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Conquest might be easy, but true control is never a sure thing (resubmitting after site crashed in October and story was lost)
Tables To Be Turned

Gina studied her mostly-nude self in the full-length mirror, twisting to better see her image. "Nice ass," the eleven-year-old said aloud, admiring her slender form. Daddy adored her youthful beauty, too, especially when they held close in mutual orgasm with him cumming inside and because of her.

Gina's mom had gone mad when the girl was seven, trying several times in a month to kill herself. So Dad had no choice but to send his wife away. He filed for divorce a year later, after the doctors confirmed Mom would never regain her right mind. Not that Daddy is heartless but, rather, a man forced to change his life by things beyond his ability to repair. Ever since, it had been just Gina and her Daddy.

Peering closer at her reflection, the girl decided she had perfectly done her make-up. But she wondered if to leave her wavy waist-length blonde hair loose or tie it in a pair of ponytails. Gina had also buffed her padlocked stainless steel choker and matching chastity belt, to make them gleam. Later tonight only the belt might come off if Gina behaved, for Daddy had made her his willing plaything for whatever he wanted. Being in a permanent collar kept Gina in a constant state of arousal, so if not for that confining belt she would masturbate all day long while Daddy was at work.

Daddy and his little girl had been fucking for more than a year, since that breathtaking summer night at start of a long holiday weekend. While being read to from one her storybooks before bed, Gina offhandedly said it would be fun being a kidnapped princess held for ransom. To the girl's surprise and delight, Daddy offered to play that game if she wanted. Gina jumped at the chance to stay up late and live a romantic fairy tale, though to make the game more 'real' she would need tying up to truly be a hostage in every way. When Daddy went for rope from the garage after Gina agreed, the girl squeezed into an old and too-tight princess's costume she kept from some long-past Halloween.

For the many minutes Daddy needed to wrap his 'kidnapped princess' with his long ropes, Gina thrilled with delectable pressure between her legs that she only otherwise enjoyed when secretly touching herself there late at night. The tingling felt both wonderful and torturous at the same time. But with her hands secured behind her, the girl could do nothing to pamper the pleasurable strain.

Daddy first tied Gina’s crossed wrists behind her back and upward to the base of her neck. He wrapped another rope several tight turns below the girl’s shoulders, knotting it to further fix Gina’s hands in place. Then another coil, to fasten little Gina’s arms tight to her body at the elbows. After binding Gina’s ankles to the backs of each thigh, Daddy noosed the girl’s big toes with individual cords. He pulled the free ends until the leads came taut, knotting them to the binding around Gina’s shoulders. Daddy then rolled his helpless hostage onto her back and left the room.

Daddy so thoroughly bound his willing captive that she couldn’t budge except to close her spread thighs a mere inch or so. Gina’s position eventually became a little uncomfortable, but the ropes somehow made her feel safe as if in a protective cocoon. And that ‘secret place’ between her legs had come to feel so deliciously filled!

When Daddy returned, he made Gina swallow a red pill. The unrelieved weightiness between the girl’s legs soon became a strange delightful pulsing that drove deep and all through her. She also became more awake, with her skin wildly responsive to even the smallest stirs of air. Colors looked brighter and sounds seemed clearer, with Daddy’s enchanting aftershave smelling so fragrant it could almost be tasted, too. Gina also believed she could feel the softness of her bedsheets and the tightness of the ropes all the way to her bones. The feverish rhythm between her open thighs soon became maddening, led by the fact that Daddy had made his little girl a total captive.

After duct-taping Gina’s mouth and ripping open the costume to bare her body, Daddy lay alongside his hogtied princess. Nibbling the girl's neck with gentle but firm teeth, he rolled his fingertips right where Gina throbbed the hardest. Daddy’s touch instantly formed there a binding center of pleasure impossible to ignore. The girl then realized she had become very wet deep inside her secret place.

