My wife Shyamala had a very close friend called Nikhila, but she never spoke about her. Having been married for four years, and on a holiday to Kerala, I got shyamala drunk on cheap alcohol and she explained why. Nikhila was diagnosed with the HIV virus...and all of her friends ostracised her. Her son Thilakdhari still lives with her, and they have a rewarding life I met her for a fleeting moment in 2008 and I was impressed. We still correpond by email.
Mommy and I lived in Vasai in Mumbai. She and I lived alone in a 4th floor, two bed roomed apartment. She won it in her settlement with daddy after they divorced. After seventeen years of marriage, mommy came home one day and found dad screwing one of his business partner’s wife, Gomati. Two months later, mommy and I came here. I was fifteen at the time, short black hair, five foot four, slim but athletic. No one in my old school had my stamina so it took a lot of skill to beat me in cricket or lawn tennis.

Mom had just turned thirty seven years old, but she looked more like an older sister. She had long black hair, brown eyes and a smooth, light brown skin. Her breasts were about 34 inches and her butt around 32 inches. She was my exact height and just as athletic and slim. After I was born, mom went back to doing her work out regime in order to replace her pregnancy bulge with a nice female version of a six pack. Needless to say, a lot of men noticed her and probably the same amount of women envied her as well. Especially when she wore her track outfit, it showed how her body was sweeter than that of any Bollywood supermodel.

Even though I knew how gorgeous my mom was, I never thought about her in a sexual way. The bodies of girls I lusted after were no way in the class that mom was in, but I still never fancied hers. Somehow, that changed. Mom was educated at the prestigious Thakur College and had a BCom degree; her certificate read Miss Nikhila Veeraswammy BCom first division. She could have gotten a good job real easy, but she decided to work in a fitness gym not too far from our home. Her excuse was that she didn’t have a gym at home, so she figured that as a bonus that she can work out in there for free.

Every evening after school I would come home and prepare dinner so that my mom, who almost always came home an hour later wouldn’t have to start dinner. The first time she came home after work was the first time I began to have feelings for her body. She was wearing her track suit pants and her sweater was tied around her waist.
Nothing unusual there, except she seemed to be soaking and her baby blue tank top was translucent. Because of this, her two aureoles and her nipples were visible underneath.

“Sorry for being so long, but would you believe that the gym has a broken shower?” Mom said as she wiped way her sweat and she didn’t notice me staring at her breasts. “Make sure they fix it, then. You shouldn’t even be working there, you know. You could have landed a management position easily with one of the banks here in Mumbai.” I reassured her. “I’ll be managing that place in no time.” She tousled my hair. “Besides, you know I love a good workout, Tilakdhari. God I need a shower.” Mom kissed me on the cheek and headed for the bathroom. “And after dinner, how about you giving me a little massage with that ayurvedic oil I brought from Kerala?”

“Ok mommy dear, my pleasure.” I replied. As she went to the bathroom, I was trying to hide my bulge behind the kitchen counter. It kept twitching in my pants after I saw her tits showing through the material.

After dinner, mom called me to her room for her massage. Even when dad was around, I still had to do her massages. Mommy was lying on the wooden floor, completely naked on her back facing me. I wondered why she was on the floor and not the bed, so I asked, “Mommy, why are you lying on the floor, why not the bed, like previous times?” To which she replied, “Synergy my boy, synergy!!! The man who sold me the ayurvedic oil said that I must lie on wood to get the full effect of the oil into my skin.” We then began to talk about our day while I massaged her legs and calves. Mom was completely naked except for a small brown Calvin Klein T-shirt above her breasts. This T-shirt was given to her by my classmate Bouhari Kalabari as a 37th birthday present. Bouhari was a Nigerian guy who was also studying electronic engineering at Dalmia College and whose father Al Haji Kalabari was Nigeria’s ambassador to India.

As I massaged behind her upper thigh, my hand went up a little and I touched her ass. It was smooth and firm, but so soft. Mom didn’t budge which meant that she was getting sleepy, like she always did. I continued to rub her back and her shoulders with the special oil. The texture of her skin was smooth like silk. For the first time ever I got a full fledged, seven inch hard on while massaging my mom. When I was done, mommy was fast asleep on the floor.

