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13 yo boy dresses up like his stripper mom
Missing my Mom

My Mom died when I was 13 and I was left with my stepdad. My stepdad was a fair man and treated me well. My Mom

had had me when she was quite young, only 16. She worked as a stripper and would leave for work wearing very skimpy

outfits. My stepdad had met her at the strip club and therefore didn't have a problem with her job. Sometimes before

going to work she would model her outfits for him and dance for him which always excited him. I would just watch as

they carried on.

One day ,shortly after she passed while, I was home alone I was missing my mother so bad that I was looking in her

closet at her clothes and I spotted some of her skimpy outfits. They still smelled just like her.

Since I was home all alone and missed her so bad I decided to dress up in her outfit and pretend to be her.

I stripped naked and stood in front of the full length mirror. I had blonde hair, just like my Mom, that almost

reached my shoulder and a cute face that resembled my Mom's. I turned slightly and cocked my leg a little and thought

that I had long sexy legs just like my Mom. I didn't have any body hair at all not even on my dick. My dick was

really hard so I got a ruler and measured it. Six inches at age 13 which I thought was really good.

I opened my Mom's panty drawer and picked out a pink silk thong and put it on. It felt really sexy and the silk

against my dick made it even harder.

I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself and pretended to be my Mom so I started slowly dancing like she did

for my stepdad. God I looked so sexy. I looked in another drawer and was I shocked. In it was a couple of fleshy

dildos and a dvd labeled Halo which was my Mom's stripper name. I smelled the dildos and could smell my Mom's pussy

and even more startling to me ,a 13 year boy, her ass. My Mom had been sticking a big fleshy dildo in her ass! I

started rubbing my dick against the dildos.

I took the dvd to the den and put it in the player and looked at the screen of our 60 inch hi-def TV. I couldn't

believe what I saw! It was my Mom at the strip club dancing for some man I didn't know. The camera was only a few

feet from her so I could see her up close. She had on one of the outfits in the closet, a white leather super

mini-skirt and a matching white leather halter top that zipped up in the front and she had on white stockings. I

pushed pause and raced back to the closet and grabbed the skirt and put it on. I stood in front of the mirror and

admired myself. I was so sexy hot I couldn't stand it.

The skirt was so short that my ass was exposed and in the front my hard dick was straining for release from the

thong. I bent over and looked back thru my legs at my ass. The pink thong was tight in my ass. I looked in her drawer

and found the same stockings she was wearing in the dvd and put them on. I was so excited that I started dancing in

front of the mirror again. My skirt rode up on my ass and I bent over and watched my ass in the mirror.

I found the white leather matching top and put it on and raced back to the den and started the dvd again. My Mom

was just inches from this man who was sitting on a couch with his legs spread. I started mimicing my Mom's motions on

the big screen just inches from the screen.

My Mom stood on the couch stradling the man, her bare pussy just inches from his face. I put a big pillow on our

couch and pulled off the thong I was wearing. I got up on the couch and stradled the pillow like it was the man my

Mom was dancing for. My hard dick was gyrating all around flopping all over the pillow.

My Mom stepped down and leaned into the man and took off her top exposing her big perfect titties in his face. She

had half-dollar sized nipples and she rubbed them into the mans face letting him suck on them. I did the same.

my Mom stepped back and danced for the man letting her tits sway back and forth. As she danced the man unzipped his

jeans and slid them off and let his hard dick stand out. My Mom just smiled and let her white leather mini-skirt fall

off. She was still wearing her white stockings but was otherwise dancing naked in front of this man. I immediately

did the same. She had a shaven pussy and and started playing with it in front of this man as he was slowing stroking

his dick. As my Mom worked her pussy for the man I stroked my hard dick in unison.

I pushed the pause button and ran back to her bedroom and grabbed the dildo that smelled like her pussy. I raced

back to the den. I stuck the dildo between the cushions in front of the pillow so that it was sticking up like the

man's dick in the dvd.

My Mom got down on her knees in front of the man, she kept one hand working her pussy and with her other hand she

gripped the mans dick and started stroking it. I got on my knees in front of the dildo and gripped it like she was. I

was stroking my dick the whole time.

She looked at the man's face and smiled and then took his dick deep into her mouth. I did the same to the dildo.

The smell of my Mom's pussy was strong on the dildo and I reveled in its smell and taste. The dildo had a set of

balls on it so it seemed like a real dick to me. My Mom pulled off his dick and started to lick and suck his balls. I

did the same to the dildo. My Mom started deep-throating his dick so I did the same to the dildo. I could take the

whole dildo into my mouth and when I did I would lick the balls.

My Mom sucked his dick for several minutes before the man stood up and placed her on her back on the couch with her

legs up in the air spread wide. He knelt before her and slid his dick into her pussy. My Mom's face was contorted

with pleasure. I pushed the pause button and ran back to my Mom's drawer. Sure enough there was a tube of KY jelly

which I grabbed and raced once again back to the den. I got the dildo and laid on the couch like my Mom with my legs

up in the air. I put ky jelly all over the dildoe. I put the tip of dildo against my little puckered asshole and

started working it in. It felt wonderful and I imagined that I was my Mom being fucked by that man.

I started the dvd again and fucked my ass in unison with the man on the big screen fucking my Mom. He was fucking

her hard and I stroked my dick and matched him stroke for stroke in my ass. The man started to moan and pulled his

dick out of my Mom's pussy. He stradled my Mom and shot his cum all over her face and tits. She opened her mouth and

he shot some cum into her mouth as well. She grabbed his dick and squeezed out the last few drops of his cum. She

then rubbed his dickhead over her face rubbing his cum all over.

I lost all control and shot my cum all over my chest and face in one massive orgasm. I pulled the dildo out of my

ass and rubbed it all over my face smearing the cum everywhere.

I looked at the screen where my Mom stood up with cum all over her face and tits and held her hand out. The Man

picked up his pants and reached for his wallet, handed her some cash and she turned and walked out.

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2016-07-30 15:51:45
next, you need to dress up like mommy stripper for stepdad and seduce him.

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2010-11-20 22:21:31
soooooo hot. i came so hard

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