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One of my first stories. My daughter is dating an Italian guy, and I figured I'd make a story about him. He thinks it's hilarious that he's famous now. Please post constructive criticism for me please. Thanks, and enjoy!
The summer that year was hot, hot enough for Val to roll down the windows of the old truck. There were three of them, Val, Benny, and Nico. They were all Italian and single, and were fairly good looking.

Val was muscular, with salt-and-pepper hair, in his mid fifties. He had a small potbelly from drinking too much. Benny was lean, with light brown hair and was shorter then Val, but denser somehow. He was forty-two, and condsidered himself nineteen.

Nico was by far the most handsome, with a nice tan and short-cropped black hair with a slight curl to it at the ends. He was only twenty, and he was the front, which meant he "sweettalked" the customers they got.
They were anything they wanted to be: painters, carpenters, stoneworkers, anything. Today they were stoneworkers, because some rich lady needed her stone wall fixed and her rear patio extended, simple jobs.


We were driving along at a little better then fifty miles an hour when Val slams on the brakes and turns into a driveway. Val is the worst driver of all of us, and I am the second worst. Benny usually drives, but he was tired today, and slept through the drive.

I was about to get out of the car when I saw her, and she stopped my heart for a brief instant. She was lying down on a hammock in the shade, reading a book that must be very difficult, because she is muttering the words to herself. The first thing that struck me was her beautiful, glossy, dark-brown hair, which cascaded down over one shoulder, leaving one side of her vunerable neck bare. The second thing was that she was speaking Italian, my native tongue. The words were clumsy, with a slightly exaggerated accent, but her voice was sweet and clear.

When she saw the truck pulling into the driveway, she stopped reading her book aloud and put it down. When she stood up, I saw what a beautiful girl she was, with full, ripe breasts and slim hips. Her face was refreshingly deviod of makeup, and she wore a white t-shirt tied in the middle of her belly with a knot, and jeans rolled up to the knee, exposing her porcelain white skin.

She shaded her eyes and smiled. It was a beautiful smile, and she walked over to us, extending her hand
in greeting. "Hi," she said, shaking Val's hand, who seemed just as startled as I was. Then she shook Benny's, who always took everything in stride, and finally mine. Her hands were soft, and small, and they felt wonderful in my calloused palm.

"My mom's inside, let me go get her," she said, jogging to the door. All three of us watched her slim hips roll with each step she took, and ogled her breasts when they bounced with each step. We started advancing slowly towards the house, Val and I still in shock.

"God, she's beautiful," said Val, still open-mouthed. I echoed this in Italian, my hand still tingling where she touched it. Benny elbowed him when her mother came out, and stuck out her hand.

"Hi guys," the mother said. She was pretty, in an older womanish kind of way, but not nearly as beautiful as her daughter. I glanced at the house and saw the girl peering through the screen door at us.
The woman introduced herself as Sarah, and her daugher as Sophia. We followed her to the back-yard, and I barely listened to her prattle about how she wanted the wall done. All I noticed was the angel of loveliness back on the hammock, lisping to herself.

Sarah caught me looking. "Oh yes, she's so excited you came. When I found out you guys were Italian, I told her, because she's been taking Foreign Languages in school," she said, and her eyes twinkled in a way that let me know she knew I was stunned by her. I had a feeling she enjoyed springing her daughted on unsuspecting men like us, and watching the reaction.

We made small talk for a few minutes, until Benny started making noises about how the day was getting away from us, so Val and I started to work. Somehow, I managed to wrestle the prize of doing the back patio, in full view of Sophia, away from Val, and began mixing concrete, looking every so often over at her.
I had been working for almost an hour, when I felt a pair of eyes on my back. I half turned, and saw Sophia watching me intently, that beautiful smile on her face. Turning back to work, I strained my ears for the smallest sound of her shifting around to get out of the hammock. I heard her jump to the ground, and walk over slowly. My heart pounding, my mouth dry as a desert, I turned again and waved a little, to let her know I was watching.

