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Fourth part in this story.
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Chapter Four:
Call me Master

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensations that her mouth was giving me. I opened my eyes and looked down to watch my penis slide in and out of her mouth. It was a beautiful sight I was watching. Nothing more turned me on then to watch my penis disappear into her mouth.

I let out a sigh of pleasure as I let her bangs go and moved them to the back of her head. Pumping her head onto my penis as I had done earlier this morning. Her lips tracing around me as saliva trails across my shaft. Drool now coating me, starts to build up and run down her lips to her chin. With every thrust, my balls slamming her chin making a wet slapping sound that meets with her gagging as the tip of my penis slides to the back of her throat forcing past her Larynx causing her to gag and salivate more.

After about five minutes of throat fucking her. I pull out, and look at the once beautiful woman now has saliva all across her face and tears running down her face smearing her mascara down her cheeks. Smiling I rub my penis across her face and rub the saliva in with her tears.

I slid down below her breasts. I couldn't help but smile and let a chuckle.

“Looks like I get that tit fuck after all.”,

With a stern look on her face, and her cheeks getting red, she looked away from me. Moving my penis in between her breasts I felt the warmth of her chests. I pushed her breasts together slowly feeling those beautiful mounds encompass my shaft. I moved my hips back sliding my penis almost all the way out except for the head. The cold air hitting my wet penis from her saliva and tears, I pushed forward sliding into her perk tits feeling the warmth.

I rocked back and forth feeling the cold air on the back stroke, and then pushing into the warm soft cave I made by her breasts. She was still looking away. Her eyes now closed and dropped the face she was making. I guess she could not hold that look for ever. Playing around I took my index finger and thumb and pinched her nipples a bit to see what kind of reaction I could get. Hard at times, then softly at others. She would make an array of facial expressions from painful, to flustered, to her bitting her lip, and others.

Starting to enjoy my self a little to much, and coming close to an orgasm I slowed my pace to enjoy it a moment more. Damn I wish I could just climax. Stopping my assault on her breasts I got up. I needed time to cool off because I was far from done with her.

I decided that she needed some rest, and maybe some nutrition. Not bothering with my clothes I walk to the kitchen and grab a plastic cup and fill it half way with water. I started looking through my cabinets for some kind of food for her. Having no idea what she would want, I said screw it, and grabbed a banana out of the counter top bowl.

On the way back I wander by the clock in the hallway. Damn after one o'clock already?

“Time flies when your having fun.”, I laughed as I said that in my head,

Walking back into the room and stop to notice she still has yet to move her head. I continue to the side of the bed. Her tears have dried up just leaving the mascara on her face.

“I brought you some water and something to eat.”, I told her,

She did not respond to me. So I repeated what I had said and waited for some kind of response. After waiting about a minute I decided to become a little meaner. She seems to respond better to aggression.

“If you do not drink this water and eat what I have brought you, you will not get anything till tomorrow.”, I said with a strict tone,

She did not move again. Well screw you to, I thought, as I set the cup and banana down on the table next to my bed. Standing there I started to think, do I want to ruin her now, or play with her some more? Gathering ideas of things I could do to her. I decided not to ruin her just yet. I bent down and whispered in to her ear.

“We are going to have some fun tonight.”,

That finally snapped her to attention. She spun her head to look at me. She looked straight into my eyes with a deer 'caught in headlights' look plastered across her face. I just casually smiled and nodded to confirm her thoughts.

“Wha...what are you going to do to me?”, she finally spoke up,

“She DOES remember how to speak.”, I jest,

With that, I leave her side and leave the room. Leaving the door opened just in case. I go back in to the living area and sit down at the table to further my thoughts on the situation. Thinking it over I realize that I can make my wildest, most bizarre dreams come true. I can use her in any way I wanted. My mind wanders in many directions except for the sane rational thoughts that were fading away as I think of what to do now instead of what will happen later.

Going to my kitchen I look in the bottom drawer that I keep all my odds and ends inside. Looking through I see various things that can be of use. Grabbing a few items like; scentless candles, matches, and a few other odds and ends. I bring them back to the table.

“Lets see. Candles, check. Matches, check. Scotch tape, check. Clothes pins, check. Ace bandage, check. Should have put that in with the medical supplies last time I sprained my ankle. Oh well.”, I rambled on,

After I had laid them out on the table I start to think of other items I am going to need. I decided to goto the medical cabinet to look for anything useful. Looking through I grabbed a couple things. Mainly medical stuff that if I do end up doing something unintentional I can fix the problem right then and there. I also grabbed some sleeping pills and some no-dose. I also bring those to the table and lay them out.

