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this is fictional not true
My crazie ass cuzn

This story starts on an August morning about 2 years ago. My cousins name will be changed for safety reasons. Her name will be adrina She is 5 ft. 2 in. she is skinny with breast you just want to rub your face in as soon as you see them. She has an okay ass but i still like her figure. She has brown eyes and curly brown hair. she dresses very provocative. which is why i cant help but fantasize about her.

So anyways my cousin is cleaning the house (because i don't like to). She washes the dishes, sweeps and mops the floors. just basically make things look nice. So as im washing my clothes she is cleaning and one of my boxer underwear type of thing falls out on the way so the washer. i did not notice because i was staring at my hot new maid. She picks up my boxer underwear type of thing and she sees the dried up seamen on my boxer type of thing and said “who you jacking off to Yolanda?”
I just froze and blurted back “what the fuck are you talking about!”
Yolanda was a girl i used to like and i had told her.
She said “have you had sex before!”
I said “shut up you have not either”
“Yeah I have dumb ass”
I said “I guess their is no way to prove it huh.”
“their is a way Jane is still a virgin ”
“so wear are you going with this”
“If Jane is a virgin and if i am not a virgin then you can compare duh”
“Yes but jane would not be up to it”
“Do not worry about her she wants to lose her virginity ”
“But i do not think she would lose it with me”
“Hey i am going to let you in on a little secret we do not get out much we are lonely we need a cock shoved up our holes every once in a while.”
“Okay i will do it. when will we do this.”
“today right now let me call Jane up but first.”
She reached in my pants and garbed my cock she pinched the head of my Seven inch cock i pulled back because it felt weird to me. So any ways she got down on her knees and started licking it making sure it was fully erect (it was). Then out of no where she just shoved in her mouth and i felt that wonderful feeling of my head pounding against her tonsils. She put my hand on her head and she moved i started to move my hand with her head. I felt her long curly hair on my hand and then i just exploded in her throat at that moment she shoved my cock in her throught as i was shooting cum in her throat our eyes met. she smiled and i smiled. she pulled my cock out and said “I am going to lick you clean.” As she was licking my cock clean i reached ove to fondle her breast and she said “wait up we still need to get jane in here.”

She left to go get jane. i walked her out and slapped her ass before she left. As soon as she left she i raced into my room and started cleaning my room. it was a huge mess. so i just brushed the “dust” under the carpet. she came back with jane and a huge smile. she was carrying a bag

“Whats in the bag?” i asked
“Something” She said with a big grin on her face
“Okay to the room” i instructed them
“is your room clean?” she asked
“yeah just cleaned it a while ago” i said
“I dont think so your a dirty boy” she teased me
“Oh were going this way ok” i said really happy.
“No your just dirty ” she said to me
“WHAT!!!!!!” I yelled
“Just messing with you!!”
“Oh okay then”
“now come on i have to prove you wrong. ”
Jane was quiet i asked her if he was okay she said yeah but she was nervous. i told her if she didn't want to do this she could leave. she said no. Adrina was all ready in the room she yelled out “come on already”

we went into the room and undressed there was a plastic sheet on the ground.
“why is that there?” i asked
“for this” she took out from the bag some baby oil and her camera. we took turns rubbing the oil on our each other. Janes pussy was so tight and small i just wanted to fuck her brains out, but it was Adrina’s turn her pussy was a little less tighter than jane either she masturbates or she really was a virgin. then it was my turn she grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze
“your cock is hard rock hard cuz.” she said
then jane pushed her aside and started handling my cock.
“which one does it better” jane asked
“i do not know witch ever one of you makes me cum first”
“okay” Adrina said
“me first” Jane said
“no me first” Adrina said “i am more experienced”
“she has a point jane let her go first.”
“Okay” jane said
Adrina pushed away jane and started oiling up my 7 inch cock. she started licking it flipping her tongue on the head of my cock. going up and down licking my balls. sucking my balls and jacking my cock of. she nearly swallowed my cock when she started deep throating the feeling of her lips on my cock and my balls smashing on her neck and my head hitting her tonsils made me explode inside her she was a good girl licking me clean.
“that was 1 minute 5 seconds. i will do it faster.” Said jane
“We have to wait for a while so that my batteries can recharge. they nodded in agree.
So who wants me to do them. Jane walked up to me and she laid down in front of me . I could not believe it i was going to eat my own blood cousin out. i started by playing with her pussy. i put my index finger and twisted it around. she immediately started moaning. I took my finger out an started licking the out side of her lips and continued to get closer to he clit. All i heard was “ohhhhh...... ahhhhhhhhhhh...........yessss ........more ....more ..... more!!!!!!” right then a sea of her fluids came gushing out.
“wow only 50 seconds” said Adrina
“Yeah your next!!” i said
i picked her up and slammed her on my bed and and smashed my face in her pussy and she immediately started moaning “ohhhhh...... ahhhhhhhhhhh...........yessss ........more ....more ..... more!!!!!!” right then a sea of her fluids came gushing out. that was 45 SECONDS!!!!!! how did you achieve an orgasm that fast. Please comment i know their is some grammar but don't concentrate on that the story is what matters right 2cd part yes or no comment.

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2012-10-02 20:32:16
How old are you?? I always aseusmd that you were just out of college a year or so.....How many brothers and sisters do you have??Love, Mere

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2010-11-20 11:21:18
Little grammar? Right you are. Please take some time for it! That alone would make your stories. It's like cooking... even though the food will "just be eaten," the "presentation" is a great part of it.

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