She walked behind me, and sat in the chair on the patio. Up close, I could see she really was an angel, with soft, white skin and a few freckles smattered across her nose.
"Hi. Your name is Nico, right?" she asked me, and for a heart stopping second I couldn't think of an answer.

"Yes," was all I could think of to say, and then said, "And your name is Sophia. That is a beautiful name. My mother shares it." She giggles, and it sounds like a flute to my ears.

"So I remind you of your mother?" she asked, still giggling. I laughed.

"No, Seniora. Your name does, but my mother was, and still is, a hard-faced woman."

Sophia smiles again, and starts playing with a rock, bouncing it on her palm. "Was that Italian I heard you reading when we came here?" I ask. Finally, an intelligent question!

The pebble bounces away and she blushes. "Oh, so you heard me. Yeah, it is. Italian is kinda hard for me to read, so I read it aloud."

"Can you speak it?" I ask, thanking God for another intelligent question. She shrugs.

"Sort of. I can understand it pretty well, but only if the person I am talking to talks slowly," She laughs. "But it's such a romantic language." She picks up the pebble again and starts bouncing it.

"Can you understand me?" I ask in Italian, speaking slowly and rolling each word around in my mouth before saying it. She laughes again, such a sweet, innocent laugh.

"Si, Senor. I can understand you," she says in Italian. We carry on like this for a while, me asking simple questions and getting simple answers. Her Italian is beautiful, she speaks it slowly but perfectly.

This moment is broken by Sarah coming out with lemonade, and she gives a glass to me. I thank her, and she moves on. After drinking the lemonade, I get back to work, continuing to ask Sophia questions.

, I ask her what book she was reading. She gets up, gives me a lovely view of her full breasts, and goes over to her hammock to get the book. She comes back and shows me it. It is an Italian version of Robin Hood, and I ask her to read it to me. She blushes deeply, and starts reading. No matter the faults in her speech, her voice is that of an angel, and when she stops for the end of the chapter I look up, leaning against my shovel.

"You Italian is beautiful, Seniora Sophia. Where do you learn it?"

"At school. I wish they would skip the grammatical lessons though, and just teach us the language. I mean, I can't speak any of the romantic bits I wanted to learn." As soon as she says this she flushes scarlet. I can tell she is unfomfortable, so I laugh.

"Ah, Seniora, that is the fault of teaching other languages. You cannot cater to one student. Here, let me see that book." She gives me the book, and our hands touch for a brief instant. I flip though it, and find the "romanitc bit" that she was speaking of. After I read it, I throw back my head and laugh.

"Seniora, this book is too old for you," I say, and give it back.

"No, it isn't," she says, her forehead knotting.

"Oh really, Seniora? How old are you, then?" She blushes.

"Seventeen. I'll be eighteen in seven months." Sophia seems eager to instill she is old enough to be reading "romantic bits" in the book, and I smile.

"Seniora, you read beautifully. Your right, seventeen is no child. But I am suprised your parents allow you to read this," She ducks her head.

"Well, they know it's educational. I have to read it with my class anyway, so they don't mind me reading it at home."

This goes on, until I notice the sun is slipping behind the hill, and the rear patio is finished. Benny and Val, who have been listening to her read, had finished with the wall. I realize that I will never see this angel of loveliness again unless I do something, so I excuse myself and go to find Sarah.

I find her in her garden, planting sweet potatoes. She looks up, and smiles at me. "Oh, hi Nico. Sophia isn't giving you any trouble, is she?"

"No, Seniora. I have a question to ask of you. Your daughter reads Italian wonderfully, and she would be such a help on our jobs on hot days. I was wondering if she could come with us tomorrow. We have a long day, and if she could come it would be a great help.

To my suprise, she smiles. "Sure. It'll get her out of the house tomorrow, and besides, I could use the rest, to tell you the truth." I am elated and she sees it. "Go ahead and tell her. I'm sure you two have been scheming all afternoon."

