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Blaine is my best friend’s son… and I seduced him. If you read the first story, you’ll understand – if not – you’ll still enjoy this one.
It had been a few weeks since I had taken Blaine into my bed and used him to satisfy a simple need. I’m a healthy woman, living alone, with no current man in my life, and I simply wanted to fuck. Blaine was the first male I had seen, and that was the mission I had set for myself. Since that evening, things had been basically OK – I felt a bit weird at times when I visited Gennie’s apartment, but Blaine never so much as blinked – he seemed perfectly at ease with the nature of our one evening, greeting me with the usual smile and wave of a teenager engrossed in his computer or a football game.

Gennie called to tell me she had an overnight trip coming up. Blaine, being 17 and a senior, was going to be home, and he was being allowed to have a couple of friends over, but no parties. Her simple request was that I keep an ear out, make sure no party happened, and let her know if he tried to sneak in any girls for an overnight stay. I smiled and let a little shiver run up my spine as I agreed to look after him. Blaine just shrugged and told his mom he wasn’t seeing anyone, and the only people he was bringing over would be his best friends for a movie and a few games anyway, since he had school the next day. To say I was a bit disappointed at his lack of interest would be an understatement. There was no eye contact, no smile that indicated he might be interested in a second act – and I thought he had really enjoyed our session!

Tuesday came and Gennie said goodbye as we both took the elevator down to the garage. “Look after him, Kat” she called as we separated for our cars. I nodded and waved, then left for work. All day long, I was bothered by Blaine’s reaction to this chance to revisit our last tryst. I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom and saw a small but sexy body, capable of doing things to a man that should make him drool at the chance to repeat them. Blaine should be dying to get alone with me again! Hell, I’d hit that it wasn’t me!!! I was well and truly annoyed at this point, making my day slide from reasonable to miserable. I walked in my supervisor’s office and reported an oncoming virus and left.

I got home and moped around the apartment – mad at myself for getting so annoyed, and mad that even a hormone driven 17 year old stud didn’t seem to be interested in a repeat performance. I slipped out of my business clothes and into an over-sized silk nightshirt, grabbed an open bottle of wine from the fridge, and plopped down on the couch to nurse my sulk with Merlot and a Diana Krall album. After a couple of glasses and a few tracks, I was relaxed enough to remember how much fun we had, and it made me more than a little hot. My fingers slipped inside the nightshirt and played across my nipples, which came to attention at the touch. Twirling each alternately between my thumb and forefinger, I let my other hand slip between my legs and rub over my clit, throwing my head back and enjoying the sensations you can only get when you take care of yourself. My body was warming, tingling when I heard voices in the hall and a key in the door across from mine – Blaine was home from school! Having left work early, it hadn’t occurred to me that he would be home now – damn! I listened and heard two or three voices, all male and laughing, and a couple of mentions of how fucking hot this movie was, couldn’t wait to see her do that, etc… Blaine and the boys had a porn flick? I smiled….

I gave them time to settle in and quietly slipped out of my apartment and leaned against the door. All was quiet in there, except for the sounds of a very worked up woman and the groans of a very happy man emanating from the TV. I imagined the scene, three teenagers wide eyed and slack jawed as they watched a pro do her thing, all of them feeling the familiar rush as their jeans got a little too tight in the crotch – I was getting wet just thinking about it. I slipped back in my apartment ad formulated a simple plan. When I heard the boys laugh and then start talking again, I assumed the movie had ended. A few minutes later, I heard the door open, some goodbyes and then quiet again. I slipped out again and leaned against Gennie’s door and smiled. I heard the same sounds as before, but now I heard another, the sound of a groan not coming from the movie – Blaine was jerking off in there. I went back in my apartment and called Gennie’s number immediately. After three rings, Blaine picked up, a bit out of breath and if my calculations were right, a bit frustrated with my timing.

“Hi Blaine, its Kat. Just checking to see if you got home OK” I sang into the phone. “I’m home a little early and just wanted to make sure everything’s OK.” He hurriedly assured me he was fine and was just watching some TV before he had dinner, and thanked me for checking in. I hung up and waited a few minutes, then walked across the hall and listened. I heard the woman moaning and calling out about how big his cock is, the man grunting… and Blaine’s hand slapping his stiff cock.

