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At the moment - late September - it was five months since Kath, her elder sister Claire, and Claire's fourteen year old son Mike had started fucking, and they'd tried out quite a lot of things. It hadn't taken long for thirty-thre year old Kath to indulge in her favourite vice of sodomy, and for Claire to rapidly take a great liking to it also. Oral, facials, light-bondage, felching and an orgy with Kath and Claire's brother and his thirteen year old daughter had all ensued. But frequently, it was the simple basics that often provided them with the greatest pleasure, as it did on this cold Friday morning. Mike was back at school, and his mother and aunt had work, but as usual they'd woken up at a time that gave them a good half-hour before they needed to get up.
They were in Claire's room, or rather what used to be her room. Now, it was slept in by all of them nearly every night, and the huge King sized bed was frequently put to the test with regards to the durability of it's bed springs. Kath lay on her side, wearing nothing but a pair of white-ankle length socks, propped up on her left elbow whilst her right arm draped elegantly along the contours of her right side. Her body was small, slim and firm, round little titties and a perfectly sculpted arse.
She watched fondly as, just next to her, Claire grunted and gasped. The voluptuous Claire - who turned thirty-seven yesterday - was on hands and knees, totally naked. Behind her knelt Mike, also naked, a look of total ecstasy on his face as he gripped his mother's waist and pumped his hips back and forth. He was, as usual, taking the anal entrance. His lust for performing buggery on his mother and aunt was only exceeded by their hunger for it.
Kath admired Mike's body. He was slim and very boyish looking, his body athletic enough to hint at adulthood, but still pale and lithe to indicate his adolescent status. Most men lusted after teenage girls, even fourteen or fifteen year olds, and so Kath and Claire figured it wasn't in anyway abnormal to lust after a boy of that age.
"Fuck me Mikey," panted Claire, gripping the duvet, "Oh God fuck my arse. Harder. NGGG!"
Mike responded by stepping up a pace, pumping his 8" cock back and forth in his mother's slick shitter in long, quick strokes.
Bringing her hand to her face, Kath sucked on her index finger for a moment or two, before reaching down to her arse. She cupped her buttocks, running her nails over the skin, before easing her finger between her bum cheeks and to her anus. Her sphincter instinctively contracted when it felt touched, but Kath was easily able to relax it as she poked her finger into her bumhole slowly. Digging and twisting her saliva-slick finger forward, she soon had her digit up to the knuckle in her arsehole, and she sighed pleasurably as she stimulated her anus, knowing that this was merely preparation for her turn with Mike. As she did this, Kath looked over her sister's body.
Claire was more buxom than Kath. Not in anyway chubby, but with a few extra pounds that mainly resided round her hips and chest. Her tits were large. Very large. Not too big so as to be unwiedly or ridiculous looking, but still a good 37FF size with a respectable firmness to them, topped with big dark nipples. These very breasts swung heavily back and forth as Claire's body was shaken and banged with the increasing pace of Mike's fucking action, and Claire was soon arching her back and looking over her shoulder, using obscene cries of encouragement to urge her son to bugger her. Whilst Kath had short, blonde hair, Claire's was fairly long and dark brown.
Kath had fucked women during her wild twenties, but whilst she originally thought it was mainly to fill in the gaps between fucking men, she now realised she did admire women's sexiness in more than a passing manner. She loved watching her sister's body grow more slick with sweat as the room grew humid, and she couldn't get enough of watching Claire's pretty face and her big, dark eyes fill with lust as she hit an orgasm, her body wracked with pleasure.
"God Mikey," Claire grunted, "fuck my arse! Oh God, God yeah!"
"Fucking slut," grinned Mike in between his hard, breathy pants, "Yeah mum!"
Claire closed her eyes tight as she raised her head upwards, gasping out a long cry of pleasure as the room was filled with the smacking noise of Mike's hips against his mother's bum-cheeks.
Finally, Mike began to slow down, his mother resting her sweaty forehead on the bed as her son slid his prick to and fro in her arsehole in long slow strokes.
Kath got excited as she realised it would be her turn now, and sure enough, Mike then pulled his stiff prick from his mother's anus. Claire rolled to one side, getting her breath back, whilst Kath took her place. Bending down, Mike parted Kath's smooth, pert buttocks with his hands and began to lap hungrily at the lovely ring between them. Like a thirsty dog, he slobbered and licked at the hairless pink ring of his Auntie's sphincter before pushing his tongue into it, digging it around as it worked it's way up a couple of inches into Kath's bowels.
"Mmmm," she sighed, "Lick my arse Mikey. Lick it."
After a few moments of tonguing Kath's bumhole, Mike got up and into position, gripping the shaft of his cock, already slick and soiled from it's journey into his mum's arse. He pushed the swollen, purple head up to Kath's dilated anus and eased forward, delighting in both the feeling of his Aunt's anus gripping his dick and her long sigh of pleasure as he slid his way in. In no time at all he was buried to the hilt in Kath's anus, and he reached forward to grip her shoulders as he began to hump away. The pace was quickly picked up and soon Kath was gritting her teeth and slamming her arse back to meet her randy nephew's strokes.
Claire was now sitting up against the headboard and gently stroking her clit as she took her turn to be the voyeur, admiring her son's young body as he sodimized her sister. Kath's pretty face alternated between stinging pleasure and serene ecstasy, sweat beginning to form on her pale skin as she worked along with Mike in their frantic humping. Claire leaned over and kissed her sister on the mouth, their lips touching gently at first, then grinding against each other as they slid their tongues into each other's mouths. They kissed passionately for several minutes, Claire stroking her hands through her sister's hair, whilst Mike steadily fucked Kath's butt. .
After Claire took her lips from Kath's, she knelt up and moved up the bed, near her sister's impaled arse.
"Take your cock out," Claire asked her son, "Pop it out that arse so I can clean it."
Mike obliged, his prick making a wet, sucking 'pop' noise when it emerged from his Aunt's twitching anus. It was slick with saliva and more than a few brownish streaks it had picked up from both his mother and his Aunt's rectums. Claire clamped her lips over the lovely long cock without hesitation, sucking it down deep into her throat as she sighed inwardly. One of her hands reached behind her and she dug two finger's into her arse as she deepthroated her son. When she finally took the dick from her mouth, it was clean, albeit dripping with phlegm. Claire sat back again, smiling, whilst Mike wasted no time in shoving his cock back into Kath's anus and fucking her with great strength.
"Fuck me," Kath panted, "Oh yeah Mike, baby, fuck my arse. Fuck my arse! GOD!"
She buck and thrashed beneath the teenager's sodimistical thrusts, yelping with pleasure as Mike doubled his pace as his own orgasm began to rise. Claire had continued to work a couple of finger's into her arsehole as she lay back to watch this, and she eventually slid them out and held them in front of Kath's face. The ecstatic woman took them into her mouth, sucking pleasurably on Claire's arse flavoured fingers whilst Mike began to cry out in orgasmic joy.
"Fuck I'm cumming," the boy announced, "Fuck!"
He bravely continued to thrust as his cock began to gush it's thick, white load into the depth's of Kath's arse. He held Kath by the waist tightly, his fingernails digging lightly into the skin as his cock continued to eject it's thick wads of sperm into his Aunt's arse and mingling with the feacal matter that was packed up against the uppermost walls of her rectal passage, eight inches beyond her stretched anus.
Finally finishing his orgasm, Mike pulled his prick from Kath's butt and knelt back and admired the woman's anus as it hung open for a moment, slowly closing whilst sperm leaked out and ran down her inner thighs. Claire slipped her fingers from her sister's mouth so that Kath could swing round and suck on Mike's dick, slurping and drooling on the veiny cock that carried the odor and taste of her own arse. Claire, at the other end of Kath, stuck her tongue into Kath's bumhole and swirled her tongue round, lapping up her son's sperm from the walls of her sister's rectum.
Another typical morning.

At the breakfast table, Claire reminded her sister and son that she had to go away the next day.
"Oh yeah," nodded Mike, "That work thing."
"That's right," confirmed his mother, "That 'work thing'. It's a bit pointless really, the staff having a few team-building excercises and some meetings out in the country, but I guess it's a chance to stay in a nice hotel at the boss's expense."
"When are you back?" asked Kath.
"Sunday afternoon. I'll only be there for one night"
"Just you and me for weekend Mike," Kath grinned, then chomped down on some more toast.
"Sure is," her nephew replied, "I'm sure we'll find something to occupy our time."
"Better get going in a minute," Claire said as she glanced at her watch.
They finished breakfast and eventually left. Claire would drop off Mike at school before going into the City, dropping off Kath at her workplace before going to her own.

It was lunchtime, and Kath had decided to go to the shops during her hour-long break. Or rather, she'd decided to go to a particular shop. 'Books Unlimited' was a sex shop just a couple of streets from the office she worked at, and putting on her jacket, Kath walked there, taking a couple of back streets just in case any colleagues noticed her.
The shop was down a back street itself, which was usually deserted. As she approached her destination, Kath noticed a new bar across the road that had been subjected to some refurbishment over the last couple of months. It was called 'The Persian Pussycat', a black cat motif adorning the modest sign outside. The windows were darkened - it was clearly closed at the moment - but there was some activity. An A-frame sign on the pavement advertised the special offers on drinks for it's opening week. Shame it wasn't open, Kath thought - she fancied a drink afterwards. Maybe she'd just go to a pub up the road before going back to the office.
After an instinctive glance up the road to ensure no-one she knew happened to be about, she ducked into 'Books Unlimited'.

