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Dog sex party
Part 4

I liked Paul and Rachel just fine, don’t get me wrong, but I longed to fuck their dog-- the big, beautiful male German Shepherd named Bowser. As I left their house with the sexy vision of Rachel knotted to the beast imprinted on my mind, my pussy throbbed with the excitement of fucking their dog. My thoughts became consumed by the desire of fucking it. I had to tell my husband Tom of my true feelings as well as the invite from our sexy neighbors’ to spend the weekend with them. Not knowing his thoughts on bestiality, I knew I needed to be tactful.

I decided to tell Tom later that night in bed, after we put our daughter Joy to sleep. Paul had just finished plowing into me doggy style and depositing his seed deep in my womb. I rubbed my cum-filled cunt as he laid on his back, cock deflating, and told him about the sexy neighbors and their invite for us to come play with them.

“Oh yeah?” said Tom, a look of interest on his handsome, chiseled face.

“Yeah, they’re really hot, both of them. And Rachel told me about her teenage niece coming to play with them often…”

“Oh yeahhhhh?” Tom said again, raising his eyebrows with increasing interest.

“Yeah, she said the niece was probably gonna come visit this weekend… she wants us to also come over this weekend.”

“That sounds great, honey,” said Tom with a smile.

“Rachel mentioned the niece is pretty sexual…” I knew Tom would be interested in the young girl, as he and I had been fucking around off and on since I was in high school. I continued after taking a deep breath, “Rachel said the girl even loves to fuck their dog, a big German Shepherd…” I waited for my husband’s reaction. To my delight, it looked like his cock jumped a little.

“Really?” said Tom, with genuine interest. I was elated-- he didn’t seem freaked out at all!

“Yeah,” I went on, excitedly. “I watched the dog fuck Rachel the other day, it was incredibly hot.”

“No way!” Tom was really interested, I could see his cock twinge again. I was getting very turned on by the thought of my sexy husband joining in on the dog sex experience I was craving.

“Yeah, she took the knot, sperm, and all!” I said, rubbing my pussy harder as I thought of the sexy brunette getting banged hard by the beast.

“Wow, that sounds incredible, I’d love to see that,” said Tom. My heart soared; I loved him even more knowing he wanted to see the neighbor get dog-fucked.

“Tom,” I said with a little hesitation, “I was thinking I wanted to get fucked by the dog, too…” I waited again for his reaction, holding my breath.

“That sounds awesome, Marissa!” he said enthusiastically. “I’d love to see you get fucked by a dog, too!” My heart pounded in relief and I rubbed my pussy harder and moaned. Tom got down on his knees and started to eat my aroused pussy. I cried out and came without him even penetrating me, I was so horny with thoughts of dog fucking. Tom’s dick was almost completely hard again, as he said to me, “Yeah, I’ve heard a few stories from some of my friends about their girlfriends fucking dogs. I hear it’s great. The stories I’ve heard were all so fucking hot,” said Tom with a grin, raising his cock head to my waiting pussy while I laid on my back. Tom reached down and grabbed my breasts as he pounded his thick cock deep inside of me with one stroke.

I moaned out with pleasure as he pounded me slowly and then picked up his pace. It didn’t take too long for me to cum again, creaming his dick with my juices. I heard his cock squelching around my sopping cunt with each thrust.

“Yeah, Marissa,” said Tom as he pounded me. “You’re gonna make a great dog slut,” His chest became slick with sweat, muscles tight, pubic hair grinding hard against my bald cunt. He slammed harder into me and stayed there, prick stabbing deep into my womb, making me cum again as I grinded on his stiff rod.
Grunting, he came inside me while I was cumming, his spewing cock making my orgasm more intense. I cried out loudly as my pussy throbbed around his pulsating meat. He pulled out of me, his spent cock dripping fuck juices which I eagerly cleaned off with my tongue. I was pretty sure we both orgasmed together while each having our own sexy thoughts of me getting fucked like a bitch by a German Shepherd.

Part 5 - Here Cometh the Knot

I was incredibly horny all week with excitement at the prospect of bringing my husband to fuck around with the neighbors that weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I spent extra time prettying myself up, taking care to apply some subtle makeup and making sure my pussy mound and legs were perfectly smooth. Tom was excited, too, at the thought of his young, pretty wife getting knotted by a big dog. I decided to wear a thin, short, floral dress and no panties for easiest access possible.

In the evening, we left Joy with the nanny and went over to Paul and Rachel’s for dinner. I brought a little “overnight” bag with me with some toiletries and things like lube, socks, and a few of my favorite dildos and vibrators. Rachel opened the door a few moments after we rang the bell, clad in a simple, long black dress that clung close to her shapely curves. Her big breasts heaved out of the dress, her cleavage making me and Tom lick our lips. She wore no bra, and we could see hard nipples beneath the fabric of her dress.

Paul came into the living room to greet us and I introduced Tom as my sexy husband. Tom and I exchanged heated glances when Rachel said that her young niece Sara and her new boyfriend were coming over later. In the meantime, the dogs were running around out in the fenced in backyard while dinner was finishing on the stove.

Our hosts made us a delectable pasta dish along with some oysters to enjoy. Dessert was a delicious chocolate cake that Rachel made herself “while naked in the kitchen,” she said. Soft music played throughout our meal, and the lights glowed softly over the long, wooden dining room table. Their young son was off at his grandparents’ house for the night.

After dessert we enjoyed several mixed drinks while flirting with each other heavily. Rachel swiped her hand against Tom’s crotch or my breasts at every opportunity. She was getting more intoxicated and horny as the minutes went by. After refreshing our drinks again, Rachel sat in Paul’s lap while we all conversed lightheartedly. Paul didn’t conceal his growing excitement at having his sexy wife on top of him, her breasts heaving out of her dress. We could see him grind his hips into her while she bounced a little on his lap. Her breasts heaved out more and more with each bounce until her nipples were almost exposed.

I held my breath when I saw Rachel bend over the dining room table, her husband unzipping his pants and pulling his uncut meat out and rubbing it to make it even harder. Her eyes met mind, and I could see she was delirious with lust. It wasn’t long before Rachel’s dress was pulled up and her husband was raising his cock to her waiting pussy while Tom and I watched, ourselves becoming aroused. Rachel let her dress straps fall so her tits could finally be free, and they bounced as she grinded on Tom’s cock. He squeezed them hard while he thrust himself deep inside her.

