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This story is about Dave (25) and his young sister Sophie (16)
End of part 4:

'You have cum on your face' I told her as I chuckled.
'Really?' she smiled 'Where?' She started to look down, trying to see her own chin. It was quite funny looking. I laughed and said 'Here, let me...'
I leaned in to Sophie and licked some of my cum from her chin, taking it into my mouth and swallowing. She gave me a strange look, as she cocked her head to the side, then leaned in and kissed me. I could taste my cum as my tongue explored her mouth.
'Mmmmm' We both groaned simultaneously.
After a very long, passionate kiss, we sank back onto the couch, Sophie resting her head on my chest and her leg resting over mine. We said nothing and soon fell asleep.


Part 5:
I awoke later that night, both of us still in the same position. I lay where I was for a few minutes, admiring Sophie's youthful body. I couldn't see her breasts because she was laying on top of me but I could feel them pressed against my ribs and I could feel her breathing on my neck.
I sighed with satisfaction but that was short lived. Very quickly, I remembered that this beautiful creature tickling my neck with her sweet breath, was my little, 16 year old sister, Sophie.
My thoughts went wild again. I lifted Sophie, as gently as my mood would allow, and replaced my chest with a cushion which was on the floor. Sophie grunted and snuggled up to the pillow but didn't really stir. I stood up, stretched a little, letting out a big sigh and then collapsed into the armchair behind me. I lay there for a few minutes motionless, staring at the ceiling. After a bit, I got up and walked to the door, still naked. I figured I better clean up a bit in case anyone called around but it was after 10pm so it was unlikely. I picked up Sophie's robe and threw it over her as she slept. I took my clothes with me and went upstairs to have a shower.