Gina didn't know all what Daddy planned until he compelled the very first orgasm of his daughter’s life. And it was the greatest bliss Gina ever knew! After Daddy worked his magic twice more, he took Gina to the verge of a fourth climax with a vibrating wand and kept her on that tormenting threshold for almost an hour. The tape prevented Gina’s begging for another climax, but nothing stopped her tears of frustration. More exasperating, Daddy didn’t say a word while he tortured his helpless hostage so cruelly. When he at last spoke, he told that Gina would have to ‘give permission’ to let him do whatever he asked if she truly and deeply wanted another orgasm. Not knowing what any of that might involve, and not caring at that point, Gina agreed to ‘allow’ anything and everything Daddy wanted.

But Gina’s impatient permission didn’t quite satisfy any of Daddy’s varied requests. The girl had to also long beg each time while Daddy tortured her with pleasure that stopped short of final fulfillment.

Sometimes, though, Gina came just by what Daddy did to her for his own amusement. His first penetration with a finger into her anus hurt a little, but after a few minutes of his slow thrusting the girl fell in eager surrender to a violent orgasm without her pussy being touched. Then, a long but light spanking for Gina's 'lack of control' helped her cum again as she wriggled against pillows pushed under her hips to keep her ass raised.

Wax dribbled from burning candles made Gina squeal and cry, the splotches and running rivulets of stinging heat over her chest and tummy turning her skin bright pink. When Daddy finished his game with the candles by trickling melted wax into the spread folds of Gina’s pussy, the girl had another orgasm she would forever describe as 'explosive'.

For the next stage, Daddy repeatedly clamped Gina’s nipples with biting plastic clothespins ten minutes at a span, with two minutes’ rest between. Another strip of duct tape kept the girl from screaming as the session continued, with Daddy also working Gina’s pussy but constantly thwarting her culmination. He mixed the teasing, using his hands for some spells of clamping and the vibrating toy for others. Daddy also added something new: tonguing Gina’s defenseless sex and inside her. The bound girl laid shuddering and crying that whole time, for both the ever-deepening ache in her little pink nipples and relentless hindering of her satisfaction.

After longer than an hour, Daddy tore off the duct tape. “I might let you cum,” he taunted, “if you beg to take my dick in your mouth and make me cum, too. And you have to promise to swallow what comes out.”

“What’s going to come out?” Gina panted with fear and frenzied lust, worried he meant to pee down her throat. Then again, if Daddy did that, Gina would drink if it meant she could cum.

Daddy explained what happens for men, working Gina along her edge of climax. In such desperate need for so terribly long, Gina made her promise and begged as Daddy demanded.

Gina fell in immediate love with the salty taste and creamy gooiness of Daddy’s cum the way she enjoyed her favorite ice cream, to greedily seize every drop she could. His cock went soft after he came, but Gina’s determined mouth soon restored his erection. Then, with her nipples again clamped and her pussy still held on the edge of climax, Gina implored Daddy to fuck her ass like he next ‘asked’ of her. She screamed her repeated pleas through flowing tears, until Daddy at last removed the clothespins and rolled Gina onto her tummy. Again, he taped her mouth.

The wildly horny girl’s tunnel burned hotter and deeper with each slow added inch of Daddy’s relentless penetrating hardness. Gina began squealing soon as Daddy started into her, for the opening back there painfully stretched farther than it had ever been made to. But seconds after Daddy had his hostage impaled to the base of his cock, little Gina orgasmed so hard her vision whited out.

From what seemed miles away, Gina heard Daddy laugh. By the time the girl regained her senses, she realized most of her initial distress had gone. Again comfortable after such a powerful and long-denied climax, Gina began enjoying the newfound pleasure of being 'analized' as Daddy called it. Daddy didn’t need long to blast his hot load deep into his captive, but Gina’s drug-induced sensitivity to stimulation let her cum three more times before he finished. Not once did he touch her pussy.

