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the following happened when I was a junior in college. I had moved into my fraternity house for the spring semester of the school year. Living with 40 others guys was going to be a big change. I had grown pretty close with my fraternity brothers and loved hanging out with them. I could handle the loud noise and dirtiness. One thing that took me some time to get used to was the communal showers.

Of the 4 halls in my fraternity house, the hall I lived on had the best looking guys on it. None of my friends knew I was bi. Nonetheless, I would occasionally check them out from time to time. It was all new to me to shower in front of other guys every morning. The shower room only had 4 shower heads in it, so in the mornings before class it was always backed up and being used. It took some time to get used to being around a bunch of guys with their dicks flopping around freely. But I adjusted and got in and got out of the shower every morning, maybe taking a bit of a glance at someone’s ass every now and then.

Being bi, it was a lot for me to handle..seeing these young, ripped and fit guys lather themselves up every single morning. Quite the turn on. Everyone once and while I would have to slip out of the shower because I felt myself getting a hard on.

Being around these guys all the time certainly gave me some fantasies. I never acted on them though. I was too afraid to at the time. All that changed when spring break rolled around. All of my fraternity brothers were heading to Cancun for spring break. I didn’t come from much money, and bills were hard enough, so I decided to stay in town for spring break. Two of the guys on my hall, James and Thomas, were in a similar boat financially, so they also stayed at the house for the week.

Thomas, James, and I knew it would be a little creepy being in a big fraternity house just the three of us for a whole week. But we were all good friends, so we had no problem hanging out with each other the whole time.

We all had our own rooms, and by the time we woke up on the first day, everyone else had already left for their early morning flight to Cancun. It was just me, Thomas, and James.

I slept in until about 11 and headed down the hall to go take a shower. I heard water running, so I assumed Thomas or James was in there showering. I walked into the big, open shower area and couldn’t see anything. The room was filled with so much steam. Finally I could see it was James showering. Not only was he showering, he was very intensely jacking off, letting out a little moan every few seconds. I guess he hadn’t heard me come in. I waited for about 30 seconds before finally letting him know I was in there.

James quickly turned the other way, knowing he was caught. “Ha, sorry man. My bad”, he said. “It’s all good man, we all do it”, I replied, trying not to make a big deal out of what I had just saw. I stripped off my towel and began showering, again not trying to make a big deal of the fact I just walked in on James beating his meat. A few seconds later James grabbed his towel and headed out of the shower. I guess he was a little embarrassed by what had just happened.

A few minutes later I was out of the shower and changed back in my room. I went ad woke up Thomas, who was still asleep. Thomas was the go-to weed guy. That guy who would always smoke you out anytime of the day. I told him that me, him, and James needed to relax and smoke. He of course agreed.

I got James and the three of us were sitting in Thomas’ room rolling a fat blunt. We were all pretty ripped not long after, just sitting there listening to some music. All of the sudden, James just blurted it out: “Alright man, you saw me wacking it in the shower this morning. Its not a big deal.” I laughed a little bit, and responded by telling him I didn’t care and I had beat it plenty of times in the shower before.

“I mean, its just Rebecca dumped me last night and I just really needed to bust a nut”, James said.

“Well shit man, I’m sorry I interrupted you. You probably got terrible blue balls”, I said back.

James gave a bit of a nod. I knew that face, he definitely had blue balls and needed to blow his load.

It was almost like clockwork. Thomas stood up and said, “I have just the perfect cure for us then”. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a porno DVD. He then walked over to his TV and put it in. James and I kind of looked at each other, both thinking it was a little weird, but going along with it.

“I jack off to this all the time. This is the best porno out there right now”, Thomas said.

It wasn’t long into the video that Thomas took the lead and unbuttoned his jeans. He began rubbing his boxers. James and I could see his cock growing hard. Finally Thomas stood up and dropped his boxers to his ankles, exposing his well-groomed pubic area and raging hard cock. He began to slowly pump up and down on it.

James and I looked at each other. We both gave each other a look and kind of smiled, as we were both about to do the same. We simultaneously got up, took off our shirts, undid our jeans, and dropped our underwear to the ground.

James and I were both standing there with raging hard ons. His dick was bigger than mine, about 7 inches hard with a little curve to the left. It was gorgeous.

Before long the three of us were sitting on the couch caressing our hard dicks. I couldn’t believe it, I was engaging in my first circle jerk. I was loving every minute of it.

