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Passionate Love Story of nephew and his hot mature Aunt
Hi friends this is sunny again, thanks for your responses. for some technical difficulties had to create new id. My story with Anu chachi advances as under, its more detailed so read with patience and fun :

I woke up the next morning around 9 AM. I never woke up so late. Last night’s adventure kept me awake almost whole night. So waking up late was but obvious.
I saw around my room, I was alone. My beautiful Anu chachi and irritating Rinku had left. Smile came to my face and my heart raced with excitement as I sat on my bed recalling my last night adventure with Anu chachi. “Was it for real ???? Did I really did those things to Anu chachi last night ??? Or was it my wet dream ???? Can I really be so damn lucky ??????” such thoughts raced my mind as well.

I quickly tugged my hands under my pillow to find the evidence that supported last night’s reality. I found Anu chachi’s pink panty underneath my pillow which I remembered to have kept there before going to sleep. Its presence states that last night was really “REAL”. Oooooooooh I felt like a mature man as I have been with a hot mature woman last night that too my beautiful Anu chachi. I looked at Anu chachi’s pink panty as my victory cup for my last night’s adventure.

I laid Anu chachi’s panty on my face and covered my entire face with it. Anu chachi’s panty were still moist enriched with Anu chachi’s love juices and released intoxicating smell of her wet pussy. My cock quickly bulged up and demanded release of my love seeds as lust gripped my thoughts. I kept Anu chachi’s panty on my face taking in the exuberant vivacious smell releasing from it and further recalling the visions of last night I started pumping my hard rock cock furiously. The smell and visions were just too much and I pumped out a load of cum as I experienced a powerful climax to my self pleasing session. I hide Anu chachi’s panty in my cupboard and quickly got ready to go down back to real world.

I was eager go down and see reactions of my family members and especially Anu chachi’s reaction towards me. There was still a hint fear in me about “what would happen if my family members would know about last night events ?????” And one thought which suddenly raced my mind was “what would Anu chachi say realizing that she didn’t had her panty on in the morning ????” Even though she might be deep asleep last night, absence of her panty and presence of my sticky cum in her ass crack would surely let her know of last night events.

My heart suddenly just missed a beat. I thought facing her is surely going to be very difficult. As I went downstairs to our drawing room I saw Rinku playing and my grandparents seated on sofa just as usual reading newspaper. By this time my father and chacha had already left for work and my elder sister had went for her tuitions. I looked here and there to see where Anu chachi is and went to kitchen to see her.

She was there with my mother doing the usual stuff. Just her glimpse made my heart miss a beat. I don’t know why but I lowered my eyes as I stood before them. My mother said in a her taunting style to Anu chachi “finally nawab has woke up, come on Anu lets serve him breakfast.” Anu chachi smiled and replied “yes didi doing it as soon as possible.” Amazed at her normal tone, I finally managed to looked at Anu chachi’s face. She was absolutely normal. I wondered how is it possible?? But she behaved in a manner as if nothing unusual has happened between us. This really surprised me but at same time I felt relaxed as well.

Through out the day the thought came to me that “ Why was Anu chachi’s behavior so normal????” It is obvious she should get some idea about last night event as she woke up without her panty and further presence of sticky cum on her ass and ass crack cant be misunderstood to be something else by a woman her age. A thought that “she was feigning to be asleep” made a small place in my mind. And if this is true she has to behave normally and I should too. As an abnormal behaviour can raise doubts in family members. I finally decided to forget everything and just to go with the flow.

I eagerly waited for the night to bring on the glorious opportunities to me again. However I was too unlucky to have Anu chachi in my room again as I learnt at dinner table that Rinku had convinced grandmother that he would sleep in their room. I just raised my eyes to see at Anu chachi on the dinner table but she just behaved normally, though for me it was like an end of everything.

Slowly and gradually a year passed by but I never got an opportunity to be with my beautiful lovely Anu chachi in solace. Even a new room was made for Rinku in that period with a sports car shaped bed, looting from me all chances of having Anu chachi back at least once in my room. During this time I also learnt about woman leaking juices in sexually aroused state affirming my thought that probably Anu chachi feigned her sleep as her thighs and crotch were drenched wet that night. So I wanted her more now but how.

I was depressed. The only thing I had with me was memories of that wonderful night with Anu chachi and her pink panty. I used to look upon her flawless beautiful body whenever I got chance but being with her alone in same way as that night was never possible with so many people around us in the day. And at nights she slept in chacha’s room. I never envied my chacha more, than at that time.

When I felt that all doors of being with her again are closed one afternoon our servant Ramu came to my room and said “ Sunny baba, Dadi Ma is calling you.” I nodded my head right and left motion showing my unwillingness to go to see her but I had too.
I went downstairs to her Grandma’s room. As I entered her room grandma gestured me to sit.