Just as I was about to go, my eyes fell to her breasts, which looked abnormally large, an optical illusion I thought to myself! Usually after she falls asleep, I’ll just pull her blanket on her, but something took a hold of me. My dick was as solid as oak now, I did not cover mommy today.
Knowing that she was out for a good while, I gently began to feel her ass, probing it deep with my oiled middle finger. Before showering, she must have used the toilet; I could not touch faecal matter in her intestines. I pulled my finger out and licked, the pheromones aroused me wildly. Her ass cheeks were really firm, but soft. I began to knead it softly as I ran the palm of my hands all over her butt. Her legs began to part open. Bending lower, I peered between her legs to see her bald pussy with her slit showing. My dick was really pounding but I wasn’t feeling right about what I was doing anymore, so I quietly left her room. I didn’t even wank off that night. I caught up on some electrical engineering assignment.

Two hours later, I decided to go to bed. When the movers were moving our stuff, apparently one of the boards of the frame of my bed got broken, so one of the movers and I tried my best to fix it with two boards and some screws. I laid down and began to think about my mom again and just how sexy she was looking tonight. Suddenly there was a crash and I found myself on the floor. Moments later, mom was in my room. “Tilakdhari, what happened? Are you alright?” She asked. “I’m ok, mom, but my stupid bed broke!” I replied.
“Awwwwwwww don’t sweat it, sweetie. We’ll fix it tomorrow.” She bent down and picked up my pillow, “You can bunk with me tonight, unless you want to sleep on that torture chamber of a couch in the sitting room?” The couch was really nothing short of a punishment. “I’m sleeping with you, mommy, thanks a million. I need the rest, I have an early lecture on control engineering from Mr Sengupta, I need to do well, and I want to beat Bouhari, as he has been getting the top marks all along.”

As I followed her to her room, I watched her as she walked. She was wearing the brown T-shirt which struggled to cover her juicy ass. The oil had soaked into her skin, but the cleanliness of her legs and ass cheeks showed that she recently had a cleansing oil massage.

All I was wearing was a T-shirt that was covering my pair of boxers, but the boxer was missing a button at the front of it. It was sort of my favourite one too, since my dick always popped out whenever I had a hard on.
“Mom, I just hope that your bed doesn’t crash too?” I asked.

“Tilakdhari, this is the same bed that you and I used to wrestle on when you were little. It’s made of oak, and if I wrestle you now, it still won’t break.” She boasted.
“Mom you couldn’t win me at wrestling this time around, and you know that.” I challenged her. “So you really think so huh?” she said, with a hint of laughter in her voice.
“Yes I do!!!” I confidently replied. Mom suddenly threw herself on me, in the dark, and held both my arms down over my head. She was sitting on my belly with her ass resting over my groin. I began to wriggle and raise my hips to topple her over. She was still oily, so she slipped away from me, giving me the advantage. I held one of her legs up behind her thigh and threw my weight on her belly, but her slippery leg was not easy to hold, causing my hand to grab her ass instead. Mom had no underwear on! She squealed with laughter and grabbed my ass instead “Whoa boy, you got a fine piece of ass there!”

I knew that there was no man in mommy’s life as she masturbated almost every day before showering. One day, she forgot to lock the bathroom door and she was so ecstatic, I could hear her screaming as she neared her orgasm. I quickly nipped in and took a picture of her squatting on the toilet seat while fingering her pussy…to this day, she has not realised what happened. The flash of the camera coincided with her climax, so she did not realise that her picture was taken!!