A forty-six year old widow, Sarah Parker had a lot of free time. Her husband had left a sizable fortune when he passed away five years ago, and Sarah therefore had no need to work. She did do quite a bit of voluntary work for a cancer charity, the Big C having been responsible for taking her husband from her, but most of the time she was a lady of leisure. And her idea of leisure was the kind that, this Friday lunchtime, had led her to Books Unlimited. She looked good for her age; her light blonde hair shoulder length and parted at the center. She had big blue eyes that held a lot of knowledge and experience, but a friendly, ready smile that made anyone feel at ease. A fraction under 5'10", she had long legs that made up for her small breasts, and she was elegently slim and tanned.
It wasn't all books in the shop of course. Inside the brightly lit store, which was fairly large for a sex-shop, there were rows upon rows of magazines and videos. Sex toys took up a whole wall, from nurses uniforms to riding crops, from anal-beads to bright red dildos over a foot long.
The two owners, a couple of cheerful looking men, had worked in the store years , and regarded the pornography as merchandize rather than anything arousing. They stood at the counter, eagerly discussing who they thought would win the football that weekend. A TV next to them showed a porno movie, on which a large breasted woman was sucking off two men at a time, but the sound was turned down. On a shelf behind the counter sat a radio, which was tuned into a sports channel. Aside from Sarah, there were two men in the shop, lost in thought as they browsed the products.
Sarah instinctively turned when she heard the door open, and was surprised to see a woman enter. Kath, likewise, was surprised at spotting a member of her same sex in the shop, and her and Sarah seemed to offer a small smile to each other, as if they were comrades. Then, Sarah looked ahead of her once more, Kath happening to head in her direction where the videos were kept.
Sarah continued to browse through the films. She wanted one with fisting in it, but it was usually hard to tell by the covers. As she pondered which to buy, she noticed Kath had came nearby, and was eagerly hunting around the 'Anal' section. Sarah looked sideways at Kath, admiring the woman. She was certainly nice looking, Sarah thought; small and slim, with a pair of light-blue trousers that hugged her fantastic arse. The best arse Sarah had ever seen in fact. A bi-sexual all her life, Sarah had been loyal and faithful to her husband, but now he was gone she flung herself into sexual encounters with men and women, and was even now considering chatting up this fellow female sex-shop customer. After all, Kath had looked at a few videos that were all-women. Sarah rarely hesitated when it came to propositioning people; she could handle rejection, so figured there was nothing to lose.
Kath was reading the back of a video entitled 'Anal Freaks' when Sarah stepped next to her.
"Hi there," Sarah said, in a refined, polite voice.
"Oh hi," Kath replied, a little surprised.
"I've seen that," Sarah commented with a little nod of her head to the video Kath held, "It's pretty good."
"Yeah," Kath responded, "As long as it's got anal in it, it should be."
"Not many facials though."
"That's okay, I've got loads of movies with facials at home."
The two women smiled at each other. Sarah had occasionally chatted up men in sex-shops, and now realised how easy it was with a woman. The natural subject matter would be porn, and so within a few sentences both Sarah and Kath had made it clear they were both fans of porno movies, particularly anal and lesbianism. Half the work in figuring each other's preferences was done by judging which videos they looked at.
"Have you seen that place across the road?" Sarah said, "The 'Persian Pussycat'?"
"Yeah, I noticed it before I came in," Kath replied, "It's fairly new isn't it?"
"Opened the other day. I've been meaning to go. It's a lesbain club. Would you fancy going there with me tonight?"
Kath was a little taken aback by this mature lady's forthrightness, but was also pleased. She may enjoy all the fucking with her sister and nephew, but it was foolish to totally confine herself to the trio for sexual encounters.
"Sure," she smiled, "I'd love to."
"Meet me outside at eight," Sarah said, "I'd better be going. Oh, I'm Sarah by the way."
"I'm Kath."
"Okay, I'll look forward to it."
Sarah left the shop without making a purchase. She'd been meaning to, but was delighted at the idea of meeting up with Kath. It'd been a relatively slow few months, and she'd not fucked a woman for a while. Kath certainly seemed like she would be game for a lot of things, judging by her appreciation of porn.
Kath, meanwhile, selected a movie and purchased it, before leaving for the office, the tape in a brown bag and securely locked away in her handbag. She was also looking forward to that evening, and the certain that Sarah was clearly up for it. Hell, the lady was as horny as fuck. Kath had all weekend with Mike to herself whilst Claire was away so it'd probably be nice if Claire could have her son to herself that evening.

Kath told her sister and nephew about her date that evening when they had finished dinner.
"Was she sexy?" Mike asked, sitting on the sofa next to his mother. Kath sat on the armchair opposite.
"Very," Kath insisted, "Very nice body on her, for her age."
"How old was she?" Claire enquired.
"About forty," Kath replied, "But you could tell she was a bit pampered. Either divorced or widowed, given that she was hanging around a sex shop and chatting up women on a weekday. Looked rich too."
"Wahay!" cheered Mike, "Way to go Kath. Fuck a wealthy chick and get her to spoil you."
They all laughed at this, even though Kath's motives would clearly be sexual rather than financial.
"So where are you meeting her?" Claire asked her sister.
"Some lesbian bar across the road from the sex-shop that I met her in. Hopefully we'll end up back at her place or something. I'd better get ready in fact."
"Okay sis," Claire said, "Knock 'em dead."
Kath left the room and went upstairs to the bathroom. She hadn't been out for a while like this, and spent a good amount of time in the shower before drying herself off and walking naked to her bedroom. She didn't sleep there much, it was nearly always in Claire's bed that they spent the night, but Kath still had her wardrobe in there.
Thanks to her small frame, Kath was able to dress like she was in her twenties, rather than aged 33. She put on a tight, white T-shirt with no bra underneath, her nipples standing out from her small tits and clearly visible under the thin material. Then she put on a pair of tight black jeans, cut off half-way down the shins, and finally a pair of trainers. Causally horny, she thought with a grin as she admired herself in the mirror.
After doing her hair, she dispensed with the make-up and left the room.
Slurping noises and moans were coming from Claire's bedroom, and Kath leaned through the half-open door.
Lying back on the bed, Mike was naked, and between his spread legs knelt his mother, wearing nothing but glittery, silver ear-rings and black, lacy stockings. Her head bobbed up and down as she greedily sucked her son's cock.
"I'm off then," Kath smiled.
"Have fun," responded Mike.
"Yeah, see you sis," said Claire, then resumed deep-throating Mike.
"Don't wait up," Kath announced, then left. She went down the stairs and out the front door.
Back in the house, Mike closed his eyes and relaxed against the bed headboard, running his hands through Claire's hair. For a full ten minutes Claire sucked and licked the lovely big prick in her mouth before the main-course. Finally sitting up, Claire knelt over Mike's cock whilst reaching down and holding it upright. She rubbed the throbbing head over her dripping slit before lowering herself, grinning with pleasure as she fully impaled her cunt on her son's cock.
Mike held his mum by the waist and began thrusting upwards as she started to ride him, both of them moaning in pleasure as they fucked.
Cunt-fucking was still a lot of fun for Claire, but she'd been totally converted a long time ago to what was originally Kath's fetish. After a few moments, she lifted herself up before shifting forwards a little. Holding her son's saliva and cunt-juice dripping dick upwards once more, Claire placed the swollen end of the cock against her anus and lowered herself. Gritting her teeth, Claire grunted as her arsehole slowly gave way to the phallic intrusion, allowing Mike's cock to push upwards into her rectum.
With a good couple of inches inside her, Claire let go of the cock and placed both her hands on her knees. The initial discomfort rapidly became pleasure, and a look of ecstasy came across Claire's face as she slowly went down, steadily taking the full length of her son's cock in her arse. Mike clamped his hand's to Claire's big breasts, and fondled and groped those lovely tits as he and his mother humped and thrust in unison. Their cries of pleasure rapidly rising in volume, Mike's cock repeatedly stabbed into the depths of Claire's rectum.
"Fuck me Mike," Claire panted as she rode away, "Fuck my arse!"
"Fuck!" Mike grunted, "Your arse is fucking hot tonight. Nice and tight!"
All this constant fucking kept them all fit, and Claire bounced on her son's cock for fifteen minutes before halting and dismounting. She got on her hands and knees whilst Mike quickly got behind his mother and started licking her twitching anus, pushing his tongue into the hot rectum and rimming the sphincter to give it further lubrication. That accomplished, he knelt up and easily slid his dick up Claire's arsehole to the hilt, and once again the room was filled with the sound of panting and the slap of flesh on flesh.

