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This is the first in what I hope will be a series of WSTA Stories
The Babysitter

The definition of “A White Slut” is usually a dirty minded sluttish woman that engages in vulgar and unsavory sex acts with anyone, mostly for money The Baby Sitter in this story is predisposed and easily turns into a slutty little white whore with little encouragement! It is also important that young women with these tendencies are exposed to this type of sexual abuse early on. So that they then can be expertly trained in the White Slut Training Academy by black male instructors, so that they easily except a dominant black man as their master, and will do whatever he tells them when it comes to humiliating, degrading and abusive acts of sex! The training of white sluts should begin at a young age, especially if the girl shows obvious signs of sluttyness and sexual activity. This life style could be compromised if forceful training is attempted below the age of consent!

My girl Julie and soon to be wife, while in her senior year of high school did a lot of babysitting. Her parents had recently divorced and she being the eldest of six needed to help her mother with any kind of work in order to support their family. It also forced her mother to move into tract housing in one of the most depressed areas of the city, where they were one of only a few white family's. She did this baby sitting service for a number of young married couples . One of the couples she sat for were black, for her at the time this made little difference at first, as they were just another couple. Needing a babysitter. She told me this story about her babysitting adventures, with this black couple not long after we were married. I had always thought of my wife, as a pretty straight laced young woman prior to our marriage and did not know about many of these things, that happened to her and were going to happen! This particular incident was the third time she had babysat for this couple. They had a young daughter named Amanda who was a very cute and precocious young child around the age of four. It was no wonder this girl was very pretty as Mr & Mrs Dodson were a very hansom black couple, so it only made sense that their offspring would be just as attractive and adorable.

Rachel and James Dodson had their daughter when she was in her thirties and even now was a very young looking 38. They had tried early on in their marriage to have children, but were unsuccessful and seemed unable to conceive. Mandy however had come as a complete surprise! My girl would usually babysit for the Dodson's whenever they had some sort of black tie or social affair to attend. Mr Dodson was a high powered businessman and his wife Rachael usually would accompany him, as he was quite proud and eager to show her incredible beauty off at many of these affairs, but after Mandy was born she had become a stay at home mom. Now though, at almost four Mandy no longer needed her mother as much, and with a good baby sitter at hand, this had given her a reason to return to her social life and friends.

Mr Dodson was suppose to pick up my Julie to baby sit around four that afternoon, and in her haste to get ready after school, could not decide what to wear? Her breasts were still developing and were in between a 34 C and a 36 D! Her bottom and hips though even at just barely 18, were full and ripe! Mr Dodson is a very hansom man and the few times they have been together has treated her like a grown up, but has made little effort to conceal his obvious interest as each time he would really look her over. If you know what I mean she has sensed his interest and decided on this occasion not to wear a bra or panties. “This for my Julie is exactly how a True white Slut Would React”!

She has put on plain a white blouse and has intentionally left several of the buttons undone, along with this some black knee highs and tennies, but is barely able to get her school gym shorts on. The normally dark blue gym shorts she has chosen are from her junior year, and much smaller and tighter than she remembers. When Mr Dodson arrives she half halfheartedly grabs a school book to study. He has a beautiful new car, Mr Dodson is so hansom and charming that to be in his presence really leaves her giddy, him being a gentleman opens the door and helps her in. Once in, he notices she has not fastened her belts along with her open blouse as the unbuttoned gap is showing more of her beautiful young cleavage and bare breasts!

Julie's slutty little mind had give little thought to her seat belt, she stammers and fumbles with it as he offers to help. His firm black hand has casually brushed across the upper part of her bare thigh as he helps fasten the lap belt. His touch is subtle, and unintentional or was it? Did he actually squeeze her bare upper thigh she thinks? But its effect has already heightened her sensuality, and to her is electric! After she arrives to baby sit, Mrs Dodson invites her into their bedroom, s he is totally naked wearing only heels as she gets ready! Mandy their daughter is asleep in her bedroom from her afternoon nap and Julie sitting on the Dodson's bed is aw struck at the sight, and cannot help but notice that Rachel, Mrs Dodson is avery attractive mature woman. Her being wide eyed and speechless as this older black woman's ass and full thighs are incredible along with her pussy, is totally hairless leaving only her mature labia and clitoris prominently displayed! She is so beautiful her body responds sensuously as she moves around getting dressed and explains several things about Mandy's care. She looks exactly like the movie star Halle Berry perhaps even better looking. She is about 5'7" tall, her bottom like many black women is perfect not to mention her boobs they are full mature and are a perfectly proportioned set of 38”DDs with matching nipples that are as nice as they come.