“Yeah keep talking.” I spun her around and grabbed both her hands and put them over her head. Her face was now into her pillow and she was laughing. My body was directly on top of hers, and my groin was resting over her ass. Her T-shirt had ridden up to her back, and mommy wasn’t wearing any underwear, so I was lying on her bare ass in the dark room.
“Looks like I win, huh mommy?” I boasted.
“Like hell you do! No one wins until the other is tired, or are you forgetting that?”
“Fine by me mom, I’m not going to get tired!” I have immense stamina.
“Oh I’ll get you to move all right.” Mom began to wiggle her butt, not too roughly, but less than gently. It was almost as if she was doing it in a sensual, enticing way. Was she trying to give me a stiff dick?
“Mom what are you trying to do?” I asked. My dick was already stiff and would have popped out any second.
“I know you’re a guy, Tilakdhari, and I can accept that you do get turned on by women, even if it is me, but trust me sweetie, I know that you know that you have a sexy mom, but can you accept that, and not get freaked out by the fact that you do get turned on by me? Oh dear, I can feel it poking me now!”
She was right, my dick was poking into her ass from within the boxers, and it wouldn’t be long until it popped out of and into the slit.
“Aw geez, mom, so you want to beat me by any means necessary
even if it means manipulating my body functions?” What a cheap ploy, I asked.
“And why not? I’m not grossed out by you. Do you know how many times you had an erection when I was bathing you and cleaning your penis? I even used to kiss it when you cried when your father wasn’t looking.” We bonded that way.
Hearing my mom said that made my prick twitch, which caused it to pop out of the opening and free itself. I jerked back in time so that it wouldn’t touch her ass crack, but I still maintained control of my position. I wasn’t going to lose on account of a dirty trick.
“Wait a sec, mom. You used to kiss my dick?” I asked.
By this time I was sure that she was desperate to win. “Honey a lot of moms does that, but they won’t tell their sons. Nor their husbands. There was this time when you had an upset tummy, and you were crying all the time. Your father wasn’t patient to let you go on, so I got up to your crib and gently sucked your penis until you fell asleep. But you were a baby then, so don’t get traumatic or anything.” Mom suddenly raised her ass to wriggle out but I instinctively drove my hips down to keep her anchored, but as I did this, my dick became wedged into her ass crack. Mom and I both gasped but we didn’t move. We both laid there for what seemed like minutes.

“I’m still not moving, kid.” She said. “When you were five years old, you used to crawl into bed with me when your father went out to work. You used to like sitting on my belly and play with my breasts. I remember how you used to knead them with your tiny fingers. Hell, you were better than your father. But there was this one time I wasn’t wearing panties and I fell asleep while you were doing it, and I must have turned over, because when I woke up you were hugging me from behind and you were pressing your penis into my ass crack. If you were longer than you were, you might have even have sex with my asshole.”
All the while she was talking I could feel the precum discharging from my dick and smear the creases of her butt crack, but I also felt my dick change its line up, from her asshole and in line with her pussy. “Wait a sec, mom, you used to let me do all of that, but you never whipped me?” “You were only a baby then, Tilakdhari. All of that was perfectly normal. Why do you think that we’re so close today?” “But I don’t remember any of those things, mom.” I shyly replied. “That’s because when you started school, we never had time to bond like that anymore. I really missed us having times like that, Tilak dear. I always thought of us having moments like that again, but I didn’t know what to expect from you, whether you would accept it or reject it. At least, until you played with my ass today.”

“Whooooooa, mommy, you were awake????” Was my surprised question.
“Uh huh. But don’t worry sweetie, I’m not mad at you, ok? In fact it felt wonderful when you caressed my ass; you weren’t abrasive, but caring and gentle. I almost expect you to kiss my pussy like you did when you were little.”

I gasped and my dick’s head fitted into her pussy lips. Mom let out a low, sexy moan which lasted for about seven seconds. “Yep, you did. I was asleep on the couch in nothing but a T- shirt and you came over to me. You lifted the shirt up and were playing with the hairs of my pussy. You used to call it the forest.”
She giggled and then continued “The next thing I knew was that your tongue was all the way into my love canal and I was cumming. But I just pushed you away before I did and finished up your job with my fingers.”
My dick was getting really heavy now, and the only reason why it didn’t go into her as yet was that her pussy was tight and my seven incher was thick. I just lay there on top of her, both of us sweating in the dark with my dick at her entrance, thinking about those glorious days that I didn’t even remember. Mom wasn’t even protesting about our position either.
“Mom, are we still wrestling?” I enquired. “Yes we are, Tilakdhari, why do you ask?”
“I think I want to do something before we finish our match.” I pleaded.
“What do you want to do, sweetie?” She was anxious to find out.

I eased out of her pussy lips and removed my hands from hers. My dick was feeling really sensitive, but I did not want to lose my load just yet. I was kneeling over my mom. I stretched out to put on the lamp. It was too bright so I dimmed it. Mom made herself upright on the bed too and faced me. “What do you want to do, babe?” She asked.