Kath stepped out of the Taxi that dropped her off at the top of the road, and walked towards the Persian Pussycat club. Sarah was standing outside, smoking a cigarette, and Kath was suddenly extra glad she came out. There was little doubt that sex was on the menu, and apart from her sister and niece Melanie, Kath hadn't had sex with another woman for years. She felt incredibly horny as she admired her companion.
Dressed in a tight, dark-red skirt that stopped above her knees, Sarah was showing off a lot of her gorgeous legs. She wore red high-heels that almost boosted her to six-foot, an appreciable amount taller than Kath. Also, Sarah wore a cream, shiny silk blouse, the sleeves casually rolled up. She flashed a warm smile as Kath approached.
"Hi Sarah," Kath said.
"Hiya," greeted Sarah, "It looks nice and quiet in there."
She nodded to the club which was, indeed, pleasantly quiet.
"I thought it'd be busier," commented Kath.
"I guess it is newly opened. It'll take a while for word to get round."
"Shall we go in my dear?" asked Kath.
"Sure," Sarah replied, and led Kath into the club.
It was fairly well lit inside, the bar taking up the whole of the left wall and facing a large area of tables and crushed purple velvet seats. Most of the current patrons sat at the tables near the window or the bar, though some sat in the more private booths at the back.
"We'll sit over there," Sarah said, pointing at an empty booth in the corner, "I'll get them in. What are you having Kath?"
"Vodka and tonic please."
Sarah went to the bar whilst Kath sat down at the appropriate table. She looked around at the other customers, who were all female and pretty much all in their twenties. Sarah, with her confident stride and elegent demeanour, still managed to fit in very well, despite being in her mid-forties.
She came back with Kath's drink and a Bloody Mary for herself, and they chatted eagerly. Kath mentioned that she lived with her sister, but decided to leave Mike out of it to keep it simple. Other than that, she told pretty much the truth, about her wild sex life in her youth and how she was recapturing those days since she'd moved down South. Sarah spoke of her life since her husband died, of how she spent some of her time doing charity work and the rest screwing around - literally. She had a son, Richard, who was 21-years-old and currently at University. He didn't know a great deal about his mother's lifestyle, but he couldn't help but guess that his mother was not exactly retreating into prudishness in her middle-age. He wasn't bothered in fact, Sarah told Kath. She'd always been open about sex with Richard when he was growing up, and the boy had no hang ups if he knew his mum happened to make no real secret of her interest in sex. BR>Neither was in the mood to drink much; Kath had two vodka-and-tonics, whilst Sarah, who was driving, had just the single Bloody Mary then an orange juice. Half-an-hour had passed and they felt as if they knew each other well.
"So," Sarah said, "I'm assuming you're unattached."
"No, I have a boyfriend." replied Kath, "He's er...sixteen."
"Yeah, he's my toyboy."
Kath had figured that, if tonight went well, perhaps she could Mike in on the action. Sarah was clearly bisexual, and Mike would probably be pleased to fuck a different woman. She'd have to keep up the idea that Mike was sixteen though, as admitting she fucked a fourteen-year-old might seem a bit weird.
"Does his mum know he's been seduced by an older woman?" asked Sarah, grinning cheekily.
"No," replied Kath, smiling inwardly, "We just meet up and fuck occasionally."
"Ah, an open relationship then?"
"Too right."
"Heck, he's probably shagging another older woman as we speak," said Sarah. Kath tried hard to keep a straight face, given that that's what Mike would indeed be doing now, with his mum.
"Probably," she laughed.
"I take it you like anal," stated Sarah, "Judging by the tapes you were looking at this afternoon."
"Too right. Mike - my boyfriend - loves it too. It's what we do the most, anal sex. When it comes to women, I check out their arse first of all."
"Was mine up to your standards."
"Very much so," purred Kath, "What about you Sarah? Any particular fetishes?"
"I'm game for anything. Anal has always been a favourite too."
There was a pause as the two of them sipped their drinks, staring lustfully into each other's eyes.
"Tell you what Sarah," Kath began, "This place is nice and all, but do you fancy going back to your place?"
"I've been waiting for you to ask," Sarah grinned, "Though to be fair, I wasn't going to wait long. I was about to suggest it myself."
"Do you live far from here?"
"Not really. About five-miles. It's in the country, this little hamlet of half-a-dozen houses. Very quiet."
"You have your car don't you?"
"Yup. Wanna go now?"
"Don't see why not," said Kath, and they both stood and headed for the door.

Claire was now laying on her side with her upper leg cocked and raised. Laying behind his mum, Mike had a look of concentrated effort on his face as he thrust his hips back and forth, cunt fucking Claire from behind.
"Oh fuck my pussy Mikey," Claire panted, looking downwards, "Fuck me!"
Mike merely panted hard, driving his cock harder and harder into his mum. They'd been fucking for a while now, and every few minutes Mike was having to hold back, slowing his humping to keep his seed in.
"I'm gonna cum soon," he gasped.
"Fuck my arse again," Claire insisted, "Give my butt another seeing to before you come sweety."
Happy to oblige, Mike slipped his cock out from Claire's cunt and reached down, gripping his dick and guiding the head to his mother's anus. Claire raised her cocked leg up a bit more to spread her buttocks further. Skillfully, Mike soon eased the head of his cock into his mum's arsehole and with a satisfied grunt, shoved his pelvis forwards, and Claire was babbling obscene cries of pleasure as the long, veiny prick was once more wedged in her arse.
"Oh that's good mum," Mike spluttered, reaching round and fondling his mother's tits, "That's fucking so good."
"Fuck my arse sweetheart," panted Claire as her son worked up to a good pace, ramming his dick as far into his his mum's arse as he could.
"I'm about to cum mum," he said after a moment, "Where shall I cum. In your arse or on your tits? Tell me and I'll do it."
"On my face," Claire replied, "All over my face."
Mike snapped his cock from Claire's arse and knelt up, Claire lying on her back and sliding into the appropriate position, her face just below Mike's cock, which the teenager pumped with his fist. He let out a long cry as his thick, creamy sperm began to fly out, splashing over Claire's face. It was a hefty load, and despite catching and gulping down some of the cum in her mouth, Claire's face at the end was dripping, sticky spunk running down her cheeks, hanging off her chin and slathered over her smiling lips. Some of the white gunk even hung in her hair. She sucked on the end of her son's wilting, arse-flavoured dick, moaning and frigging her cunt as she milked the prick dry of any remaining cum.

Sarah's house was fairly large for a woman on her own, a four-bedroomed old farmhouse down a long driveway, and surrounded by trees that stood sillhouetted against the sunset. The roof was thatched, and ivy climbed up the walls. The occupier and her guest had arrived home a few minutes ago, Sarah's large Jaguar sitting on the driveway.
In the large hallway, both women had impatiently flung themselves at each other the second the front door was shut and the light turned on. They kissed hard, arms groping at each other's bodies, tonguing each other's mouths.
Kath reached down behind Sarah and felt up her arse whilst kissing her neck. Sarah quickly undid the buttons of her blouse and tugged it open. She then backed into the wall and ran her hands through Kath's hair as she lifted her bra, revealing Sarah's small tits, freckled and topped with bullet hard nipples. Kath placed her mouth over the left nipple and sucked, whilst groping down and squeezing the other woman's thighs.
Just then, Kath stood back.
"Turn around," she panted, and Sarah did so, turning her head to rest her cheek against the floral wallpaper.
Kath knelt, eye level with Sarah's arse. Then she undid the zip of the skirt, hurridly, and soon the skirt dropped to Sarah's ankles, swiftly followed by her silk, pink knickers.
"What an arse," Kath said, admiringly, fondling with her shaking hands the lovely, shapely buttocks that stood atop those long, bronzed legs.
Then she began kissing those buttocks as passionatly as she'd kissed the owner's mouth, licking and snogging the bum-cheeks before parting them with her hands. Eyeing the hairless anus, Kath licked her lips and gracelessly shoved her head up between Sarah's buttocks and rimmed her, madly licking and tonguing her tight little arsehole.
Sarah was beside herself with pleasure. She knew when she met Kath earlier outside the club that they'd be fucking, but she was still somewhat surprised at how randy she was. She moaned and sighed as she was given an rim-job more lustful and pleasurable than any she'd recieved before, by either man or woman. Kath kept fingering the arsehole too, sliding her finger up into Sarah's arse so that, once she'd slipped the digit out, she was able to poke her tongue up there. The feeling of a woman's wet, wriggling tongue working it's way into her rectum was almost too much for Sarah, and her legs quivered as she shamelessly cried out in pleasure.
"Oh eat my arse Kath," she panted, "Eat my arse out! YES!"
Kath continued to do so for several minutes, occasionaly going back to kissing Sarah's butt-cheeks before returning to the tight hole between them. Eventually, she stood up, and Sarah turned and snogged Kath hard on the mouth.
"My turn," Kath smiled.
"Let's go into the living room," suggested Sarah, and stepped out of her knickers and skirt before heading into a room at the end of the hallway. She turned on the light as Kath came in, glancing around admiringly at the large room, the centerpiece of which was the large, stone fireplace. A large TV screen sat nearby, and it was clear Sarah had few visitors who were not into the same interests as her - an oak bookshelf next to the TV and VCR contained dozens of porn flicks. Sarah closed the door and her and Kath hurried like teenage sweethears to the plush, red-and-gold sofa that sat facing the fireplace.
Kath tugged off her jeans and knickers, then just removed the few other clothes she had on too. Sarah did likewise.
Now naked, Kath knelt on the edge of the sofa and placed her elbows onto the top of the back rest, her cute arse thrust outwards. A look of wild lust in her face, Sarah got down like a priest kneeling before an altar and stroked the two buttocks presented to her, before she kissed them. Soon, she was imitating Kath a moment ago, lapping at flesh like a thirsty dog. She wasted little time in getting to Kath's arsehole, which she licked thoroughly before pushing her tongue into.
After a few minutes, Sarah stood and walked over to a set of drawers in the corner of room. It was an old oak chest, very antique looking, and not the sort of place to keep sex toys. However, that's exactly what Sarah kept in there, and the 46-year-old bisexual slut fitted round her waist a strap-on dildo. It was white, about six-inches long a quite thick. She strode back over to Kath.
"You don't need any lubrication for an arse-fucking do you?" Sarah asked.
"Just saliva," Kath proudly replied, "Perhaps some cunt juice."
"Coming up."
Sarah stood behind Kath and eased the dildo into the woman's cunt, holding onto Kath's hips as she began to thrust away. The dildo slid back and forth in Kath's vagina, which was already juiced up, Kath squirming with pleasure. After a minute, Sarah withdrew and placed the glistening end of the dildo to Kath's spit-soaked anus.
"Ram it up there," urged Kath, and Sarah did so, shoving the first inch of the dildo into Kath's arse then pausing, before slowly pushing in the rest. In to the hilt, Sarah pumped her hips once more, hard and quickly, delighting in Kath's obvious enjoyment. Bucking and writhing in ecstasy, Kath urged her fucker to pump harder, which Sarah did, thrusting the dildo up and down in sharp, frequent strokes.
Once Kath had been buggered to perfection, Sarah slid the dildo out. They swapped positions, Sarah now kneeling on the edge of the sofa. Kath strapped on the dildo and cunt-fucked her companion for a brief while before buggering her, Sarah reacting as orgasmically as Kath did as her bum was swiftly impaled on the plastic phallus. Kath leaned forward and placed on hand on the backrest of the sofa, using the other to reach round and frig Sarah's clit, the older woman crying out in delight as she was arse-fucked and expertly frigged simultaneously.
After Kath had slid the dildo from Sarah's arse, they swapped places once more. This time, Kath sat back on the sofa, her butt on the edge and her legs raised up and spread. Sarah knelt and slid the dildo into Kath's bum and sodomized her steadily whilst leaning forward and kissing Kath hard, the two women pawing at each other's tits as their tongues slid and wrestled with each other in their mouths.
Roles were once again switched, and Kath gave Sarah a sound buggering.