I am starting to formulate a good picture in my mind. Although I am still lacking a few items. So I run to the garage and see what else I can round up. I end up finding; some pieces of wood, wood screws, eyelets, extra rope, duct tape, masking tape, and a few other items. I bring them all back to the table and look at everything. Everything will need to be in stages.

I grab the ace bandage, and all three types of tape and take out two sleeping pills. Then I start back to the room. As I walk in I see her struggling with her bonds.

“Time to fix that problem.”, I muttered,

She looked at me, then at the items in my hands. A puzzled look came over her face. I moved to the bed and sat on the bed, placing the items on the table I asked her one more time if she would like something to drink and eat.

“Yes, please.”, is all she said,

A smile came across my face as I grabbed the water. I showed her the pills and explained what they were to her. She nodded and took them and drank some water. I lifted her head to make it easier on her neck. I set the cup down and grabbed the banana. I peeled the banana and tore off a piece and presented it to her lips. I let her reach out and grab it. She chewed the banana and swallowed it.

“There now was that so bad?”, I asked rhetorically,

I kept feeding her and giving her water in between bites. Each time she drank I assisted her neck. Having been bed ridden before I know the pain it can be to have to lift your neck up repetitively. I wanted to show her that with cooperation comes rewards. She finished the banana and water. Then chirped up.

“Please just let me go. I won't tell anyone I promise!” she pleaded,

“After our little discussion earlier, I somehow can not bring my self to trust you.”, I informed her,

“Please, I was upset, and angry. I swear I wont tell anyone. Just stop this now and let me go.”, She continued on,

“Shhhh, don't worry you will come to love what I am going to do. No matter if it takes forever.”, I said,

“People will come looking for me. They will find me.”, she started to protest and reason with me,

I just grabbed the duct tape and pulled off a piece long enough to go from the front of her ears across and place it over her mouth after listening to enough her pleas. They were starting to bore me. Even if they did look for her, I have no connection to her except for the wreck. That its self was just a fender bender, and no one was about. Only thing in that area is my car which I planned to gather later on. That and I am well secluded enough not to be bothered by trivial matters to much. I wont expect the police to come door to door at my house. The drive way is a good quarter mile long and about two miles from my nearest neighbor.

Grabbing the ace bandage I wrapped it around her head to cover her eyes. I lightly did it as to not put to much pressure onto her eyes, but enough to hold it into place. I taped it with the masking tape around her head. I figured it was the easiest to get off in a cinch and yet do what I need it to do.

I grabbed the scotch tape and then moved to her hands. I tapped all of her fingers to make them slick and less dexterous. I grabbed the duct tape and taped her hand flat putting extra tape around her knuckles to make it harder to bend. I tied her hand and then taped around her wrist and tied the rope back. Then tapped the rope around her wrists to prevent her from untying it. I repeated the process on the other hand.

As for her feet. I untied the pillow case that was holding her feet down. And I tapped with masking tape from above her ankles down, individually. I grabbed the rope that I had discarded earlier off the floor then tied her feet together in a figure eight. I cut a piece of rope about a foot long and stripped a strand from the braid which took a minute to do. I then used that piece and tied her big toes together. Then I taped with the duct tape from above the rope down to the tips of her toes.

By this time she was showing signs of the sleeping pills. I tie the end of the rope around her taped ankles and then tie it securely to the foot of the bed. Satisfied again with the job I did. I wen back to the living room area.

Now what to do about my car. Its about fifteen miles into town, and I have a woman tied against her will in my bedroom. What to do in this situation I am in. I cant use her car because she is right. Eventually the police will be looking for her and thus will be looking for her car. Thinking it over I decided on using my bike to go get it. Looking at the clock its, almost two o'clock now. If I hurry I can be back by four o'clock. Hopefully she wont get untied and have the police waiting for me to get back.

With a change of clothing, and digging the bike out of the garage I hopped on and peddled my heart out. It was a ten speed bike and I managed to get to my car in record time in about forty minutes. Out of breath I threw the bike in the trunk and strapped down the trunk and rode back home. Made it back in about eight minutes.

I went inside and all was quiet. Eerily quiet at that. I walked in to the bedroom to check on Lorie. To my surprise she is still there and hasn't budged an inch. I walked in and walked up to her.

“Lorie are you still awake?”, I asked,

To my surprise she answered me and did not have a snide comment to make.

“Yes, but not for long.”, she mubbled,

“I will let you sleep then, you have a busy time ahead of you. From now on you will call me master.”, I informed her,

“I will never call you that!” She snapped at me,

“In due time you will come not only call me that, but also respect me AS one!” I growled at her with my fist clinched.
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