Without replying I put my arm around her waist and the other around her back and pulled her tightly but gently close to me. I could feel her warm breasts and her hard nipples warm my chest. She put both her arms around my neck and we both stayed in that embrace for what seemed like five minutes. I wanted to enjoy the warmth and the smell of my mother. I wanted to enjoy her warm touch and her body smothering me. The feeling of hers abs contracting and relaxing over mine only heightened the feeling in our loins.
“Oh gosh, Tilakdhari, I wanted us to be like this for so long. I missed being this close to you, but I want you to understand that this is not just sheer lust. We have a special bond. This is just how I want to show you how this mother loves her son. So please don’t think of what we are doing as something dirty.”
I began to stroke her hair. Mom smelt like the jasmine oils I was using to massage her. “Don’t worry, mom. What we are doing right now has nothing to do with lust. This is just something to do with you and me. But mom, I want to make love to you, not just your body, but I want to feel the closeness that we stopped sharing. I guess what I want is …..…”

She removed her face from my neck and turned to face me. She tilted her head and closed her eyes as I brought my lips to hers. We shared a light kiss and then we began to French kiss. My tongue went into her warm moist mouth and we began to tongue wrestle. She began to suck my tongue and then I sucked hers. I began to fondle her left breast as she resumed sucking my tongue. There was not a single bump on it except for her nipple. I broke our kiss and lowered my head to her breast. I gently flicked her nipple with my tongue and then took it into my mouth and began to suck it gently.
She arched her back and I held her body upright. We were both kneeling upright on the middle of her queen size bed. I sat down and pulled her on top of me, allowing her to sit on my lap and face me, also allowing my dick to rest inside of her ass crack. I held her again as we resumed our make out session. My dick was enjoying the warmth of being wedged into her ass. She was really wet down there too.
“I want you now, Tilakdhari.”
She lifted herself off me and in yoga – like manner and lay on the bed. Changing my position I laid on top of her with my dick resting over her vagina. My abs was directly on top of her abs. I began to kiss her neck and she began to knead my ass. While we were doing this both our abs were contracting and relaxing on each other, which really heightened our sensations in our groins.
“Come on, Tilak baby, now!”
But I was not ready to enter her vagina as yet. I wanted to tease the bitch, to ascertain if she still had feelings for the opposite sex. I lowered my body and my face to face her lovely vagina. Mom’s vagina resembled a slit.
It was bald, and because of the natural fair colour of her skin her pussy was red with all our activity. I flicked her pink clitoris with my tongue and then I began to kiss it.
Mommy opened her legs wider now to allow more entry to her. I started to lick the lips of her pussy to taste her lovely juices. “Inside of me!!!” She gasped “Damn it, Tilakdhari, insideeeeeeee!” I slowly inserted my tongue into her pussy. Even for my tongue, her pussy was tight, but the moistness of her pussy was helping. I began to eat her pussy and lick it all over, holding her ass while I was doing it. Her pussy was starting to contract more intensely than it was doing before so I knew that she was about to cum.
“Ok Tilakdhari, stop for a minute and come here.”
I stopped and removed my tongue from inside of her. She pulled me up to her face and kissed my lips and sucked my tongue to taste her juices. She pushed me to her side and then knelt beside my dick. She held my dick with one hand and began to lower her head to my tip. Gently she licked the tip of my dick and then along the lengths of my entire shaft. After licking it for about a minute, her lips then closed around my tip like a ring and licked it with her tongue. Mom then lowered her head taking my entire dick into her mouth and throat, giving me the most memorable blow jobs to date. She continued to raise and lower her head for a good while, with me trying to resist the urge to cum. She started to slow down because my dick was getting thicker in her mouth. Just when I was about to cum my mom removed her mouth from my dick. “Now Tilakdhari,” she said. Mom lowered herself on the bed and I lay on top of her with my dick resting between us. She lowered her hand and adjusted my dick so that it was resting at the entrance of her pussy. With little force I pushed the tip of my penis into her vagina. Slowly I began to push my dick deeper into her vagina. It was even tighter than I had imagined, but warm and moist inside.
I gave mom my tongue and she began to suck it. My entire penis slipped into her tight pussy. Mom moaned into my mouth and began to suck my tongue as if she was sucking my dick. I broke our kiss and began to pump my dick in and out of the canal where I came from. Mom held onto me and my head was buried in her neck. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I kept on pumping furiously. Her breasts were jiggling up and down and our abs felt like two washboards scrubbing each other. The walls of mom’s vagina was contracting and grabbing my entire dick as I kept on pumping it into her. Suddenly her contraction became more violent and mom began to buck her own hips, which caused me to pump even faster.
“Damn it I’m cumming Tilakdhari!” She said.
“Me too, maaaaa!!!!” I purred.
I was pumping my dick faster and faster until I felt the feeling of an orgasm welling inside of my dick as I emptied my cum deep inside my mother’s vagina. Mom stopped bucking after I emptied the last drops of cum into her.
We both lay like that for a while, trying to catch our breaths. My dick was still inside of her, and her legs were still wrapped around my waist.
“My god, mom, that was wonderful.”
“Finally, we consummated our bond.”
I lowered my head to my mother’s lips and began to kiss her. She broke the kiss and spoke. “Tilakdhari, I want you to fuck my ass.”
My eyes nearly popped out. “You sure about that, ma? I mean I’m sorta’ thick.”
“When you were little you tried to push your little dick into it, but you were too short. I want you to try it now, please, I have this urge in my stomach, please do it Baby!!!”
I pulled my dick out of her, but I was still not hard enough to do it.
Mom then told me to lay on all fours. I got into position and waited. Mom began to kiss my butt and then she began to lick my balls. I could feel my dick stirring. Mom’s tongue then moved from my balls and her tongue flicked my starfish. She began to tongue my asshole and lick around the rims of it. I was in heaven and my dick was hard. She kept on licking it for a while and then stopped. She got on all fours and spread her legs. I spread her ass cheeks open and placed my dick at the entrance of her asshole. I placed the head of my cock into it and then held her hips. Slowly I began to insert the rest of my dick into her.