I went up and started licking her delicious exposed nipples, feeling each one harden in my mouth as my tongue roamed over the sensitive skin. She moaned as she rode her husband’s cock. Paul began slamming into her ass with force, making her grunt, tits swinging wildly. Aroused, I walked over to my husband, noticing a huge bulge in his pants. I laid back on the dining room table, pulling my dress up and letting him eat my pussy as he was seated at the table. I could see Paul and Rachel fucking behind me on the other side of the table. Rachel was squeezing her nipples, watching me get eaten out by my husband.

Tom eagerly ate my cunt, inserting a couple fingers into my wet hole, making me cry out as I grinded against his face. He licked my clit harder and faster, and I cried out that I was cumming. Paul, who was fucking Rachel and watching me get orally devoured, soon yelled that he was also cumming, and jammed his prick up inside his wife as hard as he could to release his sperm inside her.

I got up off the table and walked over to clean Paul’s fat cock of his cum and his sexy wife’s cunt juices while Rachel walked over and began to service Tom. His cock was hard as steel by now, bulging painfully in his jeans. She slowly unzipped him and gently reached in and stroked his cock through his silky boxers. Then she lifted his shirt and helped him pull it over his head, exposing his muscular chest and stomach which she caressed with her manicured fingers. I laid back on the table again and this time let Paul eat my cunt out while watching Rachel play with Tom.

Tom ran his fingers through her thick, dark hair and moaned at her fingers as they trailed lightly over his hard body and down to his crotch again. They kissed passionately while she squeezed his crotch and began pulling his pants and boxers down. Rachel got on her back on the table, her head at the edge of the table near Tom’s lap, and they began a sexy sixty-nine. Tom was cleaning Paul’s cum right out of her wet cunt as she choked and sputtered on his cock, burying her nose in his pubes while he fucked her throat. It was hot to watch, and I came as Paul licked and sucked on my pussy.

After I came, I walked over to Tom and Rachel and got on top of Rachel as she laid on her back on the table. Tom, so aroused and in need of sticking his dick into a pussy, got up and began alternating fucking my pussy and Rachel’s as she and I French kissed passionately. Paul was beginning to get hard again as he watched Tom alternately fucking his wife and me on the big table. I opened my mouth for Paul’s dick when he walked over to me and Rachel and stuck his cock to our lips. She and I both sucked on his cock and balls while Tom slipped in and out of our pussy holes. Paul groaned as his cock was sucked by two sexy women. He was so aroused by our dick sucking efforts that his cockhead was shiny and purple. Behind me I felt Tom slam into me hard and exclaim that he was cumming, and I felt his cockhead erupt jets of sperm inside me. I got off of Rachel and let Paul pound into her with his eager prick while she was on her back on the table.

Just then, as Rachel was getting fucked on the table, the doorbell rang. I jumped, but Rachel breathlessly said in between moans that it was probably just her niece and asked me to get the door. Paul didn’t stop fucking her. I straightened my dress and walked to the door and greeted a short, slim, very young looking blond girl in a tank top and athletic shorts and her very tall, much older looking black boyfriend, dressed in basketball shorts and a wife-beater tank top. My mouth dropped opened slightly at the sight of a gigantic panting Great Dane at the end of a leash held by the boyfriend. The beast stared up at me inquisitively, looking to be almost the size of a small horse.

“Hi, I’m Sara,” said the young girl quietly, in a sweet voice. “This is Joe, my boyfriend. This is Joe’s dog, Spike. Don’t let the name fool you, he’s really friendly-- especially with women,” Sara laughed. I introduced myself and let her in. Moans could be heard from the dining room. “Oh, that’s typical of Aunt Rachel, always fucking something,” laughed Sara. Her boyfriend chuckled, too. They walked towards the dining room where Rachel was being fucked hard by Paul on the table, the dog trotting calmly alongside his master, my eyes fixed on the beast’s huge swinging balls.

“Hi Sara,” grunted Paul. Sara introduced her boyfriend Joe to the group as Paul continued fucking Rachel on the table.

“Guess what Aunt Rachel? Joe and I have started fucking!” said Sara with a laugh. Rachel cried out from under Paul and cheered.

“That’s great, honey!” moaned Rachel in between thrusts.

“This is Joe’s dog, Spike-- he’s an amazing fuck, we brought him along so you can try him. He should get along pretty well with your dogs, he’s really friendly and calm.”

“Ohhh, great! I can’t wait, he’s huge!” moaned Rachel as her husband slowly penetrated her.

“Yeah, the dog’s fantastic-- and Joe’s a great fuck, too! He’s encouraging me to fuck as many guys as I can so I can really learn to enjoy human sex. Lately I’ve really been enjoying his fellow basketball players on our high school team,” Sara said nonchalantly.

“What made you decide to start fucking guys now instead of dogs?” asked Paul with a grunt, his eyes hungrily roving over his niece’s petite body while he slowly pushed his cock in and out of Rachel. I could tell he was hoping the girl would give him a go at some point tonight.

“Eh, well, I thought I might as well finally give men a try!” she giggled. “I’ve been fucking dogs for years now in my pussy and asshole-- since I was around 12yrs old. My main concern with men is getting pregnant. I’m willing to take my chances now. I started fucking Joe ‘cause I noticed him walking in the park with this huge Great Dane here-- I was more interested in the dog than Joe!” she patted the dog as it looked up intently at her. It was a beautiful, huge grey beast. My pussy ached with longing as I looked down at the creature’s already pulsing sheath.

Sara continued, “Then I started fucking them both, which has been great, both Joe and Spike have enormous cocks. Men aren’t so bad. I’ve only fucked a dozen or so guys since I started fucking Joe at the beginning of the month-- I’m gonna give Uncle Paul a try soon!” she laughed. “And you’re a pretty sexy gentleman, too. Maybe I can give you a try, too,” she said suggestively to Tom while grazing his cock with her small hand. “It’s fun learning all the different ways men like to fuck,” she laughed. Paul groaned and shuddered at the thought of his niece’s young cunt while slowly fucking his wife in front of everybody.

Sara walked to the backdoor and let the dogs in after she fixed herself a drink. My heart fluttered. The dogs, Bowser and Peaches, ran in excitedly and sniffed all around Sara. After greeting Sara, the dogs sniffed around the bunch of us, checking out the strangers and checking out Joe’s big dog, Spike. The animals harmoniously sniffed at each other in greeting, and all were panting and happily lolling about in no time. I petted Bowser on his big head and shuddered while I envisioned him jumping up to fuck me, pressing his prick into my cunt to grow and spew his dog cum deep within me. He left my side and went back to Sara. She giggled as he pressed his nose into her crotch, and spread her legs a little for him to better sniff her.