Once I sat she said “ Sunny you have to go to a marriage function of Anu’s cousin in Mahabaleshwar. Janak(my chacha) is busy and he cant accompany Anu to wedding. As Anu will be going for three days I don’t to wish to let her go alone. So you have to go with her” I just kept nodding and in my thoughts couldn’t believe what grandma was saying. My grandma further said “ I don’t want to hear any excuses from you as I just cant let Anu go alone. So pack your bags as you will be leaving tomorrow morning”

I just told my grandma “ok, dadiji” and came out. I straight away ran to my room upstairs and shouted “ yes, yes…..” with happiness. I thought “finally after a year of waiting I will get an opportunity to be with Anu chachi alone. May be we may not sleep in same room there but atleast I have opportunity to be with her and talk to her alone.”

I packed my bags and couldn’t sleep the night before we left. I was just too excited to sleep. I went downstairs early morning 6 AM and found that Anu chachi and Rinku were ready too. I went outside to call our driver. We put our luggage in dickey and were all set to leave. Anu chachi was looking beautiful than ever. She wore a dark green sarree and some ornaments as well. I felt in my witty way that ornaments made her look like a new bride leaving with her hubby for honeymoon.

I wanted to sit beside Anu chachi in the back seat but had to sit in front seat with driver as other family members were present when we were leaving. Time and again I gazed back upon her to see her beautiful face and white creamy hands and her slender tempting neck. The four hour journey finally ended when we reached the guest house booked by Anu chachi’s cousin at Mahabaleshwar where we had to stay. Anu chachi’s parents too were going to stay there and had already checked in.

As we moved in the only thought in my mind was to see what were sleeping arrangements for me and Anu chachi. I spoke to the manager like person of guest house. His name was Shanker kaka. I asked him about availability of rooms. He said “there is one room vacant on second floor and one on the top third floor” he further said “the room on the top floor is the only room there and the remaining part is open terrace.” Further he said that “as one more family is yet to come for attending marriage they could give us only one room.”

“Yupppp…. I thought that God has listened to my prayers. I will be sleeping with Anu chachi once again in one same room and this time not in our house but away from all family members in complete privacy” I hurriedly told Shanker kaka “we would like the room on top floor” as it was the only room on top floor I thought I would get complete privacy with Anu chachi for three nights. Anu chachi asked me “ why room at top floor sunny ?????” I said “ first thing chachi it would be just like my room and secondly it shall give a good view downhill as this is a hill station.” Shanker kaka nodded his head to affirm my comment. Anu chachi giggled and said “okay sunny….. but you shall be the one who will do all the ups and down if something is needed.” I smiled and thought “ Yes Anu chachi this time I shall do all ups and downs.”

We moved into the room. It was the largest rooms of the guest house with a queen sized double bed placed at extreme opposite side from where we entered and in it lay in centre. Bathroom was to our left and nice dressing table was on the left near bathroom door with a giant mirror.

We quickly got ready and went to Anu chachi’s cousin’s house to attend function. Through out the day I could not concentrate on anything in the function and just gazed upon Anu chachi’s voluptuous beautiful body. The red sarree and ornaments she was wearing was making her look like a beutiful bride. I just wanted the night to fall and be alone with her in that guest house’s room.

I wanted to get rid of Rinku but how. My lustfull mind came up with an idea. I went to Rinku and in our talks I told him “ how sweet it would be if he would sleep with his nana and nani in their room????? Nani would be very happy….” He smiled and bought my idea. After function when me, Anu chachi,her parents and Rinku were coming back to guest house in a taxi Rinku asked Anu chachi “Ma can I sleep with nani….????” Before Anu chachi could say something Anu chachi’s mother said “yes my love …you can and I want you to be with us all these three days.”

I immediately looked at Anu chachi and she looked me back when this happened. It was surely some different look from her. As if she knew I am behind this idea which Rinku had. But I was really happy that my plan has worked and now I will be having complete privacy with my beautiful Anu chachi for three long nights.

When we reached guest house Anu chachi’s mom asked her to stay for a while with her for some chat. I went to my room and got into comfortable shorts and Tshirt and waited patiently for my voluptuous beautiful Anu chachi to come to sleep with me in our room.
I waited for an hour lying in my bed and then I heard the door opened. I looked towards the door direction and it was Anu chachi who entered the room finally. She closed the door behind her and latched it as well.

All my dreams were coming true I thought. As I pretended to be asleep I saw Anu chachi taking out her nightwear from her bags. She removed her sarree out in the room and went inside bathroom to change completely. As the bathroom opened I saw Anu chachi wearing a sleeveless night gown. Her white creamy arms were clearly visible in the darkness of room. I knew that in this darkness Anu chachi would not be able to see my lusty open eyes while I gazed upon her sexy voluptuous body.