Daddy ripped the tape from Gina’s mouth and promptly fell asleep, leaving the girl bound, helplessly awake, and madly horny for agonizing hours. When Daddy woke after noon, he untied Gina to let her use the bathroom, shower, and to eat. She also had to take another red pill. Daddy left her untied for their next romp after the drug started taking effect, to instead lead Gina in exploration and full indulgence of their manic sexual heat in all its shared glory.

It was during this second encounter that Daddy 'popped her cherry', as he called it. Just when little Gina started thrilling to her twenty-ninth climax since they started their sexual adventure the night before, Daddy thrust two fingers all the way into Gina’s pussy to break her hymen.

The ten-year-old had never felt such sharp pain so deep, but her orgasm slammed harder enough from it to make her pee a little over Daddy's hand. Gina bucked her hips and screamed long and loud, the high spiking and magnificent pleasure becoming one huge intertwined thing. Daddy helped Gina sustain her climax, to later proudly tell lasted fifteen straight minutes. Afterward and ever since, whenever he fucked her pussy with anything at all, Gina would cum multiple times with ease. Daddy also taught her to clamp down on his cock whenever he shot into her pussy or ass, to heighten his pleasure. Gina later learned, on her own, to cum while working Daddy's cock with her mouth and hands, by squeezing her thighs tight.

Some might call all what happened that delirious long holiday a rape, but Gina loved every minute of it. She freely did anything Daddy wanted, to be able to have more of her fierce eye-crossing orgasms. Daddy’s red pills kept her awake, extremely susceptible to caresses and light sexual tortures, and insanely horny the whole time. If there was a downside to any of it, it reared when Daddy needed to sleep; he left Gina bound so she couldn’t orgasm without him. Otherwise, between Daddy's cock, mouth, hands, and that vibrating toy, the freshly-deflowered little girl climaxed an amazing sixty-seven times. Gina slept more than a day after that weekend, such had been her exhaustion and contentment.

They moved to a new town soon after that magical holiday. Daddy had the stainless steel collar and chastity belt custom-made by mail order, and kept Gina a total captive. He did the shopping and otherwise provided for his daughter/sex toy with a good job. He educated her on his own, requiring Gina to also cook, clean house, and study hard to pass the tough scholastic tests Daddy himself designed; at age eleven, Gina could read, do higher math, and grasp the Sciences at the level of a high school junior. She could speak conversational Spanish, German, and Italian, plus some Latin and Classical Greek. Gina was not allowed to wear clothes at home, except when Daddy wanted her dressed in special outfits for their sex play. Though her entire life had become totally regulated, Gina remained fully and willingly surrendered to it.

It had been quite a year of incredible and varied sex since that first weekend together. Daddy never let his little girl masturbate alone, but he loved Gina having orgasms when with him. They didn’t always indulge ropes or erotic tortures, though for Gina there had never been a real difference between mild smarting and manic pleasure. Only being Daddy’s fucktoy whenever and however he wanted sex mattered to the preteen girl.

But now Daddy was fucking another woman, too, and that made Gina jealous. Gina suffered discipline for her anger when she told Daddy her feelings, the punishment taking the form of a week of long and intense stimulation without allowance of orgasm. Tied spread-eagle to her bed every evening, and for all the past weekend with red pills to keep her sleepless both those days and nights, Gina bore that cruelest of Daddy’s sexual torments.

Daddy did everything to Gina that would make her cum if he didn’t stop short of the girl’s gratification. He fucked her ass and pussy with toys, and also teased Gina’s throbbing clit with a stiff feather and a clothespin; they discovered some time before that Gina would cum in a New York minute if her clit were pinched long enough. Of course Daddy also ate his ‘insolent’ girl’s pussy, which Gina loved having done especially while she sucked Daddy’s cock. The only thing Daddy didn’t do during any of those discipline sessions was to fuck poor helpless Gina. Instead, he made her suck him and take his cum. With her legs tied wide, the girl could to nothing on her own to win relief. Then Daddy would go to bed, leaving his ‘brat’ bound, alone, and frantically horny.

