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“Come inside Anne,” called Anne’s mother. Anne turned to me and said “I’ll see you tomorrow Zach” as she left to go inside. Anne was my neighbor. We grew up together and knew each other since we were five years old. Anne was a beautiful girl. She was a natural beauty. A cute innocent face, Straight hair with blonde streaks, beautiful blue eyes, and red lips, a nice body, and big ass breasts were the features of Anne. However, the most important feature in Anne that I was hungry for was her round, heart shaped, bangable ass. Any guy’s dream come true. It’s a no brainer that Anne had that ass, because Anne’s mother, who was in her late forties, had one of the sweetest asses that I’ve ever seen in a woman with her age. Even with the age of hers, she still could make any guy’s cock rip a hole in their pants.
Now Anne was a year younger than me with me being sixteen. I had a crush on Anne since the age of eight. And now at the age of 16, when I’m killing my girlfriend in bed, I still had the image of Anne’s bubble ass in my mind. It wasn’t fair that my girlfriend had to take the punishment, which I endured for Anne. But, I didn’t think that she minded. Even though I had a crush for Anne since a young age, I never had the guts to ask or take her out. This was partly because of the fact that Anne’s brother, Junior was my best friend. Junior and I were the same age and I never mentioned anything about the feelings that I held deep inside me for Anne to Junior.
Occasionally, I would go to Junior’s house to chill with him and just hang out. However, the main reason for me wanting to go to Junior’s house was to catch a glimpse of Anne and her tight ass. Anne’s mom loved me and respected me ever since an early age. I also had respect for her, or at least showed respect for her on the outside. However, deep in me, I had fantasies about her as well. It would be a dream come true for me to have a threesome with Anne and her mom. However, I didn’t fantasize about Anne’s mom as much as I did about Anne. I was free with Anne and this was the main reason Junior didn’t have any suspicions about me loving Anne. Not that junior minded, or I was pussy of junior, but he was one of my best friends and I had respect for him. With every chance I’d get, I’d try to play around with Anne. I’d joke around with her, tapping her ass and grabbing her titties. She didn’t mind me playing around with her, which was the main reason I kept feeling up on her with ever chance that I got.
Being neighbors, my house was right next to Anne’s. My parents’ window faced Anne’s bedroom window. Every day I would go to my mom’s room and stare out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of Anne. What I saw staring out my mom’s window only made me hungrier about wanting Anne. I would stare at Anne self squeezing her breasts and fingering herself. The image of Anne in her panties made my pecker swell and wanted to be pet. Now my mom would get suspicious of me going into her room and staring out the window. However she didn’t know that Anne’s room stood right outside theirs. I could care less what my mom thought of me, even if she knew exactly what I was doing. It only mattered to me that Anne didn’t notice me, which she didn’t except for one day. While I was staring at Anne’s window, it seemed to me that Anne was entering her room after what looked like she had taken a shower or bath. Anne was completely naked and all parts of her body were exposed. Her nipples stood out, teasing me to come suck on them for pleasure. Her pussy looked to be somewhat shaved. Her sweet ass was staring at me in my face. I could imagine licking her asshole, taking in her smell, and sticking my 7 inch pecker in it to pound away. The sight of her naked made my mouth water and I couldn’t help it. I stood up and at that instance Anne saw me, or at least I though t she saw me, for the next move she made was to come up to the window and close the blinds. I hid as quickly as I could.
The thought of Anne’s body exposed troubled me all day and night. During dinner, I couldn’t eat. My mom asked me what was wrong. “Nothing that you could help me with” I replied. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was tensioned by the exposure of Anne and at the fact that she might have seen me. I got a boner as I thought about Anne and fantasized all night about her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I needed to have sex. This wasn’t really a problem for me. I had a pretty girlfriend named Christina. She was very popular and every boy in school wanted to go out with her. Although she was pretty, her figure couldn’t come anywhere close to where Anne’s was. I loved Christina as well. She provided relief for my cock any time I wanted. We would fuck whenever I wanted to. She loved me and I loved her back. However, I had a crush on Anne since a young age and I really wanted to be with Anne. Christina didn’t know about Anne. I didn’t tell her about Anne because I knew it would hurt her deep inside. I tried my best to fall asleep. But the thought of Anne made it difficult for sleep to come.
