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My first atttemp in writing. And will accept all comments, in order to improve this art form. thanks and enjoy
Hey, Sabine
My train's leaving here at 5:45 am and arriving at 9:00 p.m. see you then....
'K, every thing's packed, call for a cab. Hi, I need a cab at 337 Clinton ave. going to Amtrak on 125th street. for 5 o'clock tomorrow morning, thanks.
buzzzzz buzzzz...!!!! 4:15 a.m.
Damn, time already, hate waken up so early... Get your ass up.
Coffee's on, jump in the shower
Hmmm these are cute but let wear these... 14 hour ride.
Cabs here. Train station, boarding, nice comfy seats, for good napping
Jacksonville beach next stop.
Excuse me, about how much time to Jacksonville?
about 40 min.
Hmmm, lets get ready, I need to pee
attention passengers, please remain seated until the train comes to a full stop and thank you for ridding Amtrak
Ooh, I didn't see him, earlier, cute tall and handsome. Oh well next time.
Aww shit, damn handle broke.
voice from behind
Looks like you might need some help, my I?
Yeah, the handle broke. Oh really
aww, another smart ass
How far are you goin'? Just across the street my girlfriend should be waiting.
Well, here you go, take it easy. Thanks. No problem.
The horn blows, as Sabine rolls up.
Hey Karen, it's been to long, but you're Still lookin' good. Who? Me. Girl please! Not as good as you.
Oh, yeah, even better, look at you, no belly, nice round ass, still 38Bs, hairs tight. Well, you know, the hair gotta be tight. And you, lookin' good too, cute little ass, beautiful face, tits to die for, what else you need?
Let's not go there, right now!!!
Girl its been to long, get in. You hungry, yep starving. Ooh, ooh IHOP, haven't been there in a minute. Me too.
Table for two please.
They ordered
So, what's been going on?
Nothing much, just work, back and forth to Miami for my mom and auntie. And you? The same nothing much, guys suck. You tell them that your a career woman and they just see dollar signs. That wouldn’t be so bad but they suck conversationally and are just ok in bed.
The same shit back home too. Yeah, but who, was that tall chocolate bar with you as I drove up.
No one, just helping me out, my handle broke.
Oh, a knight in chocolate armor. Yep with a crappy typical attitude. Boys.
check paid
Speaking of boys, look who's walking in with a hottie in tow.
Look, they be all giggly and shit. Ready to go? Yeah, let's go.
As he looks up, he recognizes Karen and says hi. They stop and greet. I'm Aaron this is my cousin Venus.
They both answer, cousin?!
Ah Yeah, what did you think, Venus explained. A couple. ILL, YUCK, No, no, family, all the way.
just a she finishes her sentence, an older lady approaches.
Mommy, auntie they chimed
* Karen, Sabine excuses themselves
back in the car
Could, we've been more wrong (laughing )
back at Sabines' apartment
Just put your stuff there, I'll get you a towel and stuff.
while drying off, Sabine see Karens' tattoo of a lotus flower at the top of her pussy, with the leaves extending about a half inch down her labia.
What's that, tattoo of?
A lotus flower
A lotus flower, that must of hurt, a lot!
No not really, more stinging then numbness.
I don't know, if I could do it down there. But why a lotus?
Well a lotus sort of symbolizes, bright light, ecstasy, happiness, sparks etc.
So, I guess your flower is really drying up? Hehe, No! I get mine.
Yeah, when, when was the last time you got some? THAT WASN'T SELF INDUCED!!!
Well, all-right, all-right you got me but the last couple of times, like, it wasn't even worth it, the dumb asses don't even go down to finish the job at lease. Then, they wanna act all shitty, if I don't call them, F_' them. If nothing else, be a good lover, that's all I'm asking.
To bad you're only spending the night. You need to take some vacation and I'll show you around and meet some real folks that do it right. See up here the women have the upper hand, so they, the boys, gotta preform or they be totally out.
