An innocent visit to a friends place ends in questionable sexual relations with his little sister. This is my first posted story..
I was bored and in the mood for getting out of the house, so I decided to pay my bud Andy a visit with the intention of persuading him to come up to our local haunt, the High Flyer. It was a weekday, the perfect time for a quiet beer and a few games of pool. I'd earlier tried calling him but his phone was switched off, so I chose to just head over to his house instead. We'd known each other for years, an impromptu visit was no big deal.

Despite being the same age as me, twenty-seven, Andy still lived with his mother. Even his younger brother had moved out but Bree, his fifteen year old sister lived there. He seemed pretty content.. he wasn't a geek or anything, I guess he was just happy not having to pay rent or a mortgage.

I got up to to the front porch. His car was out front and the main door was open with only the screen door shut so I knew someone must be home. I rang the door bell and waited. No answer. I rang it again and impatiently knocked hard on the doorframe. Just as i began wondering if anyone was actually home i heard the familiar patter of footsteps coming down the staircase.

"Yo Andy it's Matt!" I called out as i heard the footsteps approach the door.
"Heyeee" replied Bree as she opened the door letting me in. Not who was expecting.

As she'd just let me inside I presumed Andy must be out back in the yard or something. Deciding to wait for him to come in, I pulled up a chair at the kitchen table.
"No school?" I asked.
"Nah I'm sick" she replied. She didn't look it.
"Reeeaallly?" I said suspiciously.
"Yeah i've got a massive headache!" she said as she joined me at the table. I couldn't tell in her tone of voice if she was being sarcastic or not so I just left it, not really caring one way or another.
"So is your brother around?" I was beginning to wonder why she hadn't called out to him yet.
"Nah he's gone motocross riding with Steve and Dools" Bree answered.
"Ahh fair enough" I replied casually, hiding my disapointment. I didn't have a bike of my own but I was still a bit pissed off i wasn't invited, just hanging out with them would have been fine, like I'd done in the past.
"So whatchya been up to?" asked Bree. I have to say in the all the years I've known this kid, this was already the longest conversation we'd ever had. I'd seen her around a million times but our exchanges were nothing more than hellos and goodbyes.. rather appropriatly given her age and all. So the fact we were sitting here alone in the house chatting was beginning to feel quite strange.
"Not much, was planning on going up to the Flyer but I'm not going to go up there alone for a drink."

"I'll come with ya!" Again I couln't quite tell if she was being serious or just kidding. This gave me the chance to unashamadly give her a long look over. She certainly had the figure of a young petite woman.. heightwise she came up to my shoulders so i'm guessing 5".. the tight leggings she was wearing let me see well the nice womanly hips she'd developed.. and her breasts were growing steadily each time I'd seen her.. as far as I could tell beneath her black bra and flimsy singlet they were now possibly a very nice b cup. Whilst her hairstyle, a bit of a lesbo do dyed jet black and kind of short and spiky, would pass for a girl in her late teens or early twenties, her face was certainly that of a young teen. Her little mouth and puffy cheeks were a dead give away.

"Umm, there's no way they'll serve you but give it a few years and for sure, I'll take you up there" I said, sincerly.
"Ah well, at least i've got my weed!" she replied. Despite her age i wasn't that suprised the little punk smoked dope - both her brothers did so it was only natural she would too. "Wanna have a smoke with me?" she asked.

My initial reaction was to say no, since the stuff usually makes me go a little crazy rather than mellow me out. But seeing as this was a pretty little teenager asking me, I really couldn't help but take up the offer.
"Sure!" I said.
"Coolies, we'll have to go up to my room though, better not smoke down here". We got up and I followed her to the staircase. It was at this point my heartbeat began to race - watching her firm little butt as she climbed the stairs whilst knowing I was heading up to her room gave my cock an inevitable twitch. I had to promise myself I wouldn't do anything silly, she was letting me come up because she'd known me for years and trusted me, there was no way she'd want to fool around with an older guy like me. Or for that matter a guy at all!

Her room was that of a typical teenager, messy, with posters of metal bands and such covering the walls. I took a seat at the edge of her unmade bed, as she crouched down to grab her stash from underneath. I took pleasure watching her in that position, her head right beside my knee. As her back was arched, her singlet had crept up and I could see the small of her back, along with her black panties under the waistband of her leggings. I was loving the fact that fifteen year olds wear g-strings these days!

"Here it is!" She opened the box containing the weed, a bowl, pipe and scissors. As she chopped we chatted about some of the bands she was into, with me telling her about the ones i'd seen live. It gave me a chance to ease the tension that had been growing in my pants.

Finally she filled the pipe and handed it to me. "Make sure you blow the smoke out the window" I lit the pipe and smoked it, then crawled across her bed to the window to blow out the smoke like she asked. I kicked off my shoes and made myself a more comfy on the bed. She didn't say anything, so I guess she didn't mind. She took her turn to smoke and like me crept over the bed to the window, then sat down by my side.

We smoked a few more.. She was a very chatty stoner, but I was too high to be able to follow anything she was saying, so I just pretended to listen. Fact was, the only thing on my mind was her hot little body, and how I might be able to enjoy it more. I knew promised myself before not to do anything silly, but my mind was now on only one track.. My morals had gone out the window with the smoke..