Tonight, though, Gina might redeem herself. To regain the privilege of orgasm, she would have to 'allow' being used by Daddy’s bitchkitty girlfriend.

"Showtime!" Daddy called when the doorbell rang.

To compromise with the running indecision about her hair, Gina ponytailed her luxuriant locks to one side with a pink ribbon. She smiled bright, liking how she looked both youthful and grown up at the same time, the mix appearing a bit sassy, too. While fulfilling Daddy’s wishes always made the eleven-year-old’s pussy pulse and flow, she didn’t want to pleasure the other woman who shared him. So she took her time finishing her hair. The small act of rebellion made Gina feel sexier.

The girl at last went downstairs, to find Daddy alone in the foyer.

Pointing to the living room, Daddy said, “Go in there. You’ll know what to do.”

“Huh…?” Gina started.


Gina entered the living room, to see sitting on the couch a man appearing somewhat older than Daddy. The stranger had silvery hair, but his tanned arresting face tolerated few wrinkles and no sags. Gold and platinum rings inlaid with diamonds and other precious gems fit over several of his delicate manicured fingers, including an ornate wedding band so big and studded with jewels that its worth might buy a Mercedes even if sold to a hock shop. The man’s tailored Continental suit looked crisp and clean as a spanking-new thousand-dollar bill, while his impeccable shimmering tie could only be hand-woven of finest Chinese silk. The colors of it looked so pure and bright they seemed to hit at the eyes like a laser.

A newspaper covered the man’s lap. He smiled when Gina warily stepped into the room, moving the paper aside to reveal his erect manhood from the open fly of his pants. The man had large balls and his thick cock jutted long with what had to be at least eight inches, the enviable shaft bouncing in the air with each of his slamming heartbeats. For the first time, Gina felt almost grateful for her chastity belt. Then again, the thing was designed so she could use the bathroom while at home alone. The padlocked metal device shielded Gina’s pussy from touch and penetration, but her ass remained available. With any luck, the man wouldn’t try forcing that huge cock of his in there.

The man crooked a finger and said, “Come here, nice and close. Then turn around and bend over.”

Sashaying, Gina approached. First gliding a light finger down the man’s nose and rolling her tongue over her lips and teeth, she turned her bottom to him and lithely bent to grasp her ankles.

The stranger’s roaming hands over Gina’s petite body told of well-planned eagerness and maybe long experience with preteen girls. He smelled of costly limited-line cologne, and the softness of his palms spoke yet more of genuine good grooming that only real wealth and influence can afford; the man didn’t shop at exclusive, appointments-only establishments for his suit and other trappings as a fakery. Though a little frightened, Gina couldn’t help her frantic arousal to be caressed by a man so refined. His gentle pinching of her nipples made Gina shudder and squeal with delight, while his determined kneading of the cheeks of her ass weakened the little girl's knees.

Rather than push his huge cock inside as Gina worried, the man leaned forward and began tonguing the girl’s available opening the way Daddy would eat her pussy. Gina cooed with enchantment to have her ass cheeks spread wide by strong unyielding hands, with a strange man’s tongue flicking all over and inside her tight hole. If not for that cruel chastity belt ‘protecting’ her pussy, Gina could masturbate to orgasm in ten seconds with this new pleasure.

“You taste so sweet!” the man gasped, sitting back and pulling Gina by her ponytail to turn her. “You have me so hard. I need you to make me cum!”

Gina knelt at the stranger’s feet to take him into her mouth far as she could, pumping his length with one hand while playing at his balls with the other. She loved how a cock could be rigid although the skin remained supple. Daddy’s erections proved his desire for his lusty daughter, and the softness of his skin always felt wonderful to her keen lips. With such a mix of knowledge and sensation, Gina would forever love sucking cock even if not allowed to release.