I go and tell Benny and Val, first and they have that familiar look in their eye that lets me know they are thinking all sorts of lewd thoughts about Sophia. Afterwards, I tell Sophia. She sounds delighted.

"Oh, dear, I'm so nervous. What should I wear?"

"Something pretty, Seniora Sophia, to ease my eyes from these ugly louts I call my relatives." Benny comes up behind me and thumps a joking hand on my shoulder.

"Mmm, ugly louts, eh? Better load up the equipment, ugly lout, before I get annoyed." Sophia laughs, and it is this melodious laugh that I cling to when we leave.
The next day, early, we go and pick Sophia up. She is sitting out front, and once again I am startled at her loveliness. Yesterday I saw her relaxing at home, and thought she was perfect. Now she is actually trying to look good, and I am thrown. I am also touched that she would try and look pretty for me and the boys. She is wearing a ruffley tan skirt, with roses on them, knee socks, and a tight blouse.

"Hi, Nico. Hi Benny, hi Val." She shakes our hands again, and turns and waves at the window. Her mother is watching, so I restrain myself and instead, open the car door for her.

"Excuse me, Seniora Sophia, but the backseat is small for the two of us. Pardon me if I accidentially touch you." She blushes and laughs a little.

The backseat is small, and I am grateful to see that our knees are touching. I put an arm around the headrest, but my hand is inches away from her shoulder. She takes out a book, and I see it is the same book from yesterday.

"Ah, Seniora, do this for me," I say. "Answer my questions, and then do me a favor." She smiles self-consciously, and nods.

I start stroking the soft white hand that is on her knee, and I feel her relax.

"Have you ever had a...What is it you Americans call it...A boyfriend?" She colors deeply now, and I can feel the heat coming off of her in the enclosed space.

"No...Not really." I raise my eyebrows. She giggles nervously. "Well, one. But...He was a bad choice, and I'd like to forget him."

"A bad choice?" I ask, still stroking her hand.

"Yes. He was very...demanding. Always pushing me everyday, to do...Well, you know." I can see she is blushing again, so I start stroking her forearm.

She seems very far away, and is looking out the window. "His name was George. He was Mexican. I just loved his accent. I thought he was the most wonderful boy in the world. But it turned out he was just a pimp." She spits out the last word and I can feel her tense up like an angry cat.

"Shh, Seniora, relax. Answer this question." My voice is now soft, and low. My mouth is inches from her ear, and I know she can feel my warm breath.

"Did you love him?" I ask, my hand now on her leg. I can almost hear her pounding heart.

She gazes out the window some more, and I feel her trembling. "I thought I did," she says softly. "But it turned out he just pretended, that all he wanted was an easy girl." She sniffs, and I can see her eyes are wet with tears. Her eyelashes catch the first drops like a spiderweb, but they spill out onto her cheek.

"Relax, Seniora. Shh." I wipe the tears away. She sniffs again. I tilt her chin with my hand, and look full into those beautiful eyes. She wants to trust, I can see, but there is something she isn't telling me. I have a feeling George finally pressured her enough, and tried to pimp her out. Something broke that vunerable trust in her eyes, snapped it, like a dead twig.

My voice is nothing more then a breath. "Tell me something, Seniora. Have you ever kissed someone?" Her eyes light up, and I feel her trembling again.

"N-n-o. Well, George always kissed me, but I never..." Her voice fades away.

"Kissed him back?" I ask, nuzzling her cheek. She nods her head still trembling.

"And now, Seniora. The favor. My relatives up there," I gesture towards the front seat where Val and Benny are watching with rapt attention. "Have said that I cannot catch a kiss of a beautiful woman. Don't let me be put to shame, Seniora."

I tilt her chin again, our lips close together. She closes her eyes and kisses me, softly, sweetly. I can taste her sweetness on her lips, and she moans softly into my mouth. She parts her mouth a little bit, and we kiss passionately, our tongues swirling together.

My hand that has been stroking her leg starts to inch up her skirt. She shifts in her seat, spreading her legs slightly. I break the kiss, and kiss her soft neck.

