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A story about a co-worker I'd love to fuck. It takes a while to set up, and only the end involves sex. Let me know if you think it should be continued.
The Scare

As I walked into my office, it was just like any other Monday. I'd left the house early to exercise, arrived at the office a bit early, and put my lunch in the refrigerator. Breakfast in hand, I flipped on the lights and walked to my desk to start up the computer. I could tell someone had already been in my office as there was a stack of papers with a note sitting on my chair. "Great," I thought, "I haven't even started breakfast and people are dropping off work."

I picked up the papers and felt my stomach lurch into my throat as my body went cold. Neither the note nor the papers had anything to do with work. The note said, "Something for you to work on." Beneath it was a picture I recognized. Below it was the caption, "This is hot4fam." There was a second picture that showed what appeared to be a tit, though it was zoomed in so close that only the nipple was really visible. It included the caption, "This is me." There was little doubt that somebody in my office knew something, as the picture was from the XNXX forum and was, in fact, me. I ran the pictures through the shredder, though fully aware that whoever had dropped off the pictures could easily print copies.

I spent the entire day freaked out and paranoid. I looked for subtle clues as to who might have figured out I frequented a porn forum. And I worried about how much they might have learned, what stories they might have seen, how much of my profile they had read. Work was nearly impossible as I worried about possible outcomes. By the end of the day, my nerves were raw, and I went home glad to have made it through the day without being fired. My wife noticed the tension, and I put it off on the workload of a major project.

The next morning, I had almost gained control of my nerves by the time I walked into my office. That quickly went out the window when I saw another stack of papers on my chair. This time the note said, "Here's another clue." There was another picture of me from the XNXX forum, and another picture with the "This is me" caption. This picture showed a very close up picture of a shaved pussy and very little else. It was difficult to even judge size because the picture was zoomed in so close.

I spent another day wondering just who might be putting the pictures on my chair. I was less nervous after deciding that if getting me fired was the goal, it would have been easier to just drop the pictures off at HR with my name on them. And though the pictures were unverifiable, I had to believe they were real. That narrowed it down to the women in the office, though no further. For the second day, I spent much of my time considering the women in my office, trying to determine who might be willing to play this game. And for the second day I went home without any idea of who it was.

Wednesday, I got to the office even earlier than usual, hoping to catch someone in the act. Another group of pictures was already on my chair, with a note that said, "I like your stories. Which are true and which are fantasy?" A third picture of me was there, along with another "This is me" shot. This picture was a collage of pictures including another close up of the shaved pussy, an ass shot, and a picture of two titties. Though it certainly didn't give me enough to identify anyone, it did give me a few more clues. First, I could rule out a few of the thinner ladies in the office. I could also rule out a few of the smaller chested women. For the first time since starting this job, I found myself closely examining my co-workers, considering things such as the size of their tits and ass, and whether I thought they might shave their pussy.

After three days of pictures without a visit from any manager or HR worker, I figured this was not an attempt to get me fired, and I started to relax. Though still freaked out about the situation, I was able to work and get some things done. I was also less tense at home, no longer worried about having to explain things to my wife.

On Thursday, I got another set of pictures with a note saying, "I'm waiting for you to figure it out." A fourth picture of me was next to a picture of the woman's midsection. She had on a lacy bra and crotchless panties. For the first time, the picture was overtly sexual. A dildo was sticking through the crotch of the panties, obviously buried in the pussy of whoever left the picture. A note next to the dildo said, "This could be hot4fam." I got hard looking at the picture, thinking of how the situation had changed. On Monday, the only outcome I saw was me being fired and my wife finding out about XNXX. Now, all I could think about was finding out who was leaving these pictures in my office. The picture made it very clear the pictures being left were of someone who knew of my forum alias. This time, I didn't shred the picture. I kept it with some of my things and masturbated to it later that night.

By Friday, I was almost looking forward to finding a new set of pictures in my office. Like Monday through Thursday, a note and pictures were on my chair. The note offered teasingly, "Have you figured out who I am, yet? When you do, you can have me!" A fifth picture of me was followed by a picture of her with a slightly different caption. Instead of "This is me," the picture was captioned with "This is my latest post to XNXX." It was a picture showing most of the body, and another dildo shoved deep into her pussy. This time, she had a note scrawled across her body with an arrow pointing to her cunt. It said, "hot4fam enter here." I was shocked. If true, this picture was a real clue. All it would take is one person mentioning my name in a response and I should be able to find the picture. That would make identifying my temptress much easier.

