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I awoke to the sound of my wife rustling around; I opened my eyes to find her packing her clothes.
“Ahh, Richard, your awake, help me pack please I’ve got to be on the train for 9”.
I climbed out of bed, still in my boxers and helped Claire pack.
When everything was packed I picked up her suit case and headed for the door.
“Wait a minute cowboy, where’s my kiss” she said, holding my cowboy hat she bought me a couple of months back.
I placed the cases on the floor and put my arms around her waist.
“KISS….I will….(KISS)… you….(KISS)…when I get there…..(KISS)……you cant….(KISS)….wreck the house….(KISS)….within 3 days….(KISS)…of me not being here…(kiss)…….can you?

“No” I replied between a kiss.
I ran my hands down Claire’s back and into her skirt.
“Mmmm, baby not now I’ve got to rush, but I promise when I get back…………” and with that she put the hat on my head and gave me a wink.

The cowboy hat was bought for me to wear when we are having sex, Claire likes it from behind and she likes me to wear the hat and be like a rodeo guy.

I picked up her cases and walked down stair’s, still in only my boxers. I placed the cases near the table and ran back up stair’s to get dressed.
When I came back down stair’s, my step-daughter, Katie, was sitting at the table in her pyjamas eating breakfast.

“Hi sweetie” I said to her.
“Hi daddy” she replied.
I don’t know why she always called me daddy, she is 18 years old and knows I’m not her real dad.

“Come on Richard, I’ve got 30 minutes to get to the station”.
I quickly grabbed her cases and chucked them in the back of my car, Claire’s car was a Toyota yaris, which I hated driving, so I made sure I put them in the trunk of my mustang. I got in and beeped the horn, it was really loud in the garage and Claire came in and got in the passenger seat.
“Do you have to beep this thing in here” she said as the garage door opened.
I fired her (my car) up and wheel span out the garage and up the road.

“So what exactly do you do on these business trips” I asked as we were near to the station.
“I help train the new recruits and set objectives and………”
I interrupted her before she could finish.
“OK....ok…that’s enough of all this business crap, its too complicated for me.”

We pulled up outside the train station and I unloaded Claire’s bags onto a trolley and pushed them to the luggage guy on the train.
Claire got on the train and I waited until it went before I got back in my car.

I was on my way home when I noticed a police car tailing me, the lights were flashing, I looked at my speed…….65…..the limit on this road was 50.
I pulled in and the police officer walked up to my car, she was about 5’9, huge tits just dying to jump out her shirt and her trousers hugged her so tight.
“Licence and registration please” she said.
I reached into the glove compartment, there was a pink thong in there which belonged to Claire, It ended up in there the other night. I got my licence and registration and handed it to her,
She glanced at the pink thong and shot me a smile.
“Well Mr. Richard Bartrum, do you know how fast you were going”
“Erm, no” I replied
“65” she informed me
“I’ll let you off this time, but if I catch you speeding again I’ll do something about it”.
“Thank you” I said, I was thinking of asking if I could repay her some how but she would probably do me for blackmail so I didn’t say anything.

I chucked my licence back in the glove compartment with the thong and drove back home.

When I got there the house was empty, there was a note on the door from Katie saying she had gone to a friends and would be back later.

I figured since I had the house to my self I could have a little freedom, so I grabbed a beer and sat on my favourite chair, flicking through the TV channels.
There was nothing on as usual so I switched on the DVD player, it already had a disc in so I let it load………… was lord of the rings, so I let it play as I finished my beer.

The next thing I knew I was being punched in the arm.
“Daddy wake up” Katie was shouting
I opened my eyes to find her bent over in front of me, I could see perfectly down her top, her tits hung from her chest proud, they were something like 34C.
I quickly looked at her, realising who it was.
“Wake up you lazy get”

I quickly stood up.
“What’s going on” I said, confused and still slightly asleep
“Nothing” she said “I have a friend over that’s all.
I quickly looked to the doorway, there was a smallish girl standing there, she was wearing high heeled shoes, her long tanned legs led up to a white pair of tight shorts, above them was her tanned stomach and a light blue vest which barely went over her huge tits. Brown hair hung down to her shoulders.