“You like that cunt, boy? It’s ready for you. Been thinking of you all day,” said Sara, with a huge smile. She led the dogs off into the living room, and Joe followed. Tom and I watched as Paul finished inside of Rachel’s cunt. As he withdrew his cock we could see drips of his cum ooze from her pussy lips. She reached down, wiping the cum dripping from her pussy with a finger and sucked it off.

“Man, I hope I can finally fuck your niece, Rachel. She’s been such a man-cock tease for so long…” said Paul. Rachel smiled and kissed him. I knew Tom wouldn’t mind fucking the young, sexy blond, either.

We walked into the dining room where Joe and Sara were already naked and sixty-nineing comfortably on the couch while the dogs sat watching intently from the floor. Joe was licking Sara’s cunt as it gyrated in his face; meanwhile Sara was licking Joe’s enormous erection. His cock was bigger than most, at least 10” long and very thick. She couldn’t get more than the tip in her mouth. Joe vigorously ate her pussy, making her scream and moan. The young blond was getting flushed already.

Meanwhile, Joe’s dog Spike was excited to meet Rachel and Paul’s female German Shepherd, Peaches. He had begun playfully jumping up on her back. He’d jump off her and sniff around her cunt and then lick her. She backed up into his snout with her hungry cunt while he licked her some more until she would break free and run around him playfully. Spike began jumping on her back, humping at her, and we could see his pink prick start poking from his sheath while he happily panted and fruitlessly humped her leg. Rachel called Peaches and Bowser away and put them in separate bedrooms. She emerged from the bedrooms with a pair of socks-- it looked like Rachel was going to try Spike for herself.

Spike sat on the floor calmly while Paul slipped some socks on the beast’s big front paws. Rachel smiled as she held up a pair of knee pads. She laughed, saying she’d gotten pretty bad rug burn on her knees from fucking Bowser hard earlier in the week, and she was trying to protect herself this time. We all watched in lust as she stripped out of her slinky black dress, suddenly naked-- her beautiful, petite tan body standing before us. A small dark patch of trimmed hair shimmered above her deliciously moist slit. She put a plush blanket on the floor and sat down, calling Spike over to her.

Happily, the Great Dane obliged, and she rubbed his big head and caressed his large, muscular body. Rachel was so petite, and the animal looked so big in comparison. He was gentle, though, letting Rachel caress him everywhere, down to his belly. Everybody watched as she rubbed his sheath, coaxing his prick head to emerge again. We could see the pink nub begin to emerge as the dog nuzzled her breast. She cried out at it’s cool nose, and let it lick out at her nipple. She shivered with excitement and lust, continuing to stimulate the huge beast.

The dog was humping her hand in no time, and she soon got on all fours so she could take the beast’s huge cock. Paul slapped Rachel’s ass a couple times before helping the big dog get into place behind her. The animal draped his huge body over Rachel, pushing her down close to the ground. Paul helped the dog get better in position over his wife. Spike’s prick head humped excitedly at her ass cheeks while Rachel giggled. I couldn’t help but rub by pussy as I watched the extremely sexy, depraved sight before me. The huge beast was getting into position to stuff its prick inside its waiting human bitch.

Spike’s front paws wrapped tightly around Rachel’s small waist and he rested his massive head on her shoulder, hips thrusting into her. Paul guided the prick to its warm, wet destination in between Rachel’s slick cuntlips. Once there, the beast began rapidly humping its prick into Rachel, its cock growing with each thrust while Rachel moaned. She exclaimed that the big dog’s cock was growing fast inside of her. The dog was powerful, and thrust into her hard and steady. Spike was not quite as fast as the German Shepherd, but he was still intense. His head rested on Rachel’s shoulder while his entire body covered her back, his front paws tightly wrapped around her belly while he humped her with his large prick. Everyone was watching the sexy, petite brunette get pounded by the Great Dane, everyone jacking cocks or rubbing pussies. Rachel was crying out that the prick was reaching deep inside of her womb now. “Oh fuck,” she cried, “his prick is getting fucking huge! How long is his cock, Joe?” asked Rachel. Her pussy looked like it was bulging now.

“Usually about 10” or so, I’d say,” said Joe. Rachel moaned loudly.

“Oh, he feels incredible, this is amazing!” Rachel cried breathlessly. The animal’s massive balls swung at her cunt while his prick delved deep inside her. Both Rachel and the dog were breathing hard with the intense fucking. “Oh yes, he’s spurting his cum now, oh yeah, ohhhhhh!! Fuck, it’s so hot! His knot is growing, arghhhhhh it’s huge! His cock is massive! He’s spurting directly into my womb, coating my insides with his hot cum. Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me doggy! Fuck! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yes, his knot, oh my God, it feels like a fucking grapefruit in my cunt! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, here I cum, make me cum like a fucking dog slut, yesssss!” screamed Rachel.

Everyone in the room was incredibly aroused by the dog sex. I watched as Joe sat up and Sara sat on his lap facing away from him. She squatted on top of him, placing his cock to her bald pussy and began riding him on the couch while her aunt was on her hands and knees, knotted like a bitch.

Paul walked up to Sara and started licking and sucking her tits as Joe fucked her. I walked up to Rachel who was beaming and sweaty, tied to the huge panting dog. “Oh fuck, you gotta try this dog, Marissa!“ Rachel said to me. I shuddered at the thought and kissed her passionately while she was stuck to the animal, and she moaned in my mouth. Meanwhile Sara was enjoying Joe’s prick, moaning and gyrating on his cock. Tom smiled, his cock erect and hard as steel, and walked over to the couch and started sucking on Sara’s left tit while Paul sucked the right one. She moaned with all the male attention. Her breasts were small, probably B cups, and her body was very slender and tight.

The black cock in Sara’s pussy contrasted greatly with her smooth white skin. Her pussy looked so tight, Joe could barely get half his cock in her. Paul and Tom bent down and started licking her stuffed pussy, making Sara moan louder. Joe’s big cock slipped in a little further. He continued fucking her slow, trying to push as much of himself into her as possible while she winced with the cock invasion. Pretty soon, with all the oral attention Paul and Tom were lavishing on her clit while Joe’s cock was inside her cunt, Sara moaned that she was going to cum. Joe stayed still while she came on his cock, which he was now able to get completely inside her. His big, black balls were smashed against her ass.

Once she calmed down from her orgasm, Joe picked up the pace of fucking her cunt. She continued moaning and Paul and Tom went on to kiss all over her small nipples again. Joe started fucking her young pussy with an athletic pace while he fingered her clit. Rachel remained knotted to the dog, and eagerly ate my pussy as I pushed it into her face. Joe flipped Sara over so she was on hands and knees and started fucking her doggy style while prodding her little asshole with a long, black finger. He spit on her asshole and stuck a finger in deeply while fucking her pussy hard. After several minutes of pounding the petite blond intensely, we saw his muscles tighten as he cried out and unloaded sperm in her womb.