"Seniora, do not play around. You cannot tell me that you have not kissed a man before, you're too good at it." I feel her relax some more, and her legs spread apart a little bit more.

"No. That was my first time." She leans back in her seat and spreads her legs wider. My hand glides up to the fabric of her delicate panties, and she gasps.

"Ah. It was beginners luck, then. Kiss me again, and I will see if you are as good as the first time." I kiss her again and she kisses me back with more force now. I feel her run her hand through my hair, and she moans again as I brush her panties again with my hand.

She scoots closer to me, and I pull aside her panties gently, and with my fingers I feel the slippery slickness that her juices have made. With one finger I circle the sensitive little bud at the top of her slit, and she gasps whenever I touch it. My other fingers explore her warm pussy, nestling themselves in the folds of her labia. Sophia starts to breathe quickly now, her chest heaving. I see her hips grinding into the seat, and I know it is coming. I feel her tense, and my first finger brushes her clit again, and she gives a muffled scream. I feel her bucking under my still working fingers, and she throws herself foreword. A gush of woman's juices flood my fingers, and I kiss her again, and this time I can taste her surprise at the orgasm.
I can feel her winding down now, and her bucking subsides. She closes her eyes and pants, and I kiss my way to her ear.

"Oh, God, Nico!" She says, her hand running through my hair again. "No one has ever done that for me. Thank you."

"Mmm, Sophia, thank you. I take pleasure in knowing that you liked it." I kiss her neck, and she moans.
She notices we're no longer moving, and Benny and Val are no longer staring agog at us in the front seat. We are parked at a motel, and I think they have gone ahead to buy us a room. I had planned to at least kiss her on the ride here, but I didn't expect her to be so willing and meek.

"Where did Val and Benny go?" She asks, looking around. As if on cue, they open the door and toss me a room key.
"Go on, lovebirds," Laughs Val, watching Sophia blush. "And I envy you, Nico." I get out of the car and Sophia tried to follow but falls back, laughing.

"Oh, God, Nico, I can't stand! You've made me go all weak." I laugh and carry her to the room.
As we get through the door, I lock it and we start kissing again. "Amore mio, you are beautiful," I say, my hands feeling the supple cheeks of her buttocks. She puts her arms around my neck and kisses me back. I maneuver her over to the bed, and I gently push her down.

"Now, amore mio, let the fun begin." I slowly unbutton her blouse, and she lays back, and closes her eyes, waiting patiently. The blouse opens to reveal a lacy white bra with straps that open in front. I unhook it, and take her blouse off, along with her bra.

The skirt is easy, it has kind of a drawstring that unties and makes it loose enough to slide right off. Her panties, soaked from her earlier orgasm, come off as well, and when I take off her socks and shoes, Sophia is totally naked, and lies there, her white body the very picture of submission, waiting for anything I wanted to do. I start with her vunerable neck and kiss my way down to her right breast. I take it in my mouth and nibble softly on the nipple, and she moans and squirms on the bed. I play with her other breast with my hand, pulling on the nipple and squeezing it, eliciting other moans from her. I kiss my way to her navel, and she jerks. I suppose she is ticklish there, and I stroke her thighs to relax her.

Slowly, I work my way down to her beautiful pussy, and begin kissing the inside of her thighs. She's really squirming now, and I blow softly on her pussy, watching the pearly slickness gather. Quick as lightning, I flick my tongue between her lips and she moans and presses my head in between her thighs with her hands. I tease her a little, sucking on everything but the nubile little button at the top. She starts squirming more, and I slowly insert one of my fingers up to the second knuckle in her willing pussy. My mouth finds her clit, and I lick all around it before settling on the sensitive nub. I feel her tensing up again, and I push my finger in a little more, and put another finger in, and she starts bucking. For the second time that day, an orgasm grips her and she trembles as it shakes its way through her system.

