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I hadn’t yet told my husband Tom about my dog sex fantasies. While quite sexually adventurous and very willing to share me with his friends, he had never mentioned any interest in bestiality, and it being so taboo I was hesitant to bring it up myself. Later in the week, extremely horny with thoughts of the sexy young couple and me fucking them and their dog, I took another casual walk and rang the doorbell at Paul and Rachel’s house when I didn’t see either of them outside in the yard. Nobody answered for several moments, so I figured I was out of luck when suddenly I heard the door being unlocked from inside.

Rachel smiled at me, clad in nothing but a short, light blue satin robe, tied loosely around her curvy hips. Enthusiastically, she pulled me inside. Her perky breasts heaved out of the garment, nipples barely concealed. She looked breathlessly well-fucked, her long, dark hair messy around her shoulders. My heart fluttered as she passionately kissed me her warm greeting. I embraced her petite body and returned her kiss, hands squeezing her shapely hips and ass. My hands traveled down to her thighs, and she parted her legs a little for me. I licked my lips when I felt sticky wetness on the inside of her thigh, and thought how Paul had probably just cum inside her.

“Rachel, you sucked Paul’s cum out of my pussy, let me do the same for you…” I said. She smiled widely and took my hand, leading me to the bedroom. Paul was naked on the bed, his spent cock limp against his thigh. He smiled and greeted me warmly. There was a paused video on the bedroom TV. Wordlessly, Rachel laid down next to her husband on the king sized bed and spread her legs for me. I could see cum oozing from her wet hole. She was smooth except for a thin strip of dark hair above her cunt lips.

Getting on my knees on the bed, I bent down and teased her clit with my tongue while locking eyes with her passionately. I licked the hard nub with my tongue, first kissing it gently and then starting to suck it, then rubbing my tongue all over it and her pussy slit. Her moans got louder the more intensely I licked her. I parted her slit with my lips and probed her hole with my tongue, making her shiver and cry out. She reached down and stretched her cunt lips for my tongue to reach further inside of her, and I eagerly licked the salty juices from her cunt. Paul was French kissing her and rubbing her breasts, her robe having become untied to expose her perfect tits and flat, tan stomach.

I held her green eyes with a heated gaze as I began inserting my fingers into her juicy hole and licked her clit hard. Her husband was gently biting on her nipples and she was moaning louder now. I licked deep up into her hole, rewarded by the taste of her husband’s sperm on my tongue. She began grinding her pussy mound into my face and I started penetrating her harder with my fingers. Paul continued biting her breasts and neck, and she soon cried out that she was cumming. She came hard, more of her juices leaking out around my fingers. I eagerly lapped her up.

“Damn, that was great, let me return the favor, Marissa!” said Rachel. Since I was wearing a dress and no panties, I pulled the dress up over my head, unclasped my lacy bra, and sat on her face, tossing my long, strawberry blond hair over my shoulder, and we began a sexy sixty-nine, devouring each other’s hot pussies. Her fingers slipped inside me and she probed my wet cunt and clit enthusiastically with her tongue. I pulled on my hardening nipples while she sucked voraciously on my pussy. Paul was stroking his cock at the sight of me and his wife eating each other out. While I was on top of his wife, her face buried in my cunt, licking from my clit to puckered asshole, he lifted his fat, uncut cock to my face. Right before he did so, he picked up the remote and hit the Play button for the VCR to resume the video that had been playing.

My heart skipped a beat as my lips encircled Paul’s sexy meat and I realized what kind of video they were watching. It was a sex video. It was filmed in their living room, and there was Rachel, masked and on all fours on the floor, their huge German Shepherd plowing into her cunt from behind while she moaned loudly. The beast’s front legs were clasped tightly around her waist while it mercilessly slammed into her. My pussy dripped onto Rachel’s face, and I began alternating between sucking her husband’s cock and eating her cunt while she finger fucked and licked me.