I was ready to go right at quitting time, and went home contemplating how I could find enough time on the forum to identify the person in the pictures. It was easier than I might have expected as my wife asked if I minded her going out with some friends to discuss an event they were organizing. Amazed at the irony, I told my wife to go ahead, have fun, and not worry about when she got home.

The Discovery

Once she left, I set the kids up with snacks and a TV show, then broke out the computer. As usual, the kids were engrossed in their show, allowing me to log onto XNXX and start looking for something that would identify the woman that shared at least some of my sexual interests. A search on my user name was a bust. It came up with plenty of results, but nearly all were from my own posts. There was nothing pointing back to the picture left on my chair that day. Next, I went to the threads with recent activity and started searching.

None of the posts with activity that day seemed related to the game being played at work, so I started looking for all posts with that day's date. At least that way I wouldn't have to look through every post on every thread. Still, it was time consuming.

All too soon, it was time to put the kids to bed and I had to log off and clear the browser history. The bedtime routine was sure to take nearly an hour, so I got the kids started with brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, and picking out bedtime stories. After they had exhausted the usual stall techniques, they climbed into their beds and listened to their stories. Sometime later, I woke up to find they were finally asleep.

A quick check of the garage confirmed that my wife was still out, so I logged back into the forum. When I logged in, I saw that I had a notification, and checked it out. The message itself was mundane, but it led me to a couple new approaches to the search I was conducting. First, I thought about the note on the picture. It didn't say it was posted on a forum thread. Looking at the list of groups to which I belong, I realized that the picture could be posted in a group. Second, I looked at the list of people who visited my page.

The 10 names of recent visitors seemed like an easier thing to look at. I considered it unlikely that it would be that easy, but knew it would be easier to check 10 profiles than to wade through the entire database of pictures posted to the forum. Of the recent visitors, six were identified as guys, and two were friends. I checked out the other two and decided neither was a likely candidate, though I did send a friend request to one of the girls.

I decided to tackle groups next, as none of the threads in the forum seemed applicable. And for no reason other than my own sense of logic, I decided it would be pointless to post a random picture in an unrelated thread. My thought process yielded gold sooner than I could have hoped. I started with a "cheating wives/girlfriends" group of which I'm a member and started looking through pictures. One of the first shots to come up was the picture that had been left in my office at work. Immediately hard at the prospect of finding out who it was, I clicked on the name of the person posting the picture, "hot4coworker." I assumed this was a reference to the game being played in my office.

I was waiting for the profile to load when I heard the garage door start opening. I quickly logged out and cleared the memory on the computer, then logged into a far less damning site. My hard-on deflated instantly as I realized I was so close to finding out who was teasing me, but so far away as my wife was about to walk in the door. My wife came in and started watching TV as I wasted a bit of time reading a few news articles before heading to bed. I went to the bedroom torn between elation at knowing a screen name and dejection at being unable to identify the actual person.

There were no opportunities to log on to the XNXX forum until Sunday evening when my wife took the kids to church. I begged off citing some work that needed to be done, which I resolved very quickly after they left. I then broke out the computer and logged on to the forum. I immediately navigated to the page of the woman who had been leaving the pictures in my office. On her profile, she had a photo album titled "hot4fam," and I clicked the link to see the pictures. The pictures I'd seen previously were there, along with several others. There were pictures of her in various states of undress, many with notes directed at me. There were pictures of her tits, pussy, and ass. Some pictures showed her using dildos. Others were just pictures of her body.

Most important, there was a single picture that showed her back and ass, head, and most of her face. I immediately recognized Annie, who worked in my department. The pictures gave me a new perspective on the divorced mom. I've always known her to be very open about sexual talk, but never pegged her as someone who might visit the XNXX forum. Then again, she might well have thought the very same thing about me.

