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I am 28, I weight 61 kgs and am 161cm tall, of Asian descent, and I have been working as a topless barmaid at a busy Hotel.
I dressed for the most part to impress, short skirt, fishnet stockings, brown leather vest and brown leather cowboy boots.
I could tell I wasn’t liked by the other girls, as they had their own little clique.
When I was told to meet the Boss after work one Tuesday, I thought my time here was over.
Now it’s 3 months since that day and I’m still here.
The other girls in the bar still don’t seem to like me as much, but one in particular who really has it in for me, Rachel.
This is probably the reason why, I had been secretly fucking the Boss Michael, after work on Tuesday nights now for almost all of my 3 months.
He is married and about 25 years older than me, I didn’t know he was married at the time.
Here is how it all started.
It all started one night after work, when I thought I was going to be sacked.
I was told to see the Boss after my shift in his office up stairs.
I put my sweater to cover up after my shift (this was the last time I would cover up at work period) and headed to his office.
I looked around before as I entered his office, to see who was still around and it looked deserted.
I was told to sit and have a drink, which I did.
After, a bit of harmless flirting on his part, and of mine back to him.
Things at the Hotel changed for the better, for me.
He told me how hot I looked and that he could make things a little less stressful for me if only if I was interested in weekly liaisons.
“Liaisons” I asked, and saw his bulge in his pants.
Then it clicked, I gave him a wink and touched his bulging crotch.
“I see you understand” He took my hand.
“Fuck it, why not” I said to him.
I took my sweater off to reveal my work attire, and stepped out of my knickers.
“Do you like what you see” I asked him.
He didn’t answer but unzipped his pants and took them off.
It wasn’t long before he had me bent over his desk, and he was sliding his big cock inside my tight pussy.
I wasn’t wet but it didn’t take long before I was, as he fucked me so hard against his desk I almost passed out.
It felt like he was raping me, but I enjoyed it.
My then boyfriend would have been passed out from drinking after his shift, anyway to miss me.
My skirt was up around my hips, with his hands gripping my slender body.
He eventually let out a moan, as I felt his cock explode in my now wet pussy and spray a load deep inside me.
Then he pulled out and spun me around, cum was oozing down my legs and staining my stockings.
I didn’t care, I dropped to my knees and eagerly sucked his big cock.
“God girl Kimmy, you are my new work slut. You do as I say and you will be rewarded” he breathed heavily, and got dressed.
He gave me his mobile number, and said I was the new Tuesday closing girl, and if he needed me he would text me a message.
He handed me some keys and gave me a card with security codes to the hotel, and told me to clean up the mess and lock up.
He then left, I was still on my knees with pools of cum oozing onto the floor from my gaping wet pussy.
I felt puzzled, I felt used, blackmailed, like a whore I know I am, and happy about.
After I cleaned the office up, I took a shower and I put in the security code and went to my car.
I went home, and my boyfriend was still snoring like a rabid dog.
I just grinned.
So the rest of the month went like this, Tuesdays was me being fucked after work by him, me on my knees with oozes of cum dribbling to the floor, from my gaping pussy.
Tuesdays soon became, no knickers Tuesday, and then Thursdays became Motel fuck night.
Until Saturdays, became fantasy Saturdays, at a place of his choosing.
Tuesdays, also became no knickers Tuesdays for me.
By now I knew he was married, hence Thursdays and Saturdays.
He would come to the bar and feel my bare ass, sometimes revealing it to the odd patron.
The girls just looked at me in disgust.
It was like I was now his toy to live out all his sexual fantasies on.
I got a huge pay increase so I wasn’t that upset, at being used like a slut.
He would tell me I was more useful for fucking than working the bar, so Thursdays I was to go to the Motel and wait for him.
I hated that but I was once a prostitute from the age of 17-26, and I loved sex and money.
He called me names as he fucked me, some bad nasty names.
He would always, fuck me from behind and sometimes finger my ass-hole.
I got a huge pay bonus, each Saturday I lived out one of his fantasies.
Some of his fantasies he was planning for the future were, to share me with his friends, or to tie me up to the pool table here and have anybody fuck me.
He would tease me with these, while he pounded my pussy hard bent over his table.
All this talk made me hornier, wetter and cum several times while he fucked me.
Until about a month of these liaisons, I could hardly walk the next day.
My boyfriend by now had clicked to what was going on and we split up.
So for the past month i was, neglected by my boyfriend, abused sexually by my Boss, ignored and hated by most of who i worked with.
It didn't faze me as i was get paid well and get what i crave the most for, cock.

Part two Soon

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2014-02-22 23:58:30
You are a nasty whore and I would cum on my your face everyday.


2013-07-25 23:10:04
Still enjoying your stories. There is no falsity in what you write (as I've said before). You're real and your writing is real and anyone can connect to them, regardless of whether or not they have a promiscuous lifestyle. For all our sakes, keep writing.

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2012-06-28 14:08:42
this was a very nice story keep it going


2012-04-13 17:58:53
Very nice! I'm going to read some more of youe stories!


2011-05-29 00:50:55
I gave this a positive vote because it was very good... and HOT!

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