Harry & Ron tell Hermione to find a different way to relax after end-of-the-year exams other than badgering them about each exam question. She thinks of a special way they can all relax.
"Finally! It's over!" said Ron as he, Harry, and Hermione walked out of their Transfiguration end-of-the-year exam. The three turned down the hallway, heading back toward the Gryffindor common room.

"Yes, it does feel rather good to have everything done, but I don't know how well I did. I'm sure I missed the fourth questions about vanishing spells. What did you-"

"Hermione, haven't we told you before that we don't want to go over every question on the exam we just took?" said Ron.

"Oh, I supposed you have. Sorry. It's just that I always feel better talking about the exams afterwards. It helps me relax."

"Well, it is a bit of a bother. Maybe you could just find something else to take you mind off the results," chimed Harry.

Hermione thought for moment, her up and down glance of the two boys going unnoticed.

"I suppose you're right. I think I may know something..." She trialed off as they made it to the portrait of the fat lady, gave the password, and entered the common room.


An hour later, the last of a large group of Gryffindors were filtering out through the portrait, heading down to the end of the year feast. Harry and Ron sat waiting in the comfortable chairs by the fire, waiting on Hermione.

"What's taking her so long?" said Ron. "I'm starving."

The two sat waiting as they watched the last two Gryffindors leave the common room for the feast. As soon as the portrait closed, Hermione walked down the stairs, strolling casually toward Harry and Ron as if she had intentionally been waiting for the room to empty before making her appearance.

"Hello boys. Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long," she said.

"Oh, no. We just love missing out on the feast so you can get ready," said Ron under his breath. He looked at Harry, who responded by mouthing an inaudible "Girls."

Hermione walked up to them and smiled at them both. Her school robes swayed loosely with each step.

"I'll have you know Ronald Weasly, that I have not spent all this time just getting ready."

"You haven't?" said Harry.

"No. In fact, I've been thinking about your advice from earlier. About finding another way to relax while waiting for my exam results."

"Oh really? Having yourself a nice long snooze?"

"Actually, I haven't even gotten around to it yet. I was waiting on you two. Or rather, waiting on the common room to empty so we could all enjoy my idea together."

"Well that's awful nice of you, but we're starving here. Can't it wait until after the feast?" asked Ron.

Hermione smiled. "No. This is the only time I could think of that we would have the time to enjoy what I have in mind since the year it almost over. Everyone down at the feast, I mean."

"So what do you have in mind, then?" asked Harry.

Hermione smiled again. This time, Harry and Ron noticed it seemed a tad devilish.

"Well, I was thinking...." Hermione said, "How can we all relax together? What's the best....possible...way?" As she spoke, Hermione knelt before Harry and Ron, looking up at both boys. They stared back, perplexed.

Hermione placed a hand on one of the thighs of each boy , running it slowly up and down.

"Ummm, Hermione, what are you doing?" asked Harry.

Ron shot Harry a look as if saying, "Does it matter!?"

"I'm going to help us all relax," said Hermione. Her hands ran up their legs further, then back down, slipping under their robes and running back up again. Both boys watched her in disbelief. She smiled at them as her hands reached their crotches, rubbing them both gently through the pants they were wearing underneath their robes.

"Mmmmm. Doesn't this seem relaxing boys?"

"Hell yes!" said Ron, loving every moment of what was happening to him. Harry smiled too, deciding if Ron did not care, he could just go with it.

Hermione withdrew her hands and sat up on her knees. Ron looked immediately disappointed.

"Why don't you boys help me out a bit and take those pesky robes off? In fact, just strip completely," said Hermione, grinning up at them both.

Ron immediately stared to disrobe, but Harry remained still. "What if the others come back?"

"Who cares!" said Ron, throwing his robe over his head.

"That's part of the fun," said Hermione. "The danger of being caught. And hey, I can share if need be. The more the merrier!"

Harry decided again to just go with it, and started disrobing. Ron, meanwhile was almost naked except for this boxers. Harry was soon the same. They both stood in front of Hermione's hungry eyes. They looked at each other, shrugged, and pulled down their boxers.

Both boys' cocks sprang forward, already half hard from what had already happened and the mere prospect of what could happen.

Hermione gazed up at them both, licking her lips with delight. She reached a hand toward each, wrapping her slender fingers around the base of Harry and Ron's cocks. She squeezed both of them tight, hearing a moan escape both the boys' mouths as she started to stroke them both up and down.

"My my boys, you are both so big... and apparently getting bigger!" Hermione said with a wink. She stroked them both faster and faster as they continued to get harder and eventually fully erect. "You haven't used an engorgement charm or anything, have you?"

Both Harry and Ron smiled, lost in the pleasure of Hermione's hands on them. They both instinctively closed their eyes, focusing all their effort on enjoying the feeling of her tight grip. Hermione noticed their closed eyes, smiled and leaned forward, opening her mouth and giving the head of each cock a playful lick.

Both Harry and Ron jumped at the feeling of Hermione's tongue on their cocks. Their eyes jumped open and looked down at her. Her eyes locked on theirs as she gripped Harry's cock harder and took Ron's into her mouth.

Ron moaned loudly as he felt his cock slide into Hermione's mouth. She pulled him further, swirling her tongue around and around his cock until she felt him hit the back of her throat. Ron's body tightened up as he began to feel himself slide down her throat.

"Oh, Hermione! Your mouth.... your throat!" moaned Ron.

Harry looked over at Ron, watching him enjoy his blowjob and feeling a bit left out despite the fact that Hermione was now jerking his cock wildly. She seemed to see this, pulling off Ron's cock and quickly switching over, swallowing Harry's just as deep.

"Oooooohhh yessss!" moaned Harry, finally feeling the joy that Ron had moments before been enjoying.

Ron, meanwhile, felt a hand replace the mouth that was previously on his cock. Hermione's small hand began to jerk his hard, slick cock up and down as she bobbed up and down on Harry's cock.

As they continued, Hermione switched back and forth several times, taking each cock in her mouth for moments at a time. Both Harry and Ron knew they weren't far away from cumming, but as long as Hermione kept switching between them, they could probably last a while longer. That was, until she gripped their cocks tight and pulled them both into her mouth at the same time.

Ron and Harry looked at each other as their cocks rubbed against one another inside Hermione's mouth. Their initial thoughts were to pull away as they felt their cocks touch, but soon realized how great it felt. It was exhilarating. Their hard cocks pressed against each other, being slurped and sucked on by this beautiful girl.

They looked down at Hermione just in time to see her look up at them. Her eyes were wide with lust as she forced both their cocks further into her mouth, stretching it hungrily. This sent both of them over the edge simultaneously.

Both boys instinctively grabbed Hermione's head, holding her on their cocks as they erupted into her mouth. Their hot cum flooded over her tongue and down her throat. The feeling was amazing to both Harry and Ron and they let out long, loud moans.

Hermione slurped and drank down the cum she could. The rest dribbled down her chin and onto her school robes. As the boys' orgasms subsided, they let go of Hermione's head and she pulled back, letting their cocks fall out of her mouth. She licked her lips clean and smiled up at both boys.

"Mmmmmm. Thanks for that. I was so hungry, missing the feast and all," Hermione said, giggling. "Did that take your minds off your exam results?"

Both Harry and Ron could only nod and grin stupidly.

"Well, I'm glad you two are nice and relaxed, but I still need help relieving my stress."

Harry and Ron looked at each other, then down at Hermione. She grinned wide and sat up on her knees, pulling off her cum-stained school robes in one swift motion, revealing her tight, naked body underneath.

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please please write more, this is so good
hermione gets double penetrated?

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