She bobbed her head light and slow, her tongue firm along the underside of the unnamed man’s pulsing shaft. Gina took her time with all her ministrations, savoring this new cock as well as the exciting feeling she had become like the dirtiest of girls who would give a blowjob to any taker. The sudden realization of freedom and delicious ‘naughtiness’ held so much exhilaration that Gina considered offering her ass though something this big would probably hurt like hell. Anal masturbation never got her off no matter how demanding her need, but being fucked there never failed.

Soon--all too soon for Gina’s liking--the stranger shot his load.

He raised his hips to force his cock deeper, gripping Gina’s ponytail and the back of her neck to pin her in place. Unnecessary, really, for Gina didn’t plan to go anywhere. The curiosity about another man’s cum held her too enthralled.

With all greed, Gina demanded of the cock jetting its gift into her for all it might be worth. She let her mouth fill to relish the cum before swallowing. She did the same with the next spurt and again the third, all of them so large that some threatened to escape her lips. But not a drop got away as Gina gobbled her reward fast as she could. All the while, the overwrought man sat with his feet off the floor.

The stranger relaxed but his cock kept flowing, the amounts getting smaller with each pulse. Gina kept coaxing more with tight suction of her lips around the head of that still-hard cock, taking her time to let the cum wash over her wanting taste buds. At long last, when the man could give no more, Gina released him from his unknowing enslavement to her. His hardness diminished a little at a time.

In a burst of intuition at the man’s first hard spurt, Gina realized she may have some form of power over adults who want to use her. That might include Daddy, too.

“I have never cum so hard and long!” the stranger huffed, breaking the girl’s train of thought. “You have been trained well.”

“Thank you, sir!” Gina lilted with a saucy smile, to feed his pride. She wanted more of him.

“If there is ever a next time, I would enjoy giving you pleasure, too.”

“I would like that, please. You look and smell great, and I love sucking cock to begin with. All that and the taste of your gift has me crazy horny right now. But I got bitchy last week so I’m not allowed to cum until Daddy lets me.”

Looking to the door of the living room, from where Daddy had been watching the whole time, the stranger cocked an eyebrow.

“Not tonight,” Daddy told them. “She has much more to do to win back her privileges.”

“Sorry, hon,” the man said, zipping his fly. “I bet you look even more beautiful when you cum.”

On his way out, the stranger handed Daddy a thin fold of cash. Gina saw the top note to be a hundred-dollar bill.

Gina felt angry, that Daddy turned her into a prostitute and didn't forewarn her. But she made a sexual slave of the wealthy older man and he wanted more of her. Thinking ahead as Daddy had been teaching for a year, Gina wondered how much more control she could have in the world--like raiding the wallets of adults by pleasing them for cash. She tried not to smile at the vengeful thought that if Daddy can fuck another woman and rent out his daughter, Gina might secretly suck off other men and make her own money for it. Pleasure, wealth, and power: The stuff of every girl's dreams.

“You did well,” Daddy intoned, his voice flat though he probably didn’t know he sounded distressed. “You seemed to enjoy it, too.”

“I imagined I was doing you,” Gina lied, seeing that though Daddy rented her out, he felt jealousy all the same. “You know I love sucking your cock. But I’m still shocked you made me do it to someone else and got paid for it. How much he give you; you gonna spend any of that on me?”

“Five hundred dollars, for your college fund. I’m not keeping a penny for myself.”

“Is your girlfriend paying you for tonight, too?”

“No. It’s to teach you new things. If you’re willing to learn, the three of us can make a regular event of it. I like watching two women together.”

“Did you like watching me with that man?” Gina goaded, trying to sound casual.

“Not as much as I’m going to like you with Toni Ann,” Daddy snapped, as if seeking to build emotional cover. “Did blowing him get you horny like you said?”

“You keep me so horny I never stop thinking of you, Daddy. But, yeah—if I was allowed to touch myself I’d have cum pretty quick. I kept dreaming it was your cock in my mouth and your cum I was taking.”

The doorbell rang, ending the discussion. Daddy ordered Gina to kneel in the center of the living room with her legs wide and hands clasped behind her back.