“Oh, yeah, Joe, fuck I love when you cum so much up inside my pussy!” cried Sara. Joe pulled his huge cock out and Paul quickly got in place to fuck Sara from behind. “Hi Uncle Paul!” said Sara, when she looked back and saw Paul placing his cockhead to her cuntlips. Paul looked so happy, like he’d won the best prize ever. Tom walked over to Sara’s face and jerked his dick right in front of her. He moaned out in pleasure when she took his cock in her hand and started sucking it with her small mouth.

Just then the Great Dane jumped off of Rachel, its huge prick pulling out of her with an obscene sucking sound after a few tries. The veiny dog prick that emerged from Rachel’s engorged cunt was massive-- about 10” with a knot that looked indeed the size of a grapefruit. It was slick from dog cum and Rachel’s pussy juice. Cum oozed from her pussy and dripped down her ass crack as she fought to catch her breath. She spread her legs and Spike eagerly licked his cum from her cunt, making Rachel moan some more. After a few moments she cried out that she was going to cum as the beast licked her slit and hole hard. She pushed Spike away from her crotch after cumming in his face and he went off to lick his prick as I helped Rachel to her feet. She grinned broadly and turned to look at her niece getting fucked by her husband.

Paul reamed into Sara hard, his balls pressing against her ass. He started fucking her at a rapid pace, throwing his head back and groaning while he fucked the young girl. “Ohh Sara, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, ohhhhh, you feel amazing, so tight, ohhhhhhh!” Rachel walked over to Paul and started rubbing his balls while his cock was buried in her niece, making Paul moan. They exchanged a passionate kiss while Sara continued sucking Tom’s cock enthusiastically. In between groans Tom gave her commands every so often to suck his balls, stroke him harder, lick his shaft...

“Oh Rachel, it was so fucking hot watching you fuck that dog,” groaned Paul to his wife as he fucked away at young Sara’s hole.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Paul. I know I love being knotted like a bitch!” laughed Rachel as she continued caressing Paul’s balls, making him groan in ecstasy.

Joe walked over to me and said, “It’s time to get better aquainted,” and with that he picked me up and carried me over to the coffee table where he laid me on my back. He raised my dress up and dove in to lick my pussy. His long tongue ran up and down my wet cuntlips, and he savored every inch of my pussy mound while making heated eye contact with me. I turned my head to watch Rachel’s teen niece getting pounded by her uncle’s fat cock. She was sucking my husband’s cock like an expert slut.

I moaned with Joe’s attention on my cunt as he devoured me. His long, thick tongue traced circles around my clit while he raised a finger to my pussy hole. He dipped his finger inside, smiling as he felt the load of cum Tom shot inside me not that long ago and my own cunt juices. Parting my hairless slit he eagerly probed my hole with his long tongue, lapping up my own juices and Tom’s sperm. He pulled his lubricated fingers from my cunt and inserted them at my asshole. I squealed and moaned as he stuck his fingers inside my asshole while vigorously eating my cunt.

Paul unloaded his sperm into Sara’s teen womb while grunting like an animal, sweaty and flushed, as Sara moaned, “Yeah, Uncle Paul, cum up inside my tight pussy, maybe you’ll knock me up! Yeah, ohhhhh yeah!” Paul moaned in ecstasy as his cock throbbed within his niece. Tom removed his cock from her mouth and traded places with Paul. Sara licked Paul’s cock clean of their fuck juices. Tom placed his cockhead to Sara’s pussy hole and started groaning as her hole swallowed his stiff meat. He pushed himself into her until he was balls deep, exclaiming, “Fuck, you’re so tight, little girl!”

Joe didn’t stop eating my cunt until I came on his long tongue, two of his fingers inside my asshole. When he was done making me cum hard, he allowed me to get up off the coffee table. Eating me out had made his impressive cock hard again, and he grabbed me and stood me up, running his fingers slowly over my large breasts and bald slit. He bent me over and fucked me while I was standing up, making my tits bounce wildly. My long strawberry blond hair swung in my face and I grunted with each jab of Joe’s huge cock into my cervix.

Tom looked like he was in ectasty, pounding young Sara’s cunt rapidly. He was very fit, and worked out constantly. Even though he didn’t really need it, I knew Tom had taken some male sexual performance enhancing drugs earlier in the night, so he was easily able to maintain his hard cock through Rachel’s hot dog show and through Sara’s enthusiastic cock sucking and still pound her pussy with all his might. I heard him ask Sara something, but I wasn’t sure what. Then I watched Tom pull out of her cunt and press his cockhead into Sara’s slick ass crack and down into her little asshole.

Sara squirmed as Tom’s cock penetrated her asshole. His cock was shiny, coated with Joe and Paul’s cum. He pushed his fat cock into her inch by inch while she cried out beneath him. Joe pounded me from behind while watching his girlfriend get fucked up the ass by another older man. Then Joe pulled out of my throbbing cunt and made me get on my knees to suck my cunt juice from his cock. He didn’t let himself cum though despite me choking his long cock down and caressing his big balls. Instead, after Tom announced that he was cumming in Sara’s asshole, Joe took Tom’s place in Sara’s ass and pounded her hard. So hard that she collapsed beneath him on the couch for a moment, flat on her face with her ass raised high in Joe’s groin, his cock buried in her rectum. Joe was breathless and moaning as he fucked her ass with wild abandon, muscles glistening now with sweat.

Tom, breathless and smiling, came up and gave me a kiss. Rachel was sitting in Paul’s lap in the chair, happy to watch her niece get anally fucked. Joe was fucking Sara’s ass with a manic pace while she whimpered into the couch cushion. Suddenly he went still while buried balls deep and grunted loudly, unleashing his cum in her asshole. After cumming in her bowels he stayed still inside her, catching his breath before pulling out. When his huge cock slipped from her ass, cum dribbled out after it. Joe bent down and licked the cum that was oozing out of his young girlfriend.

After Joe was done, we took a break and had some drinks, flirting and playing around some more. Joe let his big dog Spike run around in the yard awhile. Sara took some shots of tequila and went back to the living room and sat nude on the couch with her legs spread. She summoned her aunt and uncle’s German Shepherds up to her, and laid back on the couch in ecstasy as both of the big dogs started taking turns eating her young cunt. I watched her reach down and rub Bowser’s cock sheath, trying to get him excited. The dog happily panted while Sara rubbed him, loving her attention. She cooed and petted him, stroking his sheath and rubbing his prick head when it began to emerge. Meanwhile Peaches lapped excitedly at Sara’s cunt and the juices still dripping from her asshole.