******Oh, what time is your train? Nine
We really, need not to let six months pass us by again, even a long weekend would be kool. Yeah, true that. Damn it's three already.
Girl I'm tried, I need to get some sleep.
Yeah, me too. Good night
Damn I wish she was bi. Carmel skin, an ass that’s tight and pretty
buzzzz! Buzzzz! 06:15
I swear, I hate mornings
Oh, you're up already?
Yeah, early riser, do my morning work out, shower and out
Well, anything before nine, sucks. Anyway, good morning
The same to you, gorgeous,
Yeah, yeah not this early. What you want for breakfast? Whatever! Heavy or light? Whatever, I’ll eat it!
Mmmm, Johnny cakes, beacon, smells good
I'm ready, it all smells so good. Damn, you cook fast. No, you just take forever to wash. Well, you know, gotta make sure things are squeaky clean, got a long ride ahead. Yeah, alright I know my shower head is good. What you talkin' about? (smilin') Now, you're a dumb-dumb, Ok. Eat up, juice or coffee.
Coffee thanks
Girl these bisques are slamming, I need to come back just for breakfast. Well, if you come their yours, every morning. That's a deal.
Time to go
Oh, looks like you can might get lucky with tall and chocolate. What? Look across the street, looks like he's leaving too. Yeah, but he most of been sitting in another car, cause I didn't see he the whole ride. So, then, you should look out for him. I'll look around.
Bye, I'll miss you, just let me know when you want to come down for a longer stay. I'm moving next month to a two bedroom but my number will be the same.
Love you, and I'll call you, when I get home and we'll talk. Smooches
As Karen walks on board.
Attention passengers, welcome aboard Amtrak to Atlanta Ga. Approximate time is fourteen hours twenty minutes. Relax and refreshments will be served shortly. Thank you for choosing Amtrak.
Excuse me, sir what's going on with these seat, why the yellow tape
Sorry, miss these chair are not to be use. I see that but why, where am I going to sit? Yes, the janitor had an accident and spilled some cleaning chemical on these seat and they're still wet after cleaning. So we had to reassign these seat. Your seat number is? 87A. Ok so you're going to share a cabin. Cabin # 15. With a Ms. Connie.
Oh, ok thanks, which way? Down, to your right. Thanks. You're welcome.
Knock, knock as she enters
Oh, I'm sorry their must be some mistake. (as she see a mans figure, looking out the the huge plain glass window) you...! ( as Aaron turns around) from the restaurant - IHOP. Yeah, hi, let me guess, you're looking for a Ms. Connie, right. Yes. Well that's my last name, it gets people mixed up all the time. Well, you to can stay or ask for another cabin or seat. Well, if you don't mind. No, why should I? No, reason. Left or right. Hah, which side would you like. Oh! Right side. Kool, I'll move over.
Did you have breakfast yet? Yeah, my girlfriend, made me breakfast. Girlfriend? No, nothing like that!
Even though she wouldn't mind if I was...
Oh, ok. Well I'm starvin', so I'm gonna get something, be back in a minute. Ok.
Dag, I feel sleepy, take a quick nap.
Damn, he's really good looking, works out and tall, nice.
Aaron, returns to find her laid out, sleeping.
damn, she fine. Nice tits, wonderful complexion and an ass that stands well, damn. I would like to play with her, all night. Mmmm
I'll come back later, maybe she'll be up. Ask her to dinner.
Karen? Are you STARING at my ass? Ah, yes... I’m, sorry, maybe it's the drinks. But you know ever since we were roomies back in college, I've dreamed of doing this to you. WOAH! it must be the drinks. I love my breast squeezed as my nipples are licked... Sorry!, Sabine, I think I had to many shots. SHHH kiss me ! MMMMHH... Sabine, your pussy's wet. You always turned me on, just by watching you, Karen. Sabine, I wanna go down on you, so bad! Do it ! I won't stop you... Oh god your pussy taste so good ! Ooohhhh, aahhhaaa ! Don't stop hhh, hhaa, haaa!!! Feels so good, I’m gonna le go...!!! Yes, cum in my mouth... That's it Sabine, yeaaah!... Let it go. Mmmm yes.
