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During that Summer we continued to rehearse as a band often, nearly every day. There were times when we had very serious practices, and others when the girls and I just had sex and didn't touch an instrument. But we still took our music very serious. It was like the sex was the icing on the cake.

September came, and of course the early afternoon, weekday rehearsals ended when school started. Sometimes we played a little or fucked before Kathy's parents came home. Her parents were OK, but they were both yuppie attorneys and they weren't used to the noise anymore. Since they really didn't have to hear it all Summer, they forgot what it as like. Sometimes they got a little bitchy about it. Having less time with the house to ourselves during the day also put constraints on when we could fuck.

Deirdre's Mom had just bought a house nearby. They moved out of the small apartment they'd been living in above her Mom's hair salon. Her salon, The Hair Cavern had become quite succesful,and now she had some money. They moved into this cool, old Victorian that had this out building with electricity that would make an awesome rehearsal studio. She was cool with us using it. When Deirdre told us about this, we were all stoked.

Kath and Deirdre talked a lot about Candace Milano, Deirdre's Mom, how cool she was. I had not yet met her. Apparently she never married, and had Deirdre when she was still quite young, and was still only in her early thirties. She was very bohemian, not just a hair stylist, but an artist as well. She occasionally showed her paintings and sculptures in galleries downtown, and did poetry readings as well. Kath was a little jealous of the kind of relationship Dee had with her Mother. She said Dee's Mom was more like a cool big sister, who treated her and teenagers in general like adults.

On Saturday morning, we were all going over to Dee's house to set up the new practice room. Steve Kincaid, Kath's Dad, drove us over there in his truck with all the gear. It seemed like he was happy that we had another place to play. Dee's Mom had got us some soundproofing foam for the walls from a studio engineer friend of hers, which we put up. Once we set up, we each went outside to listen, and this stuff worked great. Shit we could practice here anytime we wanted. The out building even had an upstairs we could turn into a little lounge area. We wanted to go to Goodwill and find some cheap furniture for the room. It was the best punk rock kid clubhouse you could have !

We took a break and went in Dee's house to get some sodas. Her Mom had come home from the salon, and was sitting on the living room sofa with her slightly dirty bare feet propped up on the table. She looked like a slightly older version of Deirdre. She wore a pink tank top and black shorts which showed her tattoos. She had full sleeves as well as some artwork on her legs and chest. Her hair was dyed blue. It freaked me out just how hip she looked. She even had her nose, lip and eyebrow pierced. I had never seen a parent like this in my sheltered suburban life. I wondered if Kath's parents ever met her. They might be more than a little freaked by her too.

Dee introduced me to her Mom, who she called Candace. "Hey, great to finally meet you Rick. I've heard a lot about you. You can all me Candy if you want", she said smiling. She had a strong New York accent.

"You guys have been working hard all day, and I know you all like the new studio room, so I thought you might want to celebrate. Why don't we all hang out in here awhile. Wouldn't you all like some wine instead of that Mountain Dew ?" Wow, I thought, somebody's Mom offering 16 year olds alcohol ? How cool is this ?

"Dee, go out in the dining room and get that bottle of Merlot and some glasses for eveybody", she said.

Kathy went with Deirdre and helped her. They returned with the wine, along with four very ornate, chalace like glasses and a corkscrew. Candace opened the wine and began filling glasses for everyone. When everyone had a glass of wine, Candace raised her glass and said, "Cheers everybody, here's to the new studio room".

We all sat down in the living room. Kathy and I sat on a love seat to the right of where Deirdre sat next to her Mother on the sofa in front of the televsion. Candace said excitedly, "So hey, I thought we could all really celebrate with somethin' cool. I got this trashy, sci-fi, horror flick called The Alien Factor from Tom at the shop. Looks pretty cool if you all feel like watching it. And even better, I got some really killer weed from Jackie my assistant manager. I'm a little fucked up at the moment myself in case you didn't notice." She looked my way and giggled. I smiled back maybe a little nervously. This was too much, a tattooed and pierced Mom who first gives her teenage daughter and bandmates wine, and we're going to smoke pot with her too!!!

Candace Milano produced what looked like a shit load of marijuana from her black handbag. She pulled out a bowl and packed it with weed. She lit the pipe, took a big hit and passed it to Deirdre, who took an equally huge hit, then passed it over to me. It had been awhile since I smoked weed, since I moved last Winter. Kathy said, "Dee can I call my parents and tell them I'm spending the night, before I get too fucked up to talk to them ?"

"Of course", Deirdre said. "Man you know you're part of the fucking family, anytime". Candace nodded as well, still holding in a big hit. "Rick, you can hang as long as you want too, I'm sure you don't want your folks to know you got all fucked up over here and shit."

