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“Seventy dollars,” I yelled out and waved my bidding paddle.

“I’m bid 70,” the auctioneer responded. “Do I hear 75?”

“Seventy-five,” I yelled again and the entire room full of people erupted into laughter.

“Seventy-five is bid from the gentleman who just bid 70. Do I hear 80, sir?” I finally realized what I’d done and I sank down in my chair embarrassed and humiliated. That just prompted more laughter from the other bidders. There were no further bids and I think it was just to see me squirm some more. “Sold to the anxious gentleman for 75 dollars,” the auctioneer finally announced. He slammed down the gavel. I got up and made my way to the cashier’s cage to pay for my purchase accompanied by more laughter and even scattered applause. To my immense relief I was quickly forgotten as the bidding started for the next item.

I didn’t even know what I’d purchased. It was a local estate auction for this old woman who had died recently and I’d arrived late. The inspection period was over. I was bidding blind. The catalog said it was an art object but the bidding was very slow on this one item so I thought I might have a chance at it. This was my very first auction as you might have guessed. I had a hundred dollars on me and felt sure I’d win a bid or two if I just kept bidding. Well, I was outbid throughout the auction and I almost got discouraged until this one item was offered for bid.

When I picked up my purchase I opened the box it came in. I burst out in laughter when I discovered what was inside. It was someone’s holiday souvenir. The original owner probably paid five bucks for it and overpaid at that price. I’d seen similar but better made items in gag shops. It was a cheap looking statuette of some god, probably Polynesian. The god was represented by a naked man squatting on his haunches with a huge prick sticking straight up and reaching almost to his chin. The little man didn’t look too happy even with the good fortune of being well-endowed. He was wearing a big giant frown. The overall height of the statuette was nine inches. I wondered how an old woman had come into possession of such an object; probably a joke gift from a friend or relative.

Well, I decided, this would be a lesson for me. I just wasn’t cut out to find lost or neglected treasures which I could buy cheap and sell for a nice profit which was why I was at the auction in the first place. I had just graduated from high school and didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t think I was college material and at the same time I didn’t want to join the army or go out job hunting just yet. I figured I had the entire summer ahead of me before my parents started bugging me about my plans or about paying rent. I took the object to my bedroom when I got home and placed it on top of my dresser.

The rest of the day was uneventful and the next morning I woke up bright and early with my usual morning piss hard-on. At least I thought it was usual. After pissing it remained poker stiff and refused to go down. I jumped back into bed and figured to have a quick jerk-off session. Well, I stroked for the next five minutes…and then for five more minutes…and then for five minutes after that. I just couldn’t get off. I was in a sweat and beginning to panic. This had never happened before. Two or three minutes usually did it for me. I hate to admit it but at 18 I was still a virgin.

I lay back gasping and out of breath. I looked at my red abused prick to seek guidance but all one-eyed Jack did was stare back at me accusingly as if what was happening was my fault. Well, perhaps it was but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I’d done wrong. Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head say, “You will have your release…but only in the proper manner.”

I gave a little shiver. Now I was hearing a strange voice in my head. Was I losing my mind? I jumped out of bed and into the shower…a cold shower. I dressed in loose clothing to hide my stiffy, got some breakfast and plopped in front of TV to watch ESPN. I’d been sitting there for about 20 minutes when my mother walked in. “What the heck is that thing doing in your room?” she demanded.

“What thing?”

“That thing…that obscene statuette is what I’m talking about. I can’t believe you brought that thing into this house.”

“It’s in my room, Mom.”

“I don’t care. I have to go in there occasionally and I don’t want to have to look at it.”

“Okay,” I said. “Where do you want me to put it?” There wasn’t any sense arguing with her. I wasn’t about to bitch about not having any privacy because she would have bitched about me not doing my own laundry and keeping my room clean. I love my mom dearly but she can be a pain in the butt.

“The trash can outside is an appropriate place for it,” Mom replied.

I shrugged my shoulders and hurried into my room. I’d gotten halfway interested in the poker tournament that was on and the only other place for my purchase was a storage box I kept in the garage. Going out there would have meant missing some of the poker action so I stuck it in the bottom drawer of my dresser. That was just a junk drawer and she’d never have any reason to go in there. I’d move Dick (that’s what I decided to call him) out to the garage later.