I glanced over at Thomas to see him rubbing a finger up his ass. This really turned me on. I could see him glancing back at me.

Thomas and I looked over at James, tilting his head back. he looked so beautiful with his muscular arms, tanned body and six pack there playing with his cock.

Finally I said to them, “Alright, is anyone watching this porno anymore. Because it seems like we’re just watching each other”

James and Thomas both laughed.

“So what do we do now, then?”, James asked.

Without any hesitation, Thomas walked over to where James and I were sitting next to each other. Thomas got down on his knees and began jerking me and James off simultaneously. Both of us were shocked by this. We both never thought this would go past just jerking off together, but it felt so good that neither of us objected.

Thomas then grabbed James’ dick and began sucking it, still jerking me off too. With this, I leaned over and began kissing James. At this point, my dick was raging hard. I had never been this hard. I was hooking up with 2 of the hottest guys I know.

James stuck his tongue in my mouth then pulled back. He lowered his head down to my lap and took all of my 6 inch dick deep down his throat, with Thomas still sucking him off. His warm lips felt amazing around my cock. He slowly worked my shaft, licking my balls and making me beg for more. I grabbed his head, pushing him deeper onto my dick.

“I think its Thomas’ turn to get his dick sucked”, I joked.

James and I both got up and let Thomas sit down on the couch. We both got down on our knees and shared his sleek 8 inch dick. James worked his dick while I licked his balls and ass. I was having the time of my life. I felt James’ hand reach over and start jacking me off. I returned the favor.

“Oh fuck, Im gonna fucking cum”, Thomas yelled out. A few seconds later Thomas began breathing heavily and shot a huge, warm load all over James’ and my face. Thomas was in pure ecstasy, with his toes clinched and head tilted back. James and I kissed, swapping Thomas’ cum back and forth before both swallowing it.

We all paused for a minute. “I want someone to fuck me”, Thomas said.

With no hesitation I pushed him further on his back, exposing his cute asshole. I rubbed my dick against his ass and began pushing my way in. It was so tight. Thomas winced in pain, but soon began to enjoy his ass getting pounded. At the same time James got up and shoved his dick in Thomas’ mouth.

I was beginning to pump harder and harder into Thomas’ ass. It was the tightest thing I had ever fucked before. James was standing on the couch with Thomas sucking his rock hard cock, gripping his hair and forcing Thomas to take even more of him.

I could feel my dick tightening up. I knew I was about to blow my load. James began breathing faster, he was about to cum too. I yelled out a moan and forced my dick the farthest in Thomas’ ass I could and shot my load. I looked up and saw James’ hand having Thomas’ head forced all the way over his cock as he shot his load down Thomas’ throat.

James and I had both just had amazing orgasms. Thomas looked worn out, but loved every minute of the fun.

Our breathing finally came to a regular pace again as we all sat there with our dicks still hard and ready to go.

“Damn I’m glad we decided to stay here for spring break”, I said. James and Thomas just glanced at me and smiled.

And this was only day 1 of our spring break at home together...

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2012-09-27 04:31:16
Damm i love suckin dick:)

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2012-03-24 18:34:00
Awesome story I love sucking and fucking my younger brother and he loves it too but sometimes that tight little ass dosent do it for me so I wind up fucking my sisters ass while my brother fucks her pussy god it's fucking amazing when I can feel our two cocks rubbing through her skin that makes me cum so fast!

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2012-01-29 16:29:59
you need to write more.. pls

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2011-12-04 10:52:22
I've fucked quite a few assholes, but most of them are too tight for the large mushroom head of my dick, and squeeze my dick too tightly so that I don't really cum freely the way I like to.

I much prefer having my dick sucked by a boy or man with a hot, large, juicy mouth, who take it all the way in their throat. I like to hold the back of their heads and fuck their beautiful lips and face and then cum deep in their throats.

It's too bad that boys are against the law. When I was a boy I loved to suck off men, and was never forced to do it. I just did it naturally because I loved the sensation.... But that was years ago, before asexual hypocrites passed all the current sex laws and persuaded stupid people that youngsters have no sex urges until they reach 18... Stupid! Believe me when I tell you that the super rich of this world don't obey any sex laws and get away with doing anything they want to of a sexual nature as long as they use a little common sense....


2011-11-29 00:47:08
Good story bud , Got me hard and wanking

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