She was tensing her body a little but her ass was relaxed. Her hole was tight but our sex fluids made the entry a lot easier. When my entire dick was inside of her, I wrapped my arms around her just below her breasts and slowly began to pump my shaft into her. Mom kept on bucking and her muscles kept on gripping my dick. She was moaning in pleasure and within minutes I ejaculated into her ass. We both collapsed and fell on the bed. My dick was still inside of her ass.

We remained quiet for about an hour, basking in our newfound love. Then mommy spoke. “Tilakdhari, us fucking like that has rekindled a latent spark in me.”
She continued, “Son I have a confession to make. Do you know the day Bouhari came to give me my birthday present, and I sent you to Parivaar Restaurant to buy sweets, telling you that they made the best sweets, well I was lying? I just wanted you out of the house so that he and I could have a long enjoyable fuck, that was why I sent you that far…and we did have a long fuck, the best of my life!!! Since that day, he has phoned me every day, some days, as many as five times. I think we are in love.” Those remarks hit me hard in my testicles, I felt like vomiting. I started breathing heavily, I felt like crying…..jealousy I think. Mommy continued, “His father, His Excellency Al Haji is being transferred to the Jakarta embassy and Bouhari will need to stay on in Mumbai to complete his degree. I’ve decided that he should come and live with us. I hope you do not mind. I think it will be beneficial to you, as you both can help each other with your studies.” Mommy was so convincing, I had no choice but to say “OK then.”……..although I did not mean it!!!

Mommy then went on and dropped an even greater bomb, she continued, “Son, our love for each other is so intense and profound, that we’ve decided to get married. I never knew that a Black man could be such a caring husband. The sex was out of this world, he is so well endowed…and his stamina is boundless. I’ve spoken to a Catholic priest, Father Xavier Britto in Ponda in Goa and he has agreed to marry us once we each produce a test certificate showing that we are both HIV free. What do you think?” I did not reply, thinking, how can a 37 year old woman marry a 17 year old boy?

Mommy realised that I was not happy. After about ten minutes she said, “For God sake Tilakdhari, say something!!!” I stammered and asked, “If you marry him, will we still be able to fuck, as we did tonight?” Mommy did not hesitate, and she replied instantly, “Of course son, you are special to me, we can fuck everyday is you want!!!!” I surmised that she was just trying to appease me. I knew that once she tasted Black meat, she will no longer want me. So I reluctantly continued, “OK then, tell father Britto to make arrangements for the wedding. Will you give me the honour of being the witness?” Mommy kissed my cock and said, “Of course son, thereafter, we can live like one happy family me you and the African. Thank you, thank you ever so much. This means a lot to me!!!” She did explain to her friend Tirupati, who was the bank manager at the State Bank of Travancore in Vasai that the length of the Black student rubbed her clitoris for its full 10 inches and gave her orgasms out of this world, something no Indian man was capable of doing!

