This story takes places in a world where demons and some times angels walk side by side with human.
Welcome to the Incubus house where pleasure is inevitable. That is if you survive the night.

Here she was again standing out side of the ‘Incubus house of pleasure’ at twelve o’clock at night. Not sure if her heart could take any more of her two lovers. It wasn’t the pleasure they give her that made her like this, no it was the knowledge that they didn’t love her as she love them, that they had no feelings for her outside of the bed room. That was what hart her, but it never stopped her from coming back to them every night.
Walking inside the house Bee welcomed the smell of sex letting it add on to her own desirer. Her body heated up with excitement her pussy wetting her panties making them almost dampened as she stop at their door.
Inside laying naked side by side where her two greatest lovers Radon and Aden like all the incubi they had no body hair only the violet hair on there head, there skin had no humanly coloring yet they had the hared body shape of a human, the only things that gave them a way as demons where there tails that had a smooth ball at its end, Bee shivered at the thought of what that ball had did last time.
“Take off your clothing my little queen Bee” Aden dark erotic voice said forever the dominator in their little game of seduction. Shivers of delight played up and down her body hardening her nipples.
Taking off her jacket Bee watched as Radon came to stand behind her the heat of his body touching her right be for his lips made contacted with her neck, a whisper of a moan escaped her as electric heat shot up and down her body stopping only at her aching pussy making it throbbing and wetting more.
“Don’t stop, keep taking it off.” Aden said again his hand going to his hard cock. Bee took off her shirt as she watched Aden play with himself, his brown eyes hot with passion.
“Ooh, Radon.” his hand where at her breast as soon as her shirt hit the floor he squeezed and rubbed her nipples, she was so hot, so hot and needy right now. Radon moved the ball of his tail to her clit and slowly slid it back and forth Bee’s body grow greedy for more, she always wanted more.
“On your knees.” Bee didn’t know how she or Radon came to be on the floor next to the bed, then again she really didn’t give a fuck at the moment either. Radon was behind her plus Aden who came over to stand in front of her stroked his self harder. “Tell me baby, tell us where you what Radon to fuck you.”
Mind in bliss, body sensitive and aching Bee licked her lips before answering him with air that wasn’t even in her lungs yet. “P-pussy.” another lick of her lips. “Fuck me in the pussy, with your tail.” Out side of the bed room she would have never said such words, it had been a time when she hadn’t even said it there but here with them she felt like she could do anything be anything.
“You heard our little queen, tail fuck her.” Having the words spoken barely stopped her from crying out in surprise when he entered her, his tail pushed deep within her pussy her inner muscle trying to push him out only to have him push deeper.
Bee moan long and hared the feel of him forcing his way in and out of her body was mind blowing. Moving her hips to meet with his thrust, Radon moaned into his throat while his sensitive tail moving inside of Bee’s wet pussy, he know she was about to cum but didn’t let that stop him from taking her over a humans ‘orgasms’ and giving her a demonic-climax something that made them see, taste, and feel, pleasure. This was the kind of climax that not only filled the one having it but the ones around them as will as feed the Incubus giving it.
Bee climaxed with a scream, her body shaking, mind in a whole anther world.
With out wasting any time Aden got on his knees making her come eye to eye with his cock his pre-cum showing on its head. “lick it off.” He demanded hitting her on the cheek with it Bee opened her mouth eagerly knowing his pleasure was her pleasure, with one good lick Bee took Aden’s dick into her wet and willing lips sucking and licking.
“Ah, that’s it baby deep throat that shit. . .ooh fuck.” Aden’s hand pushed into her dark hair then healed her there so he could pound in from an angle, Bee’s sweet lips tightened as she did that thing he loved with her tongue, hot fire shot up his cock then making his toes curl back.
Radon continued to fuck her with his tail letting his erection enter her tight little ass, they all groaned together there pleasure became a single energy that took them all over.
As they moved as one at a pace set only by self satisfaction, letting her head go Aden finely let her take control and slid her tongue across his balls making Aden suck in a breath.
“Ah . . . Blessed. . . Antichrist I’m going to cum.” The burning in her belly grow in them all, Bee who felt so full yet so empty rose her hips to Radon as a silent plea to go faster, harder, and so much deeper. As if he had hared every word Radon strokes became deeper his hip hit her harder making his balls smack against her ass. The pleasure/pain of his thrust added to the burning heat in her belly until it all just shot through her/them, Bee arched her back letting them come inside her.
The world stopped the energy that filled her was took away the world around her leaving only the ecstasy of the moment. . .
They fell to the ground exhausted from what felt like hours of love making, Radon laid on his side next to Bee, Aden sat leaning against the bed, there breath hard the only sound was there heart. Radon still had his tail in side her puss its prisons now becoming a little painful but she would never ask him to tack it out not when it felt so right.
A little over an hour later Bee walked out in to the cold air her hair blowing wildly through the wind. Bee wanted to cry, scream, and shout all at the same time, they had once again cast her a side like a dirty shirt to wear when they wanted to, like she was just suppose to be happy that they hadn’t taken her soul, how many other souls haven’t they taken? How many times had this gone on, how many times would she let it keep going?
“You looked troubled young lady. What’s on your mind.” A small voice side from behind her, Bee stopped just know releasing that she had been walking home, to pissed off may be not like it hasn’t happened before.
Turning around Bee spotted a old woman her back was hummed over, face saggy with old age, she had a black rob on her too skinny figure. “And by the look of the lines on your forehead they must be men problems.”