I went back to watching the tube. As long as I didn’t move I could forget about my constant erection for a while and concentrate on something else. I did wonder if I’d have to wind up going to the doctor for treatment if my erection still refused to go down. I never thought I’d consider that a problem.

I got bored with the TV after a while. Also, it didn’t distract me from the state of my prick any more. I decided to return to my room for another jack-off session. When I opened my bedroom door I found my mom sitting on my bed and looking at Dick sitting on the dresser. “I could have sworn I put him out of sight, Mom.” Perhaps I was mistaken. “I’ll get rid of him now,” I added.

“Oh, no,” Mom said. “Please don’t bother. Your friend and I have come to an understanding. He likes it on top of the dresser and I find I don’t mind anymore.”

“Oh, you discussed it with him?” I asked with a smile. I guessed that was my mother’s saying she’d changed her mind. That was nice of her.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did discuss it with him.” Well, that was certainly a change in attitude. Dick could stay put without me being hassled. My room is rather small and Mom brushed past me to get to the door. She couldn’t help but feel my boner jutting out.

“S-sorry, Mom,” I stammered out. I could feel myself blushing.

“Don’t be silly,” she replied with a small smile. “It isn’t the first time I’ve felt one of those. You’re just being a normal young man.” Then she surprised when she said, “Am I the cause of that condition by any chance?”

“No, of course not!” I blurted. I knew I said the wrong thing when Mom put on one of her classic hurt expressions.

“You don’t think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I think you’re pretty, Mom.” That wasn’t an issue. Mom was nearing 40 and a little overweight but she was still quite an attractive lady. My buddies who’d been over and met her assured me of that. “Oh gosh! You’re making this hard for me.” I blushed and Mom snickered with my unintended pun. I’d never seen her tease like that. It almost seemed like she was flirting with me.

“Oh, good,” she said. “For a minute there I thought I’d lost my touch.” Mom pulled me into an embrace. Her belly was hard up against my boner. She looked at me expectantly as if the next move was mine but I was too shocked to move.

“Take her,” said the strange voice in my head. What? I couldn’t believe what I’d heard but I didn’t have time to worry about that. Mom was rubbing her pelvis against one-eyed Jack and he was jumping with joy. She was trying to seduce me and succeeding very well. Still, I hesitated. What if I’d misread the signals?

“Fuck me,” Mom whispered and all doubt vanished. Hell! I didn’t care if she was my mother at that point. I was going to fuck her. Instinctively I knew I’d finally be able to cum once I stuck my dick up inside her snatch. The voice promised I’d get my release in the proper manner, right? This had to be the proper manner. She brought her hand down and began to massage my boner. Jeez! I didn’t need any more stimulation. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her slacks and began to yank them down.

“Hey, is anyone home?” I just about jumped out of my skin. My sister was home. She’s always had a knack for great timing. I tried to push Mom away but she now had a death grip on my dong.

“Let go, Mom,” I whispered frantically. “Katelyn is home.” It seemed Mom could care less and continued to stroke my prick. I could hear Katelyn walking around the house. She could pop her head in any moment. She hardly ever knocks before entering. “Mom! Please!” I didn’t want to cause a commotion by pushing her away violently. Well, she finally seemed to wake up and let go of me.

“I’m in Colin’s room,” Mom called as she and I adjusted our clothing.

“Hi, Mom,” Katelyn chirped when she opened the door. “I have to do some laundry. Is it all right if I do it here? Am I in time for lunch? Oh my god! What is that? It’s so gross! Are you going to let him keep that? I might be staying here tonight. My roommate is having her boyfriend overnight tonight and he always tries to make a move on me when she’s asleep.”

“Hello, dear,” said Mom. “Yes, you can do the laundry and you’re just in time for lunch. This is your brother’s new action figure and he’s of age so I don’t see anything wrong with it as long he doesn’t want to display it on the mantelpiece. You know you’re always welcome to stay in your old room.”

“Thanks,” Katelyn replied. “I’d throw that thing out the minute Colin was out of his room. It’s so sexist and ugly.”