Back home, Mike and his mother were fucking for a second time that evening. After the previous, early evening session, Mike had done his weekend homework to leave himself free for the next couple of days, whilst Claire had packed for the weekend before watching TV. She needed to be up early the next day, so they got to bed by eleven.
Claire lay on her stomach, Mike lying flat on top of her. They nearly always fucked on top of the covers with the light on, but for once, they'd got into position before flicking out the lights. Mike had then pulled the duvet up over his and his mother's naked bodies.
It was a nice position, Mike laying on top of his mother, their legs intwined and his stomach and chest pressed to her bare back. Claire's arse was much tighter as she lay flat, as opposed to bent over, which meant it was a nice, tight fit for Mike and meant his cock felt much bigger in his mother's arse.
Their naked bodies soon built up a lot of heat underneath the covers, and their bodies were soon slipping across each other as they grew sweaty.
It was a moonless night, and the only source of light was the red radio-alarm clock display. Otherwise it was totally dark. Neither Kath or Mike said anything like the usually did, instead merely grunting and sighing in the darkness. Claire's head was laying sideways on the pillow, her hands both up and gripping the mattress cover. Mike's elbows dug into the mattress near his mum's armpits, his warm breath panting into Claire's ears. He thrust his pelvis as his slippery naked body ground against his mother's similarly damp flesh, his prick grinding into the depths of Claire's bowels.
They'd meant it to be a fairly quick go so Claire could get to sleep early, but they rapidly lost interest in such things as sleep, and for over an hour they fucked. The eventual end was signalled by a quickening of the pace and both mother and son's cries of pleasure growing louder and more passionate. Mike's body stiffened as his cock spewed forth sperm, twitching inside Claire's hot shit-chute as it sprayed out it's thick, gooey liquid.
Exhausted, Mike lay on top of his mum for a few minutes whilst his cock softened inside Claire's cum-filled rectum, until he finally rolled off. Within minutes he was asleep, followed quickly by his mother.

Kath was once again sitting on the sofa with her legs apart, arsehole pointing outwards ready for attention. As she knelt down with the greased dildo ready, Sarah stopped and asked Kath if she'd ever been fisted.
"Cunt fisted?" said Kath.
"Arse fisted," corrected Sarah, "You ever tried it?"
"No. No, never."
"Want to?" asked Sarah with a wicked grin.
"Sure," Kath replied, "It isn't dangerous is it? I've seen it in a couple of porn vids but haven't really considered it in real life."
"It'll be fine. As long as it's done right."
"I take it you've done it."
"Lot's of times."
"Giving or recieving?"
"Both. It's usually easier to get it from a woman because their hands are small, but I've been arse-fisted by a couple of men. Anyway, I'd better get some lubrication, you're definately going to need some."
Sarah stood up and took off the dildo and placed it one the coffee table, before leaving the room for a moment. When she returned she had a large tub of vasaline, which she placed on the floor in front of Kath and knelt back down.
"That's why I don't grow my nails," Sarah said, showing off her hands and fingernails that were, indeed, short, "It's safer."
"Mine are short too," pointed out Kath, "Which is handy. Do you want me to fist you afterwards?"
Back to the immediate job, Sarah scooped up some vaseline and applied it to Kath's anus, pushing her greased fingers in. The arsehole was already gaping a bit, and Sarah figured it shouldn't be too hard a job.
After ensuring her right hand was fully slathered in vaseline too, Sarah placed her left hand on Kath's buttock and bunched up her fingers and thumb, the tips of which she placed up to Kath's bumhole.
"Ready?" she asked.
Kath nodded.
With little effort, Sarah's fingers and thumb - bunched up - slid into Kath's arse to the second joint, after which some resistance was encountered.
"Just say if it hurts," Sarah said. The bicep in her thin, right arm swelled as she pushed ahead, her hand up to the knuckles. Kath's eye's scrunched up as her bum steadily let in the other woman's hand. It felt discomforting but she knew it would soon resolve into pleasure. Sarah's hand was just about to the widest point, and with one little thrust, it slid in past the knuckles and to the wrist.
"Oh GOD!" Kath cried, "Oh fuck!"
"You okay?" Sarah smiled.
"Damn right," Kath replied, "God, that's good. Oh shit, oh fuck...oh!"
Sarah's wrist was fairly slender, so Kath's anus didn't feel quite as stretched now that the hardest point was over. She closed her eyes and felt intense pleasure drift around her body from her fisted butt, Sarah pushing her arm backwards and forwards by several inches. After a while, she began to slowly withdraw her hand, using one long, hard tug until her greasy hand popped out of Kath's anus. Sarah slathered some more vaseline on her hand, concentrating on her knuckles. Now, she bunched her hand into a fist and placed it to Kath's arsehole. With less difficulty this time, she was able to insert her entire fist into Kath's arsehole, Kath moaning and crying in pleasure. Sarah was now going for length, watching her forearm dissapearing into this lovely arsehole as she slid it slowly into the depths of Kath's bowels. She got a good four inches beyond the wrist before it started to get tough going. Knowing her limits, Sarah eased her arm to and fro whilst slightly unflexing her fingers and wiggling her thumb within the actual rectal passage. It drove Kath wild, and she looked down between her legs and urged her fucker on.
"Fist me Sarah," she wailed, "Fist my arse! Oh fuck that's good! OH FUCK!"
"Slut," Sarah grinned, "Oh what a slut. You're a catch aren't you?"
"Fucking right. Keep fisting me! OOOH!"
Eventually, Sarah wanted a go herself, and withdrew her hand from Kath's butt and took her place on the sofa. She placed her hands on her shins and pulled her legs up to her chest, Kath getting down and using the vaseline to grease up both Sarah's anus and her right hand. Using the same tactics as Sarah, she first inserted her hand into the arse finger-tips first, before going for the proper 'fisting' motion. Like Kath, Sarah was driven wild by the deep arse-fisting she got, tossing her head from side to side and spluttering out the most obscene declarations of orgasmic ecstasy. Kath loved giving as much as receiving, pushing her fist into Sarah's colon whilst watching more and more of her forearm being swallowed up by the anus.
When they'd had enough of that, Sarah opened a bottle of wine which they shared as they lay naked on the floor, the TV on in the background.
"You'll have to get that teenage toyboy of yours to do that to you," Sarah smiled.
"Absolutley," agreed Kath, "He'll love it."
"Get him to fist your arse and your cunt at the same time, that's fucking brilliant."
"Listen, do you fancy a threesome. With me and Mike."
"Oh Kath, that'd be fucking brilliant!"
"He'd love it. You would too. He's got a nice seven-inch cock that's almost permanently hard. I'll see if I can bring him here tomorrow if you want, if you haven't got anything planned."
"Sure," Sarah nodded, taking a sip of wine, "Tomorrow evening. Bring him or I'll come to your house and we'll drain the lad's balls dry."
They grinned at each other, then kissed.
"What do you want to do for the rest of the night?" Sarah asked.
"Fuck," said Kath, simply, "Let's go to bed and fuck and fist each other all night."
"Damn fine suggestion," said Sarah, who then drained her glass, "My arsehole is still loose, so I think we should take the biggest dildos to bed with us."
She went to the cabinet, taking out a foot long black dildo. Kath enthusiastically followed her up the stairs.

