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My mother has been a prostitute for years. She gets sick of me not having a job and forces me to take up her line of work
I've known my mom was a whore for a little over two years now. It was an accidental discovery when I was 14. No I don't mean whore in the sense that she went out and slept with a bunch of men, though she did do that, but I mean my mother has sex for money. My father was never in the picture and apparently waitressing just wasn't cutting it. Even with all the clients she takes to seedy motels and occasionally back home, bills are always piling up. The money isn't coming in fast enough to fend off everyone looking for their payments.
At first it came as a bit of a shock, seeing my mom being paid after swallowing some strangers seed but with puberty hitting, oddly enough, it kind of became erotic. There were many nights I'd lay in bed listening to the stranger pounding my mom in the room next door, my hand squeezing on my cock, stroking, until the semen was sliding down my shaft. A few times I even cracked the door and watched. It was dark but the shapes of the people were there and the noises and degrading remarks were so much easier to hear.
Three days ago I was sitting on the couch watching a late night movie. They always played these horrible movies on Saturdays, but the selection was limited, having only 4 channels. Mom walked in with several envelopes in her hand, sitting down across from me in the old grey chair. I could tell she had been working tonight, she smelled like sex and looked really hot. Her light brown hair was up in a ponytail, with a few strands of hair covering her face near her ruby red lips. The black leather trenchcoat stuck closely to her body with just a small opening to see her cleavage baring top and short leather skirt. As always, she was wearing her knee high vinyl boots.

"These fuckin bills just don't stop coming. Every time I pay one or two, three more pop up. Jimmy, you need to start lookin for a job. We need a bit more income. We need to at least catch up on these and get rid of some of the goddamn stress."

"I've put in aps mom, i'm trying. The economy sucks right now, there is only so much I can do."

"Well try harder, before I have to figure out some other way to make us cash," she said in a low voice behind the cigarette pressed between her lips.

I wasn't sure what that meant, but I didn't really care at that moment. My eyes were too busy watching her inhale her cigarette and exhale in a provocative manner. The sight always sent a shock directly down stairs, giving me instant hard on.

"Well, mom, I'm going to get to bed, goodnight." I rushed off to my room before she could notice my excitement and masturbated to mental images of her deeply inhaling on her Marlboro's.
Sunday and Monday were mainly spent playing Call of Duty on my Xbox. I'd like to say that I had forgotten about the job hunting but in actuality I just didn't care. It was summer time, school was out, and the last thing I wanted to do was work at some grocery store or Mcdonald's when I could be at home dishing out head shots to cursing 9 year olds. In hindsight, going down to Max's Mart and putting in an application to be a bagger would have been a much better path to take. I guess I thought I'd get away with it, mom would pick up the slack, and all would be well in the household.
Most of Tuesday was spent the same as the previous couple days, lounging around playing my video games. My mom didn't get home until a little after 7 that night and she brought company.

"Hi baby, This is Mark, one of the nice customers willing to pay for services."

"Oh, well I'll go into the bedroom then, get out of your way. You two have fun."

"Wait one second, son. Sit down. Did you ever put those applications in to try and get a job?"

"Well...I was...No...not yet. I'm going to."

"Uh huh. That's what I thought. Well, funny thing. I've been discovering that a lot of these guys are curious. They like me to include fantasy talk involving other men."

"Okay...well what does that have to do with me mom? You guys do your dirty bi talk and I'm going to go into my room."

She took off her coat, revealing the tight vinyl dress she had on. Her fingers fumbled with a pack of cigarettes as she sat down in the grey chair, placing one between her lips.

"Well, hun, you didn't want to make the effort and I told you that I'd find another way to make us the money. You are going to suck Mark's cock for 75 dollars."

"What?!" I yelled in outrage. "I'm not going to do that. I'm not a whore."

"Well you are now, just like mommy. You are part of this family and you are going to help pay the bills now, or you can get the fuck out. Got anywhere to go? No, I didn't think so." She set the cash she received from Mark on the table in front of the couch. Exhaling smoke into the air she said, "You'll get part of that when you are done, rest of it will go towards the electric bill."