The next day at school I couldn’t concentrate. I saw that Christina was staring at me the whole time. As soon as class was over, she came by. “What’s wrong Zach?” she asked. I didn’t want to tell her the truth. I told her I as up thinking of her the whole night and didn’t get any sleep. She asked me if I was able to hang out after school. I really needed her pussy so I said of course. After school I asked Christina if she wanted to come to my house and chill. She agreed as she always does. So we went to my place. I tried to be careful so that Anne doesn’t see us. Now I didn’t have to seduce Christina to have sex with me. She loved me more than I loved her. As soon as we got to my home we headed to my room. I pulled Christina close to me and wrapped my hands around her ass. She reached down to my pants and started to massage my dick from the outside. I started rubbing her ass as we made out. She opened my zipper and now started stroking my penis inside my pants. I opened her belt and slid her out of her tight ass jeans. She was wearing a black thong. I reached up her to grab her breasts. She opened my belt and stripped me off my pants. I took off her top and unhooked her bra to reveal her huge ass titties. I licked them while I reached down her ass crack to finger her. I could tell she enjoyed the warmth of my breath against her nipples as I kept on licking them. She now bent down on her knees. She looked up at me funny as she played with my penis. I took off my shirt while she put her mouth on my penis to suck it. Cristina was the best at sucking dicks. I loved the way she sucked my dick. I never had a girl suck my dick like the way Christina did. She kept on sucking and got me rock hard. I was watching her suck my dick as the thought of Anne came to me. I imagined Anne giving me a blowjob in place of Christina. Christina got up and threw me on top of the bed. She got on top of me and started riding me. I asked her if she wanted me to use protection. She said “worry about now today and tomorrow tomorrow”. I guessed this meant no. I shouldn’t have asked at the first place. Of all the time we fucked together, we never used any protection. I asked all the time just to make sure though.
AS Christina rode on top of me I watched her. She was smirking and moaning a little. The thought of Anne came to me once again. I tried not to think of her but it was hard no to. I asked Christina to get up and pushed her on the bed. She was on the bed and I took off her black thong. I sucked her pussy and fingered her. Then I got on top of her and hammered away. Her pussy was warm and she moaned harder as my cold cock found its way inside her. I could tell she enjoyed me in her from the looks she gave me. She wrapped her hands around me and moaned. I took out my penis and pulled her up. She wanted to suck my dick and I didn’t hesitate and let her. I pulled her up by her asscheeks and told her to sit on my dick as I lay on the bed. She gave me a sexy smile and said sure. She placed her hand on my penis to stroke it. Then she gently pulled it straight as she slowly sat on it. I loved fucking her ass hole. Christina had one of the biggest ass compared to the girls in our schools. As we would walk everyone would stare at it. Even older guys would try to get a glimpse of her ass when we would walk in the streets. So it was a no brainer that I wanted to fuck Christina in her asshole. I loved the feeling as she stood up and sat back on top of my dick. Occasionally I would pull her on top of me to kiss her and feel her breasts. I rubbed her smooth asscheeks as I glared at her. Finally she stopped. She moved on top of me with my penis deep in her asshole. She reached my lips and kissed me. “I live you Zach” she told me. I felt bad at that instance as I put my arms around her to pull her even closer to me. “I love you too” I told her. I felt like crying but controlled my emotions. I pulled her off my dick and she lay flat on her back on top of my bed. I stopped kissing her as I slowly licked her neck, chest and breast all the way down to her pussy. I placed a kiss on it as she moaned and smiled. I licked her beautiful pink pussy for a good 2 minutes. Then I placed her legs on top of my shoulders as I pulled her to the edge of my bed. Then I took my hard penis and inserted it once again in her front hole. She moaned as I fucked her for a long time. It felt like my penis was going to explode as I got ready to cumm. I started beating on her pussy faster and faster. I couldn’t take it anymore as I busted deep in her pussy as she moaned. I took out my penis from inside her and placed it in her mouth as she started licking and sucking to take out rest of the sperm that resided in my balls. When she was finished I lay on top of her and told her how much I loved her. She looked up at the clock on my wall to tell me that she should be going now. I helped her back in her clothes as I kept feeling on her ass. She also massaged my dick once more and then stood up to leave. I thanked her for the wonderful time that I had which provided me relief from thinking about Anne. She told me how wonderful I was and said “I’ll be seeing you in school tomorrow.” She left and I went to the bathroom to shower.