“He’s not so crazy about you either,” I said. Dick’s frown looked even fiercer than before if that were possible. “You’re welcome to stay out of my room whenever you’re here so you won’t have to look at each other.” Katelyn stuck her tongue out at me. She started gabbing about inconsequential things with Mom and they both wandered out of my room toward the kitchen. I sighed deeply. I still couldn’t believe what happened here just a few minutes before and what was going to happen before my sister showed up. Maybe it was good Katelyn showed up when she did…or maybe not. My prick was still rock hard and very uncomfortable. What the hell was going to do to relieve myself? I wasn’t intimate with any girls I knew and I spent all my ready cash on Dick so I couldn’t even hire a hooker.

Katelyn is older than me by about two years. She attends a local state college only five miles away. It would be cheaper for her live at home and commute but she insisted on having an apartment and my parents kind of spoil her. Setting up her own place hasn’t stopped her from continuing to use anything here she wants and to steal groceries from the pantry also. She’s quite pretty but not a knock-out beauty.

I was called to lunch but I begged off and stayed in my room. I’d lost my appetite anyway. I fell off into a restless sleep. My dreams were filled with images of my prick spitting fountains of sperm-filled semen into the cunts and mouths of willing females. I felt the mattress shift and opened my eyes to find my naked mother straddling my waist. “Mom?” I knew what she was there for and I wasn’t going to stop her. The only thing I was worried about was…

“Don’t worry about Katelyn,” Mom said as if reading my mind. “I offered to do her laundry for her so she took herself to the mall.” Mom exposed one-eyed Jack and positioned herself. We gasped simultaneously as we coupled. “Poor baby,” she soothed. “You were suffering weren’t you? Do you want it, fast or slow?”

“Anyway you want,” I replied and closed my eyes again to enjoy the delicious friction as Mom bounced herself up and down on my prick. The feeling was delicious and I knew I wouldn’t last long. In fact, it seemed like I barely started before I was ready to finish. Still, I felt obligated to warn what was about to happen just in case she wasn’t protected. “I…I’m gonna cum, Mom,” I gasped.

“Do it,” Mom replied. “Don’t worry about me.” Well, I couldn’t have stopped even if she had begged me not to at that point so I just let go and dumped a huge wad of cum inside her. It was a lot. I was so relieved when I felt my prick finally go down that the gravity of what my mother and I had done stayed in the back of my mind. The guilt didn’t begin to creep in until Mom lay down beside me while we caught our breaths.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” I began. “I…I don’t know what got into me.” I didn’t know what got into her either.

“It was Master’s will,” she replied.

“What are you talking about, Mom? I’m not your master.” Did she think I was controlling her mind?

“Of course you’re not Master, Colin. Master is…Master. You’ll come to know him soon. He’s taking care of everything. Don’t worry your head about anything.”

“But who is Master?” I persisted. Mom just smiled mysteriously and didn’t reply. This was really freaking me out. The day had started out weird and it was just getting weirder; a boner that wouldn’t go away, a strange voice in my head, my own mother seducing me and now she was telling me about acting under some unknown master’s will. I decided to try again.

“Mom, something weird is going on around here. I’ve been hearing a strange voice in my head since this morning. Have you been hearing a voice too? Is Master talking to both of us?”

“Master instructs me but not in words.” She smiled blissfully like she was on happy pills. “It’s as if I’ve discovered my purpose in life, Colin, and it’s made me so joyful. I’m sure Master is talking to you, bringing you under his influence. He works quite quickly with weak-minded females but it takes a little longer with males. Don’t be surprised if your sister comes to you sometime today or tonight. She’s under Master’s control now also.”

“Shouldn’t we tell her to stay away? Oh shit!” My prick started hardening again.

“It’s not wise to attempt to thwart Master’s will,” Mom said as she eyed my stiffening member. “He can make things very uncomfortable for you.

“He already has,” I replied. If anything, my prick felt harder than it did just a few minutes before when I had sex with my mom. “Uh, could you ask Master to let my erection go down again? I promise not to try to thwart his will again.” I felt silly talking like that I was but I was beginning to get scared at the same time. What else could I do?

Mom smiled sweetly and spread her legs. “Use it on me.”

“You mean you want me to…?”