Annie is one of those women many men would dismiss without a second look. She's only a few months younger than me, her mid-length brown hair has the occasional gray mixed in, and is a bit on the heavy side. At 5' 6", I'd guess her weight in the 160 range. Neither fat nor bone thin. She has a round face with green eyes, a nice ass, and I'd guess her chest around 36C. The pictures on her profile showed her to be extremely sexy, carrying any extra weight well. Looking at the entire collection, I got rock hard thinking about the pictures inviting me into her pussy.

Now that I had identified who was leaving the pictures, I was faced with some tough decisions. First and foremost was exactly what I was going to do. Much as I participate on "sexual networking" sites, I had never considered actually cheating on my wife. It was all fantasy, and the closest I'd ever come to infidelity was the occasional sex chat. This would move things from fantasy to actual adultery. I wasn't sure I was ready for that.

Depending on the decision I made, I had to think about the next move. If I wasn't willing to accept what Annie was offering, I would have to figure out how to tell her that while ensuring she kept secret the things she had discovered. If I decided to pursue Annie, I had to come up with a way to keep the game going.

Truly conflicted, I took another quick look at the pictures, then returned to Annie's profile. She hadn't been a member of XNXX as long as me, but she was pretty active posting comments. She was a verified XNXX girl, though I didn't need the verification picture to know it was her. All of the pictures she had of me were pictures from threads rather than my folders.

I started reading through the threads she had started, then moved to the comments she had made on other people's threads. I learned a great deal about her sexual drives and desires, while gaining an understanding of how her divorce and being a single mom of three young kids impacted her life. Her signature was a link to a story, the only one she had written. It was a fantasy about getting together with a co-worker who she knew frequented porn sites. Her description of the man in the story was quite obviously me. I got hard seeing the story, and jerked off reading about the fictional encounters, thinking about the possibility of them coming true.

After finishing her story, I went back to her profile and checked the pictures out, again. I noticed that she was logged in, and felt a strong urge to send her a private message. I didn't send the message, but the desire to do so pretty much revealed the answer I thought I couldn't make. If I wasn't going to pursue an encounter with Annie, why did I just climax reading her story. If I wasn't willing to cheat on my wife by fucking my co-worker, why was I looking at her pictures, again. If I wasn't going to take Annie up on her offer, why was I considering sending her a private message. And why was I so interested in what it would feel like to replace that dildo in her pussy with my cock.

The answer was simple. None of it would make sense unless I had already made up my mind. I knew, then and there, that I would respond to Annie. I would try to take her up on her offer. I would, for the first time in my marriage, actively pursue an adulterous relationship and cheat on my wife. Sexually nervous for the first time in a long time, I considered how to take the next step. And how to ensure my wife never found out.

The Game

Once I admitted my willingness to cheat on my wife by pursuing Annie, I jumped into action so I could respond to her advances. I started by logging out, clearing the history, and shutting down the computer I was using. I switched to an old laptop we had, and started it up. Though slower, it was a computer my wife was less likely to use, giving me a bit of leeway if I ever forgot to delete something. I logged back on to the forum and saved a couple of Annie's pictures and loaded them to a private account I can access from work. After deleting them from the laptop, I grabbed a camera and took a couple pictures of my now limp cock. I immediately loaded them to the same On-line account and deleted them off the camera.

That done, I printed a picture of Annie that clearly showed her pussy and one of my cock. On the picture of her, I wrote, "What do you want done to this," with an arrow pointing at her pussy. On the picture of my limp cock, I wrote, "I look like this because of your story. It's tough to stay hard after cumming!" I put the pictures in a folder and hid that in the bottom of my gym bag. After putting my gear in the bag, I cleared the memory of the second computer and shut it down.

By the time the wife and kids got home, there was little evidence of what I'd been up to, and I was confident my wife wouldn't be going through my gym bag. The rest of the night was the same as any other. We watched shows with the kids, read them stories for bed, and got ready for the new week. As usual, I was in bed long before my wife so I could be up early to work out.

I changed Monday's routine in two ways. First, I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way to the gym and picked up a pack of condoms, paying cash and throwing the receipt in the trash on the way out the door. Those would be locked up in my desk. Second, I shortened my workout so I could get to the office a bit earlier than usual. Once there, I went to Annie's office, put my packet on her chair and went back to my office. For the first time in a week, there wasn't a packet of pictures on my chair, a clear indication Annie was waiting on me to make the next move. I certainly hoped that was the case, as I'd already done that.