The rest of us stood or sat around in the living room, talking dirty, kissing, stroking, and massaging each other while watching Sara play with the big dogs. Bowser’s prick was extending little by little, pink and shiny, darting out and grazing Sara’s outstretched tongue, dancing off her wet tongue and coming out another inch. Tom wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I stood with my ass pressed against his crotch. He kissed my neck and started gently teasing my nipples as I licked my lips at the young girl fondling the large animal.

Sara got to her feet and placed a soft blanket down on the floor. Rachel retrieved some socks to place on Bowser’s forepaws, knowing her niece was looking to get fucked. Sara threw down another shot of tequila while waiting for her aunt to get the socks. She got down on all fours and stroked Bowser some more while Paul called Peaches over and took her out of the room for the moment. Bowser was getting excited, his prick poking around, starting to look for a hole. He was starting to hump Sara’s legs in excitement. He’d stop humping her to start licking her asshole, making her giggle and squeal. I could feel Tom’s dick getting hard against my ass crack.

Rachel came out with the socks, smiling, and placed them on the dog. She sat down on the couch next to Paul, and Joe helped the dog get in place behind Sara. The large German Shepherd instinctively wrapped his front legs tight around Sara’s small waist, holding her close to him. His prick danced around her ass crack and asshole.

“Put it in my ass, Joe,” said Sara breathlessly.

“You got it, slut,” said Joe. He held the dog in place and helped guide the pink prick to the girl’s puckered hole. The tip went in a little, parting the pink wrinkles of her asshole, and the animal immediately thrust forward to get more of his prick inside his young bitch. Bowser was humping steady in no time, and Sara squealed in pleasure.

“Oh, yeah, his cock is growing inside my asshole, ohhh, I fucking love it!” cried Sara. Once completely inside her asshole, the dog pounded the young girl mercilessly. Joe went up near her face, jerking his hard, black cock as he watched his girlfriend being dominated by a huge dog. She grabbed his cock and sucked it hungrily, moaning around his cock while getting her ass pounded. Joe fucked her face while she tugged on his balls, making him moan.

Tom’s eyes were on Sara’s asshole, being filled by the dog. The beast rammed into his human mate, panting and looking back at the rest of us as we watched him fuck. I reached out and rubbed Tom’s cock, which was poking at my own asshole. Joe withdrew his cock from Sara’s throat to let her breathe and Tom called him over.

“Joe, will you cum in my wife’s asshole real quick? I want to fuck her, you look like you’re gonna cum soon, lube up her asshole with your cum for me!” said Tom. Joe obliged, bending me over and placing his cock head to my asshole. I groaned as he parted my asshole with his massive cock. He pushed his cock in only a quarter of the way and I felt it throbbing and spurting jets of cum inside my asshole. While still cumming, I felt him pull it almost all of the way out, but he finished spurting his load with just his cock head still inside me.

Joe withdrew his cock from my asshole and Tom took his place, fucking me from behind so we could watch Sara getting fucked by Bowser. The big German Shepherd hadn’t let up his manic pace, determined to impregnate his bitch. His balls were swinging wildly at young Sara’s ass. She was moaning at the hard fucking. The dog was so big he nearly covered her entire body, holding her firmly in place on the floor while he hammered into her with a frenzied pace.

I saw juices start dripping from the girl’s asshole, and thought that the dog was probably cumming inside of her. Bowser began slowing his pace, surely beginning to knot the young girl’s asshole. She moaned incomprehensively beneath the large animal, rubbing her clit.

“Did he knot your ass, Sara?” asked Paul. Rachel was stroking his cock while he watched the dog sex on the floor below. Tom was grunting as he maintained a steady pace fucking my ass. Then Tom pulled his cock abruptly from my asshole and jammed it completely into my pussy, making me cry out. It felt good having my sexy older husband’s cock deep inside me while I watched the dog fuck. Tom’s pace fucking my pussy was rapid, and he was simultaneously pulling on my nipples and biting my neck. I knew I was going to cum soon on his hard cock.

“Yeah, Uncle Paul,” said Sara, out of breath and sweaty on the floor. Her cuntlips were soaked. “He’s cumming in me now, oh, it feels sooo good. So hot… The knot, the knot is growing, he’s knotting my ass,” she continued moaning and grinding on the dog meat.

I moaned as I watched dog cum dripping down into Sara's cuntlips and to the floor. Cum was oozing down between her thighs, too. She reached down and rubbed her pussy to a screaming orgasm while the dog stayed still aside from its huge swinging balls, then she licked her dog-sperm coated fingers clean.

“You think you could handle that, slut?” Tom said gruffly in my ear as he fucked my twat. He pulled my hair back, awaiting my response, not letting up on the pounding. I moaned and cried out.

“I want to feel the dog meat in my pussy,” I said in between Tom’s thrusts. “I want his seed up in my womb.”

The whole room heard me say that, and Rachel said, “Okay, you’ll be next then,” with a smile. My heart jumped and I started cumming on Tom’s cock. He held me close, continuing his fast pace. Sara was moaning softly under the dog, rubbing her clit while the animal was tied to her. After a few more moments, the dog turned so it was ass to ass with her, its knot buried in her puckered asshole. We could see her hole bulging obscenely, stuffed with the cock and knot. Dog cum continued steadily dripping onto the blanket.

Sara stayed knotted to the dog for several more minutes until he struggled to pull away and succeeded. She shrieked as it tore its 8” cock and knot from her bowels. The cum dribbled out of the teen’s used ass, and Bowser happily licked his fuck juices from the girl’s hole. Her entire body was slick with sweat and cum and shaking from the intense pounding. Tom couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load up in my pussy, grunting and gasping all the while.

After Sara caught her breath she went outside with Joe to have a cigarette break. They let the dogs out to run around the yard a little while the rest of us continued drinking and chatting. Rachel was getting really drunk; she announced to Tom and Paul that they could still fuck her in any hole if she passed out. She said she didn’t want to miss any action, even if she passed out. I had several drinks but wanted to prevent myself from getting too inebriated-- I was determined to fuck Bowser that night and wanted to remember the experience clearly. I refused to go home unless I felt the animal’s cock in my cunt.

I had a dog as a child that used to eat out my pussy, but that dog had no interest in sex with me since my parents had him neutered. Watching Bowser pounding his human bitches made me long to feel him inside my cunt. His intense pounding was unlike none that could be administered by a human. My thoughts were consumed by dog fucking. I sat on the couch, naked and relaxing for the moment, closing my eyes and thinking of how great the dog prick was going to feel.