She came and sat on the giant double bed to my right. And then lied in it on the extreme right far from me covering herself with a blanket. My heart raced and my cock bulged with the thought that she is finally in the same bed with me and this time all alone. Oooooh how good….. but she was a bit far as the bed was too large. I wondered how to cut the distance quickly as I could not wait to be near Anu chachi’s invitingly sexy body.

An idea came to me since we were at a hill station it was really cold night, so I can ask Anu chachi to share her blanket with me by saying her that I am feeling too cold. As I was really nervous I asked Anu chachi in a shaky voice “Anu chachi… can you share your blanket with me as I am feeling cold????” Anu chachi didn’t uttered a word she just moved a bit closer to me…lifted the blanket and gestured me to move in. I quickly did that with my heart pounding at a brisk pace.

I was in finally. My heart started beating frantically as Anu chachi’s same old smelled engulf my nose growing my lust for her to new heights. I was lying that close to her again after such a long long wait. However my blanket was still between me and Anu chachi’s body as it just covered my body. I tugged my hand underneath my blanket and moved it to cover Anu chachi’s body being nervous about her reaction. However my Anu chachi didn’t opposed to it at all. And finally we were in one same room, away from the world and my wicked family, on one bed, under same blankets covering our bodies in absolute complete privacy. The very situation made me feel that my young cock would cum any moment.

As I regained my conscious I found that this lady, my beautiful voluptuos Anu chachi seemed to be asleep. Asleep right next to me facing upwards. I moved more closer to her under the blanket till my body touched her’s. Anu chachi’s scent intoxicated my mind as I drew more closer to her.

Anu chachi lay there with her arms folded back below her head which made her armpits totally accessible to me with my face lying just next to it. My nostrils were filled by the strong enriching smell coming from Anu chachi’s bare white hairless armpits. Her sleeveless gown surely gave me access to a place of Anu chachi’s body which remained untouched that last night.

The intoxicating smell coming from Anu chachi’s white soft armpits made her simply irresistible. I slowly moved my head in a sleepy manner and buried my nose and lips in Anu chachi’s soft armpits. I felt that Anu chachi’s body jerked a bit as my nose touched her sensitive armpits. But as usual Anu chachi kept sleeping and didn’t oppose to her nephew’s sinful acts.

As I lay there in the dark room with my face buried under Anu chachi’s armpits my nostrils were fully engulfed with the intoxicating and exciting smell coming from her body and my tongue felt a need to lick the soft white flesh of Anu chachi’s armpits.
My thirsty lips felt an unending need to suck the tender soft flesh of Anu chachi’s armpits. I licked it with my hungry tongue and it tasted extraordinarily intoxicating. It was bit sour due to the perspiration that might have been there but it all just felt amazingly appealing.

As I sucked on her soft white flesh under Anu chachi’s armpits I felt jolts of electric current moving in my body. Even Anu chachi’s body quivered and the hand which’s armpits I was sucking trembled many times with touch of my lips and teeth on her sensitive skin. However Anu chachi still managed or pretended to sleep and didn’t opposed to my lustfull acts.

I wanted more and I wanted to see those magnificent milky white heavy breasts again. My eyes were adjusted to the moonlight falling into our room and on our bed from four big glass windows and could easily see anything especially something as white as Anu chachi’s skin. I slowly raised the blankets and uncovered Anu chachi’s magnificent breast hidden under night gown with a creamy white bare cleavage inviting the lust in me. I laid the blanket on her belly and gazed upon the view of those big heavy breast and creamy cleavage again so closely.

Anu chachi’s breasts heaved up and down with her rhythmic breathing. I was excited to see this view again after such a long wait and my breathing reached its epic heights. I filled myself with courage and gently lay my left hand on Anu chachi’s left breast as she lay to my right facing upwards. I gently moved my palms over her gown material keeping a close look on Anu chachi’s face for any sign of movements. Soon my now experienced hands felt the same old feeling. Anu chachi’s breast seemed to be loose and I could feel her fatty nipple clearly.

I got it. Anu chachi was not wearing bra underneath her thin gown. Only the thin loose gown material separated my hands from Anu chachi’s bare white breasts. “Did she purposely didn’t wore her bra???” I thought. However I felt I am in heaven again and my heart raced with excitement as I knew my destination is close.

I pressed my hands on her breast covered with gown to see whether there was any opposition from her. Though I thought Anu chachi is feigning sleep and wants me to do these things to her but yet I don’t know why, I was still scared from the thought that she might wake up displeased with my acts and all this would end forever. So I didn’t wanted to do anything which she may not like.

I pressed my hands more and more however Anu chachi didn’t opposed at all though her breathing had become a bit heavy. As my final test I finally held her perky fatty nipple between my two fingers and twitched it from over the thin gown material. Anu chachi quickly gasped and sighed feeling the pleasuring pain but didn’t opposed to her nephew’s lustfull acts.