I went about my normal routine, dealing with those things that had to be addressed without seeing Annie until our normal Monday morning meeting. She was the only one in the room when I walked in, but nothing she said or did gave anything away. She did, however, have an ear-to-ear smile on her face and an excited glow about her. Others started to show up, and the meeting was pretty typical. Of course, I did find myself staring at Annie a bit more than usual, noting things I might have normally overlooked. The curves of her body, the motions of her hands, the clothes she was wearing. As everyone was standing to leave, my eyes went to her crotch, and I was reminded of the shaved pussy that was beneath her clothes. I had to rearrange my pants to hide the hard-on that was developing.

"Everything okay, Tom," Annie asked as she saw me adjust myself.

In another setting, I might have freaked out. But not where I work. Even teasing as potentially sexual as that was pretty common, and nobody gets too concerned. The girls give as much as the guys, and nobody is easily offended.

"Yeah. Perfect. Just a bit of rearranging needed."

"How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting?"

I wasn't sure how much was her playing games, and how much was just actual interest. "Nothing too much. I took the kids to the pool, watched some shows. As usual, I spent a bunch of time surfing the Internet and even connected with a few friends." I wasn't sure how much more I could say without just blurting out, "I saw your pictures on the porn forum."

Annie headed for the door then stopped in the doorway. With her back to me, she looked over her shoulder and said, "You'll have to tell me about all these sites you visit, sometime." I noticed the grin and the glow was back on her face as she said that. I also looked down at her ass, appreciating the way her pants hugged them. And then she was gone, headed back to her office.

The rest of the day was pretty normal, but I didn't worry. First, Annie might not have known what the day would bring. Second, she would certainly need time to plan her response. I left for home pleased with how the day had gone.

I got home knowing I would have time to get things together for the next day, as my wife had an event that would go late into the evening. Everything was pretty normal, and she headed out the door shortly after dinner. I kept the kids to their normal routine and had them in bed only a bit after their regular bedtime.

Once they were asleep, I started up the old laptop, again. I found a good picture of her with her legs spread and her pussy showing which I printed. I pulled my cock out and laid it on the paper with my head pointing right at her opening. I took a picture of that and printed the composite. After shredding the original picture, checked the forum to see if anything was happening there. Annie had not sent a friend request, but she did have a new forum post where she talked about someone "stalking her" and how turned on she was by that thought and wondering if it would continue.

I took the picture and wrote, "hot4fam enters hot4coworker," and put it into the folder in my gym bag. I spent the rest of the night looking at Annie's forum posts, pictures, and comments. I noticed that she had a lot of guys leaving comments on her page, and couldn't help but wonder how she responded to them. By this time, I was definitely hoping she would follow through on her original offer, allowing me to take her physically.

After going through the forum, I once again cleared the computer history and headed to bed. The next morning was a repeat of Monday with me showing up at work early enough to drop my new picture in Annie's office. When I got to my office, there was a new picture sitting on my chair. I had to wonder where Annie was, and when she dropped off the picture. I checked it out and saw a collection of small pictures. The first was of Annie's naked pussy with a note, "Eat it." A second small picture of her smooth slit bore the note, "Fill it." A third showed her titties with the caption, "Suck it." The final picture showed her bent over with her ass sticking up and her spreading her cheeks so her anus showed. It had the comment, "You decide."

I got hard instantly. Just the thought of doing all the things she suggested was a huge turn on. The pictures added a sense of realism. And the picture just proved that Annie did want to follow through on her offer. I folded up the picture and put it in my desk with the condoms, relocking the drawer when I was done.

Around mid-morning Annie walked by my office heading to get some coffee. She made the unusual gesture of stopping at my door to see if I wanted anything. I reminded her that I don't drink coffee, thanking her for the offer. Annie stepped into my office, leaned over my desk, and said, "If you think of anything, let me know." I looked at her and realized she was giving me a direct view down her blouse. And her lacy bra allowed me to see most of what it held up. After standing there for several seconds, Annie stood back up and walked out, stopping at the door as she had when leaving our meeting the day prior. This time, shielding her actions with her body, she reached down and squeezed her ass while looking over her shoulder. "We still have to talk about the Internet sites you frequent. They seem interesting, to me."