My girl Julie so far is still in puberty and has had some interest in other girls, even experimenting with several of her girl friends. But seeing this sexually stimulating older woman walk around naked and then slip into her amazing burgundy cocktail dress and just knowing that she is not wearing any underwear has, without even realizing it given my girls genitals a rather shall we say an interesting feeling? Then in walks Mr Dodson, who gives his wife a very passionate kiss and squeezes her shapely ass cheeks as if the baby sitter does not exist. Basically this intimate display has almost given my girl an orgasm, as she fantasize that it is she, in his arms.”This vision is also the mark of a true Slut fantasizing about another woman's “man.” He, stands about 6' 3" tall with perfect hair and dark piercing eyes, OMG he is so handsome. Rachel says, James make the girl feel at home like she is part of our family. He leans over and hugs Julie but not like a father/daughter saying that he appreciates the care and concern she has shown for Mandy and, that their young daughter really likes her to baby sit, at the same his hands easily slide down and rests directly on her bottom. Leaving only the thin blue gym shorts between his hands and her bare bottom! Julie now knows this is no accident as she can feel his hands slightly squeezing her buttocks! My girl is no longer wondering if it is intentional as the feelings in her loins again start to perk up from his touch. She is after all a young hi school girl still in puberty and this attention has awakened all sorts of sexual feelings she has never had before?

Rachael has traded places with her husband and gives Julie a kiss on the cheek as she does her lips slowly brush across my girls! The hot breath and essence from this attractive older woman has produced even more mixed feelings. She can hardly stand it, and begins to wonder if this couple has any idea just how much they have effected my young sweet heart darling of a teenage babysitter. Rachael continues to run through the normal lists and numbers of “just in case”. My girl smiles and tells her to relax, not worry, and to have a good time. Not knowing that they have caused her to become so aroused. They finally leave and she starts supper for Mandy, she is still so randy, turned on, and trying her damnedest not to squirm so much in front of this small child. Before she knows it, 8:30 rolls around and for Mandy it is her bed time. She tucks the girl in and reads her several stories, shortly after the second one the girl has fallen fast asleep and is out of it. Julie then quietly closes the door and leaves.

My girl now with some relief walks into the living room, and can finally make some attempt to relieve herself from the earlier heighten sexual tension of being so horny. Julie like many young sluts to be, has propped herself up on the couch unbuttoned her blouse and wiggled out of her tight blue gym shorts, she starts to fantasize about the Dodson's and what it would be like to watch them having sex as she begins to masturbate, sliding one of her finger into a wet little pussy and without realizing it is making very unladylike noises. She catches herself and pulls a pillow over her face so as to not wake the young child. She slips another finger in and with her other hand begins tweaking the end of one of her nipples! She is feeling so good and is really getting into this as she fantasizes about Mr Dodson. In her “fantasy" she hears him say, hey you should let me help you with “that" She looks up to see him Smiling, his pants are already off and his big black cock is sticking straight out, and is very hard in anticipation. OMG! As her imagination again, “The true mark of a slut” envisions his enormous black cock! The thought of being with this older hansom black man is tantalizing and is forbidden fruit, this perverse though is almost to much to bare. In her fantasy my girl is helpless to resist with her blouse unbuttoned wearing only her knee highs and laying on the couch with her legs apart allows him, at least in fantasy to immediately slide himself down and into her wetness leaving her willing, and helpless with him easily on top of her!

OMG, He feels so good and she loves the fantasy of him in control, holding her breath she hears herself gasp as he easily penetrates her, enjoying every second. He starts going faster and faster as Julies soft little titties are crushed against his chest!. His hands are all over her body exploring every inch, and her mouth is buried on his neck biting and tasting different parts of him. She can feel his throbbing cock grow, and I knows it will only be moments until his black semen will shoot into her! She is moving her hips up to meet this sensual motion with half closed eyes as he explodes inside of the same time she orgasms. In her fantasy she is kissed deeply by him and thanks him for helping to relieve this pent up and very erotic feeling. She is smiling to herself as this spent and very erotic feeling, and image of him slowly fades. She has wiped her stimulated and wet little pussy and has slipped her blouse and blue gym shorts back on, and is trying to focus on some of the school work she had brought, but her thoughts and stimulated pussy is aching for more attention and she is still quite horny, But she knows the Dodson's will be home soon and does not dare try to masturbate again.