Though still scared of displeasing her but now I knew I do have green signal from my Anu chachi to do all sorts sinful things to her as a painful twitch can surely raise anyone from sleep but my Anu chachi just kept sleeping nor opposed my act. I quickly moved my hands on Anu chachi’s bare white creamy cleavage and massaged it moving my hands in circular motion with the knowledge that there would be zero opposition from my Anu chachi.

Than I tugged my finger Anu chachi’s gown straps over her left soft white shoulder and pulled it aside to be free and loose it grip over Anu chachi’s chest. It came out aside vey easily and I gently started pulling it down over Anu chachi’s slender soft hands. I moved it down till her elbow and it had lost its grip entirely over Anu chachi’s left breast and the gown covered it very loosely. I thought about doing same to the strap over Anu chachi’s right shoulder and then pull the gown material covering her milky white breasts to set both her breast free for my visual treat. I stretched my hands and tried to move it down. However it was bit difficult due to distance and position.

Suddenly Anu chachi turned facing me, moving close to me even more. As she did this her right shoulder was on upper side and her left beneath her. Oooooooooooooooh I thought Anu chachi could be corresponding to me and knows what I want. As due to this I can easily remove her gown straps down as I have greater access to right shoulder straps. I did so without any hassle and no opposition whatsoever from my Anu chachi. Now I just had to make a final pull on gown material over Anu chachi’s breasts to set those heavy milky white breast bare in front of my face again.

I made the final pull and the most beautiful things on Earth were uncovered in front of my lustfull eyes. Anu chachi’s bare white full of soft flesh breasts popped out freely from the grips of loose gown. Her breast were huge, soft but firm and round. Her areolas so big and her fatty nipples in centre of her prink areolas invited me to chew them off. The blue veins on her creamy white skin travelling to her dark pink areolas and disappearing made me feel to lick over them all night long.

As I was lying to Anu chachi’s side with facing me I quickly lowered my mouth and took Anu chachi’s right lower breast nipple in my mouth making Anu chachi gasp and sigh with the feel of my tongue hungrily licking around her nipples and I also fondled with her left upper breast with my left hand. And to my surprise my beautiful Anu chachi just did not opposed at all to her nephew’s sinful acts.

I twitched and pressed Anu chachi’s left breast nipple with my hand and sucked and bite gently her right breasts. All these movements surely got attention of her nipples as usual as they were fatter and longer then ever. Anu chachi’s breathing became very heavy with my mouth over right breast sucking her nipple and my tongue vigorously circling around her nipple but she didn’t opposed to her nephew’s lustful and sinful acts just lay there sleeping letting out soft pleasureful moans and sighs.

I left her nipple and started kissing and sucking other places of her right breast. Sucking in my mouth as much white soft flesh of her heavy white breast till it filled my mouth completely. I gently bite Anu chachi’s right breast at many places while massaging and twitching her other breast with my hand making Anu chachi gasp and moan due to the pleasuring pain she experienced. And just to my surprise neither did she woke up nor opposed her nephew’s sinful acts.I than moved to her left breast and did the same things to her.

Moving my tongue around her nipple vigorously and biting her nipples gently was the acts I enjoyed most as I felt Anu chachi’s body shivered more with joys and pleasure when I did that. She seemed to enjoy that very much. Alternately I played with Anu chachi’s massive white tits again and again until I was thoroughly satisfied.

I also licked with my tongue upon her blue veins which moved upto her pink areolas and disappeared. Some how they excited me a lot as well. I kissed and licked her skin in her deep valley between her two massive white breasts with my face buried between two soft boobs for few minutes with no opposition from Anu chachi whatsoever.

Than I started pulling Anu chachi’s gown lower and lower it until sight of her navel enthralled me. There was a deep navel in between Anu chachi’s white creamy belly. To me it seemed like dark whole reaching to the most secret untouched places of Anu chachi’s body. I brought my hand near it and started pushing my middle finger in Anu chachi’s navel while my thumb and other fingers were pressing and massaging the sides of her navel.

Anu chachi surely seemed to like it as her body shuddered when I brought my tongue over her navel. I removed my finger and inserted my tongue in deep corners of her untouched navel. My tongue just hungrily moved in it as if searching for something for which it thirsted a million years.

Anu chachi’s breathing became very heavy and she started letting out light sighs but didn’t opposed to this sinful act. And finally I bite her over navel’s opening and Anu chachi moaned out loudly with that pleasuring pain. But yet she didn’t woke up nor did Anu chachi opposed her nephew’s sinful acts and just lay there sleeping in that guest house room allowing her nephew to do anything almost anything.