Then, she was gone. And I was hard, again. Seeing her tits and watching her grab her ass was far more than I would have ever considered happening at work. Now, it appeared that was only the introduction to bigger and better things.

Tuesday is another meeting night for my wife, so I spent another evening with the kids and once again had them in bed close to bedtime. Once I had time to myself, I grabbed my camera and headed to the bathroom. I turned the water on and stripped down, then set the camera up so it could get a picture of me in the wer. I took a couple different pictures in the shower, then went to my bedroom and took a few of me with an erection. I got dressed, again, and moved the pictures from the camera to our old laptop.

I put one picture from the shower and one from the bedroom onto a single page, then printed it. On the shower picture I wrote, "I needed a cold shower after you visited my office." On the bedroom picture I added, "You said I could have you, and I'm still waiting." Once again, the pictures went into the gym bag, the evidence was deleted, and everything was put away before my wife got home.

Another night of basically sleeping alone, another workout, and I was headed back to work. I dropped the newest picture off at Annie's office and found another picture in mine. This time, there were two pictures that showed Annie fingering herself. Her note said, "This is what I did in the bathroom at work after seeing you. You helped me cum at the office." My jaw almost hit the floor thinking about Annie fingering herself in the building. I got hard, again, considering the possibilities. In fact, it was starting to seem that I had a near constant hard-on at work.

It was difficult to think about work after seeing the picture of Annie with her fingers disappearing between her legs. I spent most of the morning having to almost slap myself in the face to get the image out of my head so I could accomplish some of the many tasks I needed to finish. And it was a challenge not opening my file drawer to look at the growing collection of pictures Annie had provided.

By lunch, I had managed to get a few things off my desk, and had the surprise of Annie stopping by my office to see if I wanted to "make a run for the border." One of the routines she and I have is that any time I go to Taco Bell I stop by her office and she asks me to pick some things up for her. With new reasons to respond to her requests, I said, "I wasn't planning on it, but if you want me to get something for you, I'll go."

She looked at me and said, "How about we go together and eat there, this time." My dick and my mouth responded at the same time, and I grabbed my car keys and headed out of the office with a major hard on.

When we got in the car, Annie jumped right into things telling me how much she was enjoying my pictures. I told her that her pictures almost caused me to have a heart attack those first couple days. She laughed, and asked how else she could go about telling me that we frequented the same porn forum.

"I don't know, you could have just said something."

"Yes, I could have. But that wouldn't have been near as much fun. For either of us."

As I headed toward the nearest Taco Bell, Annie asked if I would mind going to another location. "There are too many people from work that go to that place. Let's find one we can call our own. It will be more fun."

She directed me to a second store, and we got out of the car. As we headed in, Annie nervously took my hand in hers and held it the entire time we ordered and waited for our food. She was right, with no other co-workers around, it did have the prospect of being more fun. We got our food, sat down, and ate while we talked quietly about the game we had been playing. Annie told me more about her reasons for being on XNXX, then asked about the stories I wrote. I shared about the stories, my reason for being on the site, and asked about her how long it took to get up the courage to approach me.

"That took quite a while. First, I wasn't entirely sure it was you in the pictures you posted. There was only one picture with any of your face, and it wasn't your entire face. It was the day we ran into each other at the pool that I started to be confident it was you in the pictures. Seeing you wet, without your shirt, really helped. After that, it still took a month before I worked up the courage to do anything. I figured if I was wrong, you'd say something. There wasn't enough information to figure out who I was. But you never said anything, so I kept giving more clues. When I saw that first picture you put in my office, my thighs almost burst into flames. Luckily, I got so wet the flames couldn't get started."

"That's an intersting image," I answered. "When I saw that first picture, I completely freaked. I was nervous on a lot of different levels. It wasn't until maybe the third day that I started to get comfortable, again."

"I'm sorry I did that to you," Annie apologized. "It was really the only way I could think of doing it. Besides, I think you had fun."