I hadn’t seen Anne for a couple of days. I grew worried. I called Junior and asked him about Anne’s whereabouts. Once again he didn’t mind and told me that she was away at her aunt’s house. I asked him when she’d return and he told me she would return any moment because his mom went to pick her up. I was relieved. I kept fantasizing about Anne and got little or no sleep at night thinking about her all night.
Now it was a couple of days away from Anne’s birthday. I was thinking about getting something really nice for her. But after thinking for a long time I couldn’t figure out what I should get her. I then decided to get her a rose bouquet. I hadn’t talked to Anne since the incident when she saw me or at least I think she saw me peeping through her window. She called me on my cell phone to leave a message inviting me to her birthday party. I was sure that she’d invite me as she did just that.
Now the day came, it was Anne’s birthday. I got dressed and took the bouquet of roses and headed to Anne’s house. I had decided that today would be the day I would come out clean and tell Anne about the feelings I had inside me for her. I went to the party and was enjoying myself. Anne would occasionally look up at me and give me a funny look. I started wondering if she gave me these looks because she had noticed me peeping through her window. When the party was over and everyone left, junior went to his room and so did Anne’s parents. Just as I was ready to leave, Anne grabbed my hand and asked me to follow her. I followed her into her room. I didn’t know what to say and thought that she had taken me to her room to ask me about the other day’s incident. So I started to tell her and as I said “sorry” Anne got up and hugged me. “No don’t be sorry” she told me. I told her about me having a crush on her since I was eight and she broke into tears. “You should have told me and asked me out. I had a crush on you for a long time as well” she told me. I couldn’t believe my ears as I grabbed Anne and put her against the wall in her room to start kissing her. She pulled out of my kiss and said “I’ve been waiting for u to ask me out for the longest. You are the only person I dream about. I haven’t had sex wanting you to fuck me even though I was offered many times. But you are the one person I loved and if anyone was going to reap me of my innocence it’s going to be you Zach.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and almost broke into tears. I placed my hands underneath the dress Anne was wearing to rub her ass. My mouth went dry and became wet once again as Anne kissed me. I kept on rubbing and feeling her ass and my cock got painfully hard thinking about what I was going o do to her ass. I’ve been waiting for this day since I was eight. I pulled her up by her asscheeks with her still kissing me and placed her on her bed. I knew that Anne was a virgin so I didn’t expect her to know what to do. So I lead her. I took off my shirt and pants as she watched. When I was completely naked, I told her that now it was her turn. She smiled an innocent smile and I helped her out of her dress. Her natural beautiful body made my cock hard. I took off her black bra to reveal her tanned breasts. I put my mouth on her nipples and it felt like as if I was in heaven. I placed her hand on my penis and looked down at her pink panties.
I stared at her asscheek as though if they were longing for me to set them free from her panties. I took off her panties and revealed what had hungered me for years. She bent down to place my cock in her mouth. I didn’t expect that from her but she sucked my dick real good. I looked at her ass and started rubbing it once again. When she stopped sucking, I pulled her up and lowered her on her bed on her knees with her resting the side of her face on her forearms. I went behind her to find her beautiful ass. I looked at the hole I longed to be in for a long time. She looked over her shoulders with a smile. I moved my face down to take in her sweet smell. I sniffed as her ass smelled really good. I longed in for a kiss and as my lips contacted her rosebud, it felt really good. I attacked her asshole licking and sucking the exterior as well as the interior. I fucked her asshole with my tongue as she moaned.