I started lowering her gown more and more and finally reached at Anu chachi’s curvy waistline where her panty begin to cover her most secret and forbidden part of her body - her love whole and her little pink cute ass whole. The thought of licking Anu chachi’s creamy white butt cheeks, sucking her swollen pussy lips and playing in Anu chachi’s ass crack and love whole gripped me.

I hurriedly tried to remove her gown totally. When I saw no opposition from her I got encouraged and pulled her gown down. However my pulling her gown down act stopped when the gown material beneath Anu chachi’s voluptuous body didn’t moved due to her weight upon it. However I pulled it with force and released it free. I felt Anu chachi also seemed to help me to move it down as she moved a bit in her sleepy way and made it easier to remove her gown. Once Anu chachi’s gown was below her waistline it easily came down from her soft white thighs and creamy calves. I removed it and threw it beside the bed without any opposition from Anu chachi whatsoever.

Now Anu chachi lay there in that bed with me, all alone with just her panty on her voluptuous body and millions of thoughts of doing taboo things to her body came to my mind. With no opposition from her whatsoever I got bolder. I removed my Tshirt and laid very close to Anu chachi’s body. I wrapped my hands around her and engulfed her in my strong hug.

I absorbed her Anu chachi’s strong smell and I pulled her towards me making her topless body brushed mine. In that cold night of hill station feeling warmth of Anu chachi’s bare soft topless body on my topless body with her heavy soft breast brushing my chest was an incredibly hot feeling. I felt like cumming any second. I moved my body up and down and my chest brushed over Anu chachi’s breast giving both of us jilts and shivers of lifetime. Her sensitive nipples reacted to this and quickly bulged up again.

I moved my hands over topless back up and down while hugging her even more harder. Anu chachi’s back felt smooth and soft every where as I griped small chunks of soft flesh of Anu chachi back in my palm at different places of her creamy white back and twitching softly making Anu chachi sigh and moan with pleasure.

Than I moved my hand down till her curvy waistline. I tugged my fingers underneath her panty and started to pull them down. I was surprised as again Anu chachi just let her nephew do anything that night and just laid there sleeping in complete privacy with her nephew in that guest house room. As I moved it down my hands felt the soft smooth flesh of Anu chachi’s butt cheeks which was a mesmerizing feeling.

As my hands moved down over her soft but firm round butt cheeks wetness increased and heat coming from her love whole could be felt very easily. I became hornier than ever when my sweet Anu chachi didn’t opposed at all as I removing her panty down and down. Than I boldly removed her panty totally down her knees with one strong pull.

Than I used my feet to grip them and remove it completely from Anu chachi’s now absolutely naked body. Only few gold ornaments were around her neck and few bangles in her hand and two payal’s in her feet were the only things that covered Anu chachi’s voluptuous body. The sound of bangles also was very mesmerizing as she seemed to be like a newly wedded wife.

I became horny and this time just turned Anu chachi around boldly to make her face opposite to me to feel her ass cheeks. To my surprise again Anu chachi just did not at all oppose to this and slept or pretended to sleep. I eagerly wanted to see her little pink ass whole and lick on it.

I realized than I was a complete ass maniac. But Anu chachi’s ass was surely something to die for. Chubby , soft but firm and round shaped, and white like snow as Sun never touched her there at all, two really full of flesh butt cheeks which you would wanna chew all night long, that black mole on her white right butt cheek was like a greatly enthralling thing on her ass and above all her cute little pink ass whole with its strong aroma between her butt cheeks ….. my my I wanted to make full use of these three complete privacy nights and make love to Anu chachi’s ass to my satisfaction.

My horny hands quickly gripped both her ass cheeks, one in each. I looked at Anu chachi’s face for any sign of opposition. But I found nothing but just a sleepy beautiful chachi. I started to press the flesh of Anu chachi’s butt cheeks vigorously.

I quickly raised myself to sit near Anu chachi’s ass to find her black mole. It was right there where I had seen it last time just on upper side of her creamy right butt cheeks. I kissed her there, licked her there and again gave her tender bites over soft skin where mole was and than all over Anu chachi’s white creamy smooth ass cheeks. Bites made Anu chachi sigh with pleasuring pains she experienced but still she didn’t opposed her nephew’s sinful acts nor did she woke up.

Than my most favorite part Anu chachi’s body- her little pink ass whole was in my mind. I rolled my fingers in Anu chachi’s ass crack. Anu chachi’s body quivered and shivered with jilts she felt, when my hungry fingers touched her forbidden part- her little pink ass whole. Anu chachi started to let out sighs at frantic pace but yet Anu chachi just laid there sleeping enjoying her nephew’s sinful acts. I wondered “if she is actually awake but just pretending to sleep than she surely would be wondering too about what will I do to her sexy body in my next moves……..”

