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This happen when i was about thirteen
This is a true story, i used different names to protect me and my mom's (r.i.p) name.
Part 1
I was thirteen years old when this all started. I remember one night when my mom was drunk i was laying in my bed which was in the living room at the time. I got woke up by her Saying " Jeff scoot over let me in bed'' so natural i scooted over and said ''fine is that enough room for you''. she go in bed and at the time i didnt relize shewas naked until she got in bed and i wrapped my arm around her. She grab my hand and put it on her tit i was nervous so i pretended like i was asleep. Out of no where she startd playing with her own tit with my hand. i built up courage and started to play with it and shemoved her hand away from her tit.
I braced myself up and whispered in her ear ''mom are you sure about this'' she grabbed my head an told me she was sure. i started to kiss her when she started to reach down to grab my dick. She relize i still had my pants on and she told me to undo them. I was so into it i said ''ok mommy anything for you''. i undid my pants and she reached in and grabbed ahold of it and said ''damn son you are big for your age''. I then laid back down and she grabbed my hand with her other hand and started to move it to her pussy.

SHe spread her legs slightly so i could rub her clit she started to stroke me faster and faster. i rubbed her clit and she old me what to do to get her off so i listen to her. Her friend was asleep on the floor and she told me to wake her up so she could join and i said no cuz i was scared. she continue to stroke my dick and i tried to slide it in her but she told me not yet son. She told me to keep rubbin she was going to relax. Once she moved her hand away from my dick i tried to stick it in her and she relax enough for me to slide it back and fourth between her pussy lips. Just as i was about to enter her our friend's daughter woke up and wanted to sleep in the living room so we had to stop what we was doing for the night. Once everyone was asleep i stuck it between her ass cheeks and went to sleep.

Part 2
On another day again she was drunk and i was in her room when she came in and told me to scoot over. earlier tht night she told me to sleep with my clothes off which i forgot to do. when she got into bed i started it this time knowing a little bit what to do. I started rubbing her tits and kissing er back which she loved. i leaned over her and started to suck her nipples. by the way her door was open. I looked up and said ''should i shut the door just in case someone wakes up'' she said ''yes'' while i was up i took off my clothes and told her to spread her legs that i wanted some pussy.

To be continue. I know my story wasnt that long or that good but it was my first story leave comments if you want to know the rest of my story lol.

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keep writing take your time with your spelling

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The writer needs to do a lot more research. Pathetic

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Stop writing, stop writing, stop writing!!!

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