It was 12:30 when they arrive home, she back in the old days would usually charge about five dollars an hour for baby sitting so the amount paid should be, what like $45.00? Rachael reaches into her purse and pulls out among the twenty's three crisp new one hundred dollar bills, by mistake? Rachel noticed how big Julies eyes got “Another mark of a true slut, money” then she places her perfectly manicured hand on Julies shoulder and calmly said, "I have a question” Id like to ask ? But, I want you to know that its okay to say no! My girl still wide eyed from the sight of hundred dollar bills was quite intrigued and yet a little nervous as she innocently nods her head yes, saying sure its okay? Mrs Dodson kind of hesitant at first goes on to say that she and Mr Dodson find her, “my girl” extremely attractive and would like to know if she would be interested in spending some time with her, and her husband James!....and that she would be paid a lot of money for doing so!

Julie at first dumbfounded and doesn't know whether this comment is real, or exactly what she is asking, or is she still having a fantasy? After the question sinks in though, my girl wants this for sure, thinking about her earlier stimulating fantasy, but what if its some sort of a trap? Are they trying to figure out if their babysitter is some sort of sexual pervert or what? Julie asks Rachel again, as if not understanding the question you want me to what? As Rachel says We, want you to sleep with us and have sex!... The fantasy again flashes back and she can not help herself as she says without even thinking , "Yes"!.... Yes? Rachel then says with a smile, telling Julie to remove her blouse and gym shorts! She is still hesitant and says now,.. here? Rachel nods as Julie with trembling fingers unbuttons her blouse and removes it! Her beautiful young breasts that are still developing and need little in the way of a bra are sinfully exposed followed by working down the tight blue gym shorts over her hips, and steps out of them leaving her standing there in nothing but her knee highs. Rachael gives an approving smile, eying her still moist little cunt, and calls, "James, uhm Jim honey could you come here for a minute please " I have something I want to show you!...

When James, her husband walks in, he is at first in shock! And then realizes as he looks Julie up and down that she is quite comfortable standing in front of him in only her knee highs as she is indeed well on her way of becoming a true slut! Julie can see the bulge in his pants grow and her fantasy about him instantly returns! Rachael then goes on to tell her husband that my girl has agreed to their sinful arrangement ! He then asks who would she like to start with! Rachael does not waste time waiting for her answer, and takes Julie by the hand and quickly leads her into their bedroom before she has second thoughts, or can change her mind. There is no chance of this as my sweet heart is only thinking of sexual satisfaction “again the mark of a true slut”and is wondering just how and what this older woman wants her to do is in order to pleasure her?..

Mr Dodson, James isn't far behind. Rachael tells Julie to sit on their bed, she really loves being naked and told what to do, as she watches this older woman easily remove her attractive burgundy cocktail dress. My girl is again breath taken by the sight of her as she is now wearing nothing, only heels. This time there is no doubt about her intentions as she pushes Julie down on the bed crawls on and gives her a deep passionate and very long loving kiss as her beautiful full black breasts merge with Julies smaller pale ones.

The kissing continues as Julie lets out weak but very pleasurable moan as the softness of two female bodies meet. James has removed his pants and starts milking his gigantic meat, glancing at him from the bed it finally dawns on Julie just how big he is, and wonders if she will be able to take all of him as her fantasy is one thing, and reality quite another, but for a true slut to be, this is of only minor concern? Rachel has moved from a lingering kiss to my girls beautiful soft and almost virgin breasts, and savors the young tender nipples as she attempts to nibble and then suck on these hard sensitive and very stimulated little things. Julie is again squirming from this older woman's expert touch of her lips and tongue! Rachel then takes even more time moving lower,.. and ..lower stopping at her naval crater, then down a little farther and starts by just licking on the wet little lips and clit of Julies tasty sweet pussy! Rachel's tongue is moving rapidly, circling around her clit perfectly, my girl is trembling with incredible sensations and is first trying to pull away, but this older woman has now grabbed my girls ass cheeks and holds her tight not letting her move ! This is almost more than she can stand, is so close and can take little more as a shuddering and trembling orgasm helplessly releases itself from her young tortured and very shaken body!