I than spread her soft full of flesh white butt cheeks which covered between them the most precious part my Anu chachi’s voluptuous body. As I spread those fleshy butt cheeks I could spot a little pink ass whole throbbing frantically with ache to be touched and licked. I immediately buried my face in her ass crack being hornier and lust fill more than ever as soon as Anu chachi’s little pink ass whole came to my sight.

Anu chachi’s strong smell coming from her little pink ass whole intoxicated my mind and made me dizzy and hornier than ever. I shivered and Anu chachi’s body shuddered with excitement as my tongue vigorously made love to Anu chachi’s throbbing little pink ass whole. Anu chachi let out moans filled with excitement in her tone as my tongue moved into her ass whole deeper. However my Anu chachi didn’t opposed at all and kept sleeping. Strong scent of Anu chachi’s juices leaking from love whole made the sessions extremely vivacious.

I than brought my fingers too over Anu chachi’s ass whole while licking it vigorously. In my horniness I moved my first finger into Anu chachi’s ass whole while licking her ass whole. My fingers were drenched wet and slippery due to presence of my saliva all over Anu chachi’s pink ass whole. And as a result they moved into Anu chachi’s ass whole more than halfway all of a sudden in one push. Anu chachi’s reaction to this was sudden as her body jolted and shivered with my finger moving into her tight little pink ass whole for the first time.

I thought this might surely wake Anu chachi up but she just laid sleeping with her eyes closed in a way allowing me to move ahead with my lustful acts. I felt Anu chachi’s ass whole was very very tight as it gripped my finger so hard that moving further in was difficult. I moved my finger in and out of Anu chachi’s ass whole and licked it as well. I just loved it a lot and I knew my sleepy Anu chachi is liking these acts too as she quivered more than ever and sigh out pleasuring moans repeatedly.

I continued licking Anu chachi’s cute pink ass whole between her soft butt cheeks that engulfed my face completely and digging her ass whole with my finger deeper and deeper till I thought we were mutually satisfied when Anu chachi suddenly moaned out very loudly with her body shaking and trembling more than ever feeling a powerful orgasm in depths of her tight ass whole.

I felt I need to release my throbbing dick from my shorts as well or else it would suffer damage from the pain which it experienced during these long sessions of vigorous finger fucking and licking Anu chachi’s little pink ass whole. My cock demanded release of my love seeds more than ever.

I removed my shorts and was completely naked. I started to pump my cock when I got an idea. I moved my naked body very close to Anu chachi’s naked body and I buried my cock between Anu chachi’s creamy fleshy butt cheeks. I began to move my dick up and down in Anu chachi’s ass crack while my sweet sleepy Anu chachi continued not to oppose her nephew’s sinful act of feeling her ass crack and soft flesh butt cheeks around his hard young horny cock.

Anu chachi’s body shuddered with excitement when my love tool moved over her pink throbbing ass whole in her ass crack. I was very excited and knew would cum any second. I wanted to cum in her ass crack. I moved my cock up down her ass crack and Anu chachi’s creamy chubby ass cheeks engulfed my love tool in a mesmerizing grip.

The touch of soft butt cheeks and throbbing ass whole of this beautiful mature woman on tip of my young cock were enough to give this young teenager a powerful unforgettable orgasm. My entire body shuddered with joys and exquisite pleasures which I felt generating in my love organ and moving to my entire body like waves of electric current as I released pumps after pumps of my love seeds in Anu chachi’s ass crack.

As Anu chachi just laid there sleeping unopposoing to my lustful acts I shivered with excitement and moved my cock frantically up and down her ass crack. My balls started burning and released my love seeds more than ever in Anu chachi’s ass crack. My cum came out in gallons, pumps after pumps giving me exquisite jilts and pleasures of lifetime as I felt a powerful orgasm.

I filled Anu chachi’s entire ass crack with my love seeds. Lot of my cum also got spread on Anu chachi’s soft white butt cheeks which was very exciting. Her smooth skin in her ass crack became more smooth with my cum in it and allowed easy movement of my softening cock. I moved my cock up and down her ass crack and over white soft cum covered ass cheeks until pleasure in my young cock completely subsided and I felt down on bed dizzy with the powerful climax I experienced.

However the strong scent coming from Anu chachi’s wet pussy developed an urge in me to fuck my beautiful Anu chachi. I wanted to fuck her more than ever. I moved my hands over her love whole which was drenched with her love juices. I massaged Anu chachi’s shaved pussy lips to know her assent for the sacred love making act.

With drench wetness in Anu chachi’s crotch I knew now that Anu chachi was highly aroused and needed my attention on her thirsty pussy which’s shaved lips were swollen like potatoes and had become red more than ever with blood gushing into them more than ever due to the excitement which prevailed in that guest house room.