“Well yes, but how did you now-.” The old woman cut her off just by the wave of her hand. “I’ve see you waking in and out of that sex house many time girl hell when I was your age I had been in and out of there. But no let me guess what your down about . . . You’ve fell in love with one of the workers but they don’t love you back. . .”
Bee couldn’t believe it the old woman had sang her song as if it had been write on paper and laid out for the old bat to read, and Bee couldn’t denied it any longer she would most likely end up like this woman alone talking to stranger to comfort her self.
“Yes child I was like you if only I had had these apples when I was your age, I would have had him to my self for eternity but now-.” Her voice cut off as if that was enough said. Bee’s head snaped to the apples that know sat in her hands, was this what she needed to have her happly ever after, were apples some kind of love potion to demons are where this apples bespelled.
“May I have them then.” Bee looked at the old woman then the apples then at the old woman again then the apples, this was very familiar. . .Bee just couldn‘t put her finger on it. “Now I will give them to you, but know onec you give it to them they will never release you.” Bee’s thought went to ever time they made love to her how they had been on a live more then sex. . . well to her they did. Her thought went to how she wanted them to hold her through the night. . .
“And your sure it want kill them.” Bee said as she took the apples into her hands like they where glass and could break at any time. They where so perfected and fresh yet the woman was so old, how could that even be possible. “Yes, yes now I must go my bus is coming, goodbye little Bee.” The old lady ran to the corner of the side walk as a bus pulled up, giving one more wave the old women disappeared on to the bus.
Stuffing the apples in the pockets of her coat Bee walked off once again, it wasn’t until Bee made it home that she remembered. . .she had never told the old lady that she was in love with ‘Two’ men are that her name was Bee.
* * *
She had been a way for two weeks, longer then she had ever been and all she could think about was them, ‘where they thinking about her, had they moved on or had they even notes she wasn’t there’. The apples sat heavy in her coat, it almost seam to drag her down as she walked up the steps. When Bee finely mad it to there room her haert was beating wildly, her body didn’t seam to still, would they eat it or would they kill her, she had see it happen once before.
“Baby where have you been.” Radon said his deep voice awakening her inner sex kitten.
“Where’s Aden?” Bee looked all around the room then Aden was no where to be seen.
“He’ll be here soon . . .we’ve missed you little Bee.” Radon walked closer to Bee as his lips fell upon hers, the tast of his lips was like the sweetest of candy that made her want to have more, to eat him up just to have him in side of her forever.
There clothing fell off as if they were never on, with nothing holding back the heat of his body Bee fell ageinst his hard chest, one of Radon’s hand moved to her soaked pussy his fingers playing with her clit making her moan in to his mouth.
“Now asks for it, ask to be fucked.” He said his lips only away for a moment before they where smashing back with her’s.
“Only if you eat the gift I got you.” Bee said be for she could think twices about it, maybe if she got one of them to eat it he would help her give the other one to Aden.
Getting a apple out of her coat pocket Bee handed it to Radon. He ate it with out question even licked his fingers after words. Bee observed him for any changes and at the same time hoping he didn’t collapes and die at her feet.
. . .nothing . . .the old bitch had lie the apples had did nothing to help her problem. Now they would never be hers alone. Coming back to the now Bee let Radon kiss her again this time devouring her mouth as if he couldn’t get enough, his eyes even looked red instead of the brown the normally where, but then that could have been her imagination.
“looks like I made it just in time.” Aden said from the door making both her and Radon look over in surprise Radon turn her body away from the door, his hands got tight around her body. “Come any closer and I’ll kill you.” His hands got tighter his body still as he watched Aden.
“What?” Aden took a step in to the room, before Bee’s eyes could perceive what was happening Radon had pulled out Aden’s throat, blue blood shot ever where, Bee watched helplessly as Aden tumbled to the ground his gase frozen in shock.
“Ooh my God what have you done.” Bee ran to Aden lifless body only to have Radon snatch her away with a satisfying smile on his face. “What the fuck is wrong with you let me go.” she screamed at the top of her lungs her hands beating at his bloody chest.
“I will never let you go Bee, I love you.” his tail tied around her waist as she cryed and yelled at the same time, knowing no one would come to save her.
He started to kiss her onec again Bee tried to move her face away but his hand gripped the back of her head making her take it. Heat shot up and down her spine as her mined refused what her body so easly excepted. “I hate you.” She said while he carried her to the bed, Radon laugh as his body came over hers, his lower waist kept her legs in place, his tail holding her waist down.
“Shhh my love we’ll have all of eternity for that.” he entered her still wet pussy in one slow stroke making her head tip back with a half moan half scream of enjoyment, of sorrow. Radon kissed it away as will as swallow her scream “So fucking good.” he said as he shoved he’s cock deep in to her pussy. She was on fire with lust so far gone the fact that the dead body of her lover couldn’t dring the hunger down the pleasure/pain to great. “Please Radon.”
Radon fucked Bee hard and fast her tight pussy fighting his ever thrust the wet heat shot up him cock and in to his brain making his drive to go deeper more intense. Bee clawed at his back as Radon went deeper, thrusted harder. Ever cell in her body came a life, the fire in her belly fighting to escape the sensation exploded in side her, Bee orgasm hit hard her back arched in a silent scream. The energy from her climax danced around but didn’t last as long as before.
Radon laid on top of Bee breathing in her pleasure not caring that Aden’s dry blood laid between there chest it was kind of hot to him and now that Aden could no longer touch what was his Radon wondered if he could chain her to his bed. “You’re mine now Bee, I’ll never let you go.” Bee sobbed in to his chest not saying a word. But far in Bee’s mind she could her the dark dry laughter of that old woman.

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