Katie was wearing the same type of shoes, her long legs led up to a pink mini skirt and a black vest, her blonde hair was tied back as usual.

“You get chased home by a bunch of boys” I said. I always joked about the way she dressed, saying she looked like a hooker and stuff.

“Shut up dick head” she said back to me
“Hey, now that’s no way to speak to your dad” I said, still in a joking tone.
“Just as well you’re not my dad then” she said.
I let her win that round, simply because we had a guest.

“So then what’s your friend called” I asked Katie.
“Hi Kelly, come in and take a seat” I said, realising she was still in the doorway.

She came in and sat on the other sofa.
“Can Kelly sleep tonight”? Katie asked
“If she wants, Dam girl your 18, you don’t need my permission.”
“Just making sure your ok with it” Katie said
They left the room and went upstairs.

I looked at the clock, it was 9:30. I decided to go in the shower so I went upstairs, ran the shower and got in.
It was so relaxing, I stood leaning against the side for a while, letting the water run down my back before I got washed.
I got out the shower, got dried and dressed and left the bathroom for my bedroom.

When I walked past Katie’s room I heard a dull moaning noise, I slowly crept up to the door and peered through the gap.

There in front of me, sitting on the bed was my step daughter and her friend kissing, they were rubbing each others tits as their lips moved together.
My cock was beginning to stiffen.
Katie broke their kiss and pulled Kelly’s top over her head, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her tits hung there as Katie licked and sucked each nipple. They had to be at least a D cup.

Kelly pulled Katie’s top over her head and unclipped her light blue bra, her 34C breasts were clearly visible.

Katie stood up and slipped her mini skirt down her long legs and stepped out of it, I could just see her trimmed golden pussy hairs; there was a short strip about an inch long.
She turned away from me to face Kelly and bent over, keeping her long legs straight and pulling down Kelly’s shorts.
The view was perfect; I could see Kelly’s shaven pussy and Katie’s.

Katie sat down on the bed and Kelly took her right foot and un-strapped her sandal, she slipped it off and kissed the top of her foot where she had a little heart tattoo.
Then after she did the same to her other foot she ran her hands up each leg and positioned her mouth on Katie’s pussy.
Kelly moved her ass around as she licked Katie’s pussy which made it easier for me too see as she pushed her pussy out.
Katie pulled the pillow over her head and moaned, the sound was muffled by the pillow, which was probably so I wouldn’t hear.

After Katie’s orgasm was over her and Kelly climbed into bed and cuddled into each other.
“Good night babe” they said to each other.

I went into my room; it was now 10:30 so I went back down stairs, turned off the TV and returned to my room.

I turned out my light, climbed into bed and found my hand reaching for my cock, images of my step-daughter and her friend still circulating in my mind as I stroked my cock up and down.


I quickly stuffed my stiff cock back in my boxers as the door opened. My eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light so I couldn’t see who it was.
“Are you awake Mr Bartrum” a voice said, it was clearly Kelly.
“Its Richy, and yes I’m awake” I said
She sat on the bed next to me, where Claire lies.
“So, did you like what you saw” she said
I couldn’t say anything, my words wouldn’t come out
“Take that as a yes then” and with that she climbed under the covers on my wife’s side of the bed and reached down for my stiff cock.
“you do know I’m married” I said, just so I didn’t feel too guilty, the truth is I wasn’t really bothered that I was cheating on my wife, she’s probably doing the same right now, I thought to my self.
“That’s your problem” Kelly said as she pushed the bed covers on the floor.

She pulled my boxers off and buried my cock in her mouth, she began sucking hard and fast, deep-throating my cock.

After she sucked my cock for 5 minutes she lifted her head up.
“Mmmm, Richy, your cock tastes so nice.
“Good, let me see how nice you taste” I said
I kneeled up as Kelly lay down, buried my face in her crotch and began licking the love snatch placed in front of me,
I licked up and down her pussy entrance and sucked on her clit and pussy lips, she clearly liked it because she was thrusting her pussy into my mouth.
Her pussy exploded, her cum filled my mouth quickly and over flowed onto the bed. Her hand pushed my face away as she began to rub her pussy and lap up some of her juice.