My young cock immediately bulged up again when I brought my drenched hands near my nose and smelled Anu chachi’s strong scent of her love juices which showed her desire to be fucked. Even though I just had the most pleasureful ejaculation seconds before. I was ready to enter Anu chachi’s love whole in a flash. Further I thought since I have cummed once I would be able to hold longer and give pleasure of our first love making session to Anu chachi as well. But the thought “does she wants it too??? Stormed my head. But theres only one way to find out-go ahead.

I laid behind her and tried to pull her to turn around to face me to fuck her while facing each other laying side by side. I think she quickly corresponded to my demand of facing me and in her sleepy way Anu Chachi turned around by herself to face me with no oposition whatsoever. Her massive white breasts were again in front of me heaving up and down more than ever as Anu chachi laid out heavier breath more than ever.

Feeling of Anu chachi’s warm breath over my face and her heaving chest demanded me to play with her massive tits again. I twitched and suck those beautiful nipples again and again alternately till my satisfaction. And just as expected Anu chachi did not at all opposed my acts.

Than I moved close to her as we faced each other and tried to bring my cock near opening of her pussy. I tried to move back and forth a lot but all my cock could touch was Anu chachi’s to her trimmed pubic hairs over her love whole as she laid beside me facing me.

I tried to put my cock in her love whole a lot while lying at her side with her facing me but I couldn’t. And when I was attempting to move in her slit lying beside her which seemed difficult but manageable suddenly Anu chachi turned in her sleepy manner and her back faced me now. I paused for a moment and thought “may be Anu chachi does not wants this, may be she does not want us to fuck but just to play and fondle due to fear of pregnancy or taboo?????”

Soon when I was being disheartened that fucking is out of question Anu chachi in her sleepy way pushed her ass towards me right over my crotch and love tool. I immediately got the idea as my 6’inch love tool got engulfed between Anu chachi’s drenched white soft thighs just beneath her drenched wet pussy. Her turning around made sense as from back it was more easy to be in her….. “my experienced Anu chachi knows it all” I thought with utter excitement.

My tool became harder than ever as it felt the heat between Anu chachi’s drenched crotch. As I waited for few more confused seconds of making the move or not I got startled when Anu chachi’s hand fell on my love tool and griped it hard. I looked at her and still her eyes were closed. Anu chachi’s pulled my cock upto opening of her love whole. With tip of my cock resting over Anu chachi’s glistening slit I got the clear idea there was only one way to go from here “move in Anu chachi’s sacred love whole”

I pushed my lower body once with great force and my hard rock cock very easily moved halfway inside Anu chachi’s most sacred part - her warm wet love whole. Anu chachi gasped and sighed as my thick 6’ inch cock suddenly moved half way in. My body shivered with joys and excitement as my cock for the first time got engulfed in warm glistening pussy of my beaautiful Anu chachi which felt like a bed of thousands of soft red roses massaging my young tool.

I laid there pausing a few seconds as my cock enjoyed this new loving and caressing environment. Than suddenly to my surprise Anu chachi started to move her ass in her sleepy manner in back and forth action fucking me back. Waves of pleasure started flowing from my cock to my entire body as warm wet walls of Anu chachi’s love whole started their mesmerizing massage up and down on my young hard rock cock. I thought that it was good that I cummed just a minute before as Anu chachi’s pussy felt like a treasure which could suffice my lust greed for her in an instance.

As I regained my conscious I started moving back and forth in rhythm of Anu chachi’s sleepy movement. With these movements in each forward push my cock started moving more deeper and deeper burying itself in Anu chachi’s sacred love whole making both of us gasp and moan with each forward push.

It went deeper and deeper till my 6’ inch love tool finally got buried and disappeared into Anu chachi’s warm wet caressing love whole to its entirety. Pushing in and out Anu chachi became tough as I could feel warm wet walls of Anu chachi ‘s love whole gripping my cock on its full length even harder. Anu chachi’s love whole started releasing her love juices more and more to help my cock move with ease, in and out, of her further showing her love whole’s affirmation to my lustfull actions.

The scent and aroma releasing from Anu chachi’s love juices enriched the room’s atmosphere and made me felt more horny and filled me with greed of unending lust towards her voluptuous body making me pump into her more harder and harder.

Sound of “flap,flap,flap flap,flap…….” broke the silence of that night as my body dashed into Anu chachi’s soft white butt cheeks creating waves in flesh of her soft white body . My cock got buried to its full length into her love whole completely in each move again and again after coming out of it to almost its full length making both of us gasp for air as waves of exquisite pleasures and excitement moved across our bodies generating from our love making organs.

I became more comfortable and felt an urgent need to grab those magnificent breasts of Anu chachi from behind her back. I moved my one hand beneath Anu chachi’s slender neck and the other over her while continuing my rhythmic motions of love making. As my hands made their way forward I immediately grabbed both her massive breast in one hand each and wrapped her Anu chachi’s voluptuous body in a strong hug.