"Aren't you the cutest thing!" Toni Ann complimented after Daddy made introductions. "Sexy, too, in that collar and belt. And I love your hair!"

"Thank you, Ma'am," Gina said, forcing a smile. “You’re pretty, too.”

Toni Ann dressed well, in an expensive and racy leather dress that showed off her shapely legs almost to her ass. But she made a poor accessory choice, Gina decided, with such a large handbag. Toni Ann sported short dark hair and a lovely face, and she boasted a good-size set of tits. Gina tried not to wonder if maybe, had her own breasts developed by now, Daddy wouldn't be fucking this woman.

"She's a good girl," Daddy said, patting Gina's head. "She can be feisty and demanding, maybe sometimes too smart for her own good. Even for mine, it often seems. But she behaves."

"She’s very polite, yes," Toni Ann agreed, sitting beside Daddy on the couch. Then, to Gina, "Ever play at sex with another girl?"

"No, Ma'am," Gina answered with a faint curl of her lip.

“Not even 'practice' kissing like with boys?"

"No, Ma'am."

"You'll be an expert when I get done. Why not crawl over here and kneel at my feet?"

When Gina settled in place, Toni Ann spread her legs to reveal she wore no panties under her short dress, and that she shaved her pussy to smoothness like Gina didn't have to worry about doing yet.

"Slowly suck and kiss up my legs from my ankles to my cunt,” Toni Ann invited. “But don’t touch my pussy. Use your hands, too."

Gina’s lust waned after her conversation with Daddy. But her full passion restored almost the instant she started doing as Toni Ann wanted, for the silky softness of the adult woman’s skin. Gina took her time, and seemed to do so well that Toni Ann shuddered under every touch to her thighs when the eleven-year-old reached them. Gina had many times tasted from her own pussy, which she always loved since the first time Daddy made her. To Gina’s surprise, the musty scent of Toni Ann’s spread shaved sex took her yearning beyond the intensity it reached when she sucked off the rich stranger.

"Nibble my mound," Toni Ann whispered, unbuttoning her dress. She wore no bra. “Very lightly. Play with my tits while you do. But don’t touch my slit.”

Gina’s breathing quickened, and her pussy flowed so much the nectar streamed down her thighs from under the tight metal belt. Toni Ann’s firm tits felt wonderful in Gina’s petite hands as she kneaded the swells and teased the nipples with light pinches and careful stretching. Gina didn’t know how her sex might feel to Daddy’s lips, but she imagined she had to be as soft as Toni Ann’s smoothness. The extraordinary new sensations triggered little Gina’s clit to pulsing fast, just shy of climax. Hovering at that torturing level of excitement, the girl couldn’t help but loose a few tears.

“I think she finally likes you,” Daddy chuckled. He had been sitting nude since Gina started at Toni Ann’s ankles, his hard cock gaining some relief from the slow hand of his girlfriend.

“Do you like me?” Toni Ann asked.

“Oh, yes!” Gina sniffled, her mouth and shaking hands still busy. “I’m so horny! Please let me cum!”

“Suck my tits but stop touching my pussy.”

Gina crawled onto Toni Ann’s lap with her legs spread. She licked, nibbled, and roamed her hands all over the firm swells, the fifteen-or-so minutes she spent there seeming to last forever. Still hanging short of release, Gina cried steadily the whole time. Another plea to climax earned a spank from Daddy’s sure hand, which inflamed her wider but not hotter. Gina couldn’t help begging over and over after that, though each appeal earned another slap. Despite the eleven-year-old’s love of being spanked, she got no closer to orgasm.

“Eat me out,” Toni Ann required. “Make me cum.”

Gina dropped to the floor so hard her knees would show bruising by morning. She spread the folds of Toni Ann’s pussy and sucked that protruding clit tight between her lips like from the nipple of a baby bottle. Toni Ann instantly orgasmed with a light spray of womanly sweetness from her open tunnel.

“More! Use you tongue but go slower and be less rough.”