We finished our lunch and headed back to the car with Annie holding my hand, again. She only let go long enough for me to get into the car, and she grabbed it again and didn't let go until we were almost back to the office. When we got back to my office, she took a quick look around, thanked me for lunch, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before heading to her own office. As she walked away, she whispered, "I think the games are over."

Not even as a young boy did a kiss from a girl generate such intense feelings. I walked into my office and sat down, a bundle of nerves.

The Affair

Annie and I decided to set up a "his and hers" E-mail account in addition to a joint account on XNXX. The E-mail allowed us to exchange pictures without having to print them, and the joint XNXX account allowed us to share with the forum that we were now a couple. After working with Annie for so long, it felt weird, but nice, to think of us together. And the thought of using our XNXX account the way other couples do was a huge turn on. Annie and I had already discussed what we would and wouldn't be comfortable posting, and we looked forward to being able to post pictures of the two of us together.

Work became very interesting, as well. Annie did a lot of subtle things that would appear innocent to any outsider. The lean that allowed me to see down her shirt. Sticking her tongue out as she walked by my office. The frequent touches that now sent shivers down my spine.

She also did a lot of things when we were alone. If we were the last two out of a meeting, I would suddenly have first hand knowledge about the underwear she was or wasn't wearing. If we got to the office early, she would greet me in ways most co-workers don't get to share. And though we had to limit it to avoid raising suspicions, we found ourselves going out to lunch more often.

In time, both Annie and I wanted to do more than tease and tempt each other at work. We were both hungry for a more physical relationship and we knew we'd have to do something to release the sexual energy or we would wind up doing something stupid at work. Much of our discussion now focused on how we could spend time together outside of work. Two factors in our lives worked together to make that a possibility sooner than we might have thought possible.

One thing we had started doing was noting the time that Annie's kids would be with their dad. That did us little good until I shifted my focus from the time after work to the morning hours. My workout routine could easily give me a couple hours in the morning without generating a single question. Preparing a bag with all of my gear and placing work clothes out in the evening would never generate any questions. I shared this thought with Annie during one of our lunches and she almost jumped in my lap. She managed to restrain herself to pulling my face to hers and sharing a deep, passionate kiss. She was extraordinarily excited because her kids were at her ex-husband's house for the next three days. She practically begged me to follow through on the plan the very next morning.

Unable and unwilling to do anything but grant Annie's wish, I woke up a bit earlier than usual the next day and drove to her house. I found her waiting at the door when I arrived at 4:30. We were both shaking from nervous excitement about what the next three hours would mean for our relationship. Annie took me by the hand and led me from the entryway toward her bedroom. As she did, my eyes were glued to her body as it swayed beneath the sexy silk negligee she was wearing.

Walking into Annie's bedroom, it was obvious she was as excited as I was about our first truly sexual encounter. The lights were dimmed and lit candles had been placed around the room. Soft, silky sheets were on the bed with the covers turned down, inviting us in. Soft music played in the background, and a camera was sitting on the headboard. Annie sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me down beside her.

"We've waited a long time for this, and I don't want to wait any more." Saying that, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we came together in a very deep kiss. Our tongues danced frantically, exploring each others mouths. Annie wasted no time stripping me of my shorts and shirt, and we fell onto the bed, tongues still locked together.

While we both yearned for the romantic passion of a long, slow lovemaking session, that was for another time. Annie's hands went straight to my rock hard shaft and started stroking up and down. My hands explored her body until one was pulling her into me and the other worked its way between her legs. She was wet with anticipation and my fingers slid inside her easily. She gasped in pleasure as I eased two fingers into her pussy, then increased the tempo with which she was stroking my cock. It was a matter of minutes before I pushed her back onto the bed, slipped my fingers from between her lips, and knelt above her, the head of my cock bouncing near the opening of her clean shaven pussy.

I was about to ram my length into her when I stopped.

"Hang on a second while I get a condom."

Annie stopped me and pulled me back to her. "No, Tom. I don't think we need one." Saying that, she pulled me down onto her, grabbing my shaft and guiding it toward her wet hole. Unable to hold back, I leaned into her, forcing my entire length inside of her, drawing moans of pleasure from both of us. Realizing things would never be the same, either at work or at home, I started to rock my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of Annie's pussy.