Suddenly I felt warm lips on my cunt and looked down at Rachel’s pretty face in between my legs. Her green eyes looked up at me in a heated gaze as she licked her tongue out at my pussy, which was filled with Tom’s sperm not that long ago. I laid back, eyes closed, and let her lather my pussy with her saliva. She kissed me all over, her warm breath on my sensitive spots giving me goosebumps. Gently she grabbed my breasts, rolling my nipples around in her fingertips. She sucked my nipples and kissed a trail back down to my cunt again, kissing my inner thighs and the backs of my knees.

I breathed deeply as she sucked my clit in her mouth, her full lips feeling so good on my hard nub. She strummed my pussy with her beautiful fingers and I moaned. Paul and Tom watched her orally please me for awhile before they both came over and got on their knees, joining Rachel in between my legs. There were suddenly three tongues and lots of hands reaching and pulling at me, grabbing and caressing me. It was intensely pleasurable, and I screamed that I was cumming within a few minutes of being eaten alive by the enthusiastic pussy suckers.

Joe and Sara came in the back door and we could hear the dogs scamper in with them. Rachel sat in a chair and spread her legs, summoning Peaches to her side. She patted her exposed pubic mound and nudged the dog’s head in between her legs. Soon Peaches was hungrily eating out Rachel’s cunt. The dog eagerly lapped Rachel’s pussy, making her squirm and moan in no time. I watched as her clit down to her asshole was covered with dog saliva in a quick sweep of the tongue. Her pussy wetness was shimmering in the light. Her dark little patch of pubic hair was so wet from the dog’s tongue, it looked like it was glittering.

Rachel, her legs splayed widely so Peaches could eat deep into her hole, was soon cumming in the dog’s face, moaning and writhing on the chair. Breathless, Rachel sat nude on the chair, breasts heaving after the dog’s oral pleasure. Meanwhile, I told Paul that I wanted to fuck Bowser, and after Rachel was done having her cunt eaten he left to put Peaches and Spike in other rooms for a little while. My heart was skipping beats, I was so excited. Tom sucked on my titties while I moaned, so heated with anticipation of my dog fuck.

Paul and Tom were aroused after having gone down on me and making me cum in their faces and then watching Rachel get her pussy eaten by one of the dogs. Both men stroked their hard erections. I told them that to properly prepare my holes for the dog sex, they should each fuck the hell out of me before I fucked the dog.

Tom needed no further encouragement. He laid down on the couch and pulled me on top of him and I rode on his cock for a few minutes on the couch. Then he grabbed me close to his hard chest, my ass raised in the air while his cock was still in my cunt. I felt pressure against my asshole and realized Paul was about to double penetrate me. The force of the second cock in my body made me emit a long wail that turned into a moan. Both men were still inside me, letting me get used to both cocks. Paul’s cock was fat and uncut, filling my asshole completely.

Since Paul’s dick was so stuffed in my asshole, it made Tom’s cock press tightly into my vagina. Tom groaned beneath me and kissed me hard. Paul began pumping my ass with his thick cock, and quickly the men fell into a steady rhythm as each man’s cock sawed in and out of my holes. I could feel my belly bulging with cock.

Joe saw the double penetration on the couch and stepped up to my face, sticking his cock in my mouth. Rachel was watching serenely from a chair with Bowser at her feet, and Sara was off in the kitchen. While getting pounded by the men, I yelled for Rachel to get Bowser’s cock ready for me soon. She dutifully rubbed on his belly, encouraging his cock to come out for me. I began moaning louder as the men picked up their pace in my holes, knowing the big German Shepherd would soon be making me his bitch. Tom was grunting below me and squeezing my breasts hard. Paul was slamming into my ass, hands tight on my waist. After several more minutes of intense pounding, Paul’s prick throbbed in my asshole as he deposited his load deep in my bowels and stepped off of me. Joe quickly took his place with his enormous cock.

Tom and Joe quickly fell into an athletically rhythmic pace as they sandwiched me between them. I loved gang bangs and double penetrations, and thoroughly enjoyed the muscular men filling me up with their cocks. Tom’s big meat rammed up into my womb while Joe’s long prick buried itself to his balls inside my rectum. My clit was brushing up against Tom’s pubic hair pleasurably and I was loving the feeling of being stuffed by cock. I could see Bowser’s pink prick had emerged a couple inches, and my thoughts drifted back to the fact that I was imminently going to get fucked hard by a dog. I came hard and let out a long moan of pleasure, clawing at Tom’s chest while being double-stuffed.

Joe held tight to my waist and yelled that he was going to cum. Gasping, he went still as he unloaded his sperm into my asshole. After a minute he pulled out of my ass and my asshole made an obscene sucking sound as his dick left my guts. I could feel Joe and Paul’s cum drip out of me and down onto Tom’s balls. Tom pounded into me for a few more minutes while I rode his cock before he grabbed me and held me close to him, shooting his load into my cunt, his cock pulsing with spurts of cum. We kissed passionately and I rose to my feet to catch my breath for a moment.

Bowser was panting happily, his pink prick poking in and out of his sheath. I sat back down on the couch and spread my legs, calling him up to me. My chest pounding, I spread my legs as wide as I could while letting the dog lick out my freshly fucked cunt and ass. He licked gently at first and then harder, licking my sensitive clit, making me scream and moan and writhe with his effective slurps. His cold nose and warm breath on my pussy mound made my nipples harden; goosebumps broke out all over my flushed skin. Highly aroused, I was ready to be the dog’s bitch.

The dog licked my slit intently, lapping up the fuck juices from inside both my used pussy and asshole. He probed my asshole with his smooth tongue and then panted over my crotch, dripping saliva all over my cunt and then licking me from clit to asshole. I cried out, intoxicated with pleasure. The men in the room were cheering me on; Rachel was passed out in the chair with her legs wide open.

I got to my feet and Paul spread a blanket down for me. He had socks ready for Bowser, and placed them on the excited dog’s front paws. Tom kissed me passionately and cupped my wet pubic mound with his hand and said he loved me. I laid down on my back, locking eyes with Tom in a heated gaze as I told him I loved him too and let the dog lick at my sensitive cunt and ass some more. My legs were spread as wide as I could open them, and Tom and Paul came up and each held one of my legs, further spreading them apart. The dog licked my cunt voraciously, and I screamed out with another intense orgasm as the creature’s tongue slathered saliva all over my slit. The powerful orgasm rippled through my entire body, leaving me shaking as the men held my petite body open wide. Bowser jumped away from my dripping cunt and came up towards my face. I rubbed his furry sheath to get him ready for me and shuddered with delight when the pink prick head came out a few inches and he began humping around my arm.