I moved up her body, taking her tits into my hands, they were the same size as Claire’s which were a D. I gave each nipple a quick suck before bringing my face level with Kelly’s.
I guided my cock up her love tunnel and began fucking away.
“Oh, mmm…let… on top…please..UUHHHH” she panted as my cock slammed in and out of her pussy.
“hmm, a woman who likes to take control” I said as we rolled over.
Kelly sat up, my cock still in her pussy and placed her hands on my pecks.
“ah, ah, girl, ah, I’m only 17, oh” she said
I looked at her in surprise, but I didn’t care, she was a beautiful teen sitting on my cock, no way was I going to complain that she was only 17.
I caressed her tits as she slid her hips back and forth, burying my cock deep in her warm wet pussy.
She lay down, kissing me as I pushed my cock deep into her cunt.
She sounded out of breath and was slowing so I took over. I told her to kneel on the bed, I kneeled behind her and slipped my huge stiff cock into her pussy and slammed it in and out, my balls slapped off her pussy as my dick shot up her love canal.
She buried her face in the bed and moaned, her muffled sounds filled the room.
I could feel I was ready to cum,
“I’m going to cum babe”
she didn’t reply, only muffled moans as my cock shot in and out of her cunt.
“I’m going to………too late”
my cum shot from my cock and filled her pussy, as I pulled my cock out her pussy made a squelching noise and my cum began to dribble out of the gaping hole my cock had left.
Kelly looked back at me, “oh my god you just came up me” she said, looking worried “get it out”.
“How can I get it out” I replied
“Oh no, I’m going to be pregnant” she said
“Your not on the pill” I asked her, trying to keep my cool
“no” she was shaking now
“calm down” I said “ just go to the chemist tomorrow and get a morning after pill”
“oh yea, I never thought of that” she said

I lay on my back and Kelly lay down next to me.
“you al right babe” I asked her
“yeah, I’m fine” she replied “your not finished yet are you”
“no… want some more” ?
“oh yea, will you fuck me up the ass” she asked “I’ve never been fucked up the ass before
“Ok” I replied.

I stayed on my back, Kelly climbed on me in a 69 position and gave me a little show, she fingered her pussy so her fingers were juiced then rubbed it on her ass hole, then pushed her index finger into her ass, after she did this about 4 times she moved down and squatted over my cock which was sticking straight into the air.
She guided her ass over it and slowly sat down, she gasped when the head of my cock touched her ass hole but she kept sitting down, the head of my cock disappeared up her warm ass, I could feel her sphincter muscles trying to refuse my cock entry.
“You got to relax more” I said “you relax, I’ll hold you”
I put my hands on her hips and took her full weight in my arms, she was quite light.
I lifted her off my cock and put it up her pussy to juice it up more before putting it back in her ass, it slid in a bit easier, the whole head was buried and the rest was slowly being engulfed by this hot 17 year-old’s ass.
The whole 8 inches of my cock was now buried deep in Kelly’s ass.
I pulled her down so she was lay with her back on top of me and began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her tight virgin ass.
She was moaning and screaming with pleasure as soon as I slid my cock out and back in; as her ass loosened I quickened my pace.
I reached around and fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit with my right hand and caressed her tits as they bounced up and down with my left hand.
I fucked her ass in this position for about 15 minutes before we changed positions. Still with my cock buried in her ass we rolled over and kneeled up so we were now in a doggy style position.
Kelly’s virgin ass was now wide from the destruction of my cock which slid in and out with ease.
I fucked her hard and fast as she rubbed her pussy and moaned franticly, she trust her sweet ass onto my cock before collapsing on the bed as her orgasm took hold.
She sat up, panting for breath and took my cock in her mouth.
“Yum, my ass tastes so nice” she said as she sucked hard on my cock.
When she finished I lay down next to her, she pulled the covers over us, cuddled up and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in bed by my self, my cock was hard and the bed sheets were like cardboard.
I got out of bed, slipped some jeans on and went to the toilet, Katie’s door was open and her room was empty. I hope she didn’t know about me fucking her friend.

I went down stairs and into the kitchen, Katie was there making breakfast.
“morning Richy” she said
I looked at her, puzzled to why she called me this
“Here’s your breakfast”
she placed a full English on the table in front of me.