I then pulled out of her ass hole and lifted Anne to lay her flat on her back on top of the bed. I went on top of her in 69 position and started licking her pussy. Her pussy smelled and tasted really good. She sucked my dick as well. After a good while, I lay on top of her and started kissing her. I took my penis from her hands and placed it in her virgin pussy. It was soooooo tight that I almost cummed. But I didn’t. I licked her nipples and made out with her while I was fucking. Anne was moaning real hard that I had to stop because I was afraid someone might hear us. She said it was ok and that everyone was sleeping. So I resumed fucking her and asked her if she was OK. She said yea and I kept on pounding her virgin pussy. I stopped after a while and made her suck my dick.
I then pulled her up to her knees on top of her bed. I fingered and licked her asshole. As I was ready to put my dick in her asshole she said “No!!! Not there please!!” I knew that I had to fuck her in her asshole or else I wouldn’t feel pleased. So I assured her that it wouldn’t hurt and took a lipstick from her dressing table and slowly placed that in her asshole. It was a great sight watching her asshole widen and open up. I couldn’t help it and licked it once again. When her asshole was fully opened I took my penis and shoved its head in her asshole. She moaned loudly but controlled herself. I slowly pushed my dick in completely inch by inch until the full 7 inch was deep in her. It felt awesome and it felt better than fucking Christina’s asshole. I slowly pulled my dick out and pushed it back in. I guess she was getting used to the feeling as she stopped moaning. I asked her if she was alright and she said that it felt good. I pounded on her ass grabbing her stomach and fingering her pussy at the same time. She looked back at me and smiled. I took out my penis and asked if she wanted to suck it. She hesitated but after wiping it she put it in her mouth and sucked me real good. This was the best a girl ever haaad sucked me.
I took my penis from her mouth and inserted it in her beautiful hole once again. I fucked her for a long time. I yelled as I pumped load after load deep into her bowels. It was the best feeling ever. I knew I was about to cum as I started to pound her harder and faster. I couldn’t stop as I unloaded my cream into her pretty asss. I took out the penis and emptied the rest on her ass and in her mouth. Her asshole was wide opened and I rubbed the interior. I then lay on top of her and said wow!!! That was nice. I kissed her and rested on top of her for a while.
I then stood up and asked to leave for it was real late. She asked me to stay the night and I agreed. I asked her to get cleaned and she offered me to bath along with her. Hearing this, my mouth watered once again. So we went in the bathroom and took a bath. By then I was loaded and ready to go once again as I sucked and fucked her again.
When we were finished, I went into her room and fell asleep alongside her. What a night it was. My dream finally came true. I woke up early next morning and before anyone in her family awoke, I kissed her and left her to go to my house. She thanked me, but I told her it was me who has to so the thanking.
After that night, I had the most fun in my life. Almost everyday Anne and I would fuck. Junior wouldn’t mind as he found out about me taking her sister out. As for me devirginating Anne, he had no clue. This brought the start to a wonderful summer for me and Anne.
As for Christina, she moved away. However, she would never find out about Anne. I then started fantasizing about having a foursome with Anne, her mother, and Christina. I hope my dream comes true once again.

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2010-11-17 07:06:06
What a egocentric story.
It was all about his own pleasure and dremas. Not once did we here anything about the girls getting any orgasm out off it.
That sucks big time.


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2010-04-26 21:22:58
Devirginating. Really?!?


2007-11-10 15:21:49
ehh too much talk abt anal, and u shouldve talked about other characteristics abt her. 6 out of 10


2007-03-30 02:44:26
I think buddy boy has a little too much of an obsession with anal...but still, the story is top notch! Great initial base story. 8/10


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