As I continued to fuck Annie like a man possessed, she pulled my head down and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced with each other as we consummated the love that had been growing between us. Laying down onto Annie's body, I pulled her into me and rolled onto my back. We remained coupled and Annie eased onto her knees as she rolled on top of me. Suddenly in control of the pace, Annie slowed her bucking down, enjoying the rhythm of our lovemaking. She leaned down towards me and I raised my head to take one of her beautiful tits into my mouth. Annie has large, dark areolae surrounding incredible nipples. My tongue reached out and teased around one of her nipples, forcing it to become even more engorged and erect. When it was standing straight out, I took it into my mouth and sucked hard.

Annie gasped in pleasure as her nipple slid between my lips, and she drove herself down onto my cock. Filled with my shaft, she began to rock her hips, rubbing her clit against my body. I shifted my mouth between breasts, sucking and licking at both nipples to keep them sensitive and hard. Annie started to rock faster and push down harder. Sensing she was nearing an orgasm, I reached a hand behind her and ran my finger down her back and between her butt cheeks. Gently probing, I spread her cum from her pussy to her asshole and started to slide my finger back and forth over the opening.

Annie went crazy, ramming herself onto my shaft while bucking her ass back against my finger. When my finger started to push into her ass, Annie started gasping in pleasure as a massive climax hit her. She collapsed down on top of me as spasms hit her cunt, and the clenching of her muscles around my cock pushed me into my own orgasm. Annie moaned and fell on me in a deep, passionate kiss when she felt the warmth of my cum flood into her body. She continued to kiss me and rock her hips, trying to milk every drop of sperm from my shaft.

She then broke off the kiss and rolled off of me. Turning, she ran her tongue down my chest and across my abdomen and didn't stop until her mouth replaced her pussy on my sensitive cock. Licking and sucking, she cleaned my shaft of every bit of the mix of her cum and mine. As she continued to suck my cock, I pulled her pussy toward my face and drove my tongue into her hot, wet hole. Annie's mouth tightened around my shaft as I started to eat the same mix of cum from her pussy that she was sucking from my cock. Shocked at what I was doing, I started to force my tongue deeper into Annie's cunt, eager to clean her hole of as much of our cum as possible. I had never done this before, but with Annie straddling my face, I couldn't imagine stopping. Annie, for her part, was doing everything possible to get my cock hard, again.

Once we were both satisfied the other was clean, Annie got out of bed and pulled a tripod mounted digital camera from the closet. She positioned the camera so it could capture the entire bed, then crawled back into my arms. She had a small remote in her hands.

"This was my early Christmas present. I was so excited about taking and posting pictures together that I didn't want to mess around with a timer. It's also a video camera, so we can make movies, too. And I so want to make movies with you. But for now, let's take some pictures to share with everyone on XNXX." Annie's new camera had a screen that could be positioned so we were able to see it from the bed, and she snapped off several shots of us snuggled in each others arms. Annie then handed me the remote and positioned herself so we could take pictures of her giving me a blow job. Not wanting to be outdone, I laid down with my head pointing toward the camera and encouraged Annie to sit on my face and take some shots of me eating her pussy.

All of the picture taking had an obvious result on both Annie and me, and it only took a few minutes before we were both ready to get more action shots. Annie had started to rock her hips back and forth, rubbing her wet slit across my face. She bent down and took my now solid cock back into her mouth, occasionally using the remote to snap another shot. I soon found myself torn between continuing to eat Annie's wonderful cunt while cumming into her mouth and changing positions so we could get some pictures of her pussy filled with my swollen shaft.

Annie made the decision easy when she pulled her wet crotch away from my face. As she did, I turned around so I was once again facing the camera. I grabbed Annie and pulled her toward me, with her back facing me. My hands on her hips, I guided her back and down until my cock slipped back into her we cunt. I then reached up to caress both of her tits with my hands while ravaging her neck with my mouth and tongue. Annie was moaning in pleasure, and gasped when I breathed into her ear, whispering, "Don't forget the pictures."

She took the remote and started snapping more shots, and I was excited to think about how they would all turn out. After fucking in this position for several minutes, I felt Annie lift herself up and slide off my cock. I was almost dismayed at the thought of her pulling away from me, but knew she was probably thinking about changing positions. She did, but only slightly.