She was wearing a pair of white pajama bottoms and a tight white t-shirt, here hard nipples poked through like radio antennas.
I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra or and panties.
“where’s your friend” I asked her as I tucked into my breakfast
“oh she’s gone to the shop” Katie said as she wiped down the counter.
She went over to the sink which had some plates and pans in what she had used and began to wash them.
“they can go in the dish washer you know” I said, my eyes were fixed on her ass as her pajamas hugged it so tight.
“I don’t like using that thing” she said and continued to wash up.
I finished my breakfast and handed her the plate, she pushed it into the sink flat so it pushed the water out.
“aw, I’m soaked now” she said turning to face me.
Her whole crotch area was soaked, her white pajama bottoms were now see through, her pussy was as clear as day.
She saw me looking but I wasn’t bothered, I just stood there and looked.
Katie smiled at me then splashed me with some water.
I grabbed a cup full of water out of the sink and chased her into the living room with it; she fell onto the floor laughing as I climbed on top of her and poured the water onto her perfectly round tits. Her t-shirt went see through and her hard nipples poked against it.
I quickly got off her so as not to upset her.
She stood up in front of me and wrapped her arms around me
“You want to fuck me like you fucked Kelly don’t you” she said with a smile.
My mouth opened but no words came out
“Its ok I won’t tell mum” she said kissing me wetly.
I pulled her wet top over her tits then slid her wet pajama bottoms down as far as I could. She un-buttoned my jeans and they dropped down, allowing my stiff cock to stick out.
Katie’s pussy rubbed against the tom of my cock, we broke the kiss and quickly climbed out of our clothes.
Katie pushed me onto the sofa and immediately began to suck my cock.
Yes, daddy, your cock is huge she murmured as she franticly sucked on my cock.
Mmm daddy, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your hot sticky jism.
My balls tightened and I shot my load in Katie’s mouth, it dribbled out and down her neck. She finished sucking my cock and wiped off what was on her neck.

She bent over the sofa next to me, her moist pussy glistened in the light as it stuck out from her parted thighs. I stood up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock up her wet cunt slit before pushing it in. her pussy was so tight, I thought she was a virgin it was so tight but all 8 inches of my cock went in her snatch. The sensation was great, my cock ripped up the sides of her tight love tunnel as I slammed it in and out, nudging her forwards with every push.
Suddenly the door opened and Kelly walked in, she stood at the door frozen to the spot, I froze for a moment until I realized who it was and continued to fuck my step-daughters tight, hot, wet snatch.
“Don’t just stand there” Katie said as I slammed my prick into her “come here so I can lick that luscious hot pussy of yours”.
Kelly rushed to the couch, she was wearing a short dress which she quickly slipped off, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath so she positioned her self on the sofa and Katie tucked in, burying her tongue in Kelly’s cunt.

Katie soon came, her girl cum filled her pussy and pushed against my cock, her pussy was so tight there was no room for it to come out the sides when my big fat cock was in so I pulled out and buried my head in her soaked pussy as she continued to squirt her cum all over. When her orgasm finished I sat on the other sofa and watched the 2 girls pleasure each other.
Katie ran upstairs and was soon back down with a hand full of toys.
They both sat on the floor and put their pussy’s together, they grinded pussy’s for a couple of minutes then Kelly picked up a big double ended dildo, they both took 1 end and slipped it up their wet cunt’s then franticly fucked each other with it. They then changed positions so they were now ass to ass and pushed their hips back so their asses were slapping off each others.
I sat on the sofa, slowly rubbing my stiff barge pole of a cock.
“Oh Katie, fuck my ass with that strap on” Kelly said, pointing to the strap on.
Katie pulled the dildo from her pussy and put the strap-on on then squirting some Astroglide onto the strap on and onto Kelly’s ass and began to push the dildo bit into her ass. Kelly was screaming with pleasure.
I noticed that the strap on had a big hole where Katie’s cunt was, her pussy lips were pulled apart, I knelt down behind her and pushed her forward so she was lay on Kelly’s back then slipped my cock up her tight pussy, I fucked her hard, slamming my dick into her tight snatch, making her slam the strap-on up Kelly’s ass. It wasn’t very synchronized but it was working.
“Oh, Richy, fuck my pussy” Kelly moaned
I took my cock out of Katie’s wet cunt and offered it to Kelly, she sucked Katie’s pussy juice from it then I slid under her and guided my cock into her love snatch. She kissed me wetly, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth as she moaned in pleasure.
Her head shot back and her whole body tensed up, her pussy exploded in a river of girl cum, it shot out around my cock and sprayed all over my balls, Katie quickly pulled out the strap on and began to lick the cum from my balls and from around Kelly’s pussy.
I took my cock out and slid back up to Kelly’s head, she sucked her cum from my cock as Katie licked the cum from her cunt.
“Ahh that was great” Kelly said as she stood up, her cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh.
“I think its Katie’s go now” she said, winking at me.