At the peak of this pleasure Mr Dodson walks over and taps his wife on the shoulder, she reluctantly moves back, out of the way, Julie is so into it and turned on that she screams no! Is laying there on the bed with her legs apart and knees slightly bent and so perked she can hardly stand it! James is now on top of her they kiss.. and ..kiss for several long minutes his lips, are tightly against hers as this forceful passion almost takes her breath away their tongues dart around together and then his lips slowly trail down to the soft depression Julies neck, the fantasy instantly returns, but this is no fantasy! She can feel his cock against her almost virginal opening and wants to feel him deep inside her. Remembering only several weeks before when when I broke her virgin cherry what little there was left of it! She feels him first nibble and then bite her in this most sensitive place of her neck!. OMG it is maddening as he bites even harder! He then forcefully pushes in and down she is overcome with a mix of pain and pleasure, he then starts calling her names, telling her ''what a naughty little slut she is and an even bigger whore” this name calling somehow turns her on even more. His pounding of her has become quite rough as he holds her helplessly and is really humping her from full stroke to almost out of her opening! She like a true slut loves being held down and hard fucked like this, time seems to stand still!

He roughly grabs her hair with one hand and with the other grabs one of her full ass cheeks pulling his cock out for the moment as flips her over pulling her up onto her knees at the same and giving her perfectly round ass several really hard open handed smacks!... Then pushes his hard manliness deep into her again she is now at the perfect angle and his gigantic black cock can easily go to her depth this is an area of her vaginal tunnel that no cock head has ever been before and this new and wonderful feeling only increases her desire for more harsh sex with black men! His breathing starts to become heavy and she can tell hes going to cum, faster and harder he thrusts and grunts until he finally pulls out and sprays his sticky wet cum all over her back! Rachel has been watching and masturbating to this perverse session and lets out a trembling female noise of orgasm as she slowly removes her fingers from her pussy and licks them one by one offering them to Julie with a wicked smile on her face.

Julie lays there on the bed hardly able to move for several minutes barely smiling, she is trying to catch her breath, is in sexual bliss completely satisfied and with her heart still pounding wondering, just what they will have her do next? Mr Dodson tells her to get off the bed and down on her knees, put her hands behind her back and keep them there. He then says stick your tongue out, and to his wife Rachel, ladies first!... Julies formerly tight little white pussy is now gaping and as she gets on her knees more cum that she could ever imagine starts running down the inside of her thighs and ass cheeks along with even more that is dripping in thick gobs from her well dilated cunt! Rachel's pussy is also dripping from her earlier encounter with my girl along with the recent manipulation of her clitoris! She walks over to Julie still wearing her heels, bends down slightly and puts her bare shaven cunt up against my girls tongue! Rachel, has taken the folds of her mature labia lips and is holding them wide open, telling Julie to lick her clean! Julie has no experience or little idea of just what to do? But starts licking, remembering how good it felt when Rachel did the same to her. Her amateur clumsy attempt though unknowing is quite stimulating as her inexperienced tongue finds Rachel's swollen clit! The results are predictable as Rachel, Mrs Dodson has another orgasm and along with pleasurable lust has uncontrollably grabbed Julies head and has forced her juicy full and stimulated cunt into my girls face as this wonderful stimulating orgasmic experience peaks and then slowly fade's away holding her there as long as possible!

Julie for a moment can't breath and panics, bringing her hands up, trying to push Rachel away Mr Dodson anticipating that she might do this has taken his belt off and the minute her hands come up gives her a wicked welt on her bare bottom with his belt ! Julie lets out a surprised yelp as her hands quickly return to behind her back. James says loudly I told you to keep your hands behind your back and when I tell you, I mean it! Julie is now sucking and licking more intently than ever as Rachel firmly holds her face against her mature slit and rubs it up and down using this young white girl for her pleasure and trying to make this wonderful feeling last as long as possible. When the best of the best is finally over she steps aside. James her husband is next his big black cock is still hard slick and dripping. Julie again is not sure what to do but knows now to keep her hands behind her back. She is again in aw of this enormous piece of black meat, she had wondered if it would fit in her tight little white pussy and was surprised how easily it did! But now? Mr Dodson holding it down has whacked her in the face with it several times just to let her know how hard it still is. Residual cum from its earlier use is now dripping off the side of her face. He tells her to suck it dry and clean him up! It is all she can do to get the big black head in her mouth. She has never sucked a cock before and is about to start with this massive black one, as it will be her first!