Mike slowly awoke and turned to the alarm clock. It read 08:13, and his mother would have to leave in about fifteen-minutes. Turning the other way, he saw that the other side of the bed was empty.
As usual, his cock was raging hard, and he slipped out the bed and wandered into the hallway.
"Morning sweety," Claire said as she exited the bathroom. She was all packed and had just finished showering and dressing. She wore a dark blue dress, lengthy and just low cut enough to show off some of her ample cleavage, which only served to raise Mike's phallic salute.
"Morning mum," he said, "You off soon?"
"Yeah, not long. I almost slept in."
She walked past her son and into her room, where she bent over to zip up her suitcase. Mike followed her in and clapped a hand to her arse.
"No morning shag for us then?" he sighed.
"I'm in too much of a hurry," Claire replied, and stood to turn him, "I really can't risk being late. My taxi is arriving soon."
"How 'bout a quickie?"
"Well...I dunno. How quick?"
"Quit yapping and turn around," Mike ordered. His mother grinned and did so, bending over a little and resting her hands on the dressing table. Mike reached down and lifted up his mum's dress, bunching it up at her lower back and holding it there with his left hand. With his right, he tugged down Claire's panties until they slid to her ankles, exposing her nice, fleshy buttocks. Still holding the dress in position, Mike spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva into his raging hard dick, then spat once more and used his slick fingers to rub and poke Claire's arsehole.
Claire parted her legs a little, closing her eyes and waiting for the inevitable and joyous feeling of Mike's throbbing dick nudging between her buttocks. Sure enough, the boy eased his phallus between his mum's arse-cheeks. Relaxing her sphincter, Claire moaned as her son's member pushed it's way up into her, forcing apart her anus and easing into her rectal passage.
With only saliva, the way was not too lubricated, but Mike grunted as he jammed his cock upwards, soon burying himself up to the hilt in Claire's shitter, the pair of them groaning in pleasure. Realising time was of the essence, Mike started fucking his pelvis quickly, knowing that his mother sometimes liked it rough. They usually fucked at a leasurely pace, so Claire really enjoyed this, bending over the dressing table with her skirt up, knickers down and taking it up the arse like a slut. Mike was gripping his mum's shoulders hard as he slammed his cock upwards. His mother's rectum wasn't empty before hand, so his cock was sharing the limited space in that hot arse with shit. Whilst scat was never something they really got involved with, Mike enjoyed the feeling, the soft poop squishing and moulding around his cock as he buggered his mum with zest. For Claire, it meant her arse felt more full than usual, and she really began to cry out like a whore.
True to his word, Mike didn't waste too much time, and was soon slamming his pelvis upwards and forwards at great speed as his sperm rose and splashed forth.
"Oh fuck mum," he babbled, "Oh fuck yes that's good!"
His legs grew weak as his first orgasm of the day stretched out a good twenty seconds, sperm pumping out into his mother's bowels.
Finally finished, the teenager got his breath back before slipping out of his mum's arse before gentlemanly pulling her knickers up and straightening out her dress for her. Claire turned round.
"You sure know how to fuck," she smiled, and they kissed, a tender mother-to-son kiss.
"I'll see you Monday mum," Mike said.
"Sure honey. Take care of your Auntie Kath, wherever she is."
"She certainly got lucky last night."
"I hope she'll come back tonight."
"She better do, I'll have nothing to do."
"Anyway son, I'll see you."
Claire kissed Mike again.
"Bye mum, have fun."
Claire picked up her bags and went out the room, heading downstairs just as the taxi waiting for her beeped it's horn as it pulled up outside. Mike yawned and padded into the bathroom for a shower.

It was almost noon when Kath and Sarah awoke. The bed was King-Sized, like Claire's back at home, and the bedroom itself large and plushly furnished. A pair of large, white doors lead out to an old fashioned balcony littered with pot plants. There were many houseplants in the room itself, their greenery highlighted against the dark, mahogony furniture and deep beige wallpaper. Under the covers, the two women lay arm-in-arm, naked and deeply asleep until they stirred when the midday sun lanced through the windows.
Sarah woke first, Kath's head resting on her chest. She stroked her hand through Kath's hair until she awoke, and the two of them kissed for several minutes.
"What a night," Sarah whispered.
"Agreed," Kath grinned, and they kissed again.
"We'll have to this again sometime Kath."
"We're doing it tonight, remember? With Mike?"
"Oh yes. I almost forgot. That'll be great; you, me and your randy sixteen-year-old boyfriend."
Kath thought for a moment whether to tell the truth, then decided to go for it in the light of the previous evening's fun. Her and Sarah had fucked until 3:00AM last night, and in between fucking and fisting, Sarah had boasted of her sexual exploits; how she'd once hired three male prosititutes to triple-penetrate her, a young couple she'd seduced and fucked at the same time in a hotel and a seventeen-year-old boy she'd sucked off in a nightclub last month. She'd also admitted that, as a teenage girl, she'd been fucked by a cousin of hers. Whilst that was not technically incest, Kath realised that her companion for the night was wildly sluttish enough to know the truth.
"Bit of a confession to make," Kath said, "My boyfriend. He's actually not my boyfriend, he's my nephew. I'm his mum's sister."
"Whoa," Sarah grinned, "That's fucking wild."
"He's not sixteen either. He's fourteen."
Sarah laughed, not in derision, but in awe at Kath's confession.
"I thought I was a wild nympho," she sniggered, "Oh Kath, what are we going to do with you?"
"Fuck me and my nephew? Tonight?"
"You're on!"
"I'd better get back soon, to Mike."
"You're nephew?"
"My nephew," confirmed Kath, smiling naughtily, "But we'll be back tonight though."
"Listen, about Mike. His mum doesn't know about this does she?"
Kath hesitated, then kissed Sarah.
"His mum joins in," she admitted, "My sister, her son Mike and me all fuck. A lot. For the last few months."
"You serious Kath?"
"Sure. I'm serious."
After a pause, Sarah pushed Kath off her and kicked the heavy duvet aside before getting up. She stomped over to a chest of drawers nearby as Kath began to worry that she'd said too much.
"What?" Kath stammered as she sat up in bed.
Sarah roughly opened a drawer in the chest and pulled out a long, thick dildo, bright pink and with a leather strap. She quickly fixed it on before turning round, the plastic cock nodding out at a 90-degree angle from her groin. Her tanned, slender, naked body looked fantastic in the sunlight.
"Katherine," she said in a stern voice that was contradicted by her grin, "Bend over. I'm so in awe at your sluttishness that I'm going to fuck your arse whether you like it or not!"
Relief flushed over Kath, and she smiled as she got on all fours. Getting behind her, Sarah leaned down and madly licked Kath's arsehole, tonging and fingering it. She knelt up and cunt-fucked Kath for a few moments to grease the dildo up with juices, then pulled out.
"Shall we get your sister to join in aswell then?" she asked.
"She's away this weekend," Kath pointed out, "But she's back tomorrow. We'll all have a foursome then."
"Oh Kath. Oh fuck this is turning into the best weekend ever. Me, two sister's and one of their son's - a fourteen-year-old son! We'll fuck ourselves to death!"
"Well, not to death! That'll be going to far!"
"Okay," Sarah shrugged, "Half to death then."
And with that, she pushed the dildo steadily up Kath's butt.

Fully dressed, Mike was watching the TV in the living room when he heard someone enter the house. It was almost two o'clock in the afternoon, and he was curious to find out about his Aunt Kath's adventures. Sure enough, she soon came eagerly into the living room, still wearing the tight white T-shirt and cut-off jeans she'd worn the previous night.
"What time do you call this young lady?" Mike asked with a grin.
"Oh Mikey, what a great night!" Kath said, sitting down next to Mike and putting an affectionate hand onto his thigh.
"A great night eh?" said Mike.
"Absolutely. Last night was great and tonight is going to be better. I met up with that woman, Sarah, at the club. We went back to her house and stayed the night, as you might have imagined. Just fucking and everything. Anyway she wants to meet up again, tonight. And tomorrow night!"
"Sounds excellent!" agreed Mike.
"It is! And the thing is she wants you to come along too. I originally told her I had a teenage boyfriend, but then I told her everything. You being my nephew, about your mum, the lot. I know it's our secret and all but she confessed a lot of stuff to me and I knew she'd be excited."
"And was she?"
"Damn right! She thinks the idea of fucking a couple of sister's and their son and nephew is the most arousing thing in the world! Anyway, our secrets safe with her, and whats more we're going to have a hell of an evening. She's pretty rich too, a widow, with a nice big house out in the country. We're meeting her there at seven, and boy are we going to have fun! And tomorrow she'll come round here when your mother's back to have a big foursome. Oh, this Sarah is fucking hot for anal. Loves it almost as much as me and your mum."
Mike shivered with excitement at all this. The idea of fucking a different woman would be great. His mother and Aunt were fine of course, but variety would add even more interest to his busy sex life. As he pondered all the possibilities, he noticed Kath had stood up and was undressing.
"We gotta fuck know," she was insisting, "You should save yourself for tonight Mikey, but there's no harm in a quick fuck now. Besides, Sarah taught me anal fisting."
"Anal fisting? You mean, like in the porno movies."
Mike had thought about suggesting it to his mum and aunt, but wasn't sure if they'd go for it.
"Yeah," confirmed Kath, tugging off her panties, "Just like the porno movies. Sarah had her hand in my butt up to the wrist, then I did the same to her. Come on, let's try it. Better get some lube though."
"I'll get some," Mike said, and went to the downstairs bathroom where he fetched a tub of Vaseline. When he returned to the living room, Kath was naked and on the floor on hands and knees, arse raised high.
"Fuck my arse with your cock first," she suggested to her nephew, "Get it loosened up a bit."
After quickly undressing, Mike opened up the small tub and slicked up Kath's anus with Vaseline, also taking time to grease his cock. As he'd done so many times before, the teenager pushed his cock to Kath's anal entrance and steadily eased his way in, getting comfortable and steadily buggering a woman 19-years older than himself.
"Pull out," said Kath after a few minutes, "then back in again. Do it a few times, it'll loosen me up more."
Mike did so, easing back until the head of his cock popped out from Kath's anus, then slid back in before withdrawing. After a few minutes of this, Kath's arsehole - greased up and shiny - was gaping open. Mike set about slathering the vaseline onto his hand before following his Aunt's instructions. First he bunched the tips of his fingers and thumb together and steadily worked his way in, Kath crying out but still urging her nephew on as Mike's hand steadily worked his way in. Shortly, the boy watched with erotic amazement as Kath's sphincter gripped his wrist, the rest of his hand buried in the hot confines of the rectum. He jacked himself off whilst easing his arm to and fro, his Aunt squealing with orgasmic pleasure.
Kath eventually instructed Mike further, getting the boy to withdraw and slather the Vasline onto his knuckles, which enabled him to punch-fuck the woman's butt, which was now accustoming itself to the serious invasion to the point where Mike was able to just slide his fist in and pull out in the space of a few seconds.
Luckily, the anal-ring has a definite elasticity, and after a good while of arse-fisting his Aunt, Mike buggered her and found the tightness of Kath's arsehole was, whilst a little looser, still plenty strong enough to afford a good grip on his prick. They fucked like animals in heat, Kath spluttering out obsceneties whilst Mike slammed harder and harder until they built up to a powerful, dual climax, both bodies stiffening with ecstasy as Mike's cum blasted into his Aunt's thoroughly-fucked arse.
It took a few moments to get their breaths back, slumped on the floor naked. After which, they decided to shower together then have dinner. They needed to keep their strength up for the evening ahead of them.