When my hands covered Anu chachi’s massive white tits I found due to the excitement Anu chachi’s breasts has become tighter than ever and her nipples were terribly swollen and felt like they had become an inch long and thick.

Anu chachi moaned aloud and gasped for air as I rammed my cock deep into her cunt in each forward push increasing pace of our rhythmic fucking while I twitched both her nipples harder than ever gripping them tightly in my hands.

Mine and Anu chachi’s moans and sighs, “kan,kan,kan” sound of her bangles and the “flap,flap,falp” sound of two lustful bodies dashing into each other became just more louder as our pace of rhythmic fucking increased to new heights and my cock touched the most deeper sacred areas of Anu chachi’s warm wet love whole. Moving into her became very difficult as Anu chachi’s vaginal walls contracted considerably over my love tool gesturing she is near to her climax.

After few minutes of strong fucking even my balls which got emptied few minutes before started burning and I felt the gush of my cum coming up from there as Anu chachi’s warm wet tight vaginal walls milked and sucked my cock hungrily on its entire length.

Suddenly Anu chachi’s vaginal walls contracted more than ever and it seemed a wave of exquisite pleasure moved from her love whole to her entire body making her shake and shudder as pleasuring pain of a powerful orgasm begin in her body. Anu chachi let out the lousdest moan “AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and moved her hand over my butt cheeks and gripped a chunk of flesh of my butt cheeks in her hand very tightly.

I raised the pace of ramming my cock into Anu chachi’s pussy to its highest as the gush in my love tool reached to its peak and I felt waves of pleasure moving to my entire body begin to flow my love making organ as a result of the powerful and pleasuring love making act between me and Anu chachi.

Soon I and Anu chachi both gasped for air and let loud moans of joys and pain of “AHHHHHHHHHH AHGGGGGGGGGGG” as our bodies shuddered with the waves of pleasure flowing from our love making organs engulfing our entire bodies. Waves after waves of powerful pleasuring orgasms flew from our love organs to our entire bodies as we reached a powerful mutual orgasm.

Anu chachi’s hot love juices gushed out of her love whole with fierce force pumps after pumps around my cock buried deep into sacred love whole as she sighed and moaned out aloud and gripped my butt tightlier than ever piercing her nails slightly in flesh of my butt cheeks.

Pumps after pumps of my love seeds got released into Anu chachi’s sacred love whole giving my young cock and entire body an experience of joys and exquisite pleasures I never felt in my lifetime. My grip on Anu chachi’s heavy white breasts was tighter than ever and I fiercely twitched her nipples making Anu chachi moan aloud with pleasuring pains she experienced both up and down her body which made her grip on my butt even more tighter piercing her nails into flesh of my butt cheeks more.

I kept ramming into Anu chachi’s body until pleasures in our tired perspiring bodies subsided making us feel aloof from the entire current world and taking us into world of wild exuberating pleasures.

Even after stopping I just laid behind Anu chachi in the same positions with my cock fully buried in her love whole as our pleasures slowly subsiding after a very powerful orgasm. My grip on Anu chachi’s heavy breasts soften as I rolled my hands over her areolas and fat nipples massaging Anu chachi’s milky white breasts entirely very softly meanwhile enjoying a soft massage over entire length of my cock as warm wet vaginal walls of Anu chachi’s love whole slowly and softly sucked and milked my young cock within their warm grip giving me soft exquisite pleasures as they sucked the last drop of my love seeds deep into her wild firing cunt.

Both me and Anu chachi laid there taking in deep breaths after our tiring and exquisitely pleasurable very first love making session. With my cock buried in Anu chachi’s love whole after a powerful orgasm I felt “this young teen’s dream of finally fucking his beautiful chachi is finally realized.” I wondered “why Anu chachi didn’t joined me openly but pretended to sleep …but I didn’t bothered that time because no matter how its happening - it is damn pleasurable”

I backed out and my cock popped out of Anu chachi’s love whole making “floop” sound.
I was tired after my very first love making and laid facing up wards with my arms and legs spread wide apart on giant double bed.

I looked at Anu chachi’s smooth white naked body and found shivering and quivering in her body was yet there, though slow and soft, making her feel the pleasure of our love making session even now. This gave me feeling of great satisfaction as I knew my dearest Anu chachi have enjoyed our first love making session too.

I found Anu chachi’s panty near my leg and tugged it under my pillow and felt I had developed a hobby of collecting Anu chachi’s panty. I quickly moved to her voluptuous naked body of my beautiful Anu chachi and covered ourselves with blankets again and hugged Anu chachi wrapping my arms around her from back engulfing her in a soft hug as lovers and slept thinking about the pleasures we will share in the coming two nights in that guest house room.


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