His Excellency Ah Haji joined the Garuda Airways flight to Jakarta and took up his appointment as Nigeria’s ambassador to Indonesia. Bouhari moved into our house and took up residence in mommy’s room. They must have fucked every night. Every morning when I went to the bathroom to shower, I found condoms floating in the toilet pan.
Very often, they were three or four, they must have been “extra large” size, and I never saw such big sizes selling in India. One morning, one condom had streaks of blood and faeces, I then realised that Bouhari must have fucked mommy deep and hard in her ass that night. All day at college, Bouhari was in a world of his own. I guessed it was the sweet ass fucking that kept him day dreaming. When I came back from college, mommy came home after her gym classes, limping, this was further evidence of ass fucking the night before I concluded. I asked what the problem was, mommy said that she slipped on the pavement outside ICICI bank and sprained her ankle. I could only conclude that it was the rough ass fucking the night before, such a fit woman would not slip on the pavement!!

Bouhari ran out of “extra large” size condoms, so they started having unprotected sex. The condoms on sale in Mumbai were too small, and uncomfortable, for his oversized cock! Apparently they split every time they had rough sex. There were two indicators of their having unprotected sex, namely; I stopped seeing condoms floating in the toilet pan in the mornings, and mommy started using contraceptive pills.

The sex with mommy, led to Bouhari neglecting his studies. As a result, he started loosing his top spot in the class. For the first time, I was able to beat him that semester in control engineering.

Six months passed and mommy and Bouhari never got married. So I mustered enough courage to question mommy as to when we will go to Ponda and enjoy the Christian Catholic wedding. Mommy was sad, tears were gathering in her eyes. I kissed her cheeks and squeezed her towards me, placed my arms around her and grabbed her right breast.

She kissed my lips, then said in a trembling voice, “Tilakdhari son, please promise me that you will always love me, after what I’m about to say?” I felt happy, thinking that she will say that the proposed marriage to Bouhari is off. I replied, “Of course mommy dear.”
She then went on, “Bouhari and I went for an HIV test at Kiruna hospital, and we both have the virus.” I nearly collapsed. I could not speak. I squeezed her harder, hoping to reassure her of my unflinching love for her. She then continued, “As a result, we are unable to get married in Goa. That was the only place in India where a woman could legally marry a “minor”.” I said, “I’m terribly sorry to hear mommy.”
Then I reassured her, “But these days, the medicines available could mean that you can live many years healthily, they are called Anti Retro Virals, or ARV’s.” She said, “Yes, Dr. Malhotra, the consultant physician at Jaslok Hospital, has counselled me on the options available to us.” I then gave another advice I read about in an article in Times of India newspapers. I said, “Mommy, for the ARV’s to be effective, you have to avoid re-infection with the virus, if not, the virus will build up resistance to the medication.” She said that Dr. Malhotra did stress that. So I then exploded, “SO MOMMY WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT USING A CONDOM WHEN YOU HAVE SEX WITH BOUHARI???”

She wanted to ask how I knew. Before she could say anything I continued, “I do not see condoms floating in the toilet pan in the mornings anymore!!!” She guiltily went silent. My anger was boiling. I could not contain myself; I had to continue, “Is the sex with the Black boy so sweet and addictive that you must have unprotected sex with him?” She did not reply. I continued to erupt, “And I also know that you have anal sex regularly with him, I saw the evidence!!!” She was shocked as to how I had found out. I went on scolding her, “A Black man is only interested in fucking, once he sees a hole he wants to put his cock in it. You being an Indian woman are a prized catch for him. He will want to fuck every night of the week…and I know he is doing it. The animal instinct in him takes control of his brains, and his massive cock!!!” I could not believe that I was speaking to mommy with such language, but I felt good, and continued my tirade. “Are you such a whore that you must fuck the Nigger every night, is his cock that sweet, are you so addicted to the ass fucking???” She leaned over the dining table and cried.

I gave her an ultimatum, I said, “I want that motherfucker out of this house today!!” Pausing, I continued, “If any man fucks you, it will be I, from today onwards, we are going to live like husband and wife. We will only have protected sex, and you Nigger loving bitch, will buy, and use Anti Retro Viral medications, no matter what the cost!!!”

Bouhari never finished college, when mommy put him out, he left for Nigeria. I graduated with a pass mark of 79% and got a job with Reliance Petroleum as an instrumentation engineer. Mommy is drinking medications called Nevirapine, Stavudine and Zodivudine, twice daily. We still live like man and wife, having protected sex three times a week. Mommy now works in a less physical job at Bharat bank, selling financial products.