At six o'clock that evening, Sarah was in the shower too. An hour to go, and she was starting to get ready. As the middle-aged woman scrubbed her hair with expensive shampoo, she thought back over the many sexual adventures since she'd let go of her inhibitions a year after being widowed.
Most of the time she met up with people in contact mags. Some could be a little weird, or pathetic, so it was only after much correspondence that she met up with men or couples. Couples were most fun. Sarah had fucked women in her early twenties, before getting married, and always knew she was bisexual. Often she liked to meet people in bars and go back to their place. Men would be happy to fuck her and leave her, as would some women, which is what Sarah wanted. Recently, Sarah went to swingers clubs a lot. Mostly it was for couples, for wife-swapping, but it was only really men who were obliged to bring a partner. A single woman, especially a bisexual one up for anything, was more than welcome, and Sarah had a lot of good fun at various meetings round the country in recent months.
Last night's meeting had been the best in long time, with Kath the anal maniac! Sarah had actually lost her anal-virginity before her vaginal. It'd been way back in 1970 when she was 15-years-old, and had been going out with a boy the same age. Not knowing where to get any contreceptives when they decided they wanted to fuck one night, Sarah had let her boyfriend take her in the arse. She'd enjoyed it a lot, and even after being fucked vaginally a few months after that, she always figured anal was just as good as more traditional fucking. Since last night she'd been taught it was probably preferable, with Kath being such an arse-freak.
Now, there was all the fun of a fourteen year old to look forward to. Like Claire and Kath, Sarah figured that if it was alright for men to lust after teenage girls, then older women should not be afraid to desire jail-bait boys. And with the excitement of incest tonight, and even more tomorrow night, Sarah knew she was going to have the fuck of her life. Sarah though of her son, 21-year-old Richard, and whilst she'd idly fantasized about fucking him a couple of times in her life, during the day she'd frigged herself to the thought of it without caring. Incest. What a taboo! Her conscience had tugged at her with guilt when she'd considered the boy sexually those few times before, but now she felt totally liberated as she imagined her own flesh and blood, naked, all the while writhing on the bed that afternoon and rubbing her cunt and fingering her anus.
After rinsing her hair thoroughly in the shower, Sarah gave her body another soap-down with some almond-scented, French body wash. After turning the shower off, she stepped out and used a luxuriously fluffy, red towel to dry off her smooth, tanned flesh. Then, she sat on the toilet and forced out a shit. She didn't really need to go, but wanted her bowels nice and empty for tonight. Afterwards, she not only wiped her arse, but squatted back down in the shower, turning it back on and using a soapy spongue to scrub her buttocks and in between. Then, Sarah unhooked the shower nozzle and squatted once more, holding the shower between her arse, the jet spraying at her arsehole. It tickled a lot, and Sarah squirmed, but it did good job of rinsing her soapy arsehole and leaving it sparkling clean. It meant she had to towel herself dry once again, but Sarah didn't mind. She wanted to be extra desirable tonight.
The central heating was on full, and the whole house nice and warm, meaning Sarah was comfortable as she walked out the bathroom and to her bedroom, naked. Though she didn't need one, she gave her legs a waxing, then dried her hair. She kept it straight and parted in the middle because it was nice and simple, and that's how she'd keep it tonight. Though she normally wasn't too bothered about make up, she put on a bit of red lipstick, then a hint of blush of the same shade.
Still in the nude, she went back to the bathroom. In the sink, three of her favourite dildos that had been used thoroughly last night were soaking in warm, soapy water. Taking them out, Sarah shook the excess water off and dried them on a towel. Back in the bedroom, she carefully re-attached them to their leather straps and laid out the plastic phalluses in a neat row on the cabinet next to the bed.
Opening her walk-in wardrobe, Sarah considered what to wear. Perhaps a tarty look with a fake leopard-skin two-piece bikini, or a leather mini-skirt and halter top. There were a couple of uniforms she'd worn to swinger's parties; French Maid, Policewoman, or the ever popular Nurse. Maybe too tacky, she thought. She wanted something that would show off her legs. Her tits were fairly small, so it was always best not to bother attempting to enhance them, merely to emphasise what she had.
Eventually, she settled on a tight black jumper. It was fairly thin, long-sleeved and high cut, but deliberatly fell short of her waist-line so that a few inches of her flat stomach and her naval were showing. Then she put on a pair of bright red, leather shorts. Not very subtle, she thought, but what the heck! She wouldn't be wearing them for long. The shorts were very high cut, and showed off all her legs. She decided to go bare foot.
Finally, Sarah sprayed on a hint of Calvin Klein's Obsession and admired herself in the mirror. Turning a couple of times, she placed her hands on her hips, striking a pose as she blew a kiss at herself, before breaking into laughter. Just then, the doorbell ran, and Sarah excitedly hurried down to answer.
"Hi Sarah," greeted Kath when the door opened.
"Kath, hi, come in," gushed Sarah, stepping aside to let Kath and Mike into the house. Night had fallen, and Sarah shut the door on the coldness outside.
In the hallway, she turned to her guests. Kath wore a neat, little black dress, low cut and short whilst Mike was attired in a pair of black jeans and a blue shirt.
"And you must be Mike," Sarah said, and stepped forth, taking the boy's hand's in hers and giving him a kiss on the cheek, a formal but friendly kind of peck.
"Nice to meet you Sarah," Mike replied. He was expecting a good looking woman, but Sarah was far sexier than he could have hoped. A nice face, pleasant smile, tall and slim with legs and an arse to die for.
"As handsome as you expected?" asked Kath.
"More so," insisted Sarah, "Even more so."
She still held Mike's hands in her own as she looked the boy up and down; athletic body, about the same height as herself and with such an exquisite look of adolescent beauty.
"Let's get into the living room then," urged Kath, "Out from the hallway."
Sarah agreed, and showed her guests into the lounge, Kath and Mike sitting at opposite ends of the sofa whilst Sarah sat between them after fetching a bottle of wine and three glasses. She poured some for each of them and they made small talk; the weather, Kath's drive over here, and so on.
"Oh, I told Claire about all this too," Kath then pointed out, "You know, my sister? Mike's mum?"
"Oh yeah," nodded Sarah, "She was okay was she?"
"Sure. I phoned her this afternoon. She's looking forward to tomorrow night. She suggested you come over to our place"
"Excellent. A nice threesome tonight, and a foursome tomorrow. You excited Mike?"
"Sure," the boy answered, "I've been anticipating this all afternoon."
He felt a little shy still, because Sarah was pretty extrovert like Kath, but he decided that they were inevitably going to fuck so holding back was pointless. He place a hand on one of Sarah's firm, long thighs, rubbing the warm flesh.
"Kath said you had fantastic legs," he commented, "But they're even better than I imagined."
"Thank you," Sarah smiled, very much appreciating the sincerity in the youth's compliment.
"She's got a great arse too," Kath observed, "Haven't you Sarah?"
"I bet she has," nodded Mike.
"Well, don't take your Aunt's word for it," said Sarah, standing up, "Check it out yourself."
She remained standing there, in front of the sofa and facing away, whilst Mike edged up behind her. The teenager reached out and placed his hands on Sarah's buttocks, rubbing the shiny leather shorts and feeling the nice firmness of the shapely arse-cheeks beneath. Then he rubbed the back of Sarah's thighs, stroking down to her calves, then back upwards. Finally, he reached round and fumbled with the button and zip until Sarah's shorts fell loose, sliding their way on the long journey down to the feet. Sarah wore a pair of black, silk panties, and Mike stroked the fine material for a moment before slipping these down too. Finally, the lovely buttocks of the woman in front of him were exposed, and he fondled and stroked them, so amorous of the bum he was examining that he only just noticed that his flies had been undone by Kath, who'd tugged out his big, hard cock and was steadily masturbating him.
Leaning forward, Mike kissed Sarah's arse, licking the flesh before parting those cheeks and slurping at the anus. Sarah had enjoyed the passionate way Kath had furiously licked out her arse in the hallway last night, but she equally liked the way Mike took his time, swirling his tongue round her sphincter before easing it in.
At one point, Mike leaned back for breath, and Sarah turned and knelt on the floor. She took over Kath in frigging the boy, leaning down and sucking on Mike's cock whilst Kath knelt behind Sarah and busied herself with her arse, fingering it thoroughly before eating it out, adding her saliva to her nephew's. Hungrily sucking and slurping on hard, boy-flesh, Sarah deep-throated Mike with great enthusiasm for several minutes. She had two of Kath's fingers probing her rectum and she was getting hungry for buggery. Her suggestion that they adjourn in the bedroom was seconded by all.
Moments later, Mike was lying back on the huge, luxurious bed, naked. Kath and Sarah also removed their remaining clothes before kneeling either side of the teenage boy. Sarah explored Mike thoroughly, stroking his flat stomach, his chest and his legs, kissing him all over, mostly on the mouth and cock. Kath did likewise, with the same enthusiasm. Then Mike lay Sarah down and he did the same to her, kissing her lovely body all over, examining and stroking it, sucking on her nipples and her cunt. When he began to kiss her, Sarah took the boy's waist and gently urged him to get on top of her, spreading her legs as she did so. With a sigh of pleasure, Mike gently sank his throbbing cock into Sarah's hot cunt, and they kissed passionatly as they fucked. Kath sucked on her finger and stuck it abruptly up Mike's arsehole as he humped Sarah, causing the boy a surprising flood of pleasure.
Finally, Kath got on all fours and the other two devoted themselves to pleasuring her. Mike and Sarah knelt behind Kath and took turns licking her cunt and arsehole, sometimes both pushing a finger each into the woman's anus, before Mike got up and cunt-fucked his Aunt doggy style. Soon, he was pulling out his juicy prick and sliding it into Kath's arsehole, his Aunt looking over her shoulder and urging him on as he buggered her. Sarah meanwhile kissed Mike hard on the mouth, their tongues intwinting.
Sarah's turn for an arse-fucking came up next, and after Kath and her nephew had worked on it with their tongues once more, Mike got into position and slid his prick into Sarah's bottom. It was, he thought as he sodimized the randy widow, the first fuck he'd fucked a non-relative. There had only been his mother, aunt and cousin Melanie. Kath stood astride Sarah's back and bent over, reaching round and parting her buttocks so that Mike could hold her legs and tongue her arse whilst he humped away.
Time ticked on as they switched positions, concentrating purely on sodomy now as Mike moved from Kath's arse to Sarah's and back again, the two women soon strapping on dildos and putting them to good use. Sarah hadn't had a daisy chain before, and she was crying out orgasmically when she was put in the middle, arse-fucking Kath with a strap-on whilst Mike's cock was wedged in her own shitter. She bucked and thrashed around in pleasure so much that Mike lost his restraint and shot his load, hotly kissing Sarah's neck as his hips drove upwards and his cock shot it's creamy sperm into Sarah's greasy arse-guts, his firm shaft nipped by the older woman's spasming sphincter.
Whilst Mike waited for his cock to restiffen, he suggested fisting Sarah.
"You're more than welcome to," Sarah said, "You don't need vaseline, just use saliva."
So, Mike embarked on a good ten minutes of licking Sarah's arsehole, lapping hungrily at it, whilst Kath sucked on the boy's right hand, licking his fingers, until soon anus and fist were dripping with phlegm. Gritting her teeth and placing her head into the pillow, Sarah gave Mike the go ahead. Slowly, he dug his fingers into the arse, twisting and turning, constantly getting instructions from Sarah who egged him on. More and more of his hand eased it's way in until Sarah's anus gave way, the boy's hand slithering up the woman's butt to the wrist.
"Oh God Mike," Sarah cried, "Oh fuck me that's good!"
Kath was frigging her dripping cunt madly as she watched, eventually working her own hand into her cunt. She fisted her pussy for a good couple of minutes before asking Mike to withdraw his hand. He did so and shuffled back, watching and jerking off his re-hardened cock as Kath got behind Sarah and fisted her arse with her juice slathered hand. Sarah was in ecstasy, moaning as Kath worked her fist up into her guts. As the two women continued, Mike got up behind Kath and stuffed his cock into her cunt.
"You're gonna get a good fisting in a minute Auntie," he whispered in her ear.
"Oh good," she gasped, "Fuck, yes."
Sure enough, after a few minutes they broke up, Sarah collapsing exhausted whilst Kath got on her knees and elbows. Mike tongued his aunt's arse some more and was soon joined by Sarah, both of them dribbling over and snogging the arsehole that lay gaping and slick in front of them. It took little effort for Mike to push his fist up there, pulling it out and shoving it back in a few times whilst Kath bucked and screamed in pleasure.
"Oh God!" she cried, "Oh fuck, fist me. Fuck me! YES!"
"Wanna go Sarah?" asked Mike.
"Sure do," she replied.
"Fist my cunt Mike," Kath asked after her nephew had slithered his hand from out of her bowels, "I wanna be double fisted."
Kath lay on her back with her legs up in the air and spread, Sarah getting between the legs and sucking on her fingers until they were nice and wet. Mike knelt to one side, fingering his aunt and frigging her clit. After Sarah had buried her fist in Kath's anus, Mike began to push his hand into Kath's cunt, the woman crying out even louder as both her orifices were attended to. Soon, both cunt and arsehole were deep-fisted, and Mike managed to keep himself buried to the wrist whilst edging up the bed a little and offering his cock to Kath's mouth. She grabbed the raging hard prick and sucked on it as if her life depended on it, making loud smacking and slurping noises as she greedily deep-throated the boy, all the while her body wracked with orgasmic waves of delight from the double fisting.
That activity went on for ten-minutes, and afterwards Kath was exhausted. She lay on her back, getting her breath back, whilst Sarah got on her hands and knees on the other side of the bed, Mike getting in behind her to bugger the woman.
Once Kath had recovered she went over to the other two fuckers, laying down and sliding underneath Sarah so that the two women were in a sixty-nine. They lapped at each other's cunts, buring their faces and sucking away, Mike meanwhile keeping up a steady pace as he fucked Sarah's arse.
"Are you almost cumming Mike?" asked Sarah after a while, raising her face from Kath's groin, her jaw and chin slathered in cunt-juice.
"Not yet," Mike reassured her, "It won't be far off yet."
They opted for another change in position, this time Sarah retrieving one of the large strap-on dildos and fixing it onto her waist. She lay back and invited Kath to impale her cunt on the phallus, which she did without hesitation. With the dildo in her cunt, Kath leaned forward so that her arse-cheeks spread apart, her yawning anus pointing invitationally at Mike, who wasted no time in coming over and spearing his aunt's bum.
For a while they fucked, Kath double-penetrated with a plastic and a real cock, driving her to another orgasm. Mike's cum began to rise and he knew he couldn't suppress it, so he pulled out and went up the bed and offered his arse-flavoured dick to Kath, who gripped it in her hand. She placed her mouth over the shiny, purple head, but she didn't suck, merely kept her mouth over the dick whilst her small fist pumped the shaft. Soon, Mike was cumming, spewing into his aunt's mouth. Kath didn't swallow, merely let the cum well up in her mouth, even though it overflowed and dribbled down her chin. Depleted, Mike fell back and watched through half-shut eyes as Kath - still impaled on the dildo - leaned down and opened her mouth, the sperm running out and all over Sarah's face. The older woman was delighted as the cum/saliva mix splattered over her, and soon the two women kissed hard, swapping cum back and forth before they swallowed a generous amount each.
After they'd recovered their breath, they all weakly staggered off the bed, a glance at the clock revealing they'd been fucking for almost three hours. No wonder they felt shattered. Sarah had a quick shower then invited her guests to as well before she went downstairs. By the time Mike and Kath returned, freshened up, to the bedroom, Sarah had made a snack for them all and opened a bottle of wine. They chatted and had a drink before all climbing under the huge, warm duvet and falling straight to sleep.