“It won’t go down again otherwise,” she assured me. “Do you see anyone else here you can use it on? Would you prefer to wait until Katelyn gets back?”

“Not at all,” I assured her and hastened to crawl between her legs. I entered her and started a leisurely hump. I wasn’t as frantic as I was the first time but at the same time, I knew this was the only way I’d be able to cum. It wasn’t long before I dumped another huge load of cum inside my mom’s snatch. Usually my second cum doesn’t even come close to my first load but this one seemed as big as the first. Yeah, this had been a day of firsts. “I sure hope you don’t get pregnant,” I said as I finished.

“Only if it is Master’s will,” Mom replied. Sheesh! Mom was beginning to sound like a religious zealot. I tried to shut my mind to this negative thought lest this so-called Master got pissed at me again. I couldn’t deny something was happening but I still had trouble believing some supernatural entity had taken control of my mother’s mind and was trying to do the same to my mind too.

“Why does…Master want us to have sex anyway?” She didn’t say anything for a bit but she appeared to be listening to instructions.

Finally, she said, “All will be explained to you if you come to my bedroom tonight at midnight.”

“Won’t Dad be there?”

“Master will cause your father to sleep so he won’t be aware.” There weren’t any feelings of guilt or regret in the tone of her voice for cheating on my dad and seducing her son. Everything seemed to be okay as long as it was done at Master’s direction—whoever he was. I shrugged my shoulders and watched my mother head for the bathroom to clean up and dress.

Gosh, I thought. If I tried to tell anybody about this I’d be locked up for sure as a nut case. Maybe I should just run away. No sooner had that thought run through my mind than one-eyed Jack was standing stiff once again at full attention. I stared at my prick and shook my head in total dismay. “Mom?” I called in obvious distress.

“What is it, dear?” Mom said when she finally came to my door.

“Mom, could we…you know…” I pointed at my erection as if that would explain all. I honestly thought I was about to cry.

“Were you thinking about thwarting Master’s will again?” Mom said.

“I guess I must have,” I admitted, “but it’s hard not to.”

“Honestly, Colin, I warned you about this just a while ago, didn’t I? I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until Katelyn gets home. I still have her laundry to do. I have supper to start and I have to make a bunch of phone calls.”

“But what if this keeps happening?”

“Master has assured me you won’t have to worry about your stray thoughts after tonight as long as you follow my instructions, okay?” I nodded my okay and watched her leave again.

“I just hope Katelyn gets here before Dad,” I yelled. I turned to Dick and said, “Well, it looks like we both have something in common; stiff pricks with no place to stick ‘em.” I meant it to be funny but Dick wasn’t amused. All he did was stare back at me with his morose glare. Well, to tell the truth I didn’t think it was funny either.

I sighed deeply. I only had until tonight to wait my mother promised and then I would be under Master’s control. I felt scared and yet relieved at the same time. I just hoped I didn’t start sounding like my mother after tomorrow, a total fruitcake. I sighed and jumped into the shower again.

It felt weird sitting in my bedroom and waiting around for my sister Katelyn, knowing she was fated to be my next sex partner. I didn’t have any reason to doubt my mother’s word because of all the strange events occurring already. One more strange event didn’t seem any big deal. I didn’t feel any guilt either. Feeling guilty had just gotten me in trouble with Master.

I felt more comfortable naked so I stayed undressed and laid back on the bed. I’m not sure how much time passed but my bedroom door eventually opened and Mom and Katelyn walked in. I didn’t bother to cover up. “Isn’t it pretty, Katelyn,” Mom asked referring to my prick. Katelyn smiled and nodded. Without saying anything she slipped off her jeans and panties and then climbed on the bed with me. Mom apparently intended to watch because she didn’t leave. I briefly wondered if my sister was still a virgin. Well, if she was, she wasn’t anymore. She slipped my stiffy inside her cunt and gave me a magnificent ride. “Thanks, Katelyn,” I sighed as I deposited another huge amount of cum. “That was wonderful.”

“It was Master’s will,” she replied as she climbed off me. Master’s will, of course. That didn’t sound very romantic but then I wasn’t feeling very romantic myself. I was just relieved my erection had gone down again.