She naive in some ways but like a true slut is eagerly anticipating this wonderful new experience as she sucks on the big black head, little does she realize that she is going to suck and clean up much more cum than she could ever Imagine!

Mr Dodson has had the most wonderful sex life with his wife Rachel, But having this beautiful young white 18 yr old girl on her knees naked, holding her hands obediently behind her back has brought out pent up desires that even he did not know existed. His wife Rachel is down on her knees next to Julie and has grabbed Julies head and is helping her husband face fuck this submissive and soon to be slutty little white whore! OMG James cannot believe that he still has such an overwhelming sexual desire left. As he too cannot resist, grabs her head and holds her as far down on his cock as he forcefully ejaculates again! Julie too cannot believe what is happening as she chokes and is having a hard time breathing his voice has told her to suck it all down, you slutty little whore! The more demanding he is with her the more it turns her on even though she is having a hard time breathing, but she likes his forcefulness!

He was encouraging her over and over suck you little sweetheart, oh that's goooood! I know you can do it, more oh that's better. Just as she is about to pass out he pulls back, as she tries to swallow and get some air, and at the same time is unable to do either very well! He then pulls out entirely and squirts a large amount of cum all over her face hair and bare white breasts, she is finally able to get some air, and then in order to stop this second shower of ejaculation she heroically tries to gorges his cock by deep throating him with her mouth and lips! There is still so much cum from his over stimulated cock and balls that quite a lot squirts down into her throat and the rest out around her lips, again choking her, she is still trying her best to swallow and suck much of this second load down. Julie now covered with cum and still sucking on his cock, has left him hardly able to stand, and even her immature attempt has so turned her on that she is aggressively trying to suck him inside out! It is now almost 2:00 AM in the morning, after both have recovered she is still obediently on her knees waiting to be told what next to do?... She is learning fast. Mr Dodson asks her, “Julie” do you know what a slut is?... I think you would be perfect for the New White Slut Training Academy that is just starting here locally. I am sure they would be happy to accept a sweet young white girl like you for training? Julie had no idea what he is talking about, but had just enjoyed some of the most incredible sex of her young life with this older black couple, and this experience was euphoric, much like a very stimulating drug that once consumed only makes that person want it even more, and she wanted more!...

Mr Dodson then said are you interested? She not knowing quite what to say and still trying to swallow the residual cum hesitantly says yes, he then said are you sure? If you are, I have one last thing I would like to try when I take you home, and if you do it well I will recommend you to the academy and pay your tuition. A school, kind of like a private girls college she innocently asks? He says yes, and they have the best sex education classes you could ever imagine. All taught by black men! She then said with out thinking as desire has easily over come caution. Saying sure, I would like that, it sounds like a lot of fun. Mr Dodson then gets dressed and has produced a collar and leash! He fastens it tightly around Julies neck snaps on the leash and tells her to remove her knee high's. She loves having this fully dressed hansom black man order her around when she is totally naked! He says down,... on all fours you are now a slutty little submissive bitch as he pulls hard on her leash and says follow me! OMG Julie wonders as he briskly tugs on her leash she has no choice but to scramble quickly along on all fours, as they go out the bed room and through the family room to the side door that leads to the drive way?....

OMG She thinks to herself he is going to take me outside naked! What if someone sees me? What will happen, what will they do?... There is little to worry about at his time in the morning. He opens the sliding door still pulling as she hesitates and tries to keep from being drug outside! It matters little, and she has little choice as he continues to half drag her outside. You said you would do this, ... she now outside realizes that there is nothing she can do to stop what ever it is he has planned for her! Julie is out on the side deck naked on a leash and has no idea what will happen next. The suddenness of this as to how bazaar and kinky it is, has for the moment tempered her concern and perked her sense of adventure. He, Mr Dodson has opened the trunk of his new car and tells Julie to get in. She hesitates not wanting to, ... and is still wondering if anyone is watching? He first gives her a quick stinging slap across the face and several more even harder ones on her bare bottom this encourages her to quickly climb in. Rachel is now standing next to her husband with Julies blue Gym shorts white blouse and knee highs wadded up in one hand and three hundred and forty five dollars in the other and sweetly says I will keep the money all of your things, and you can pick them up next time you babysit!..