Sarah had a shift at a charity shop the next day, Sunday, and had to leave at eleven. Her, Kath and Mike all awoke at eight-thirty, so spent a good couple of hours fucking in a manner just as intensely as last night.
Finally, they were all dressed and Sarah - in a more sober set of clothes - was saying goodbye to Kath and Mike as they stood on the gravel driveway.
"So Claire's coming home around lunctime yes?" Sarah asked.
"Yeah," confirmed Kath, "Around one o'clock."
"What time are you coming round to our house?" Mike asked, "I'm looking forward to a re-run of last night."
"About seven o'clock," Sarah replied, "It'd be best if we started early if Kath and your mum have to go to work tomorrow."
"Oh don't worry about that," said Kath, "Me and Claire have agreed to phone in sick tomorrow. It'll be no problem. We can fuck all night then. And Mike can miss school tomorrow aswell, we'll just write him a sick-note"
They all kissed and said their goodbyes before Kath got into her car with Mike and drove away.
Sarah felt a shudder of excitement at the thought of last night, and all the fun to be had later As she turned back and walked to her house, her thoughts turned back to her son and the idea of seducing him somehow. Why not? He was single and good looking. Her boy, fucking her. It turned her on a lot. But any such adventures down that road would be far off; there was an incestuous threesome to join tonight.

Claire arrived home in good cheer, dumping her luggage in the hallway and accepting the affectionate greetings of her sister and son. They went to the living room where Claire sat on the sofa, in between the other two, and listened to Mike and Kath's tales of what they'd been up to that weekend.
"So when she's coming over here tonight then?" Claire asked.
"Yup," confirmed Mike, "In about four or five hours. That's why I haven't insisted on giving you a welcome home fucking. We're going to be up all night screwing with Sarah."
"If we're off work tomorrow," began Kath, "pulling sickies, it should be an all nighter. Depending on our stamina of course."
"Excellent," declared Claire, "And don't worry about stamina. I've been without sex for over thirty-two hours and I'm busting for a good hump."
"Well, you'll have to wait for tonight mum," insisted Mike.
"In that case," his mother said as she stood up, "If you want me, I'll be upstairs having a lie down."
She left the room, and Mike flicked on the TV. Without any effort, they settled back into the roles of a normal family, Mike flicking through the channels to find some football whilst Kath picked up a woman's magazine from under the coffee table and sat back, casually stretching out and resting her feet on Mike's lap. He stroked his Aunt's white-sock clad feet as he settled down to watch telly.