Tearful, Gina forced herself to be more careful. Her head reeled like from Daddy’s little red pills, and she quivered all over for unrelieved need. The little girl’s clit felt so engorged she wondered if it might burst. Shifting, Gina discovered her desperate pussy had leaked a wide patch of wetness on the carpet.

Toni Ann felt and tasted so good! Gina drank down all she could of the adult woman’s stream of feminine honey, constantly pushing her tongue and fingers inside for more. If all women are like this, Gina decided, she would readily eat pussy the way she constantly craved cock in her mouth. Maybe she would end up preferring to fuck women more than men.

Toni Ann came and came, soaking the eleven-year-old’s face. Rivulets of delectable nectar ran down Gina’s neck and chest all the way to her tummy. The little girl found a new form of rapture during this exquisite experience, making her almost want to forgo her own orgasm. To live for always caught up in such a high of horniness like she felt right now seemed a greater heaven than a million climaxes.

“Fist me,” Toni Ann gasped.

Directed at every step, Gina got her small hand all the way inside to the wrist. Toni Ann's stuffed constantly-cumming pussy looked beautiful, and Gina couldn't help touching and tonguing the adult woman's clit as well, to help keep pleasuring her. Maybe one day, Gina could cum like that, too. She would have to first find a way to get the chastity belt off, then hook up with a boy or girl near her own age. An adult’s hand would be too large until Gina got older.

Toni Ann’s ceaseless moans of pleasure broke only when she screamed in frenetic orgasm, which happened a dozen times while Gina fisted her. Sweating, and shuddering maybe to her soul, Toni Ann at last could take no more. She eased Gina’s filling hand from her, to next draw the little girl into a lingering soulful kiss before collapsing into the couch.

Again, Gina managed to enslave an adult to her skills as an erotic play toy. Licking her fingers of Toni Ann’s passion juice, the eleven-year-old smiled for that secret knowledge as much as for pride at being so damned good at sex.

Toni Ann needed time to recover. While she recharged, Gina gave Daddy a slow blowjob to relieve the raging hard-on he suffered for over an hour. The girl made show of it, taking constant glances at Toni Ann to see if she enjoyed the display. And, too, if she showed any sign of jealousy. When Daddy came, Gina held his gift in her mouth till he finished. She next dribbled his yummy cum over his cock and balls, to swallow it all using short flashy laps of her tongue. Gina then sat back on the floor, licked her lips, and genuinely smiled--both for pleasure and to show Toni Ann that no one but Daddy's play toy can give him an expert blowjob.

"Now it's your turn, babygirl," Toni Ann said when she could move from the couch. She reached into her oversize handbag, to bring out what looked like a black leather chastity belt with a limber flesh-colored rubber cock jutting from the front. The toy looked large as the rich stranger’s own real one.

Toni Ann slid the harness over her hips and belted it in place. She freed suffering Gina’s long-deprived little pussy before pushing the eleven-year-old backward to the floor, so she could sample of it.

Three licks of that velvety tongue at her clit had Gina screaming so hard in orgasm her throat hurt. Before the preteen recovered, two fingers shoved into her brought another cum that set Gina’s every muscle to rippling. Toni Ann then mixed sensations with her mouth and fingers, bringing Gina to three more mind-blowing climaxes.

With her body out of control, Gina remained so tense that all her muscles began to ache. She had another orgasm that made her see double when Toni Ann fucked her ass with a finger and her pussy with a thumb at the same time. A white-out kind of cum two minutes later stopped Gina’s breath when Toni Ann added her tongue to the deft use of her lingering penetrations.

“I think she passed out,” Toni Ann said as if from far away.

“She’ll be fine,” Daddy said, the echoing sounds of his voice and movements seeming to place him straddled over Gina’s head. Then, “Open your eyes and mouth, Gina.”