We tend to minimise penetrative sex, because of the risks involved. She will dress up tartily, and we will have sexual talks, when we become aroused, we will do mutual masturbation. She often gets her orgasms more than I do. I’ve developed a way of fucking her using cucumbers, telling her to imagine that it is a Black man’s cock entering her…she likes.

I’ve encouraged her to grow her toe nails long and to go to Nirmala’s Beauty Parlour for expensive pedicures, which I paid for. I often suck them while fingering her pussy as part of our sexual play always bringing her to orgasms. We will do sexual teasing when I’ll take my cock and push it against her ass and pussy, but never enter unprotected!

If I was extremely aroused, I’ll put a condom on and fuck the shit out of Nikhila Veeraswammy, something we both enjoyed.

I later discovered that there was something special about fucking a woman carrying the HIV virus. I found out that my erection was stronger and my cock felt bigger….both feelings boosted my self esteem. I explained my problem to Jaswinder, a Punjabi colleague at work. Jas suggested that I talked to a psychiatrist. I was too embarrassed to do that. Being a real friend, he arranged it. His uncle Dr. Karamjeet Singchanna was due to pay a visit the following month. Dr. Singchanna was a Harley Street specialist in London, and a lecturer at Imperial College’s medical school.

On the appointed day, I met Dr. Singchanna in Mumbai. He explained that the strong erection and the passion I encountered when fucking my HIV positive mother was feeling empathy for her. He said that I was feeling that I was the Black guy who infected her…so my brain was telling me that I was an African. Hence my feeling of better endowment and greater stamina.

Dr. Karamjeet also stressed another important point. He said that an HIV patient needed well being, as mush as ARV. He said that once an Indian woman tasted a Black man, she will die wanting to taste one again. This finding was based on work he did in Guyana, Trinidad and South Africa, among the Indian women there. The outcome was, he suggested that I brought black men home to caress and play sexually with mommy….but not have penetrative sex. He said that within three months, her outlook of life will change.

So my mission became one of finding Black men for mommy, who was prepared to do oral sex and sexual play with her, but not indulge in penetrative sex. I put an ad on with my requirements, and the results were overwhelming. Hundreds of black men in India wanted the opportunity. I got mommy to pose suggestively with her fingers in her pussy in order to get a profile picture. It worked a miracle. I did not realise that there were so many Black men in India dying for sex with an Indian woman. Many said that they never had sex since leaving their home country.

However, they all asked that I gave then pictures of the compromising positions they were going to be in with mommy…so that they can boast to their friend in their home country that they were fucking an Indian woman. I thought that was a small request for the benefits mommy was going to derive, and I complied. I was always present when the Black men were giving mommy her orgasms, she enjoyed tremendously from the way she screamed and spoke in her native Tamil language. The men were much disciplined, not a single one tried to take advantage of her and have penetrative sex. She always got her orgasms but only about half of the Black men ejaculated. Some needed alcohol as a stimulant, I had a supply of whiskey, brandy, vodka and gin in the fridge specifically for that purpose. According to Dr. Singchanna, well being was as important as ARV…so you can translate that to …the alcohol was as important as mommy’s ARV’s.

I’ll never get married; I get everything I need from mommy. In the unlikely event of my getting married….it will not be an arranged marriage like what mommy and daddy had!!!

Dr. Singchanna finally recommended that I go and have an HIV test done.


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2013-08-08 22:13:46
Eid mubarak guys. The month of Ramadan has been tough through abstinence. Please enjoy your sex now!!!

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2013-06-22 06:27:24

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2013-06-18 16:55:39
I'm 14 years old and african American I have brown brown skin i'm kinda chubby and looking for a daddy you have to be a older daddy and you have to african American and you have to have a 10 in cock text me at 724-841-5909

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2013-05-07 03:48:53
Poster below,

What a load of bollocks, I have no illusion that women across the world play away form home, I am a woman and I have spent some time in India.

My objection here is the poor quality and obvious plagiarism of your stories as well as your egotistical (look it up) self aggrandisement (look it up) in continually rating your own stories to big them up. It’s pathetic but no more than can be expected from an author of your calibre.

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2013-04-19 11:22:33
The last blogger is inured from life in India today. The husbands are migrant workers in the Arabian Gulf States....So the old adage holds...."when the cat's away...the mice will play"....INDIAN WOMEN ARE PLAYING FREELY, BE IT IN MUMBAI, GOA, KERALA OR CHENNAI

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