My folks went to visit my Mom's white trash cousins in Pennsylvania, about three hours away. They were spending the night and would not be home until late Sunday afternoon. I had no real worries, and could stay out all night.

I took not quite as big of a hit as Dee and her Mom, and slowly sipped my wine, trying to be cool and pace myself. I didn't want to puke and make an ass of myself in front of the girls and especially Dee's Mom. Kathy returned from the kitchen where she had talked to her Mom on the phone. "Everything's cool", she said. "Pajama party!" I handed her the bowl and she took a dainty little girl hit.

"Inhale that bitch!", Deirdre barked, laughing afterwards. "I think it's so fuckin' funny the way she smokes pot. It's so lady like".

Kathy was always so adorable, like a little goth punk version of Betty Boop. She was so hot, and I not only loved fucking and playing music with her, I was falling in love with her. We spent time together when Deirdre was not around, and I had fucked her one on one a few times. So I guess you could say we were almost a couple now, well sort of, I guess. But it was still like I had two girlfriends since all three of us were together quite a bit, and had three way sex very often. I just had never fucked Deirdre alone without Kath being there, though the two of them spent the night at one another's house often, sleeping together, and horny girls that they were, I'd imagined they pleasured one another. My parents would see me with the girls, and asked afterward, "Now which one are you dating ?" I'd always mainatin the attitude that we were in a band and it wasn't like that. I think on one hand they thought I was gay, and on the other, they secretly hoped I would fuck one of them, and "get straight".

This was good pot, one small hit and I could feel it. Deirdre was already looking red-eyed and stoned. "We're going to get some serious fuckin' munchies. I'll treat you guys to some delivery from that Indian joint down on Falls Road", Candace said, looking through some papers on the coffee table for a carryout menu from Indian Delight. "Shit, Dee, put this fuckin' movie in the VCR."

The movie started. It was enetertaining for about 15 minutes or so, mostly because we were pretty high . We laughed at the cheesey, low budget effects in this locally made film from about ten years ago. One scene actually had this pretty cool looking garage rock band miming to a pre-recorded track in a bar. But soon after, it got a little boring. Candace finally broke the silence.

"So Rick, the girls tell me you three all have a lot of fun together." Deirdre smiled while Kathy blushed a little. "I understand you have a pretty sweet cock too", she said, while grinning and then taking a drag from her cigarette. "Can I fill everyone's glasses ?" Candace poured more merlot for everyone. While filling my glass, a little higher than the girls glasses, she said, "I'd like to see what all the fuss is about".

I knew that Dee said she could talk to her Mom about anything, but did she really tell her that she and her best friend were having a threesome with me, not just a rock band ? Her Mom was cool with this too ? I didn't know how to take the last thing she said, especially because I was high, and had to think for a minute. "Does her Mom want me to pull my cock out ?"

After a short silence, Deirdre spoke up in a very buzzed voice, "Dude, why don't you show my Mom your package ?" I was shocked!

"I know how to get this party started", Dee said while walking towards the love seat where Kathy and I sat. "Stand up", she said. I
looked at Kath and nervously stood up. She undid my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling my pants down with a glazed, sexy, stoned look in her eyes, as she dropped to her knees. She pulled down my underwear revealing my dick which was slowly awakening.
She took my cock in her hand and rubbed it gently. My arousal increased.

"God he's a cute, young guy with a sweet dick", Candace said while watching her daughter masturbate me. She got up from the sofa
and walked over, knelt down and said to Deirdre in a husky voice,"Can Mom have a taste ?"

Dee moved aside while Candace took over caressing my dick in her hands. Dee and Kath watched with glazed, stoned eyes like they were watching a great master at work. I was really hard by now, and every sensation was magnified by the killer weed I had just smoked. Candace began licking the head of my cock. I saw something in her mouth. She actually had a pierced tongue, the first one I'd ever seen. She ran her tongue the length of the underside of my cock. The stud felt awesome against my dick. "Never had your dick sucked by a chick with one of these aye", Candace said with a stoned gleam in her eye.

Candace paused and pulled off the little pink tank top she was wearing, revealing more tattoos on her small, but pert breasts. She had pierced nipples and a belly ring with a chain. She was so exotic and sexy. She quickly went back to work sucking my cock, practically inhaling me down to my balls. This was the most intense blow job I've ever had. Dee and Kath sucked my dick before, but they were still learning. This woman was a Zen Master of giving head and they were in awe.

I saw Dee turn to Kath and they began tongue kissing each other, and feeling one another's breasts and ass. The combination of the weed and Dee's Mom's cock sucking mastery was making them both uncontrollably horney. I had never quite seen them make out this passionately.