Oh!... Julie thinks to herself no clothes! What is she going to do? As the trunk closes it is dark inside, and at first nothing happens she hears voices but can't make out what is said and then the car starts, backs out of the drive way and drives off down the street. Her kinky little mind is racing as she realizes and then wonders just how she is going to get back into her house early in the morning wearing nothing? In what seems like a longer drive than usual time stands still... finally the car makes several turns slows down and stops. Again nothing happens for several minutes, the trunk finally opens and Mr Dodson reaches in and pulls her out. It is then that she realizes they are at the local park not far from where she lives. The dim light in the parking lot gives off an eerie shadow of her naked body as he pulls her hands behind her back and duct tapes them. He then leads her off down the side walk towards the park restrooms. It is dark but Julie soon realizes that he is taking her into the men's rest room! There is a dim yellow light that outlines the stools and several urinals. Mr Dodson leads her past all of them, and down at the end is some conduit high up on the wall. He then takes Julies leash and tells her to stand up on her toes and when she does he wraps the leash around the pipe several times pulling it up tight leaving her helplessly naked standing on her toes facing the walls with her wrists taped behind her back! Then he unfolds a paper bag tears it slightly and slips it over Julies head and down past the leash!... OMG she is naked bound and helpless in the men's room and cannot see anything?.....
Mr Dodson then says in a fatherly way, and with some real concern in his voice have fun Julie! I know you are a resourceful young girl and will figure a way to get loose, its only a few blocks from your house. She then hears the car start up and drive off. OMG she thinks he is just going to leave me here! Every thing is now very quiet, when she tries to relax and can no longer stand on her toes the collar and leash starts to choke her and this quickly forces her back up on her toes, this predicament is madding as she is up and then down. She hears a noise? No!,...its nothing!... What can it be?....She is up on her toes with her heart pounding and says in a shallow breathless whisper who, that.... who's there? ... still nothing...

There is no answer, but she still holding her breath can sense that someone is there..... a rough forceful hand finally squeezes one of her bare buttocks quite sadistically, and another starts to pinch one of the nipples on her soft little boobies! Julie is scared and yelps out in shock and pain!, but at the same time her genitals are becoming more and more excited and starting to easily crave attention, she is again reacting exactly like a true helpless slut. Concern for her fate is quickly replaced by cravings of sexual mistreatment! She can feel some of the cum from her earlier intercourse with Mr Dodson starting to drip out of her sweet pink little pussy as it starts to react and impulsively constrict with the possibility of more sexually stimulating attention! She quickly realizes that there is more than one person that is aggressively fondling her!... Apparently these are homeless men that have made a temporary camp in one of the more secluded areas of this big park. The squeezing of Julies bottom has become more aggressive, and then changes to an open handed spanking that become more and more abusive! Julie is now in tears and is weeping uncontrollably and begging who ever it is to stop! This pleading and crying has only made the man spanking her even more incensed as his sadistic rhythm has increased to where she is hanging from the leash choking and pushing her naked body tightly against the wall in order to gain some relief! Her pulling on the leash has finally made it come undone as she slumps to the floor. She can feel the tape on her hands being cut loose and this allows her to push herself up on all fours. Some one has grabbed the leash and with the bag still over her head she is forcefully pulled out of the restroom. The cool night air is soothing, especially on her stinging bare bottom as it caresses the abuse to depths of her feminine sexuality. The cravings she had earlier have returned with a bottom burning vengeance for attention!

She is led along the sidewalk and off across the grass quite some distance and feels the bushes brush against her nakedness several times as she is led along. She can hear talking , she is pulled harder until she is in the center of these homeless men's camp! There are five men all black they are setting around a small camp fire drinking. The talking has stopped as the three other men finally realize the gift they have been given. All of these men are wretched and unwashed, none has been in the company of a women for quite some time especially a young naked white girl! Cocks that have not been hard in years are instantly alive and becoming harder by the minute as to the possibilities of sex with this naked helpless young woman. Julie still has no idea who or how many are about to sadistically rape her! Hands are all over her exploring her virgin like young body pinching her nipples probing and squeezing her very sore bottom. Strong hands are now holding her tight as she feels the first of five hard cocks eagerly enter her, the savage thrusting is animal like and she is after all on her knees being held down like an animal ! The first is violent and takes little time as he quickly blows his pent up cum load and the slumps on her back for a moment savoring the pleasurable release and her naked young body against him.......he finally rolls off out of the way. Julie pleads for them not to hurt her, knowing full well that she can do little to stop them. This pleading means nothing and is followed by the next oversexed an unfulfilled man as another big black and very hard cock easily penetrates her cunt hole and rams her with uncontrolled fury! She is being held down and with the bag over her head cannot see who or what is next as one after the other continues to pound and hard fuck her!