I turned slightly to face her, and with her sitting cross-legged my first move was to gently place my hand on her knee, squeezing it slightly with every "I know what you mean" and "that's so true".. She was talking so much it seemed she'd hardly noticed but soon enough she stopped speaking and just looked at me awkwardly. Staring back into her eyes I took this as my oppurtunity and leant in for the kiss. For about five seconds my tongue probed inside her sweet little mouth, and in that moment she seemed to reciprocate, before pulling away with a stunned look on her face. Undettered I leant back in with my mouth, this time more adventurous with my hand sliding from her knee down into the softness between her legs. With her head up against the wall now, she found it more difficult to pull away, instead concentrating her efforts in moving my hand away from her groin.

"What are you doing?" she said angrily. "What's the matter?" I whinned, resting my hand on the inside of her thigh. I could tell she didn't want it there but she didn't try to move it. I guess she was just glad that I'd stopped molesting her. "Why don't you want to?" I asked in my stoned haze. I was getting pretty pissed off. Here I was, invited to her bedroom and she doesn't want to make out? I'd already been rejected once today.
"I'm sorry, I just don't want to. It feels weird. I'm sorry Matt, I don't want to". She looked scared.
"Don't worry hun, I'll be gentle" I said, ignoring her. Again I leant in, this time planting my mouth on her neck, sucking on her soft pale skin. My hand once more moved onto the fabric covering her little pussy, feeling out those lips. I was anything but gentle.

"Matt STOP!" Her tiny black-fingernailed hand gripped hard on my arm trying to push it away, but it was no match for my need to feel her. Her legs kicked out at me so I pushed her hard onto her back, pinned her arms down forcefully and moved myself on top of her. With my erection grinding between her legs, I moved in for yet another kiss. Whilst it can't be said she kissed me back, her struggles died down, allowing me a nice long pash. Releasing her mouth I looked over her. She was terrified and sobbing quietly. "Just relax, it's all good" I said soothingly. My state of mind had led me to believe I was being a perfect gentleman.

Now under my control, I released her arms, allowing me to run both hands down along her tear soaked face, her soft neck, and down over the front of her singlet, my thumbs brushing over her small hard nipples. Moving my hands down further I felt the soft skin of her puffy little tummy, reaching down with some soft kisses. My hands continued down further still, as my fingers slid underneath the waistband of her pants. My kisses travelled further south over her tummy, now ever so close to her most desirable place. With one hard yank, I pulled down both her leggings and her panties to her knees, revealing her lovely cunt, adorned with wispy black pubes. I guess not enough had grown there to require any trimming. Another pull and her pants were completly off. Wasting no time I moved my mouth onto her, working up enough saliva to lube and pry open her tightly shut lips. Trying to block out the sound of her still crying, I focused on getting her pussy nice and wet. Cupping my hands underneath her cool bare ass gave me better leverage, as my little plaything lay pretty much motionless.

I kept working away at her pussy and sure enough she couldn't help but become moist inside. Licking her tiny clit, I moved one finger to her entrance, slowly but surely sliding it in. Bree slightly moaned as I did this, a moan of pleasure or pain, I don't know. Feeling the contours of this tight warm cunny with my finger was wonderful, but my throbbing cock signalled it was time to fuck this little girl.

I moved my mouth away and looked over her again. A wave of guilt swept through me as I saw her laying there, a young girl I'd known for years now frightened, humiliated and half naked. Yet at the same time there was no turning back, my animalistic desire wouldn't allow for it.
"Turn over" I asked, firmly but calmly, whilst pulling down my shorts. "Get on your knees". Reluctantly she complied. By fucking her from behind, I'd be spared the guilt somewhat of having to see her face. Her beautiful bare cheeks presented themselves in front of me, the same cheeks I'd admired walking up the staircase hardly an hour ago

Manoeuvring my cock into position was proving difficult given the size of her hole. Pushing hard, the tip slided in with no effort, but getting the rest of my dick inside her was causing both of us some pain. So tight was her snatch, it felt as if the skin was tearing away from my cock, but within a few more thrusts her juices finally gave way and my cock sunk all the way in, almost causing me to cum at that instant. Young Bree must have felt it too, her moans now coming more frequently and sounding like a girl truly enjoying herself.

I fucked her harder and faster, reaching underneath her bra and having a fondle of her lovely small tits. Looking down at my cock sliding in and out of her I noticed her pretty little bum hole. There was no way my dick would fit without causing some serious trauma but I really wanted to have a play with it. Moving my right hand off her tit, I brought my thumb to rest over her anus and began forcing it in. She let out a scream and the sight of myself doing this to the schoolkid sister of a pal was enough for me. I tried to pull out but I couldn't stop myself from cumming hard inside her, so intense was my orgasm. Slowly pulling out, I watched in slow motion an insane amount of jizz ooze out her tiny cunt.

Curling up into the fetal position, Bree sunk her face into the pillow not wanting to look at me. I stood up, wiped my cock on her sheets then threw them over her. "Sorry hey, I just couldn't stop" feebly I tried to reason. She didn't respond, so I left.

I'm leaving town, it's too much of a risk wondering if she will tell anyone or not. It's a pretty bad thing I did. What happened here was somewhat of an accident, I never thought my day would pan out this way.. however this newfound desire of mine... I guess I'm just not sure if I can wait around for another "accident"...

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