I didn't even get an allowance so the idea of some spending money was a nice thought, but the way I'd earn it wasn't worth it. Unfortunately, there weren't many options here. A roof over my head and a warm bed trumps all.

"Fine...but I don't even know what to do."

Mark unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a thick 7 inch cock. He slowly stroked it in his hand, waiting for my 16 year old mouth.

"Don't worry, you will pick it up quick. Plus, mommy is right here. Here, put this on." She tossed a tube of red lipstick. I applied it easily, having seen her do it numerous times. "Now, get on your knees and grab him with one hand."

I reached over and took the thick member into my hand, running a finger along it. It was unusual, having a dick in my hand that wasn't mine.

"Now squeeze the base firmly and wrap your lips around the head. Occasionally, run your tongue around it."

Mark put his hand around my head, pulling me in. There was some hesitance, but I closed my eyes and opened up. The firm and plump head poked me in the cheek and slid around inside of my mouth. He tilted his head back, letting out some sounds of enjoyment. My tongue swirled around, stimulating this middle aged man that I had never met before.

"Good baby. Now, try your hardest to take all of that cock in your young mouth. Suck on it good. Make him cum for mommy. Happy customers always come back for more."

By this time, I guess I had stopped thinking so hard about what was going on, I was just going with it. My mom was instructing me on what to do and I was following directions.

"Yes mommy."

My first try, I gagged and didn't get much in there. I stared at his big erect penis, dripping my saliva, and opened wide. Mark moaned loudly as my lips touched his pubes. The whole cock was in my mouth and I slowly pulled up to the head before dropping back down to the base.
A popping sound filled the air when I took it out of my mouth. I ran my tongue all the way up the length of his member, so badly wanting to get this guy off.

"Baby, you are a natural at cock sucking. Mommy's got to admit, she is getting fuckin damp in her panties.

Mark, between moans, turned to my mom and said, "Show me your wet cunt while your son suck's my prick. I'm almost there. Let me see it."

She obliged and removed her black satin panties, tossing them to the couch. They landed right next to his face. Mark tilted his head to the side, smelling the undergarments that were stained with my mother's sweet pussy scent.

"There you go, clear view of my dripping wet pussy," she whispered erotically, spreading her legs open.

I turned my head a bit to stare at her soaked cunt. She was rubbing her juices along her slit, occasionally putting her fingers in her mouth to get a taste. This site was too much for both of us. It drove me wild and had me sucking him hard and fast. In a matter of seconds, I felt warmth in my mouth. Mark grabbed my head, making sure I didn't move away as several shots of cum filled up my mouth. I swallowed the best I could but some dribbled out onto my smeared red lips.

"Fuck, Karen. Your son is really good at that. Fuck." Mark moaned a bit before buttoning his jeans back up.

"So we can count on you being a return customer?"

"Oh yeah, you bet. I may want more next time."

More?! I just learned to give a blowjob. I wasn't sure about the more thing, but at that moment, I'd do just about anything. My cock was straining against my pants.

"You have the cash, he will do whatever it is you ask of him. He's a good boy. Made mommy very proud today."

"I'll be in touch. Thanks."

The door closed, and my first thought was, "Fuck, I need to get to the bedroom and masturbate immediately before my balls explode.

"Here hun, 25 for you. Spend it on whatever you like. I'll be in my room. Night."

Instead of mental images, this night I peeked into her room from the crack in the door. Her moans were loud, nearly covering up the vibrator. It took less than a minute before I was shooting my cum all over her door. At the time, I didn't care but then reality hit. How the fuck was I going to clean this off without her noticing?


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Please make a part 2 where him and mom fuck between customers

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i didnt really like it. not sayin that you shouldnt continue writing, but i just dislike it.

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2010-12-29 20:32:20
This was a awesome story and would love to hear more about what happens. Thanks

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This was a awesome story and would love to hear more about what happens. Thanks

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Oh my god, I need more!

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