I take my fingers out and let her cool down for a moment, and just look at her. I have many women in this spot, desperate for release, still shaking from the orgasm that just shattered her mind. However, she is more beautiful then any woman I have seen, and she is entirely at my disposal. She opens her eyes and I can see that she is eager for more.

"Are you ready, amore mio?" I ask, nuzzling her neck. She turns to me and starts to unbutton my shirt. "No, no, Sophia, allow me." I unbutton my shirt and take off my undershirt. I unzip my pants and reveal and sizeable lump in my boxers.

"Tesoro, try to relax. It will not hurt." I step out of my boxers and rub the head of my cock against her warm pussy, and she moans again. I insert a few inches of my cock into the warm folds of her pussy, and wait to see her reaction. She bites her lip, trying to relax, and I kiss her sweetly, and as she relaxes my cock slides in another inch.

I go slowly, fighting the urge to wildly plunge in and have my way with her. After a few moments, my cock is buried in her innocent pussy, and she is humping me back now, the pain has vanished. I withdraw slowly, almost to the tip, and push myself back in with the same speed. Her eyes are closed again and her lips are parted. I watch her breasts bounce with every thrust, and I take one in each hand, rolling it in my palm.
We go slowly for some minutes, thrust for thrust, and I feel the tension building in my core. She is increasing the speed now, and we go faster until I can't take it any longer and unload my seed into her young pussy. She comes shortly afterward, and I feel her pussy spasming around my cock. We roll over on the bed, sticky from our lovemaking, and I feel her breath slowing down, her heart beat settling. She turns to face me, and smiles that perfect smile.

"Your fantastic, Nico. Thank you," I kiss her in reply.
She snuggles next to me, curling up against me, and she drifts off. I lay there for a while, dreaming of this beautiful girl who is now mine.

When Benny and Val come back, some two hours later, I am awake, and buttoning my shirt. I open the door, and Benny and Val look at Sophia asleep in the bed, naked except for a thin sheet that conceals all but half of one breast. Benny smiles.

"How was she?" He asks, sitting on the bed and stroking her sleeping form.

"Better then all of your previous lovers combined," I say, pulling on my pants. Val whistles softly.

"That good, eh?" Val says, watching Benny run his hands up and down the naked beauty. I nod, also watching Benny.

Val goes over to join Benny on the bed, and he strokes her creamy shoulder. Benny pulls back the sheet, and admires her slumbering form. He fondles one breast, and plays with her nipple with his thumb.

Sophia opens her eyes sleepily, and starts when she sees Benny and Val.

"Shh, Sophia. Relax." Benny purrs to her, still stroking her breast. Val has gone around behind her and is busy inspecting her plump ass. Sophia twists, trying to see me, but I make no move towards her. I have always shared my lovers with my friends, and they must know she is no different, but it makes my stomach churn when I see Val kissing her neck.

Benny puts his mouth on her nipple, and she moans, gyrating her hips slightly. Val is murmuring Italian in her ear and fondling her ass cheeks. I see her relax, slowly, when she sees I am comfortable (or appear to be) with the fact that they are groping her. She gives a little squeal as Benny bites down on her nipple. I watch as she runs her hands through his hair, moaning, just like she did to me not so long ago.

Val has had enough of her ass, and is playing with her pussy now, teasing her, blowing on her thighs and licking her mound. He parts her folds with his hand and buries his tongue in her labia, sipping her sweet nectar. Sophia moans and wriggles on the sheets, trying to insert more of Val's tongue into her pussy. After a few moments, he grows tired of teasing her, and sucks hard on her sensitive clit. She gasps, pressing his head hard against her womanhood, wanting more.

He unzips his fly, fumbling a little in his haste, and withdraws his cock. He gives her wet pussy another few licks, to moisten her even further, and slowly but steadily puts his cock in her inviting pussy. She pumps her hips, ready for anything now, and Val starts humping her rhythmically, firm but not rough.