I threw my clothes into the wash basket in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stepped in and started to wash myself off. My mind, needless to say, turned to Sophie again. How could I be doing this? What am I saying, it's done! Too late to go back now. Holy shit - my little sister sucked me off. My 16 year old sister gave her first blow job to her big brother. How fucked up is that? While I was feeling guilty about what had happened earlier that night and my thoughts went to Sophie's blow job, my cock started to swell. I thought - well, that's how it's gonna be isn't it? I feel guilty until I think about Sophie naked, then my cock takes over! My cock continued to swell and I moved my soapy hands down and gently pulled my foreskin back to wash. The swelling continued as my hands reached under my balls and around the base of my cock. Fuck it, I thought, why not? I started to pump my cock slowly but firmly as it hardened. 'Mmmmmm' I moaned out loud. My thoughts went to Sophie's beautiful, young, naked body. 'Oh Sophie' I moaned, again out loud.
'Yes?' I heard from outside the shower.
'Oh shit' I said and frantically turned off the shower and grabbed a towel.
'What's wrong?' Sophie said as she opened the shower door and, instead of looking at my face, she looked straight at my cock - now at half mast due to fright! She took the towel from my hand and threw it on the floor. She was wearing her pink bath robe from earlier on.
'I was er...' I mumbled.
'You were having a wank? So what! I sucked your cock last night bro... and loved it.'
'Yeah, well, I suppose, but...' I mumbled still.
'It's not like I haven't heard that guys have a wank, like, 5 times a day!' she exclaimed. 'Don't let me stop you.'
'Eh? You want me to keep going?' I asked.
'I'd love to watch.' she grinned at me.
'You would?'
'Hell yeah.'
'Well...' I said '... sure why not?' as I started to stroke my, again stiffening, cock. 'You wanna come in with me?'
'Yes I do' she said as she stepped out of her robe and let it drop to the floor.
I ogled her youthful body as she moved towards the shower. She looked so... amazing. She had the sexiest swagger in her hips as she walked. She lifted one leg to step sideways into the shower and I glanced between her legs at her hairless mound. My cock twitched instantly and continued to twitch as I continued to watch.
'Wow' Sophie said as she watched my cock 'I didn't see it twitch like that last night. I assume that means you like what you see?'
'Sophie, if I'm looking at your naked body, it's going to be the quickest wank ever.' I informed her.
'You mean you'll cum really quickly?' she asked.
'That's cool. I'll take it as a compliment.' she told me. 'I'll sit here.'
Sophie was in the shower now and she sat at the back, on the ledge, facing me.
I stared at Sophie as she sat down and my cock was nearly fully hard now. She placed her knees on her elbows and leaned forward, legs together.
'Well, now I can't see anything juicy!' I told her.
'What? Oh right.' Sophie replied as she leaned back against the wall exposing her little titties.
'Mmmmm, that's better' I said, staring at her chest and wrapping my hand around my cock.
I started to wank my cock slowly, my eyes filled with youthful, tiny breasts. 'You have such amazing breasts Soph. I can't get enough of them.'
'Well, you have a free hand don't forget.' she told me.
I didn't need any more encouragement. I stepped a little closer to my little sister and reached my free hand towards her chest. I cupped her right tit with my left hand and gently squeezed and fondled it.
'Mmmm, that's nice bro.' she told me as she continued to stare at my hard member. 'I think you're making me wet.'
'You better check then!' I told her.
Sophie spread her legs and revealed her smooth pussy. It glistened slightly and I moaned. 'Mmmmmmmm baby, you are wet'
I started to pump my cock faster and harder now.
Sophie reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit a little with her fingers, still staring at my cock. She stopped for a second, looked down at her pussy and spread her lips apart widely.
'Oh fuck. That's the hottest thing I've ever seen baby.' I moaned. 'I'm not gonna be long Soph.'
'You like when I spread my pussy like that?' she asked, puzzled.
'I love seeing a spread pussy sis. Especially yours. How wet are you?'
'I'm pretty soaked bro. Look.' Sophie rubbed her fingers around her wet slit and then moved her hand towards me, for me to see. There was a string of pussy juice running from her fingers to her cunt.
I grabbed Sophie's hand and moved it to my mouth.
'What are you... are you going to...' Sophie trailed off as I started to suck on her fingers, tasting my little sister's juices for the first time. 'Dave!' she sounded shocked! 'You like the taste?'
'Oh hell yeah. You taste amazing.' I told her and noticed that I had stopped wanking. I started again, furiously.
Sophie moved her hand back to her pussy and started to rub herself. She let out a little moan 'Mmmmm.'
'Oh yes, Sophie. Play with yourself. Please rub your sexy little slit for me baby.' I asked.
'Ok bro. Anything for you. I like watching you too... you're making me very horny.' Sophie moaned quietly as she continued to rub her pussy and stare at my cock.
'Oh god, I think I'm going to cum already' Sophie moaned. 'Oh god... mmmm... ohhh...'
Sophie started to buck as her orgasm hit her. She clenched her legs together and groaned loudly, her free hand moving up to massage and pinch her nipples. That was enough for me.
'Oh fuck, I'm cumming now sis. Oh baby.' I hand moved back and forth pumping my cock quickly. I moved towards Sophie and as her orgasm subsided she looked up to see my cock inches from her face.
'Uunnnghhh' I groaned as my cock started to spew. Stream after stream of sticky cum spurted from my cock, onto Sophie's chest, shoulders and tummy. Sophie reached out and replaced my hand with her own, and pumped my dick for me.
'Mmmm bro, so much. Much more than last night I think.' She moved her face towards my still spewing cock and placed her lips barely over the head so that the last drops of cum oozed into her cute little mouth. I placed both hands on the wall above/behind her and sighed deeply as my body twitched and my sister sucked.
'Wait' I quickly blurted out 'Don't swallow' I told her.
'Hmm?' Sophie said, taking her lips from my now-soft cock and looking at me with raised eyebrows.
'Don't swallow' I repeated 'Kiss me, quick.'
Sophie's eyebrows raised further and she looked at me with obvious surprise. She then stood up and moved her face up towards mine.
I took Sophie's face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers, immediately feeling and tasting my own cum. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth and played around, searching for hers. I found it and we tangled our tongues together, dancing in each other's mouth. I could feel my cum slosh around in there and taste it's salty tanginess. We breathed heavily and groaned as we kissed passionately. A little bit of cum started to dribble from the side of our mouth's. I pulled her tiny body towards me and subsequently pressed my cock into her belly (I'm tall). We broke our kiss and just hugged tightly. I felt slightly guilty again, as my orgasm subsided but Sophie's body in my arms soon made me forget the guilt.
