The Taste of Hazing.

It was the summer of 1984, and I had just been recruited for the college football team. I walked in to the first practise and was getting ready in the locker room, when a towel sharply struck my bare muscular ass. Mark commented, “Hey rookie, you ready for the weekend? We’re gonna make you part of the team. Hope you like to sweat” I laughed nervously, not understanding what he meant. I had no idea what was to come Friday night.

After a grueling first week I rolled up to my girlfriend’s Larrisa’s dorm room. I knocked gently on the door before entering the room. I could smell sweat and whisky before I even spied the scene. Imagine my surprise when I saw two girls under the covers. They giggled in acknowledgment of my presence. I stood dumfounded, taking it all in with my eyes. The curves, the two sets of breasts, the colour of honey skin on pale freckles. “Oh hey Ethan, have you met my new friend and roommate Athelia. She has the most amazing nipples.” I stood there dumfounded, that Larissa would be talking about another girl’s nipples in front of her. I couldn’t help but getting a sixty-fiver. Athelia noticed my bulge and flipped off the covers revealing their toned, entwined, slender, and very naked bodies. Athelia coyly asked if I was going to join them. I stripped off my shirt and pants as quick as possible, it’s not every day you get to jump into bed with your girlfriend and her hot sex starved friend with amazing nipples.

I slid my toned body between the two of them and said “Nice to meet you”. I immediately drove my middle finger into each of their pussies. They were dripping wet, I knew they had been at each other for hours, but now they were hungry for some tasty throbbing man. I had to oblige. I slid my fingers out and let them taste each other’s juices off my finger. They cooed with delight. My cock surged as their hot tongues flicked over my glistening digits as if it were a small thin, yet worthy dick. After licking my fingers clean they started making out. I grabbed their hair and they squealed. I pushed their heads towards my throbbing member and said “Can I introduce you to my good friend Mr. Cock and Balls.” The girls laughed and slowly unleashed my Mr. Cock and Balls from his constricting lair. They continued making out and I smacked their faces with my dick. “You little slutty whores”, I cried out, “You like it, don’t you.” “Mmmmmmm”, they agreed as they took turns plunging my cock deep into their throats. As I was about to cum, Larissa turned to me and said “I’ve been wanting to show you something that me and Athelia have been playing with. With you gone at practice all the time there’s a big void to fill.”

She pulled open her top dresser drawer as Athelia continued pleasing my shaft. I was squeezing Athelia’s amazing nipples when I saw what Larrisa had in her hands. It was the hugest butt plug that I had ever seen in my life. (And let me tell you, I’ve seen quite a few.) I swallowed hard and asked, “What would you like me to do with that monster?” Larissa didn’t say a word, but she smiled and turned around, bent over and started fingering her pink tight anus, as I sat on the side of the bed getting a beej. “We’ve been playing with this all day, but we really want to know how it feels to have both holes filled. Thank god you’re here.” Athelia whipped out a bottle of lube from her utility belt and started pouring it all over Larrisa, fingering all her holes. (Mouth, vagina, ass, ear, nose).

I positioned myself behind Athelia and entered her forcefully. She writhed in ecstacy bearing down on my cock. I began to stroke her hard, she in turn passed my motion on to Larrisa’s clit. I felt my cock swell as I watched my little girlfiend start to work the giant toy into her ass. With each of her moans I felt closer to cumming. Athelia was getting all worked up. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my hard cock. I said “Are you going to come?” She replied, “You have no fucking idea buddy”. She moaned, tilted her head back and much to my surprise started squirting her pleasure juice all over my girlfiend’s tight abs and wet pussy. “Oh good girl,” said Larrisa, as she drove the monster plug further and further up her ass. “Now it’s time to fill ME with cum,” she said. “Give me that big man dick in my pussy”.

I took my slippery dong, walked across the puddle of squirt juice and pushed Larissa back on to the bed. I threw her legs back exposing the base of the giant plastic sex toy, and pushed with my all might as she enveloped it all the way to the base. “OOOOOOhhh,” she cried out, gutterally. “It’s soooo deep, you HAVE to fuck me now” I plunged my engorged genitalia into her juicy pink lips. It slid in so well because of all the squirt juice from Aphelia. It felt tighter than usual, and I could feel the ridges of the butt plug through her anal-vaginal wall. I felt Athelia come up behind me and press her body up against mine, her fingers starting to caress my ass.

I ripped a huge fart, and she quiffed. We both laughed, but then Larissa screamed as I saw the butt plug erupt like a torpedo from her ass. It ricocheted off my nut sack and smoked Athelia in the knee. I doubled over in pain and only then noticed that Larissa was bleeding badly from her gaping anus. She gasped,“Oh shit!” I turned to Athelia and said “What should we do?”, noticing for the first time she had taken the brunt of blood and fecal matter from the explosion. “I don’t give a fuck, I think that monster tore my ACL.” I couldn’t believe it, I whipped out my new iPhone 4, took a picture and then dialed 911…

To Be Continued

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written by women?? why does it say you are male in the profile?

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