I knocked loud and hard, calling out “Blaine? Blaine??? Open up young man – what are you doing? Who’s in there?” I heard the video cut off abruptly, some fumbling around and decided to really make this fun. “Blaine! Open this door right now – don’t make me call your mom!” Hurried footsteps and fumbling with the latch produced a flushed and confused young man with an obvious bulge in his shorts. “No one’s here, Kat, jeez – why do you think I have someone here?” I simply pushed him aside and walked in, but not without letting my hip graze against that bulge “accidentally”. “I heard her, Blaine – she seemed to really be enjoying herself” I spun and faced him “Where is she? I never thought you’d cross your mom on this”

His face went complete pale and then he simply sat on the floor. He looked up – he was almost crying. “Nobody’s here Kat… this is so embarrassing… please – I didn’t cross mom… he trailed off and pointed at the TV. I played along and picked up the remote, clicking the set back on to see the movie still playing, and the man deep inside the woman’s ass, pounding away happily as they both moaned. I looked over and back, then over and back again.

“Please don’t tell mom, Kat – it’s just a movie” He looked so forlorn there on the floor, the bulge had disappeared and the little boy was shining through the man’s body. I walked ob over and stood behind him and patted him on his shoulders. “I understand Blaine” I said, starting to un button my nightshirt out his sight, “but I have a question for you” He turned to face me and his eyes opened wide, seeing me standing with my nightshirt open and my pussy at this eye level. “Why use a movie when can have the real thing, stud?”

His answer was to push his face into my mound. I wrapped my leg over his shoulder ad shuddered as his tongue began torturing my clit and sliding back and forth, in and out of my pussy. His hands came around behind and cupped my ass, groping and caressing, fingers slipping down the crack, making me shiver. This young man had studied his films! Unwilling to let him have al the fun, I disengaged and pushed him onto his back and slipped his shorts off to reveal his cock, which had recovered nicely. Swing around, I planted my pussy on his waiting face and dove onto that chubby appendage, taking him all the way down my throat and holding him there as I caressed his balls, then starting to slowly mouth fuck him. His tongue picked up where it had left off, and with easier access to my ass, his fingers found their way in, probing inside me as his tongue invaded my pussy. I was in heaven. I wanted more.

I slid down and spun to face him. Straddling him, I guided his cock into me and sat down, engulfing it again. Leaning in, I let my tongue tease his nipples and lightly bit each one as I made slow circles against him, enjoying how he filled me up. I rocked back and forth, looking down at him and smiling, letting his cock pop out and slide up and down my as, teasing him as I let it press against the opening, then slipping back in my pussy to be caressed as I worked my muscles to milk that lovely cock. His hands were all over my breasts, pinching my nipples, squeezing each one – then suddenly he had hold of my hips as I was teasing his cock with my ass. He looked up and simply said “Turn around”. I almost melted right there. Shaking I slid over him and presented my ass for his viewing pleasure. I felt his slick cock sliding over y hole and simply couldn’t wait. Looking back, I grabbed his cock and positioned it, then sat slowly down, letting him sink in my tight asshole. “Enjoying the view, stud?” I asked. His eyes were aglow and I began bouncing on his cock, letting him fill me up. I turned and asked a simple question. “Do you want to cum in my ass, my pussy or my mouth today, Blaine?” It must have been too much for his overloaded circuits, because his pulsing cock made up its own mind, unloading shot after shot into my ass. I stopped rocking and just let him explode, feeling the warmth, letting it ooze out around his cock, feeling the slick heat between us.

Once he finished I stood up and looked down. “Better than even HD, isn’t it?” He nodded and looked sad. I kneeled and caressed his face. “What is it, stud/” Tell your Kat” The little boy look returned and he seemed a bit shy. My hand found his slippery cock and caressed it. “Tell me, Blaine” I purred. In a very small voice, he said; “I really wanted to cum in your mouth, Kat, but I couldn’t wait” My answer was a smile, a kiss, and a simple statement. “Your mom isn’t coming home tonight, stud – I think I can make your wish come true” With that I slid down his stomach, planting little kisses along the way, and taking his cum coated member in my mouth to begin round 2.
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