Katie smiled and asked if I would fuck her up the ass.
“yeah honey, anything for you” I said and sat on the edge of the sofa.
Katie came over with the bottle of Astroglide, put some on her palm and rubbed it on my cock. I took the bottle and told her to bend over, her lovely round ass cheeks parted to reveal her tiny little ass hole, I squirted some of the Astroglide on her ass which made her gasp.
“Ohh, that felt good” she said
I pushed the Astroglide into her ass with 1 finger then threw the bottle aside.
“Sit down” I said spanking her ass
“Ohh, yes master” she said and slowly began to sit on my huge stiff cock.
The head of my cock was in her ass, it was as tight as her cunt.
She continued to sit down until the entire length of my cock was up her tight hot ass.
I lay back and so did Katie, she lifted her legs up so I opened them even more, her ass gripped my cock tight and her pussy opened wide.
Kelly positioned the strap on and slid it in Katie’s cunt, I let go of her legs and she rapped them around Kelly’s hips.
I pushed my cock in and out of Katie’s ass whist Kelly fucked her pussy hard and fast.

My cock twitched in Katie’s ass and my balls tightened.
I fucked her ass hard until I came, filling her ass with my hot sticky cum.
“AHH, FUCK IM CUMING” Katie screamed.
Kelly stopped fucking her with the strap-on and began to rub her clit franticly and licking her pussy lips. “Cum you dirty bitch” she said as she continued to rub Katie’s cunt.

Katie’s cum squirted out of her pussy and into Kelly’s waiting mouth as I pounded away at her ass, stream after stream squirted out, I reached around and got a fair amount on my hand, had a taste and offered it to Katie who sucked it from my fingers hungrily.
“You taste like your mother” I said to her
“Yum, maybe I’ll have to taste her and see for my self.” She said
“Id like to see that” I said as Katie slowly climbed of my stiff cock.
They both kneeled in front of me and licked the cum and ass flavor off my cock.

I sat back on the sofa to get my breath back, Katie and Kelly lay on the floor next to each other, top to tail.
They began to suck each others toe’s and were soon fingering each others pussies again.
I watched as they both began to put more fingers in each others pussies, Kelly got 3 in Katie’s before she told her to stop.
Kelly stopped and finger fucked Katie with 3 fingers but Katie was still getting more in Kelly’s cunt, 4 fingers, 4 and a thumb, Katie’s whole hand was now in Kelly’s snatch, all the way up to the wrist, Kelly was moaning in pure ecstasy, they stayed like this for about 10 minutes, fingering and fisting each other.
When they finished I said I was going to make some food, it was 3 o’clock now and none of us had been fed.
I couldn’t be bothered to make anything so I got out some ice cream, some strawberry syrup, and some squirty cream.

We ended up putting some on a body part and the other person had to lick or suck it off, I had ice cream on my balls which was freezing but soon warmed up by Kelly’s mouth, Katie licked strawberry syrup from Kelly’s tits and I licked the squirty cream from Katie’s pussy.

By the time we were finished we were covered in food so we decided to get a shower.
We took turns at washing each other.
I rubbed shower gel all over Katie’s body, running my hands down the front of her body whilst Kelly washed her back; I slipped 2 fingers in her pussy occasionally as I washed her golden blonde pubes.
Now it was Kelly’s turn, I washed her back and couldn’t resist fingering her hot ass, she grinded her pussy against Katie’s as my finger entered her ass.
Now it was my turn, both Kelly and Katie washed the same place, each taking a suck of my cock and my balls.
I looked at the shower gel, and laughed to my self, it was lynx. “Well I guess the lynx effect does work” I thought to my self as we rinsed off.
It took another half hour for us all to dry off, after fingering and sucking each other.
I went into my room and put on some shorts then went into Katie’s room, her and Kelly were sitting on the bed naked.
“You girls not getting dressed” I asked
“Yeah, but my bra’s are too small for Kelly, she’s a D”
“I’ve got just the thing” I said and brought her one of Claire’s bras.

