I wanna play......
Let me tell ya bout this cousin of mine. He was the son of my aunt and uncle, who were taking care of me. I was givin' the room upstairs, a loft of sorts. My Cousin was 15 at the time, and I was 6.

One night as I lay there and tried to sleep, I heard someone come up the steps. I sat up and looked to see who it was. My cousin was leaning against the door, just lookin at me. I asked what he needed, he didn't answer. He came over to my bed and sat on the edge. He told me, "I want to show you a new game, I promise you will like it. I will do it to you, then you can do the same thing back to me ok?" I thought, ok, he was my hero so I knew he wouldn't hurt me.

He sat back and told me to pull the covers off me and show him my undies. So I did, wondering just what he was up to. He told me that "when he is done, I had to do the same to him for as long as he did it to me". OK, this might be fun I thought. He had me lay back w/ my head propped up on the pillow so he could see my face.

He began to reach for my shorts and I stopped him, "let me" I said. I pulled down my shorts to reveal my he-man underwear. "That is so cute, I love the undies" he told me. I laid back and kissed me on the knees and the thighs. Then he reached up and pulled softly on the elastic band of my undies, further and further. Then when he had them down around my ankles he asked if I wanted them all the way off, "sure" I answered. He pulled them off and put them in his pocket saying he wanted to keep them.

He leaned down and asked if I was ready for the best feeling in the world, and I said yeah. He leaned down and his warm breath and my wee-wee felt great already. Then he stuck his tounge out and licked at the top where my pee comes out, and it felt sooooo good. He looked up at me as he began to lick all the way down and around my little nuts. "MMMMMMMM", I said, knowing this was going to be great. He looked up one last time and smiled at me, then he took my whole pee-pee into his mouth and started to suck on it. Up and down, down and up he went. I just loved it from the start, "why wasn't I showed this sooner?" I thought.

He was licking and sucking all of me, he even put my tiny little nuts into his mouth with my little pee-pee. I was on cloud nine, loving every second. Wishing he would never stop, I asked him to keep going. He just looked up into my eyes and smiled, w/ my kiddie cock in his mouth. He sucked for a month it felt like. He then leaned up with some spit on his chin and asked me, "well, did you like it?" "Oh yeas very much so!" I responded. He laid down next to me and asked if I was "ready to give him the same thing?" Ok, I said.

He pulled down his sweat pants to show that he wore some boxers, right then I could see this big thing pushing on the fabric of his boxers, it looked so big inside his underwear. He put his hand on the back of my head, pulling gently he said, "don't be afraid, it's not that big." I leaned over and pulled the opening of his shorts to one side and his cocke popped out at me. Wow, I thought, it's huge! He said that one day my would be that big too. I looked up at him w/ a look that asked if it was time to start and shook his head yes.

I went down and kissed his cock on the side, then stuck my tounge out and likced it right around the swollen thing at the top. It was salty tasting, and I liked it. I opened up my mouth and took as much as I could into my tiny mouth and sucked away, slobbering all over his huge cock. He put his hand on my head and pushed ever so gently. I took him out of my mouth and started to lick his nuts, he shaved I guess because he was as bald as me down there. Oooooohhhhh, it tasted soooo good!!!!!

He finally pulled me up and said we had to stop for now, but if I never tell about this, we could do it again real soon. I loved it and wanted to do it more so I knew I could nver tell. And I didn't untill now.

We didn't get to taste each other again for 2 or 3 years but when we did it was soooooo great, but that's another story. Keep looking and you might find it.

More to come................................................

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My daughter was a litlte over two when she finally started using the potty. We made a sticker chart and put it on the bathroom wall. She picked which sticker she wanted and she placed it on her chart. We used litlte hearts for pee-pee and stars for poopy. She enjoyed the stickers and her big brother who did not need any assistance when he was potty training got jealous and wanted a chart too. You should recognize though that children will take to using the potty when the time is right for them. My son was 3 1/2. We started the process last summer so she could wear dresses easy access. Allow your daughter to pick out her own big girl panties this may encourage her not to make a mess in them. When you start do not go back and forth between diapers and panties it is confusing for her. My daughter does however still wear a pull-up at night. One more thing that may have made a difference. She is in daycare so she saw her big bother get rewarded for potty training but she also saw how pro

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Can you check my essay's grammar plseae?I'm simply horrible when it comes to grammar. I edited this multiple times and is due in 2 hours, i just need to check if there are any simple grammar mistakes, don't check content. Please hurry.Thanks!!~~~~~~~~~~~Jonathan SabouryA Threat to the Word: ExtremismMany would agree that extremism is a negative and even a dangerous thing. However, no one see’s themselves as an extremist, they are just right. Take for example a Christian disapproving of a Muslim because they are “blind, extremist, and/or close minded”. However, the Muslim can say the exact same thing to the Christian. In reality, both are blind, extremists, and/or close minded. However, how can this pose a threat to the society or the world in general? It is because of this extremism that people become blind that there are multiple ways to look at things an/or they are right and everyone else is wrong. This creates people who want to help a certain cause no matter how immoral it

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Wow. Absolutely great. Young story done elegantly simple. Great job.

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