'I love you Dave.' Sophie told me as we continued our embrace.
'I love you too sis. More than you know.' I replied.
'Oh I don't know about that. I think I do know.' she said as she looked up at me and winked.
We started to kiss again. This time it was an affectionate kiss, rather than lustful.
Sophie moved both of her hands down from my back and placed them firmly on each ass cheek before giving me a squeeze.
'Mmmmmmm, so nice' she moaned.
I giggled a little and couldn't hold our kiss any longer.
'What are you laughing at?' she scoffed.
'Just the fact that my little sister just grabbed my arse, moaned and said 'nice', that's all! It's quite funny really.' I replied, still laughing a little.
'Heehee, I suppose it is quite funny... bro! Hey, what time is it? Die Hard is on TV3 tonight! It's probably on now.'
'Great! I love that film. Wanna cuddle up on the couch and watch it together?' I asked her.
'That's exactly what I want.' she replied, grinning from ear to ear. 'We better actually have a shower though, since we're here.'
'Good idea.' I said as I started to wash off.
'Well, it's an even better idea if I wash you and you wash me!' she grinned.
'Well, that does sound like a much better idea!' I immediately reached for the shower gel, squirted some onto my hand and started to rub Sophie from the shoulders down, paying special attention to her boobs as I moved down her body. After a few minutes Sophie said 'I know you love them but the rest of me needs cleaning too ya know!'
'Eh? Oh, yeah, right.' My hand continued down her body and over her smooth, flat tummy. I caressed her belly for a few mins and then moved my hand down further.
As I was washing her tummy, she moved her own hands from my chest and down towards my crotch. She reached my penis and started to wash around it, causing me to grow again. 'Jeez' Sophie said 'Does he ever take a break?'
'Not with you around, no.' I replied. Sophie knelt down in front of me and lifted my cock up to wash my balls. After a slow rub around my sac, she reached behind my balls and pushed her soapy hand between my ass cheeks.
'Careful now' I joked to her.
'Well, you need to be clean everywhere don't you?' she said as she rubbed her fingers over and around my asshole and up and down my arse crack.
'Yeah, very true. Kinda weird though, having my little sister wash my asshole hehehe.' I chuckled. 'Same goes for you, so hurry up there.'
'Oh ok Mr. Pushy. Here you go.' she said ass she stood up and turned her back to me.
I soaped up my hands again and washed her back and shoulders completely before moving my hands down further. I slid one hand slowly down from her back between her cheeks.
'Ooh.' Sophie exclaimed.
'Ok?' I asked her.
'Oh yes, just never had someone else's hand between my ass cheeks!' she giggled.
'So young and innocent.' I laughed in reply. I continued and my sudsy fingers found her tightly puckered asshole, which I tickled. Sophie giggled and I made a decision not to do anything else at this time. I rubbed up and down again between her cheeks and told her she was done.
'Thank you very much big brother. You know how to look after me eh?'
'Well, I try. I try.' I smiled at Sophie as we both stood out of the shower. I grabbed a large, white, fluffy towel and wrapped Sophie up, picking her up and giving her a big hug.
'I love you.' I told her again. 'But I'm afraid of my sister being my lover - it's dangerous.'
She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned back a little looking into my eyes.
Sophie smiled. 'Bro, I love you differently to anyone else. Mom, dad - it's different, and if that means we act like lovers then that's what I want. You're my bro so it won't be weird if I'm around here at your house all of the time and we'll just have to be very careful when we're anywhere else. As long as we're careful we can have lots of fun bro. What do you think?' She looked at me with puppy-dog eyes.
'I want it as much, if not more than you do. We have to be real though, we're brother and sister. There is a very real chance that one of us could fall deeply in love with the other, if that's not already too late, and in reality it's not like we can get married or live together forever! You'll fall for some guy your age at school and that will be that or I might fall for one of the models that I shoot! We don't know Soph!'
'Well, I think I do know and I think I am in love with you. I think you're a beautiful person in every way and what more is there? What else counts? I could never find a guy like you even if I wanted to, because you're one of a kind. I want you Dave. Even though you are my brother. I want to at least try for a while and see what happens. What do you think?' Puppy-dog eyes again.
I sighed deeply and looked into her eyes and for a while neither of us said anything. Then I leaned towards Sophie slowly, not breaking eye contact, placed a hand on each cheek and slowly pressed my lips to hers. Sophie closed her eyes and sighed deeply too. We then opened our mouths and our tongues slowly slipped over each other and between the lips of each other's mouths. Brother and sister engaged in a deep, passionate kiss.
I broke the kiss and looked into Sophie's eyes again. 'I think we should try too.'
'Yaaaaaaay' Sophie cheered and then leaned forward to peck me on the lips. She then leaned back, still with her arms around my neck and her towel fell to the floor.
I looked down at her nearly-flat chest and smiled. For a moment I just stared at the young perfection of her little titties. Her dark pink nipples, so small. They were hard now. There was a slight shadow between her breasts, enough to show the small mounds.
'Are you enjoying the view?' Sophie asked with a big, naughty grin.
'I can't get enough of the view' I replied without moving my eyes away from her boobs. 'I just love your little boobs. You are so unbelievably sexy. Perfect in every way.'
'Oh, thanks big bro. Again, you're making me blush.' She actually was blushing this time.
'Oh sorry sis, I'll shut up now.'
'Oh, it's ok, I love the way you look at me. It makes me feel... wanted, sexy.'
'Sexy doesn't come close to describing you sis. You're unreal. So, how about Die Hard eh?'
We wandered downstairs and cuddled up on the couch. We sat on the couch naked all night and just enjoyed each other's company. When the film ended, we flicked around the other stations and eventually Sophie fell asleep. I carried her beautiful, naked body up to her bed without her waking.
I went to my own bed and quickly fell asleep.


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I'm currently writing the next part...

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There needs to be more installments to this D:

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Could you wright a sequal. I would love to keep reading on.

Thanks again daveirish

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i HATE READING.. but this.. was amazing.. not just cause there was sexual shit in this.. it was good.. you should make more.. and it had me oozing precum the whole time

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Really well done. The pacing is perfect and the characters have personality... Please keep them coming!

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