“lets watch a movie daddy” Katie said
“ok” I agreed
we went down stairs and Katie put on a DVD, it was love actually. We all huddled up on the same sofa with a blanket over us and the fire on full. I was sitting in the middle with the girls either side of me.

A little way through the film Kelly and Katie started to rub each others pussy’s, I noticed so I took over, their cunt’s were hot, even through the thongs they were wearing and it wasn’t long before I could feel the wetness of their pussy’s.
They stood up and began to take off their thongs, swapped, then put the other persons on then sat down again. I went back to rubbing their cunt’s, rubbing the other girls pussy into their love snatch.

The movie ended at 10 past 8 and we decided to go upstairs, on the way up Katie whispered to me
“Shall we tie her up and fuck her”
“Ok” I said
We went into my room and Kelly lay on the bed first, I climbed on top of her and kissed her, as I kissed her I pushed her hands up to the headboard and Katie handcuffed her hands.
“How did you get them” I asked Katie, realizing they were Claire’s hand cuffs.
“I’ve known where they were for ages” she said and positioned her pussy over Kelly’s mouth.
I opened her legs wide so her pussy lips opened slightly and slid my cock in.
I fucked her hard straight away as she licked Katie’s wet pussy, I fucked her for a while then licked her pussy. Katie had came on her face and was now getting fingered up the ass.

I began to finger Kelly so I could get down to the bottom of the bed where there was another pair of hand cuffs. I got them and returned to licking Kelly’s clit.

I lay Katie on the bed next to Kelly and licked her cum soaked snatch as I fingered Kelly.
I made my way up so I was now kissing Katie and I quickly pushed her hand up the headboard and hand cuffed it.
I sat back and smiled at the two little beauties hand cuffed to my bed, if Claire was there it would be perfect.

I smiled and left the room and went down stairs for the Astroglide, when I came back up they were lying facing each other, kissing and fingering each other with their free hand.
“Hey” I shouted to them “you dirty little lesbian whores have been naughty little girls, haven’t you”
“Yes we have, punish us” they said together.
I climbed on the bottom of the bed and lifted their legs up to their heads so their pussy’s and ass holes were in the air.
I put Astroglide on each hand and rubbed it on and in their assholes as they held their legs up to their heads.
“Fuck my ass first” Kelly Said
“No…..fuck mine first” Katie said
“shut up you dirty little slut bags” I said, spanking their asses”
“ pick a hand, left or right, who ever gets the bottle goes first”
“right” Katie said
“left” Kelly said at the same time
“ it was in my left” sorry Katie
with that I slowly pushed my cock into Kelly’s ass and began to fuck away whilst Katie fingered Kelly’s wet pussy and I fingered Katie’s cunt.
It wasn’t long before Kelly came all over, a waterfall of cum shot into the air and back down.
I licked some of the cum up then moved onto Katie, my cock slid in her ass pretty easily and I was soon slamming my cock in her ass like a jackhammer. She came all over like Kelly did. I continued to fuck her ass for a few minutes longer until I was ready to cum.
“I’m going to cum babe” I warned her
“No….cum in my wet pussy……I want to feel your hot sticky cum in my tight cunt again.
I quickly swapped from her ass to her cunt and slammed my cock in and out until I came, filling her tight pussy with my cum, I pulled my cock out, the cum mixture trickled down to her gaping ass hole, I opened the hand cuffs and Kelly sucked hard on Katie’s pussy, keeping the cum mixture in her mouth whilst Katie sucked on my cock then Kelly’s pussy, they kissed, passing the cum between their mouths.

I lay there in my bed, my right hand fingering Kelly and my left hand fingering Katie until we all fell asleep.

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that was a great storie/ lucky fuck he daughter, friend and his stepdaughter what a Dad

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I like the story and it is a true one so I hope that you will continue to write more of this story

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