The dog went down near my cunt again while the men held my legs open and then jumped up on me, front paws near my shoulders, hips thrusting his bone-hard prick at my abdomen. I moaned, the beast easily overpowered me. The cock slipped down in between my ass cheeks, rubbing hard on my ass crack. Joe stepped up and helped guide the animal’s prick towards my hot cunt while I lay spread eagle on the floor. The animal humped hard at my ass crack and I cried out when I felt its prick head almost go into my asshole.

“Joe, put his cock in my pussy!” I moaned. The dog was already wrapping its strong legs tightly around my waist and trying to thrust itself into me.

“You should get on all fours and let him fuck you like a dog, Marissa,” said Joe. Tom and Paul agreed. I felt Joe teasing my cunt with the dog’s prick, which had extended to about 4” at this point. I moaned, wanting badly to feel a dog deep inside my womb since childhood.

Tom and Paul let my legs down so I could get on my hands and knees, waiving my ass in the air in front of the large dog. His prick extended a few inches, the men had to hold him for a moment to allow me to get on all fours as he was so excited he was lunging forward to hump at me again. As soon as they let the animal go he jumped onto my back, front paws tightly grasping around my ribs, his extremely hard cock jabbing my back and ass. His body was huge and weighed me down on the floor. I felt his hips thrusting at my ass and his prick jabbing my thighs. The dog prick was hard as steel, ready to fuck.

I steadied myself, ass in the air, and Joe raised the prick to my waiting cunt. Taking one last breath before losing my dog sex virginity, I rubbed my pussy and felt the prick stabbing around for my hole. Bowser plunged into me once he felt my hot cunt hole around his prick, and I screamed as he tore mercilessly beyond my wet cuntlips to get inside me. His cock soon felt amazing around the satin walls of my pussy. It felt like it was growing, reaching out towards my cervix, seeking out my womb to deposit his seed.

I began moaning and crying out with pleasure of the hard dog meat inside me. The dog put his head on my shoulder and thrust into me powerfully at a steady pace-- I loved the feeling of the German Shepherd weighing me down, straining to get as much of himself inside me as possible. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass and cuntlips with his pleasurable pounding.

It was everything I'd ever craved: The huge swinging balls stimulating my cuntlips, the slick, hard as a rock prick, the powerful thrusting, the huge animal dominating me, making me his bitch, determined to knot me. I moaned loudly as the prick extended further inside me, it felt like it had gotten thicker as well as longer. The thrusts were so powerful, the animal so large and me so petite, he was pushing me around and then off the blanket. I moaned under the beast, delirious with ecstasy as I felt the prick swelling and thrusting further inside me. My cunt squelched obscenely around the dog meat. The sounds of our fucking filled the room.

Everyone in the room cheered the dog on to pound my pussy, and the dog was certainly obeying this command. Paul, Tom, and Joe were stroking their hard cocks to the sight of me being fucked by the large German Shepherd. Rachel was still nude and passed out in the chair. My pussy tingled from all the orgasms I’d had so far in the night, and I knew I was going to cum again soon. The beast pushed into me hard, the base of its cock and its knot grinding against my clit as the prick reached for my womb.

The dog sex orgasm I had craved for so long built up in my loins before surging throughout my entire body like an electric shock as the beast pumped away at my pussy, its knot slipping inside me to grow even bigger. I was moaning and writhing in ecstasy, the men in the room jacking their cocks harder as they watched me cum. The powerful orgasm passed through me and I collapsed to the ground under Bowser’s intense fucking, keeping my ass in the air for him to knot his cock and sperm inside me.

Bowser started to slow his pace soon after his knot slipped inside me. His prick had fully expanded and was stabbing into my cervix. The hard knot was expanding inside my warm cunt when I felt his throbbing cock explode sperm into my womb. I moaned and screamed in pleasure while the hot liquid gushed around inside of me. The dog’s massive knot was sealing the cum inside of me, the best feeling I ever felt within my pussy. I loved cum, especially lots of it, and the dog provided more cum for my pussy than any gang bang I had ever experienced.

Tears started filling my eyes as I felt another orgasm building up inside my dog cock stuffed cunt; the experience was so intensely pleasurable. Rachel was still passed out in the chair and I could see Paul and Joe now taking turns fucking her holes while she was passed out. Tom walked up to me, still stroking his meat, and gently raised his cock to my lips. In a daze, I sucked the head of his cock slowly and he moaned along with me while the dog became still on my back, panting. The knot felt like it kept growing in my pussy; it was amazing. There was, just as I suspected, no other feeling like it. I reached down and felt my lower abdomen and swollen pussy, and could feel myself stuffed with dog meat.

Some of the copious amount of cum the dog unleashed within me began leaking out around my pussy. Sara had walked into the room while I was knotted to the dog, and she reached under my cunt and scooped up some of the dog cum and raised it to my lips, making me suck her fingers clean. She reached down again, caressing my stuffed pubic mound, making me moan loudly as she scooped up a handful of the dog cum. I watched as she rubbed Tom’s hard cock with the dog cum, making his hard dick even harder to the point where the cock head was so engorged it was nearly purple. After the entire cock was lubricated with dog cum she made me suck it off of him. Tom moaned loudly as I did this. I grinded my cunt against the dog cock that was still entrenched deeply in my womb and moaned on Tom’s fat cock.

Sara again coated her hand with dog cum from my leaking twat and again rubbed it on Tom’s dick while he closed his eyes and moaned. Then she laid down on the floor right in front of me and spread her legs, inviting Tom to stick his dog-sperm covered dick inside her teenage pussy. Tom was happy to oblige, raising his wet cock to her slut hole and ramming balls deep in one savage thrust. It was hot watching my husband fuck the young girl with his dog cum coated cock.

Bowser was panting in my ear, his balls still pressed against my ass. I took the opportunity to grind on his cock and knot once more, knowing he’d soon try to pull out. Another orgasm built up inside me and set off like fireworks throughout my body. I knew I was hooked on dog fucking-- I suspected I would be, as obsessive as my sexy thoughts had become. As soon as my orgasm subsided, Bowser began trying to pull himself out of me. I screamed as I felt the beast trying to remove his huge sex organ from my womb, pulling on my insides. Joe walked up and petted Bowser on the head to keep him calm while the animal remained knotted to my stuffed cunt. I sucked Joe’s cock a little while knotted to the big animal, and we watched the young slut Sara getting fucked hard in the cunt by Tom.

