Gregg goes to check on his daugheter who is supposed to be sleeping
WARNING: Do not read if you are not into young(as in under 10), rape like situations and incest!

It was late at night well past Harrietta's bed time but Gregg wanted to make sure she was asleep before he got around to his regular nightly business. He walked down the hall twards Harrietta's bedroom her door was cracked open as usual since she was scared of the dark and the hallway light comforted her. He peeked his head in and his jaw dropped; his sweet innocent 6 year old baby girl was laying on top of her sheets with her hands in her panties rubbing her little pussy. Gregg went from shocked to angry "why the fuck isn't she asleep and who the fuck taught her to do that" is all the went through his head. He yelled "What the fuck are you doing" as he entered her room. She moved her hand out of her panties quickly. "Wha... Daddy what time is it? I was asleep!" She tried to say in a cute innocent voice "Like hell you were," He said standing next to her bed looking down at her. She was wearing a tiny white t-shirt with smiley faces on it and matching panties that were a little too big. Greggs dick started to get hard from looking at his daughters tiny little body.
Gregg started running his hand down her stomach and she giggled, his hand went farther down to her panties and he rubbed up and down where her slit was. Harrietta stopped giggling "Daddy what you doing?" she asked. He grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them off. "Daddy..." she kept repeating. His hand started rubbing her little clit "NO STOP DADDY THATS NOT NICE!" she yelped as his big fingers started probing her tiny pussy hole. He took his hand away and backhanded her "Shut the fuck up," he said as he started to rub his dick through his jeans. He opened her legs wide and looked at her pussy. Harrietta started to have tears rolling down her face and gregg thought she hadn't had the worst yet.
Gregg pulled down his pants revealing his hard 6inch cock, which looked so big compared to his daughters tiny bald pussy. "Do what you were doin when daddy came in Etta" He told her, she shook her head "Do you want me ta hit cha again baby?" Harrietta reluctantly put her hand on her pussy and started rubbing left and right. He started stroking his cock while watching his baby girl rub her pussy. He moved her hand and stuck his pinky into Harrietta's hairless pussy and started stoking his dick faster. "daddy please stop please" Harrietta begged; Gregg made and angry face she was sure to see and slapped her thigh. He pulled her shirt up over her head and pinched her tiny peach colored nipples hardly. He spat on his dick and lined it up with her wet tiny pussy hole and pushed only the head got in and he could feel a barrier. Harrietta yelled in pain, "MAMA HELP" Gregg put his big hand around her tiny neck and started choking her "You think yer Mamas gonna do shit?" He let go of his hand and slapped her "Shes just a good-fer-nothin dumb cunt like you" He said as he grabbed her legs and spread them even further apart. He bucked hard into her and his dick went past her hymn and all the way in. His balls slapped against her ass. Harrietta was biting her lip and squeezing her eyes closed as Gregg started roughly pounding his dick in and out of his baby girl. "Mm your little pussys so tight baby" He grunted, "Tell daddy you love it" Harrietta just weeped. Gregg grabbed her long silky brown hair and twisted it around his hand and said "Tell me you love it bitch!" Tears ran down Harriettas flushed face "i love it daddy" she said meekly. "Of course ya do you fucking little slut" He moaned as he rammed his dick in and out of her.
Gregg pulled out of Harrietta then positioned her on the middle of the bed, and climbed over her. He grabbed his dick and started rubbing it around her clit. He aligned his dick with her pussy hole and rammed his dick in her. He looked down at her tiny little body and his dick got harder he couldn't belive he was fucking his little girl. He pinched her nipples really hard making her yelp, he moved his hand round her tiny neck and choked her while pounding his dick in and out her harder and faster. He removed his hand from her neck and brushed his fingers against her lips, "Etta baby you love daddy dont cha?" he asked in a soothing voice. Harrietta looked up at her daddy with big round green eyes then down to her daddys dick which was still in her pussy and back up at him again. "ye... yes daddy I love you wid all my heart... honest and true" She said in an almost pleading tone. Gregg started rubbing her clit in circular motion and her little pussy squeezed tighter on his dick "mm you love bein daddys fuck toy dont cha?" He said while continuing to rub her tiny clit "you like daddys big cock fucking your sweet tight bald lil 6 year old baby cunt" Harrietta made a pouty face and said "UH-UH!"
"NO? well i dun give a shit if you like it bitch, i fuckin love your pussy" Gregg said and slapped the look off her face. Harrietta squeezed her eyes closed and turned her head. Gregg placed his hands besides her head and elevated himself above her. Whilst looking down at her tiny body he rammed his dick fast and hard into her pussy. "you so fuckin tiny baby your tiny little pussy za eatin my dick you fuckin lil whore" He started to feel the cum stirring in his balls, "suck on your thumb Etta" He growled at her. Harrietta put her hand into a fist with her tumb out and began to suck it. Gregg looked down at her tiny body beneath him and pounded her pussy faster than before "oh-yeah! daddy is gonna fill yer lil baby pussy up Etta" He moaned as he slammed his dick into her pussy while his balls slapped against her ass. He started to cum into her pussy then popped his dick out and rubbed it up and down her slit continuing to cum on her belly and tits.
Gregg rubbed his dick on her thigh to clean off any cum. He climbed off the bed and looked down at his little girl covered in cum sucking her thumb looking so cute. "Member I own you now Etta dont chu go flappin your gum about this or next time could be real worse ya hear?" Harrietta took her thumb out of her mouth, made soft crying noises, and turned over away from her dad.

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Why didn't he do her in the arse ?

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2013-09-28 10:39:06
This is sick and it should be taken down

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2013-08-07 14:43:49
my first was 5yr old and I was hooked!! tastey

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i think what's really scary is that even after the writer warns everyone as to the content of the story you still have people making stupid comments.

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It is not sick as it is not real if it was I would kill the writer but it not real therefor I cum.

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