Turn around, ooh! Kaaren! you're soaked! Aaahh your fingers feel so good, deep in me, ahhh lick me, ohhhhh, yesss that's good, don't stop, oh, Sabine what I've, been missing...? Shit you're gonna make me cum, oh yes don't stop, don't..., keep lickin' me, ohhhh I'm...!!!
The blaring horn of the train, awakens her.
What a fuckin' dream, I've never thought of Sabine that way. Damn horn, woke me up just as I was about to cum. I'm so wet and aching, now. I need to wash up before Aaron gets back.
Hello, you're finally up, you must of been really tired? Yeah, I went to bed late, chattin' with my girlfriend most of the night. You hungry? Starving! Well, get ready, we'll go to the dinning car. They make pretty good dishes, there. Ok, give me fifteen minutes. Ok
More like thirty minutes
Pretty dress, very summery. Well, it is summer time, isn't it? Yeah, I suppose it is! Hmmm, lets go.
Table for two please.
Sure, right this way please, madam please, sir here are your menus, the waitress will be right with you, shortly.
Thank you.
Good evening, I'm Denise, I'll be your waitress this evenings. Would you like to hear the special or do you know what you would like already.
No, we're ready, she'll have the chicken marsala and I'll have the rib eye medium rare please.
An apple martini and I'll have a white russian. Thanks
Repeats their orders - I'll be right back with your drinks
So you've had the food here before? Yeah, I Amtrak it a lot, for work. What do you do? I'm a structural engineer and i travel back and forth. What do you do? I'm an attorney and a CPA.
Here are your drinks, mam, your apple martini, sir, white russian. Thanks
Mmmm, this is good, just right.
Here's your dinners
That was fast
Mam, sir, can I get you anything else. Then, enjoy.
Looks and smells good. Yeah, it does
Mmmm, wanna taste a piece? Sure, just a small piece. Mmmm that's good, here try this. Yeah, that's good and tender. Told you, they make good food.
Yeah, you did and drinks too, I'm starting to feel it, it's creepin' up.
Several minutes later
That was good, don't you think?____ Karen you ok? Yeah, just had a thought, sorry. Yeah, the food was good.
So, what's next? I don't know, I'm feeling tired. Ok, so we can go back and chat ourselves to sleep.
Raised his hand for the check. Sir, here you go. Did the young lady, enjoy her dinner
Yes, she did... - Just put it on my cabin. No, problem sir, thanks for dinning with us
At the room
No no, turn off the lights, WOW, look at the moon, it's beautiful and the stars, wow
From behind her, pointing
Look there, the Big Dipper
Wow, this is wonderful! Yeah, almost romantic, won't you say?
Placing one hands on her waist
Damn, her waist is slim
We're feeling a little frisky! Aren't we?
Oh, I'm sorry, it was a natural move. A natural move, I never heard that one before, but it's ok.
Wow, look someones home in the middle of no where. I don't know if I, could live out here not seeing anyone for miles. Maybe not miles but at least within sight.
I agree at least within sight.
This is some what romantic ( as she turns around ) the moon light fill the cabin with just enough light to see each other.
It does and it high lites your beauty, even more.
With her pearly whites she smiles, Karen turns back around.
Oh, another house, two, three together
She leans forward, insuring that she brushes lightly against, Aaron.
mmmm, that ass
Aaron, reaches for her waist to pull her up. Whispering
If I'm wrong, stop me.
As he pulls her closer, she feels his dick press against her ass.
Ooh, someone’s awake! Just for you...
As he cups her breast perfectly in his manly hands and precisely locates her nipple, giving them a gentle pinch. Karen, stands there in an electric moment of stunning confusion, as her body radiates with excitement but her brain wants to resist. His hands are so strong, I want them all over me.