The beleaguered little girl’s eyelids fluttered open, to see the head of Daddy’s cock at her lips. Gina gripped his shaft in a weak and shaking hand to bring it to her wanting tongue. She could barely raise her head, so Daddy settled forward on all fours and fucked her mouth like he would her pussy or ass. He rested his ankles on Gina’s arms, holding her to the floor. After a few thrusts, Daddy drove deeper than ever before and held there, the head of his cock sinking down Gina’s throat. Gagging, Gina tried to escape but Daddy held her head still.

At the same time, something chilly plunged into Gina’s pussy to stretch her wider than ever in her life. The girl struggled but Daddy’s weight on her arms, his strong hands at her head, and Toni Ann’s pressing grasp of her hips kept the frightened eleven-year-old helplessly pinned. Gina’s expanded small vagina hurt all the way into her belly and the back of her invaded throat burned. She orgasmed anyway.

“Relax and breathe normally,” Daddy calmed, his deep slow thrusts in time with those of Toni Ann’s strap-on toy stuffing Gina’s pussy to its limit. “Instead of playing at rape like we both enjoy sometimes, this is something of a real one.”

Somehow Gina managed to control her risen gorge. The adults increased their paces, with Daddy being careful while Toni Ann seemed almost frantic. Gina orgasmed over and over, making the adults snicker with delight and soothing praises.

At last Daddy withdrew. Gina coughed and spit up a little, but that didn’t deter merciless Toni Ann from pulling the stunned preteen over on top of her. She held Gina in place and kept fucking her with that oversize strap-on. Gina came again when Daddy started his cock into her ass.

The girl could feel both shafts rubbing against each other across the crushed membrane between her tunnels as the adults rape-fucked her. Held powerless, Gina rapid-fired five more orgasms before collapsing in exhaustion, her last release running longer than ten minutes. Daddy spilled into her ass with a drawn groan, his cum shooting deep and hard like a garden hose at full blast. When he slipped out and rose, Toni Ann shoved Gina to the floor and stood, too. After unbuckling the hardness, she followed Daddy to the bathroom.

“Did you cum at all?” Daddy asked.

“A little one,” Toni Ann answered, “just before you did.”

“Want Gina to get you off some more?”

“I want you to, after we shower. Can’t let you fuck another girl and not me, even if it's your own daughter.”

“What do you want to do with her next?” Daddy asked.

“How about we rope her,” Toni Ann suggested, “and make her watch how adults do things? You said she likes being tied. She’s hot and sensual, and good with her mouth and hands. But maybe she can still learn something.”

Feeling a fresh stir of anger, Gina noted how it took two adults to subdue her. When one-on-one during tonight’s encounters, each grown-up in his or her own way belonged to Gina; even Daddy fell powerless to her the whole time he enjoyed the proficient blowjob she gave him. And he revealed that weakness in front of his own bitchkitty girlfriend! Gina calculated that would be the same for every adult she fucked, and maybe also with kids her own age. She would have to plan carefully, and be alert for chances when they arrived.

Daddy rarely checked on Gina while he was at work. So if she could find a way to slip off that cruel chastity belt, she could sneak out for sex and maybe make a few dollars at it—the best of all worlds. That would be fitting since Daddy had betrayed her twice, by renting her to another man and taking a girlfriend who Gina also had to fuck. The only good parts of all that disloyalty are that Gina got to suck a new cock and learn how to satisfy women, too, to expand her experience and widen her opportunities for orgasms and money. Surely that rich older man had friends in his Class who would also gladly fuck a ‘granddaughter’. If not, and if Gina could learn that man’s name, she could always connive a later opening for blackmail.

Daddy otherwise treated Gina well, and he trusted her. He also loved her deeply, and enjoyed when she climaxed beneath his touch. Maybe someday those wonderful things could be turned to advantage for Gina’s better benefit, like how Daddy couldn’t escape or hide his obvious addiction to his insightful, crafty daughter’s sexual prowess.

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One team acquired several actual contact with their own mothers even though the 3rd class got a chance to talk to their own mothers on the mobile phones.

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