Candace flicked the tip of her tongue around the head and underside of my dick and it was making me crazy. She paused again, standing up to remove her black shorts. She had no underwear on, and her pussy was shaved. In the place where her bush would normally be, she had a flame tattoo. She leaned over and put two fingers in my mouth which I sucked on, then put those fingers
between her legs, further lubricating what was likely, an already wet pussy. She got up on the love seat and squated over me. Dee saw what was happening and briefly broke her embrace with Kathy to hold my cock and guide it into her Mom's pussy.

My dick entered her wet pussy, and she rhythmically rode my shaft up and down. Her pussy felt so good, and her patchoulli scent was entoxicating. She tongue kissed me while squeezing my dick with the muscles of her cunt. She stopped and whispered in my ear, "I'd like you to fuck my pussy from behind".

We both stood up and she bent over the love seat. I entered her from behind and fucked her standing up. From the corner of my eye, I could see Deirdre eating Kathy's pussy right next to us on the floor. Both my bandmates were completely nude. Kath's legs were on Dee's shoulders and her cute little feet, with toenails painted black, dangled in the air as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum soon", I said. Waves of intense pleasure went through my loins.

Candy said, " I want to taste your cum". I pulled out and she turned around and stuffed my dick in her mouth, and began sucking away intensely. I felt my orgasm welling up, finally blowing a gigantic load down her throat. She didn't flinch and continued sucking.
Then she opened fer mouth revealing what was left of my huge load. She licked her lips, then said, "God Rick your cum is so yummy."

The girls were in a sixty-nine position on the floor with little Kathy on top. Candy and I slumped on the sofa, both now exhausted from a great fuck, watching the two teenage goth girls eat one another's pussies. Candace leaned over and said, "They are both going to need some dick soon, better get ready for another round man. Pussy is nice on occasion, but I didn't raise my daughter to be a total fucking dyke."

Dee stopped eating Kath momentarily and said jokingly, "Shut the fuck up Candace", and laughed.

Candace picked up the bowl off the table and offered it to me with a lighter. I lit up and took a big hit of dope, then passed it to her, picking up my glass for a sip of wine. The Alien Factor movie was still playing on the television. Candace started playing with my cock and I started getting hard again. It was like she was some kind of cockologist and could expertly arouse a guy in record time. When I was completely hard she announced, "OK little bitches, are you ready. I'll let you have him back for a little while, I guess".

It was like she was a master who just called a pack of wild dogs. As Candace walked to the kitchen, still nude, smoking a cigarette, Dee and Kath crawled obediantly to my feet. Kath planted little kisses on my dick, before placing it fully in her mouth, while Dee sat next to me, licking my ear and neck. This was an incredible sensation. Dee said, "Lets all go upstairs and get in my Mom's king sized bed".

The three of us climbed the stairs naked and headed for the master bedroom. The bed looked huge, probably the first king size I had ever seen. Candace's room was very cool, filled with her artwork, a Wiccan altar, and a nightstand with sex toys all over it. We all climbed in, and I layed in between the girls who caressed my body. Dee mounted me and started to ride my cock, while Kath placed her little pussy over my face. She moaned as I licked her clit. Dee rubbed her own clit while riding me. After a few minutes they switched positions. It was amazing how fluidly they moved in bed, orchestrating our lovemaking sessions without hardly speaking to one another. It was almost like they were telepathic.

Candace walked into the room naked, holding a new bottle of wine and a bag of weed. "Having fun in my big ole bed I see. Mind if I join in ?" No one spoke, but all were moaning in pleasure.

Candace put a CD in a boom box. It sounded like one of Brian Eno's ambient albums. I believe it was Ambient Number Four, On Land, then filled a bong hit for herself, inhaled, then climbed into the bed and sat to my left. She blew smoke into her daughter's mouth
and they held one another and kissed. Then she layed next to me and started licking my left nipple. She moved down my stomach, flicking her tongue in my belly button, then worked her way up Kathy's little body, who was still riding my cock. She sucked each of Kathy's puffy young nipples, and then they kissed.

Dee started cumming. After she had climaxed, Candy took her place. I licked her pussy, and noticed her pierced clit and labia. She moaned softly as I worked my tongue around her pussy. Dee walked over to the dresser, poured some wine and filled a bong hit, then shared both with her Mom who's pussy I continued to eat all the while.

My orgasm built, and I came inside Kath. After Kath rolled off of me, Candace got up and attended to Kath's pussy. After a few moments, Candy looked up and said, 'Rick, I can taste you inside her". She went back to work, and brought Kathy to
a screaming orgasm. Apparently this woman knew what to do with pussy as well as dick. Dee layed back and relaxed next to me on the bed.

We all layed in bed silently for some time, Eno still playing in the background. I began drifting off to sleep. It was now around dinner time. Candace suddenly sat up in bed and said, "Shit, we never did order that fuckin' Indian food, did we ? Damn I'm starved."
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