I couldn’t take my eyes from the video playing on the TV. Bowser’s intense, jackhammer pounding went on for several minutes, dragging Rachel around the living room with his powerful fucking. I grinded my pussy into Rachel’s face and came hard, wanting badly to start experimenting with some dog cock in my own twat. Paul bent over and helped me eat out Rachel’s cunt, bringing her to orgasm yet again.

Still perched on Rachel’s face, I was infatuated by the video and highly aroused. I watched Bowser finally go still inside his human bitch, big balls swinging to a stop. When the animal was still and knotted to Rachel, the person filming, Paul I figured, zoomed in on Rachel’s stuffed pussy. It was overflowing with dog cum; I could see it dripping out of her and on to the floor. Her pussy lips were glistening with fuck juices.

In the video she was moaning, “Oh shit, his knot, oh God, it’s so huge, it’s growing bigger and bigger, feels like a fucking baseball in my cunt! He made me cum so fucking hard twice with his knot pressed up against my clit. His cock grew so huge inside me, fuck, it’s way up in my womb. He shoved it in so good and deep, now his knot is stuck, plugging that cock and sperm up in me, ooh I love it! I hope I’m not tied to him for too much longer, I’m sore from his huge cock and knot making me cum so many times-- last time he was knotted to my ass for a half hour! Fuck, there is hot cum gushing all around inside me, it feels so fucking good. I love how it feels like gallons of cum inside me, I love the knot in me to plug it all in my pussy. And I never know how long I’m gonna be stuck to him for, down on my hands and knees like a bitch, fuck I love it! Ohhh! I even love feeling his balls smacking against my ass. His knot makes me feel so stuffed, oh, God, I think I’m gonna cum again!”

The homemade sex movie was so hot, I was aching to get my own pussy stuffed. I was so transfixed by the juices oozing from Rachel’s onscreen cunt that I barely noticed Paul stuff his dick into his wife’s pussy in reality, even though her pussy was right in my face as I was still on top of her in the sixty-nine position. When I realized he was fucking her right in front of me, I licked her clit while Paul penetrated her hole, which made her cry out and moan loudly. Paul pulled out of her cunt every few moments for me to suck on his slick cock before stuffing it back inside his wife’s engorged cunt. Watching Rachel knotted in the video, I rode her delicious mouth to orgasm again and pulled on my nipples-- I’m sure my pussy juices were running all over her face.

In the video, I could see Paul coming up behind his wife, jacking an obviously hard dick as he watched his wife tied to the big dog. The dog was panting hard, wrapped tight to Rachel, his huge, furry body covering most of her back. Paul’s dick was so hard in the video, the cock head was shiny and almost purple. I watched as he raised his extremely hard prick to her lips and she sucked him off for a few moments while still knotted to the dog. After several minutes, the dog finally pulled out of her, his long, pink prick and huge, purple knot unplugging copious amounts of sperm from her cunt. Then I could see Paul walk behind her and stick his hard dick inside of her asshole, fucking her ass hard in the video while dog cum leaked from her pulsating cunt down her leg and on to the floor.

Paul, in the video, unleashed his sperm deep inside her asshole while the dog scampered away, done licking its prick. In front of me, presently, Paul was about to flood her womb with his sperm. From my front row seat, I saw him slam his cock inside of her a final time and then grunt as he went still, cumming in her and then pulling his throbbing cock from her sopping cunt. When he pulled out I licked his cock clean and then again licked his cum from her pussy, my tongue penetrating deep inside her to get every last drop. Paul switched off the TV and left the room to clean himself up.

“Fuck, Rachel, that video is so hot,” I said to her when we finally got up of the bed, sweaty and breathless.

“Oh, I’m glad you liked it,” she said to me with a smile. “We’ve made tons of videos with Bowser… He’s one horny dog, as you can tell,” she laughed.

“Yes, I love watching you fuck him…” I said, still dazed from all my orgasms.

