasy as Kelly's finger slipped into her ass.

The combined feeling of having a dildo in her pussy and a finger in her ass pushed Cassie closer to the orgasm that was building in her body. She started to fuck her mother harder and faster, bringing Kelly closer to her own climax.

Unable to stay on the sidelines any longer, I knelt behind Cassie and lowered my mouth toward her ass. I forced Kelly to slip her finger from inside Cassie's rear and reposition her hands so she was holding Cassie's cheeks apart. That gave me free access to lower my face to Cassie's butt and force my tongue into her tight, brown hole. After having my cock and cum and her mother's tongue inside her ass, Cassie loosened up quickly and easily, and I started to aggressively tongue fuck her.

That was all Cassie could stand, and she started to scream in ecstasy as her cunt started to spasm. Kelly, excited by the knowledge that her daughter was cumming from fucking her, surrendered to her own orgasm. As Cassie rode the wave of her climax, I continued to drive my tongue and and out of her ass, refusing to let her stop too quickly. She responded to my tongue by bucking her hips in an attempt to force more of its length into her butt. Each thrust back and forth drove Kelly crazy as the massive dildo slid in and out of her pussy.

Eventually, Cassie collapsed just as her sister had. She fell into her mother's arms, driving the giant cock deep into Kelly's cunt one final time. Kelly took her daughter into her arms, relishing the full feeling caused by the dildo. With Cassie completely exhausted, I crawled into the bed, noting that Sarah had already joined her mother and sister. Kelly slipped the dildo out of her body then helped Cassie remove it.

Wiped out both physically and sexually, we all fell into bed ready for sleep. Sarah snuggled into my body and I positioned myself so my limp cock was nestled in her ass. She laid on one of my arms and I placed the other across her waist, my hand resting on her pubic mound. Cassie laid down right behind me, and I felt her developing tits push into my back. Kelly was behind Cassie, positioned much as I was with Sarah.

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A great end to a great series. I only wish that you would continue it with what happens when they get home. Your writing is really great and I will read more of your works. Incest and sex with the little 10 & 12yo girls is the best fantasy ever ! Likeemyoung!!!

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