“Now just watch your thoughts until tonight,” Mom said, “and you won’t have anymore problems but if you slip up again, Katelyn will stay available through the rest of the evening.

“Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Katelyn,” I said and watched them leave. I was pretty good the rest of the afternoon and I only needed Katelyn’s help one more time. By the dinner was served I even had my appetite back. I still felt guilty about Mom cheating on Dad with me but there was nothing I could do about it.

I was pretty nervous that night when I approached my parents’ bedroom. I mean, why couldn’t Mom have come to my bedroom? “Come in, Colin,” Mom said in a normal voice. I kind of jumped because she was going to wake up Dad. “Your father won’t wake until Master allows it. She scooted over and motioned me to join her. Luckily, my parents had a king-size bed. When I lay down with her, she pulled down the strap of her gown and exposed her breast. She said, “Drink.”

Drink? She couldn’t be lactating. Maybe it was all symbolic. I leaned down and took an experimental lick at her nipple. “I didn’t say to play with it. Suckle my breast as you once did long ago. All things are possible with Master.”

I applied my lips to my mother’s nipple and sucked. I was instantly rewarded with a sweet, almost creamy, liquid. I started to pull away in surprise but Mom held my head in place and said, “Don’t miss a drop and you will begin to understand.” I continued to drink until her breast was drained dry.

“Dick?” I said when I finally lifted my head.

“Is that what you call him? Yes, Dick is Master.”

“But how?”

“Master was a powerful spirit who was content to be worshipped as a fertility god on some South Pacific islands. A couple of hundred years ago he was trapped in the fetish by a Christian missionary. Master thrives and grows powerful on sexual energy generated by humans. The missionary knew that and passed the fetish to people who had suppressed their own sexuality or who were long past their sexual prime. That included the woman who last had the fetish.

“She was supposed to have passed on the fetish to another before her own death but she became ill with Alzheimer’s disease and forgot her mission. You just happened to be the one to purchase the fetish from her estate. You’re sexually vital and so Master was able to begin to work his magic once again.”

“Will Master be stuck in the fetish forever?”

“Like I said, Master thrives on sexual energy. Our job is to provide that sexual energy so that Master will go stronger and eventually break free.”

“Can our family do it alone? What about Dad?”

“As Master grows more powerful, he will be able to influence more men to do his bidding. Females are absolutely no problem for Master. I’m afraid your father is useless to Master because he mutilated himself years ago.”

“He mutilated himself?”

“My fault really,” Mom replied. “After you were born I asked him to get a vasectomy and he did. I regret it now, of course, but now it’s too late. You see, Master intends to populate the planet with his own followers. He needs virile men and fertile women to do it. Your sister and I have been bred successfully. It’s a real honor for both of us.”

“Does Master know the world is pretty much populated already?”

“Yes, he does realize it. Once he regains his power, he plans to shrivel the gonads of a couple of billion people. That should cut down on the birth rate some.”

I woke up. I was in my own bed and it was morning. It had all been a weird dream. I looked and saw that even Dick was gone. He had been a dream too. I got up, took a piss and walked down the hall on the way to the kitchen. I didn’t realize we had company until I entered the living room. A dozen women turned around and stared at me. I recognized them as neighbors and friends of my parents, all very attractive. I was embarrassed to realize one-eyed Jack was awake and trying to see what was going on. The women all turned away from me then and I followed their gaze. Dick was sitting on the mantelpiece staring back at us. His expression had changed. He was wearing the biggest shit-eating grin I’d ever seen.


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"Tiki Trouble" - Eighteen Year Old Brother and Son, Colin; Twenty Year Old Sister and Daughter, Katelyn; and, Thirty-eight Year Old Married Mother, Unnamed.

This story has a most unique theme, plot and context. It has unusual suspense and subtext (the complete willingness, guiltlessness and full enjoyment of incestuous, unadulterated sex by mother and sister with their son/brother, Colin), all brought about by an Oriental Idol statuette of an old man with a hard-on nine inch cock. There is a great possibility that son and
brother Colin will be a new father at least two times in about nine months when his mother and sister deliver their consummated and incestuously-bred babies.

The writing, from grammar to sentence and paragraph structure, spelling and contextually correct usage of proper words is well above par, deserving the accolades of every appreciative reader!!.

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