“That dog is a great fuck, for sure-- even my 15yr old niece likes to fuck him nowadays! One night, back when she was a pre-teen, I caught her letting the dog eat her out. It was hot, and I told her she could play around with the dog whenever she wanted. After years of him eating her snatch, she started fucking him and got hooked, she hasn’t even fucked a boy yet!” laughed Rachel. “She comes to visit several times of month-- we look forward to seeing her soon, probably this weekend.” I shuddered at the thought of the powerful dog fucking a young girl.

Just then I heard the jingling of a dog collar, and Paul came back into the room with Bowser trailing along behind him. My pussy tingled at just the sight of the big, strong, handsome animal. He came up to me and sniffed at my naked cunt, making my heart pound hard. Rachel and I had yet to put any clothes on, and Paul looked comfortable in his boxer shorts. I rubbed the big dog’s head and he panted happily at me as I sat on the bed.

“Go ahead, Marissa. Lie back and let him eat you out! He’s great at it, believe me!” said Rachel. My heart pounded harder with the thought of the huge dog devouring my cunt. I was nervous, but highly aroused. I didn’t want the beast to just eat me out, I wanted him to pound my pussy. It had long been a fantasy of mine that would hopefully soon come to reality…

Paul sat down on a chair near the bed and Rachel sat in his lap, both of them watching me intently. I swallowed hard and kept petting the big dog. I wasn’t that tall, a little over 5ft, and felt nervous but also thrilled at being overpowered by the beast.

“Don’t worry, Marissa, I hear Bowser’s great at cunnilingus,” grinned Paul. My cunt was wet from having cum so many times on Rachel’s pretty face. I spread my legs a little while sitting on the bed, and Bowser took the opportunity to stuff his nose into my crotch. The coldness of his nose shocked me and instantly my nipples hardened and I moaned quietly. It had been years since my own childhood dog had eaten me out. Once in between my legs, the dog focused his attention on my moist cunt, driving me wild with desire. His heavy breath on my sensitive mound made my skin break out all over in goosebumps, nipples hardening like diamonds. He sniffed at my dripping pussy again and with one long swipe of his tongue covered me from asshole to clit with his saliva. I moaned loudly, succumbing to the beast already.

I fondled my firm breasts and squeezed my hard nipples while Bowser’s tongue licked my cunt lips, teasing me. Stretching my pussy lips for him, he took the opportunity to stretch his long tongue out to lick deep inside my moist hole and I moaned louder. All thoughts aside from fucking the dog vanished from my mind. He licked my clit, my asshole, my cunt lips, my thighs, my pubic mound, my lower belly, my ass cheeks… The feelings going through me were electric, I was so aroused. Rachel and Paul cheered on the dog to eat me out with all its might.

The beast’s tongue was making me so wet and slippery, I longed for penetration. I moaned out as the dog’s tongue covered my entire slit again and again, and I pinched my nipples hard, gasping with pleasure. Suddenly the dog started focusing its attention right near my clit, sending me over the edge, whimpering and grinding my cunt hard against the probing beast as I screamed and orgasmed hard in its face.

Rachel stripped out of her silky blue robe and walked over to pet Bowser while I calmed down from the incredibly intense orgasm which had made me lightheaded. I noticed her rubbing near his sheath, and after several moments I could see the dog’s pink prick head starting to poke out. Her ample breasts bounced while she sexually stimulated the beast. While standing before him, she let the big dog lick up at her cunt, coating her little patch of dark pubic hair down to her asshole with its saliva as she cried out in pleasure. She bent down and started stroking and then licking the tip of her tongue out at the emerging pink cock. We could see her wet, engorged pussy lips shimmering in the light, ready for a good fucking. The dog became excited, panting more heavily, and started jumping up at Rachel playfully.