Benny plays with her face, now, drawing patterns on her eyelids, her lips, her cheeks. He pulls his dick out of his pants, and rubs it against her lips. After a brief hesitation, she accepts his parcel into her mouth, more then half of his sizeable length. He grunts, trying to stuff more of him into her mouth, and she starts bobbing her head on his dick, and he moans.

Val has waited all day for this opportunity, and he can't wait much longer. He grunts as he pumps his seed into her, what seems to be gallons of sperm. Benny, seeing that her pussy is now vacant, pulls his dick out of her mouth and puts it in her pussy.

He lasts only for a short time, the tightness of her young pussy too much for him, adds his seed to the bucketful already inside her. Val is suckling on her breasts, playing with her, making her moan and clench her pussy muscles around Benny's spasming cock.

The three of them wait for a minute, lying there, breathing heavily. Benny is the first to get up, stretch, and sit down. Val stays for a few moments, kissing her, playing with her breast. She enjoys is, I can tell. Sophia accepts Benny, but prefers me and Val, I can tell. She wants to feel safe, and secure, and loved. By staying next to her for a few minutes, Val has increased her love for him, and he knows it.


It has been three days since I slept with Sophia, and I am anxious. I call her house, getting her phone number from the phonebook, and a male voice answers me.

"Hello, this is the Carter residence. May I ask who is calling?"

"Yes, this is Nico. Is Sophia there?"

There is a short pause, and I hear a muffled noise in the background.

"Yes, she is, but she is very busy at the moment. Can I take a message?"

I swallow hard, and play with the phone cord.

"Can you ask her mother if she is available tomorrow to come and read to us? We have missed her these few days."

"Uh, yes, she'll be here tomorrow. I'm Tony, by the way, Sophia's father."

"Oh, nice to meet you. So we can come pick Sophia up tomorrow morning?"

"Oh, by all means."

I wipe the sweat from my forehead.

"Thank you, Senor Carter."

"Bye now."

I hang up the phone and laugh with Val at how nervous I sounded.

We arrive early the next morning, and I knock on the door. A well-dressed, starched-shirt businessman answers the door. He smiles, introduces himself again, and pushes Sophia out the door. I notice she is limping, and she does not smile at me when I walk her out to the car.

"Sophia, what is wrong?" I ask, concerned. She shakes her head, biting her lip, and glances towards the house. Her father is watching from the door, arms folded, a frown on his face.

I open the car door for her, and she scoots in beside Val. I get in, and close the door. Val insisted on sitting in the backseat with us, saying that Sophia can lay across both our laps. She does this, her head in my lap and her long, shapely legs in Val's. I notice her wincing as she stretches out on her back.

"Seniora, tell me what is wrong," I say, stroking her cheek. Her eyes fill with tears, and she winces again.

"I don't think...I mean...Maybe we shouldn't..." She mumbles, dropping her eyes. Val and I share a look. She is in pain, and she won't tell us.

"Flip her over." Says Val, and Sophia actually starts struggling. I take both of her slender wrists in my hand, and Val and I flip her over, hiking up her skirt.

Under her skirt in a pair of lacy yellow panties, and around these is nothing but solid bruises. Val makes an incoherent snarling noise, and gently pulls aside her panties. There are nicks and cuts, some of which are still oozing blood. With his thumb, Val softly wipes away the blood, and Sophia hisses in pain.

"Seniora, who did this to you?" Growls Val, pushing her panties down to her ankles. She shakes her head, fighting back tears. I am horrified. Who could stand to mutilate such a beautiful woman?

"Sophia, you must tell us." I cup her chin in my hand, and I see the answer in her eyes. "It's your father, isn't it?" I ask softly. She nods, and bursts into tears. Val thumps the window with his hand, and I see he is angry. Val is very slow to anger, but when he is, he becomes a demon.

Benny stops at a convenience store and buys a bag of ice. Sophia awkwardly holds it to her sore ass, and she sniffles into my jeans. I murmur Italian into her ear, and tell Benny to take her to our place. I wish I could keep her there, where she is safe, but the law forbids me to do this. There has to be some way to keep her safe.

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