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This is a true story. really happened to me at nov 10 2010
True story, really happened to me on november 10 2010.

The people who know me know that i'm into all kinds of dirty, kinky and perverted sex. One of my fettishes is rapeplay. I love to be 'raped'. Just one or more guys, grabbing me, tearing my clothes off and fuck the shit out of me only thinking about their own pleasure. Abusing me like a slut.

Well i have a friend who 'rapes' me regurely. Met him a few years ago in a bar and came to talk about our fettishes. One thing we had in common was rapeplay. I really love it, being raped, abused and very rough and even violent sex. When he wants to rape a women, he calls me and when i can I let him rape me brutally. He told me that his dad didn't saw a woman in years and that he'd like it if i gave my body to his dad for his sexual enjoyment. His dad told him we would like a cunt to stick his cock into. He asked him if he woud like a woman to make love to or a slut to fuck and abuse. It didn't matter to him he said. His dad has absolute no respect for dirty sluts. In his opinion you have to treat sluts for what they are: dirty fucking sluts. You command the slut to get naked and you just rape and abuse them for your own pleasures without giving those whores one second thought and without caring if they enjoy it or not. He told them he knew me and that i was a depraved slut. He said: "send her over and i'll fuck her stupid brains out". His dad is 70 years old, ugly and fat. He told me all this and asked me if i wanted to give my body for his enjoyment.

I kinda liked the idea. My cunt got wet instantly from the thought. It was so humiliating to do such a thing. Being ordered to get abused made me feel such a whore:) And him being old, fat and ugly added to the humiliation, so i said yes. The date was set on nov 10 2010 at around noon........

I rang the doorbell of the old house his dad lived in. It took a while before he opened the door. But eventually he opened the door and i told him who i was. He let me in and as soon as the door was closed he said: "get naked, you fucking slut". I quickly took my clothes off and i was barly ready when he grabbed my hair and dragged me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and breathed heavy looking at me. "hmhmhmh such a whore! only good for fucking" he said while letting his pants down. He roughly grabbed me all over, my tits, my belly, my cunt. He shoved 4 fingered in my fuck hole without first stretching it making me growl in pain. he drooled on my naked body and opened my legs. He threw himself on top of me and his body smelled slightly sweaty. He forced me to kiss and pushed my mouth open with his tongue. In the mean time he shoved is old cock into my pussy and started fucking. He pounded my cunt hard and deep. His fat belly rubbing against my belly skin. He roughly grabbed my tits and used them as handles to fuck me as deep as possible. He rammed his cock in my lovehole. he pulled out and shoved it in my mouth, fucking my mouth hard. Then back again in my pussy. He then pulled out and turned me on my belly. He pulled my legs so they were hanging down along the side of the bed and shoved his cock in my cunt from behind. His hands grabbed my hair and pulled my head back with every trust. "Oooh yes, ooh my God, you're such a fucking slut. I Can't believe my son gave me his dumb whore to fuck." he said while gasping for air. His breathing was so heavy i thought he was going to die while abusing me. Then back on my back again and the fucking went on. The old man needed a lot of time to reach his orgasm state. i wasn't wet in the beginning and that made my cunt sore. I was wet now but that didn't ease the soreness of my cunt. Just a little, but not much. It hurted a bit. Suddenly he pulled me on my knees on the ground and face fucked me. deep in my throat and he didn't care if i was gagging or choking, he just kept on fucking my face without even lowering the tempo. But finally he cummed in my mouth and over my face. Thick fat cum splashed on my face, mouth and hair. When his orgasm had subsided he let himself fall on the bed and tried to catch his breathe. I sank to my knees with my ass against my feet and rubbed my sore cunt. It took him a while to breathe normally and when he did he got up from the bed.

He grabbed me again, dragged me back to the hallway where my clothes were and said: "Get dressed, dirty whore and piss off!" He threw a 50 euro note to my head and left the hall. "And be quick!" I got dressed quickly, grabbed the 50 euro note and left...... Luckily I had tissues in my car and wiped my face. I had to walk all the way to my car with my face covered in cum.

When i got home my favorite rapist called me on the phone asking what happened. I told him in detail how his father raped me, abused me and kicked me outside with a cum covered face. He laughed about this humiliating thing. Did anyone saw you coming out of the house?" He asked. "I don't think so. At least, I didn't see anybody." I said. "I'm proud of you my dirty fucking slut. I'm going to rape you soon again."he said and hanged up the phone.

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2014-07-16 10:08:17
Wish I could find a chick to let me abuse and rape her whenever I felt like it :) great idea :)


2013-01-11 10:13:23
thats a bit messed up but an okay story not one of my favorites though

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2010-11-21 20:10:20
lekker verhaal, spannend ook

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