He has just decided for her the nights course, as he kisses her neck and ears.
That makes me crazy, when you kiss me there. Your dick feels so hard, what are you going to do with it? I'm going to delight you with it. Mmmm, that sounds exciting.
Turn around, he bids her. Holding her firmly, they kiss.
Mmmm, their tongues meet, hands find their place tightly on one another rear.
Aaron, breaking the moment to comment
You, have an ass that stands well, you know? Four days a week, squats and lunges, definitely, worth it.
Lifting her up against the window pain, Karen wrap her shapely legs around his waist. Kissing and grinding, heat rising, the moon light glistening off the sweat, even with the A/C.
With one twist, her breast are freed into his mouth.
mmmm, so soft, her nipples feel nice.
Chills run straight down. Pulling him up to kiss, as she reaches for his erection. So full and strong it is, she pushes him to the bed. Immediately, swallowing his nuts as he holds his legs back, newly shaved they were, they felt so soft. She goes for his hairless ass. Oh shit, girl, that feel funny, good. Looking up, you like that? Ah, yeah it tickles. Good, then as she returns savagely to it, send sparkling sensations, then without warming she firmly twist her middle finger into his ass. Wh-what the fuck, not knowing how to react, jump or enjoy, the new feeling. He enjoys it.
Damn girl, you crazy. Ahh, shit, you making me crazy, feels to good.
Slurping on his nuts then she glides her teeth along the thick underside of his dick. Reaching his head with a thrilling twist. He begins to pulsate as she relished in the flavor of his pre-cum. Mmmm. Your turn as she lifts her leg along the ledge of the window. Looking into the moon as Aaron kisses her cheeks, on his way to her soaked pussy.
Oh, yesss your sexy lips feel good on my wet pussy. Oooh shit, lick it...! Damn, yes, it feels so good, ooh yeah, finger me too. I'm so fuckin’ wet, as she taste her fingers.
Unable to stand any longer, as he savors the dripping wetness, she falls back onto the bed. Showing her flexibility, putting her legs behind her head. Her ass, her soft lips and clit are fully exposed and all enlarged. Aaron's charmed by the size of her treats. He sees her lotus of ecstasy. Wow, your pussy’s fat. I'm staying down there all night. Well, that's nice and all, but don't forget to fuck me with that bulging manhood, too... You know! I will, like this...
Oh, yesss, go deep baby, that feel to good. Your cock fills my tight pussy, just right. Mmmmm, fuck me. ( slap,slap, slap) That’s it baby, slam it, oh yeah, slam it in and out, mmm,yesss get in there, grind it, make me feel that big dick! mmmm, you feel good. Wait, wait slow down, don’t cum yet. Come here, I want you in my mouth again. Tasting her own essence, makes her even more excited... craving his warm thick cum, Karen with one hand on his shaft and the other cradling his sac. She slurps on his stiff cock, milking it, waiting like an addict waiting for their fix to kick in. Her excitement is so great that her pussy over flows, down the inside of her leg. Then unexpectedly, Aaron, lets go, the warmth from within. Mmmm, so rich, creamy, she hold it, to share. As, he relishes in the fullness of his release, again takin’ by surprise as she extends her tongue in to his wait mouth, he’s given a portion of his nectar back, at the same time, she tugs on his softening cock. His eyes, bulge as he realizes the favor, she whispers, enjoy the moment.
Karen, climbs up his torso, caresses her pussy on the way up, leaving streaks of wetness, so that he can finish his work.
*Just as she climaxes, the P.A. announces arrival in forty minutes.
As, Karen, is in the mirror getting ready. For behind Aaron states his delight in this evenings affairs, I’ve never had anyone do those things to me and I guess I liked it, too. Well, we can make many things happen, if you’re willing? I am.
They exchange info and depart ways.

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