The pleasure of helpless sex at first is wonderful and for a young girl she is easily able to take these hard horny men. She is naked and helpless in the park at 3:30 in the morning, the thought is perversely stimulating as they do her over and over until they have satisfied themselves more than several times! When they are all spent they finally realize that they have to get rid of her and in there haste have picked her up and are carrying her across the park to the back yard of the houses that adjoin it, and then have unceremoniously dumped her into one of the neighbors back yard!
As they drop her the paper bag is ripped off as she hits the ground, the wind is knocked out of her, she lays there for a moment until she hears dogs barking and then realizes she is in the neighbors yard that has several big mean dogs! She is scared, quickly gets up and starts running for the gate towards the front of the yard! The dogs have come alive and are starting to chase her, just when she thinks she might reach the gate and safety she trips over something hard and is slammed down face first on the lawn, it is only a matter of moments until the growling and snarling dogs are on her! She feels their hot breath and sharp teeth nipping at her inner thighs, buttocks and in terrified trembling with fright thinking their sharp teeth will bite into her swollen clitoris! as she passes out for a moment knowing that she and her bare genitals are going to be viciously bitten!...... To be just kidding!

Moments later she comes to with the most euphoric pleasurable feeling and quickly realizes that the dogs have found her female sexuality, and are happily taking turns licking her cum filled and well used gaping cunt hole and swollen clit! The results of which are bringing her quickly to a most enjoyable and helpless orgasm. The lights come on in the house, pleasure is quickly replaced with panic and the thought of being caught in her neighbors yard naked at 4:00 in the morning! She quickly jumps up and just barely gets through the gate, across the street into her own yard! She quickly gos around to the side of her house where her bedroom window is, thank god she had left it unlocked as she quietly pushes it open and climbs in with her heart still pounding!... Oh My Goodness what a night she has had, she is still covered with half dried cum, scraped and bruised, her bottom is still burning. She can feel her vaginal opening starting to contract and forcing the latest load of cum out of her as she finally gets under the covers trembling!...falling quickly asleep.

Thank goodness the following day there is no school and when she finally wakes up early that afternoon. Her mother asks you must have gotten in late, as I never heard you come home? But the neighbors had some sort of commotion early this morning, I wonder what that was? Their dogs were really barking and carrying on, I am glad you got home okay as I worry about you in this neighborhood coming home so late at night? So how did your baby sitting go?, And aren't the Dodson's wonderful people to sit for? Julie said mom , you cannot believe how nice the treated me.. and I can't wait to babysit for them again! The next time she walked by the neighbors house that had the mean dogs they did not growl at all, as they had in the past, and she was even tempted to push her little muff up against the chain link fence just to see what might happen! This thought is again the mark of a true white slut!....... Who's future enrollment in the Academy was assured!

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2011-11-27 21:13:49
Hey Boy...Yeah You White Boy !...Are You Sure That Shes Your Girl ?
I Think Your Full Of Shit, I Believe She Belongs To Those Black Hunks !

i am a black cock whore/lover however no black men wanted to claim me as theirs now i have a white master that will let them fuck me if he wishes it the black men didn't want me they wanted to pimp me when i was whoring

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2014-12-29 21:20:07
I enjoyed this story hope see things work for our slut in training


2013-08-21 01:05:09
Excellent, sexy first entry of this series. The Dodsons are a lovely black couple, seductive and charming, while the Julie is young and vibrant. She's a top candidate for inclusion in the WSTA. Fun for all!

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2013-02-27 09:42:36
Fascinating. Ever since watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos I've watend to take a 3D VR tour of the universe, choosing which direction to take on a whim. With these simulations, one day you'll hopefully be able to choose which timeframe on a whim also. Or just let it all unfold before your eyes.

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2011-12-01 23:22:44
i liked this story, Need more chapters and to be very lengthy, as well

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