Reaching between her legs, Annie grabbed my shaft and rocked her hips forward. As she did, I felt the head of my cock slide back and between her butt cheeks. Annie positioned the tip at the opening of her anus and started to rub it back and forth. With nothing but her own cum as lubrication, Annie started to push down, forcing her ass to open and allow my cock to slide inside her body. When I felt my head start to ease into her ass, I grabbed her hips and helped pull her down to my body. Annie gasped in that wonderful mix of pleasure and pain as she felt my entire length force it's way into her butt.

As we picked up the pace of our anal sex, I leaned further back onto the bed, pulling Annie back with me. I felt her spread her legs wide, raising them slightly, and then heard the camera start beeping. Annie continued to take pictures as I rammed my cock in and out of her ass.

As we fucked, I took Annie's free hand in mine and moved both toward her abdomen. With her hand under mine, I started to caress her pubic mound, working lower on her body with each moment. When our hands approached her pussy, I encouraged her to start fingering herself. It took very little encouragement, though, as Annie started working fingers into her cunt as soon as our hands went between her legs. I kept my hand with hers, and as she get more aroused, she turned things around by taking two of my fingers with hers and working all four into her hungry hole. As our fingers slid into Annie's cunt, the added pressure on my cock was more than I could take.

One final thrust into her ass was enough for me to climax, and I shot cum into my lover's body for the second time that morning. The warmth of my seed flowing into her ass combined with the tight feeling of fullness caused Annie to experience her own orgasm, and the muscle spasms helped her once again coax every drop of sperm from my shaft.

Annie collapsed into me as I continued to nuzzle her neck and caress her titties. She gently rocked her ass against my cock until it shrank and slid out of her butt with a wet pop. As she shifted in the bed and laid next to me, I leaned in and pulled her mouth to mine. Our tongues danced as we came together in a deep, passionate kiss. I pulled Annie's body tight into mine and held her as we ended our encounter with the tender kissing of new lovers.

"This could be dangerous," I said to Annie.

"Why is that? Nobody is here and I'm not going to do anything to ruin this," she replied.

"No, that's not what I mean. I mean that I loved every bit of this morning. And it's going to be torture until we can be together, again. It's scary that I loved it, so much."

"Well," said Annie, "I like that you loved it. I wanted you to love it." Almost giggling, she added, "If you love it, that will keep you coming back." Then, more seriously, she added, "And if you love it, then perhaps it will develop into something more."

Annie interrupted me as I started to reply saying, "I know, Tom. I know what our relationship is and what it represents. But I could very easily fall in love with you. But we won't wreck things by talk about that. You just say that you'll keep fucking me like you just did, and that will satisfy me."

"That, I can do. And the reason this was so dangerous is because I could see myself falling in love with you, too. I guess I've sort of been falling for you since the first time I realized who was playing games with me. And really falling for you since our first lunch together."

Annie practically jumped into my arms and started kissing me, again. After a few moments, she pulled away, smiling. "You just made me happier then I've been in a long time, Tom. Both from the sex and the pillow talk."

"Unfortunately, we have to get to work," she said. Then, grinning widely, she added, "So we should probably take this little affair into the shower. I'll probably need help getting cleaned up."

Annie climbed out of the bed, took my hand, and led me to the bathroom. We spent a long time showering, washing, exploring and playing, then got dressed for work. Annie wore an outfit we picked out together, making sure I was aware of the lack of panties and see-through nature of her bra. "So you know where to look when I visit your office, later," she said.

After we were dressed, we shared one last deep, passionate kiss. We didn't break apart until our hands started roaming and we realized we were likely to wind up back in bed, again, if we didn't leave right then. Holding hands, we left her house and then got into our own cars for the trip to the office.

Something told me that the day was going to be long, but exciting.

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That was really good made me see the entire affair very erotic


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Loved the story. I will read more of yours. A little wet and inspired by the games.


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Great story, hope to see another part to it.

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Great story could of used sex in the office though, but great overall.

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well the only comment I have is that u haven't finished a single story u have written ... it would be nice to have some kind of closure, now if u could do that i'd be a happy camper ! thanks . D

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