Just then Rachel stirred from the chair where she had passed out. Paul had just cum up inside her pussy, fucking her while she was unconscious. He was wiping his cock on her face when she came to. When Bowser noticed Rachel stirring, he barked and jumped over me, making me cry out as his big knot was still locked inside me. He was ass to ass with me when he began dragging me towards Rachel. The men laughed as I uncontrollably orgasmed again while being pulled around like a bitch.

Bowser walked over to Rachel and she spread her legs for him to eat her husband’s cum from her cunt. He hungrily ate his owner while she moaned and writhed under his nose. Joe had begun fucking Sara’s ass after Tom came in her pussy and was now pounding his huge meat into the young teenager. The beast was still knotted to me-- I was helplessly stuck to him with my ass in the air, breasts swinging, sweaty from the hard fucking and many orgasms. Bowser’s powerful licks cleaned Rachel’s cunt clean and she soon yelled that she was cumming. I could feel the dog’s cum still swishing around in my womb, his hot male sex pulsating within me.

“Marissa, it’s so fucking hot seeing you knotted to my dog like that!” said Rachel. Tom nodded his head in agreement, bringing his cock over to me to lick clean.

“Oh, I fucking love it… I feel like I’m on some kind of amazing drug,” I said, still feeling delirious, overcome with cum all up inside me.

The dog pulled his prick and knot out of me soon thereafter, and I shrieked as the enormous organ was removed from my insides with an obscene squelching sound. Bowser stood proudly panting, dangling his massive dripping meat in my face. I couldn’t believe all that was inside me! Smiling, I reached out and coated my hands with cum from his cock and rubbed it all over my tits, making them slick and shiny. I coated Tom’s cock with the dog cum that oozed from my pussy and licked his fat cock clean again. Tom moaned, his cock still hadn’t deflated after cumming in Sara, and seemed to just be getting harder. Rachel reached down to my oozing cunt and rubbed my sensitive clit, making me cry out. She reached a couple fingers inside me and scooped out some dog cum, wiping it on my lips to lick off.

Then she started finger fucking me hard, pushing the cum up inside me, then scooping another handful of it and wiping it all over my body. She slathered dog cum from my thighs down to my ankles as she sucked my toes. Her fingers rubbed it all over my bald pussy mound and into my asshole. She wiped it on my firm belly and massaged it all over my tits while I moaned softly. I was soon slick from head to toe with dog cum, and loving it.

Tom, his dick hardened from my oral attention, walked behind me and raised his cock to my pussy, soaking his prick within my cunt. He then pulled out of my pussy and placed his cock to my asshole and dove into my rectum with ease. He strummed my clit while fucking my ass and I moaned along with him, still hyper aroused from the amazing dog sex. Balls deep, he fucked me hard until he unloaded his cum deep in my bowels.

After my husband came in my ass, I was ready to pass out. However since I was covered in dog sperm, I needed to shower. The guys decided I needed to be hosed off in the yard like a proper bitch, and I was carried outside, nipples hardening in the cool night air, my cum covered body breaking out in goosebumps. I stretched out on the deck table and let them spray cool jets of water all over my used pussy and asshole and all over my pert breasts and rock hard nipples. Pretty soon everybody was playing under the refreshing spray of the hose. Of course this turned into Rachel getting double penetrated on the table, cocks sawing in and out of her holes while she slipped in and out of consciousness between her husband and mine.

Sara went inside and started playing with the Great Dane again-- this time she wanted dog cock in her pussy. When I left the men and Rachel outside and walked into the house to dry off, I saw Sara in the living room getting rammed by the dog, her face flat against the floor while she moaned heavily. I shuddered, knowing that I wanted to try the Great Dane myself sometime soon. Knowing I was too tired for any further action that night, I walked to Paul and Rachel’s bedroom intending to towel off and lay down. To my surprise, Bowser was in there. Eagerly he wagged his tail at me and I caressed his head gently.

I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and laid down on the bed, spreading my tired legs. The dog jumped up and pressed his cool nose in between my thighs, and I sighed at the pleasurable feeling on my hot cunt. I let the animal languidly lick me, petting him softly on the head. One more orgasm surged throughout my weakened body while I writhed under the dog. After my orgasm subsided, I felt myself falling asleep as Bowser continued to lick me. At some point after I recall being conscious of weight on top of me, and then nothing else until I woke up in the dark alone, a puddle of dog cum leaking out of me onto Paul and Rachel’s bed. Exhausted, I fell back asleep with my juicy cunt oozing onto the bed.

A couple weeks after the dog sex sleep-over party, Rachel informed me that Peaches was going to be having puppies and offered me one of the males to train as my very own living, breathing fucking machine. I was elated, to say the least. She also told me that Sara found out she was pregnant shortly after the fun sex party; she didn’t know who the father was or what exactly Sara would do with the baby. I shuddered, thinking of my own daughter who was a few years old, thinking of her enjoying having a new German Shepherd puppy the way I enjoyed having a puppy when I was a kid-- training it to make me cum hard in its face! I looked forward to my very own German Shepherd sex partner. Oh, how I love dogs!

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My life is something like this our little group gets together most weekends 3 girls 5 men 5 dogs 2 rotties 1 ridgeback 2 shepards

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I just read thisamazingly sexy story and My wife is sucling our German Shepard Max huge cock. She asks me to help Max slides his giant red cock into her throbing cunt. Once he is in her he begins to spurt his dog cum into her cervix. She tells me that her womb is filled with Max's sperm. Max pulls out and I mount her for amagnificent fuck.

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I have been fucked by a German Shepard and loved it. Now I want to try a Great Dane! Thanks for a great trifecta!

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"Confessions Of A Cock Slut - Craving For Dog Meat (Conclusion) - Marissa and Tom, Rachel and Paul, Sara and Joe, and Bowser and Spike - Married Parents of Daughter, Married Parents of Son, Pre-Adolescent and Boyfriend, German Shepherd and Spike Male Dogs)

Finally, patience pays off, the fucking, dog fucking, and debauchery comes (cums) together!! The story ends in grand style for awesome sex!! The details, deions and vivid images of Marissa's fucking by Bowser is almost real, almost romantic from Marissa's perspective, even tender in her living the intensity, the heated thrusts and the dog cum pumping deep into her cervix!! She is thoroughly sated, is in love with dog sex; in fact she is now having images of her and Tom's daughter Joy reaching puberty to begin knowing the pleasure of fucking dogs that her mother Marissa has found!!!

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What a great tale of this zoo club,with men and beautiful willing women performing the most deliciously perverted sexual acts.Their animal appetites matched only by their dogs.

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