She giggled and patted his head, then got down on all fours on the bedroom floor. I watched from the bed, nearly delirious with lust, as the large animal began humping around the petite, sexy, naked brunette. Paul got up, a big bulge forming in his shorts, and walked over to his wife, who was in position to be fucked by the dog. I was going to see a woman get screwed by a huge dog, right in front of my eyes-- I started rubbing my pussy with excitement. Rachel wiggled her firm ass in the air to taunt the dog, whose hard, shiny, pink prick had extended a few more inches. Bowser stuck his head in between her ass cheeks and licked her ass crack and asshole while she squirmed and squealed.

The big dog backed away and then jumped up on Rachel’s back again. Paul came up and put some socks on the dog’s front paws so Rachel wouldn’t get too clawed up by the dog while getting pounded After fruitlessly humping its extending prick around Rachel’s ass cheeks and thighs, Paul helped the beast get into a better position to fuck his wife. The dog clasped its front legs around Rachel’s nude waist tightly and rested his head on her back as he humped his prick near her waiting genitals, making her moan with lust. Paul guided the dog dick to her cunt, and the dog needed no further encouragement. He rammed his hips forward into her forcefully, his prick head successfully pushing into her wet cunt, and began pounding her hard while holding her close. She cried out at the animal’s powerful thrusting, its cock having reached its destination inside her slippery pussy walls.

The beast began fucking her at a manic pace, faster than any human could possibly fuck. Rachel moaned constantly as she was being powerfully penetrated. Her pussy was making delightfully obscene squelching noises around the dog’s expanding cock. Bowser’s balls were a wild swinging blur as he fucked his bitch as hard as he could. I simultaneously wondered if I could take such a fucking and yet craved it badly. The dog pounded into her so forcefully he was beginning to push her around on the carpet. I rubbed my pussy while Rachel was getting fucked by the dog, wishing I was in her place. Paul came up behind me, his prick now hard again, and I got on my hands and knees in front of him. He placed his cock at my wet pussy and fucked me doggy style so we could watch his wife literally getting fucked doggy style on the floor below us.

Paul slammed into me hard and grabbed hold of my tits, obviously turned on as much as I was by the dog sex. We both moaned with pleasure and watched as Rachel was pounded on the floor by the animal. Bowser’s frenetic pace had not yet let up; he was slamming into her mercilessly. Rachel was screaming in delight as she was dominated like a bitch by the huge German Shepherd, her tits swinging wildly.

“Ah, fuck, he’s trying to get the knot in me now, yes, yes, yes!” cried Rachel. “Oh God, it feels so good when he rubs his hard knot on my clit, fuck I’m gonna cum… his prick is so hard and deep inside me, shit, I can practically feel it in my stomach!” and with that she let out a long wail as she climaxed hard on the dog prick. “Yes, oh yes, he’s cumming in me now! Fuck, here comes the knot, oh, ohhhhhhh yeah fuck me like a bitch! Oh God, so much cum, God he’s cumming up in my womb, his knot is GROWING, ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh, he’s sealing all his cum inside me, oh I love it, I love all the cum!!”

I was longing for a thorough dog fucking like Rachel was getting, but her husband Paul was doing his best to fuck me like a stallion while we watched his wife knotting the big dog. Paul’s balls slammed into my ass as he pounded me hard from behind. I reached down and rubbed my cunt while Paul rammed into me again and again, kissing my back and neck.

Down on the floor the dog became still, knotted securely to his human bitch. It was so hot watching the cum leak from around Rachel’s knotted cunt down the back of her thighs and on to the floor. Globs of cum were oozing out of her as she weakly grinded back at the beast. She was still moaning, though quieter now, as Bowser panted happily on her back.

