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Girl gets black mailed into lesbian actions
First errotic story I have ever wrote in my life, I love reading them so thought I'd tribute mine, don't be too harsh!

Just enjoy :)

"Get down on the floor and suck my clit, you're my bitch now" She said in a cool calm way.

"You can't be serious?" I question her, puzzled as to why she called me to this dinner.

"Oh I am, if you don't get on the floor and lick my cunt right now, I'll call your parents and tell them just what a cam whore their 18 year old daughter has become." She takes out her phone and shows me my parents number on her mobile.

"Now do I press dial?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

Without another thought I drop my napkin on the floor and get under the table, there I find her legs wide open, not wearing any panties under her short dress. She rubs her clit, then gets her two fingers and spreads her lips. I go stright in there not really knowing what to do never having touched a girl before. I lick on her clit with my tongue, and then start long licks up and down her cunt. She puts her hands on my head making me go deep into her cunt with my tongue.

"Mmm that feels good, you're a good bitch."

"Are you ready to order miss?" I hear a male voice.

"Mmmm Yes, my friend got a bit hungry and is stuck on her knees. Do you mind helping her get up?" I start to panic, she keeps her hand on my head until he looks under the table, when she lets go and I look straight at him with her juices all over my face. He looks shocked but calmy offers my hand and pics up the napkin, handing it over to me. I wipe my face and get back on my chair. I can feel my cheeks getting redder over the embarrassment that has just happend.

"That kind of act is not welcome in this restaurant." He whispered so that the other customers did not look over. "Is your head ok?" He said, now in a normal voice "I suggset you be more careful when you pick up a napkin" acting as if I bumped my head on the table.

"My head is fine thank you, how silly of me to bump my head like that" I play along still blushing. The woman starts to write something down and gives it to the waiter.

"Yes silly you love, I'll have the rump steak please." She winks at me. "What you having?"

"I'll have the fish and chips please." I hand him back my menu. As he went away I noticed he had a buldge in his groin area. He must have noticed too as he put the menus over to cover it.

"Well that was interesting wasn't it?" She said with a little laugh.

"That was too close for my liking" I said in a stern voice.

"Hey chick I'm the one with pics of you, and your parents number. Don't you be getting cheeky with me. You do as I say, got it? Anyway from what I saw from him, he liked it, you see the bulge in his pants?" She went from stern to nearly like a school girl in seconds. Seemed excited that she manged to get him excited.

"Yes I noticed his pants." She looked at me waiting for more.

"What?" I look back confused.

"Look I own you, you do as I say when I say it. And I want you to do it with a 'yes Miss'."

"Yes... Miss." I stuttered not used to this new way of speaking to a person.

The waiter came back with our food and placed it on the table.

"Anything else I can get for you ladies?".

"Mmm you thought of anything to the note I gave you?" She said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Yes Madam," He passes her a piece of paper, then makes his way back to the front doors meeting the next two customers.

"Well looks like we made a new play mate." She says while winking at me, showing the piece of paper he just gave her.

*Yes I liked what I saw, your room after my shift cya then*

"So what size boobs you have?" She just blurts out while digging into her rump steak.

"You don't half cover them up, we'll have to go shopping get you to show your figure more."

"I'm a 32b. Show my figure more? Like you? You've nearly got your boobs out of that dress!" She had large breasts and was wearing the shortest red dress that struggled too keep her breasts in, and from under the table it was very short and proberly only just covered her arse when she stood up.

"And I look fab, the waiter couldn't keep his eyes from my chest till he saw my juices around your face." I felt my face going redder as she said it.

"You've got a pretty face and I bet a loverly body under all those clothes." I was wearing a blouse with the buttons done up except at the top, and a long skirt that covered my legs.

"Dunno why you're so embarassed, that waiter would have been turned on with any lesbian stuff. Most guys love the thought."

"Its inappropriate behaviour!.. There's a time and a place and its not under a table in a busy resturant!"

"I bet it got you hot and wet though, it's the excitement of it all, the being caught, and if you carry on talking to me like I'm a piece of shit on your shoe, I'll make you do stuff that isn't so fun, now say sorry." I knew she wasn't bluffing she could get me to do anything with thoes pictures, I'm going to have to find away to get them off her.


"Sorry what?". I looked at her puzzled then it hit me.
"I'm Sorry Miss."

"Good you're learning, if you keep forgetting I'm gonna have to teach you that too."
She slips her foot out of her shoe lifts my skirt up and she pats my knees motioning me to spead. I pull my legs apart and feel her foot go close to my panties feeling the top and going slowly down massaging my clit with her big toe. I bite on to my lower lip, trying not to make a noise or let her see that she is pleasuring me. I cannot let her have that satisfaction. My hands touch her foot.

"Hands above the table please, there's a good slut, I knew that would turn you on, you've dreanched your panties, you love the thought of being caught."

I put my elbows on the table and start scrunching and unscrunching a napkin with the way she was playing with me.

"Naughty, didn't anyone tell you its bad manners for elbows on the table?"

"Sorry Miss". I take my elbows off the table, and lean forward.

"Have you finished?" The waiter came back.

"Yes thank you, that was a loverly meal compliments to the chef..Do you agree?" I nod clutching on to the napkin.

"Yes very nice thank you" with a sigh of relief as she takes her foot away. He takes the food away. She gets up, pays the bill and whispers in my ear handing me a mobile "Keep this on you at all times, if you don't answer within 10 minutes I'm contacting your parents, you're mine now bitch, and I'll play with you as I wish." She full-on snogs me in the middle of the resturant and gropes one of my boobs. She leaves giving them a tip and blows me a kiss before she's gone.

Everyone in the resturant is just looking at me, I pay my bill, grab my coat, and leave looking rather embarassed.

... To be .. Continued :).

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2010-12-16 06:17:47
its hard not to get hard, very arousing I must say - when's parts 2 ?

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2010-12-03 21:28:41
my girlfriend once did that to me. its hard to keep a straight face. good story


2010-11-19 17:44:22
can't wait for the rest....very hot

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2010-11-18 05:58:49
wow....can't wait for the next instalment!!

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