Paul didn’t let up his fast pace as he enthusiastically fucked me. He began slapping my ass with his strong hands while thrusting his meat into my juicy cunt. His balls bounced off of my ass, and his cock felt great as it reached deep down into my pussy hole and out and back in again. I couldn’t help but cum on Paul’s thick dick as he thrust hard inside me and spanked my reddening ass cheeks. The dog turned his head, his knot securely stuck in his human fuck toy, and was now watching Paul and me fucking on the bed. Rachel collapsed under the beast, surely tired from getting pounded, and the dog turned around so he was ass to ass with her, trying to free himself. Paul and I were sweaty and breathless as we fucked, inspired by Bowser’s intense pounding. Looking down at his sexy naked wife, sprawled out and knotted to the powerful German Shepherd, Paul slammed into me once more and groaned, unleashing his sperm inside my waiting womb. He gasped, his fat cock throbbing as his cum spurted inside me, and we both stared down at Rachel and the dog.

Bowser tried to pull away from his bitch, but the knot still locked them in place. He was whining now, panting hard. His balls swung at Rachel’s ass as he struggled. A dog cum puddle had formed on the carpet between them. Rachel weakly got on her hands and knees again, and Bowser again struggled to break free. The two fuck partners were obscenely tied together. After a few more attempts, Bowser again pushed away from Rachel and was able to successfully pull his knot and cock out, making her scream as he did so. Cum poured out of Rachel’s ravished cunt. She was sweaty, looking so sexy with her thighs covered in the dog’s juices. The dog’s shiny dripping cock was sexy, too. Paul’s cock slipped out of me, his cum and my cunt juices running out of my pussy and down onto the bed. We looked at each other, each of us sweaty and breathless.

Rachel stayed on the floor for a few moments to catch her own breath, dog cum leaking out of her vagina. Bowser licked his 8” prick, now free from his human bitch, then started licking his cum out of Rachel’s cunt. The sex had been intense, and we were all quiet as we basked in the glow of our orgasms. Paul helped his wife up, and she rose unsteadily to her feet, inner thighs soaked with cum. Her poor knees were red with carpet burn. I got up and kissed her tender thighs and gently kissed her knees. She moaned weakly and ran her fingers through my blond hair.

“Next time I should wear my kneepads,” said Rachel softly, and we all laughed.

The sexy, satiated couple smiled at me, breathing more calmly now, and Rachel then said that they had to go pick their young son up from his grandparents’ house soon. I started to frown, knowing playtime was coming to an end, but she then suggested I come over in a few days and join the couple for dinner that weekend and maybe a sleepover. She suggested I bring my husband Tom over to play. My pulse quickened as I looked down at the big male German Shepherd who was licking his subsiding prick, making me lick my lips. Of course I couldn’t resist and eagerly accepted the invite. We enjoyed a nice, long, hot, sensual shower together before I left to return to my husband and daughter. But my pussy was already getting excited again as I thought about what kinds of extreme fun the upcoming weekend could bring!

To be continued…

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Omg so I'm so horny

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I came twice reading this and I'm soaking wet!!!! Great read.

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2014-03-15 15:53:03
"Confessions Of A Cock Slut: Craving For Dog Meat (Cont'd)" - Marissa, Paul and Rachel, and Bowser (Married Mother, Neighborhood Male and Female, and Family German Shepherd)

This continuation of Part 1 is quite similar in context, theme and content. The exception being that Mariss'a neighborhoold friend Rachel and her eat each other's pussies cleaning cum fro their boxes, and Rachel is fucked by their large German Shepherd dog!!


2011-07-25 23:09:35
Last commenter, I am very glad you are having fun reading! Now I may need to come up with a story involving a man enjoying the company of his young niece and large breed dog now that you've inspired me ;-) I have a bunch of other works in progress right now, but I'll start brain storming on a short story specially done with you and your niece's antics in mind!

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My neice and I love your stories,we lick suck finger and fuck all the way through it. She wants to fuck a dog and I want to watch while she sucks me. Not bad for a 62 yr.old. I've been fucking her for 4 yrs. and we do it all. I'm the luckiest old fart that ever cum between 2 legs. 9 on the pecker erection chart.Looking for the next addition in a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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