Sarah held a bottle of wine as she waited on the doorstep. Only a short moment after she'd rang the bell, Mike - in his typically casual wear of faded jeans and a black T-shirt - opened the door.
"Whoa, you look hot," he gasped.
"Thank you," Sarah said. She wore a pair of white jeans and a white T-shirt so tight that her red bra underneath was easily visible. She stepped into the house and Mike closed the door behind her.
"Nice perfume," he said. Sarah liked the boy's compliments; he didn't have any need to seduce Sarah, so gave out compliments that were both casual and genuine. She gave him a long kiss on the mouth and asked to meet the boy's mum.
"This way," said Mike, and lead his guest up the stairs.
The master bedroom was well lit and smelled perfumed from the incense that had been burnt there earlier that afternoon. The curtains remained open to display the horizon as the sky - slashed with thin clouds - steadily grew more orange as dusk approached.
Naturally, Sarah paid scant attention to the sunset as she entered the room after Mike, looking instead to the bed where Kath lay naked. Sarah looked over and saw who she assumed was Claire, sitting at the dressing table and just taking out her ear-rings. Once she'd done so she turned and flashed her cheery smile at Sarah.
"Hiya," she greeted, "You must be Sarah."
Claire, wearing nothing but a fluffy pink dressing gown and her hair still wet from a recent shower, stood up and walked to her visitor.
"And you must be Claire," smiled Sarah, and the two women kissed as if they knew each other.
Claire admired Sarah's body, quickly finding herself smitten by the tall, slender woman in front of her with the pleasing face and overtly sexual look in her eyes. Though she was never bothered about her age too much, Claire was pretty aware that she was now three years away from turning forty. Sarah, who she'd been told was forty-six, offered plenty of evidence that a woman's looks and sexuality didn't end after hitting the supposedly dreaded four-oh.
Meanwhile, Mike closed the door to the bedroom and started undressing.
"My son," said Claire, proudly, "Keen as always. I am too of course. We've often liked the idea of being involved with someone else in our little orgies, but as what we're doing is technically illegal it's been difficult."
"Well," Sarah reassured her, "You don't have to worry about me, I'm game for anything. I've been doing a fair amount of fucking these last years but I've never been as turned as I have by this set up. Kath's all ready too."
Kath grinned cheekily as she lay nude on the bed, soon joined there by her nephew, now fully undressed. His cock was almost fully stiff already, and Kath grabbed it and gently frigged the boy.
"I don't think Mike's mentioned you without also mentioning your breasts in the same sentence," Sarah said as she reached out and undid Claire's dressing gown belt, "and I must say they he wasn't underestimating his praise."
Claire stood proud as her gown flopped open and revealing her nakedness beneath, her large, wobbling tits exposed. Sarah placed her hands on those breasts and fondled them whilst licking her lips, before moving in to kiss Claire on the lips, the two of them soon descending into a passionate snog. Claire reached round and gently placed her hand on the back of Sarah's neck as her tits were lovingly massaged and groped. Eventually, Sarah pulled away slightly and leaned down to suck hard on the other woman's nipples, sucking each one until they were stiff as bullets. Then she knelt and hungrily slurped at Claire's furry cunt, sliding her tongue in and out of the slit, whilst Claire shrugged off the dressing gown so that it landed in a heap behind her before running her hands through her lover's light blonde hair as she moaned in pleasure.
Mike and Kath watched all this from the bed as they frigged each other. Kath soon shuffled down and took her nephew's cock in her mouth and deep-throated him, Mike enjoying a nice, slurpy blow-job as he watched his mother get it on with another woman. Claire was now turning round and bending over with her hands on her knees, Sarah parting the arse cheeks presented to her and licking out the anus within. Once she'd given Claire a good rimming, she stood up and began hurridly stripping.
"Move over you two," Claire said to her sister and son, "Make way."
They did so, Kath getting on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed whilst Mike got behind her and cunt-fucked her doggy style. Next to them, Sarah - now naked - lay down on her back, Claire kneeling astride and kissing her body all over, sucking on Sarah's nipples, running her tongue up her belly before moving to her cunt which she licked out as thoroughly as hers had been moments earlier.
Soon enough, Sarah turned onto her knees and elbows and moaned in pleasure as her arse was licked out, Claire pushing her tongue to the arsehole and gently easing it in, frigging her own cunt and simultanesouly frigging Sarah's, which hung, dripping, beneath her tongue-impaled bum. Mike had a good view of this, and it inspired him to ease his prick from Kath's cunt. After giving his Aunt's bumhole a quick licking, he eased his slimy prick up there, buggering Kath whilst next to him his mother was strapping on a dildo which she proceeded to ease into Sarah's rectum.
The two of them humped alongside each other, occasionally looking over at each other and smiling as mother and son both performed an act of buggery on a woman simultaneously, sometimes matching each other's pace of thrusting.
Positions were swapped after a while, Claire now bent over and getting fucked, first vaginally then anally, by her dildo-wearing sister, whilst Mike was giving Sarah's arse a good seeing to.
When they broke up after fifteen-minutes, Sarah suggested the next activity.
"I wanna see Mike fuck you Claire," she insisted, "I want to see a lad bugger his own mum." Briefly, her own son's image entered her mind, which excited her more so.
"Think you can do that sweetheart?" asked Claire, grinning and getting down on all fours.
"Sure can mummy dearest," laughed Mike, and got up behind his mum and wobbled his thick rod between those bare buttocks. Sarah got on her knees next to Claire, watching intently as, slowly and steadily, Mike began to ease his prick into his mother's anus, Sarah immersed in the sight of Claire's rectum steadily swallowing up the boy's prick. Kath kept herself busy by thrusting the dildo she'd just fucked her sister with up Sarah's arsehole, which only added to the woman's joy.
"God I've missed this arse," Mike panted, "Even after a day-and-a-half, I've missed it mum."
"Oh fuck me sweety," gasped Claire, "Fuck my arsehole!"
"Fuck me Kath," Sarah was intoning as she frigged her cunt, "God fuck me!"
Sweat beginning to run down her forehead, Kath held Sarah firmly by the waist as she slammed the dildo back and forth, smiling triumphantly as she bought the woman to a wonderfully audible orgasm. She wasn't finished yet though, and after easing the dildo from Sarah's arsehole she pushed straight back into her cunt, Sarah panting with pleasure once more. Mike slid his prick from his mum's rectum and offered it to Sarah, who sucked hard on the cock, slurping noisily before helping the boy guide it back into Claire's bum.
"Cum on your mum's tits darling," ordered Sarah, "I want to lick it all off."
"No probs Sarah," said Mike, "I think I'll fuck your butt before I do though."
The four of them split up, and sweaty limbs waved in the air as they scrambled over each other on the bed to adjust positions. Finally, Sarah was laying on her back with her arse propped up on a pillow. She held her shins as she pulled her legs up to her chest and closed her eyes, feeling the delightful sensation of Mike's hard prick pushing it's way past her sphincter and into the depths of her rectal passage. Next to them, Kath and Claire were in a sixty-nine, lapping each other's cunts out and fingering their arseholes. Kneeling in front of Sarah, Mike gripped the woman's ankles and parted her legs, so that he could watch the look of orgasmic joy on her face as she was sodimized deeply. It occured to Mike that they should do something that would involve them all, so once they had shifted again, a daisy-chain was hastily built. Mike was on the end, stuffing his cock into Kath's arsehole, his aunt wearing a dildo that was fed up Sarah's arse who, finally, dildo-fucked in the arse Claire. The four bodies humped and ground together as one. The pace occassionally varied down the line, causing some confusion and more than one case of cocks - both plastic and real - popping out of bottoms, but it didn't seem to bother the four merry fuckers. In fact, it was the light-heartedness of the other three that made Sarah feel she'd met her ideal companions. Some of the women Sarah had fucked had been talking of relationships and committment, whilst the men often took it too seriously, feeling there was some macho obligation to show off how well they could perform. Couples from contact mags could be boring too; one pair submitting a formal list of sexual acts they did and didn't want to do. Sarah hadn't bothered meeting up with them.
However, these three seemed perfect for Sarah. Neither Kath, Claire or Mike seemed to have any inhibitions. And furthermore they didn't fuck to show how much they loved each other as a family, as one might have thought. They loved each other conventionally anyway, beyond the bedtime antics, and merely fucked because it was damn good fun. Sarah felt she'd be seeing a lot of this incestuous trio, whilst at the same that trio were realising that Sarah would be a perfect addition to their orgies.
Shorlty, Kath was laying back, still wearing a strap on, and her sister lay on top of her, facing upwards with the plastic prick in her butt. After briefly fucking his mother's juicy cunt, Mike knelt next to Claire and was skillfully jerked off by Sarah, her slender fingers gripping the hard shaft as she snapped his foreskin back and forth. The raging purple head of Mike's prick bulged, his eye's rolled back and his cries rose in volume. Finally, his sperm shot out in thick wads that seemed to go on forever, Sarah pumping the youthful cock in her hands whilst watching gleefully as Sarah's big titties were splashed and wadded with sticky semen.
Once the sperm fountain had ceased, Sarah licked Claire's tits, occasionally transferring cum from her mouth to Claire's, Kath underneath all the whiet gently fucking the dildo upwards into her sister's butt. Though his orgasm had been powerful, Mike knew his cock would be ready for action again soon, so got behind Sarah and started to slide his tongue into the woman's rectum.
Fisting was next on the menu. Claire was eager to have a go, but sat back and watched her sister go first. Sarah cunt-fisted Kath, getting her hand slimy with juices, before Kath got down with her arse in the air. Mike stuffed his prick into his mother's arse as the pair of them watched, transfixed, as Sarah's fist was steadily pushed in and up Kath's butt. Mike fisted her next, and finally Claire, who was dildo-fucked in the arse by Sarah whilst she buggered her own sister with her fist. Repeating last night's fun, Kath then had Mike fist her arse whilst Claire fisted her cunt, Kath crying out as orgasms ripped through her body.
Sarah's arse took her companion's fists next, and she too was subjected to simultaneous cunt and arse-fistings. Finally, Claire was on hands and knees.
First, Mike fisted his mother's cunt, frequently pulling out and fingering and rubbing the anus to slick it up even more than it already was. He had no problem slipping two finger's into his mum's arse, or three, so he went for all four fingers and thumb.
"Be gentle," Sarah warned as she watched on, "But don't hold back too much."
Claire was panting loudly and felt her body quivering with pleasure as her son's hand steadily worked it's way past her sphincter, finally popping through.
"Oh fuck that's good," she moaned, "That's fucking good Mikey, sweetheart. Oh yes!"
Eventually, Mike removed his hand then clenched his fist, which he reinserted into his mother's arsehole, accompanied by more shouts of pleasure. Meanwhile, whilst fisting his mum, Mike had turned his body slightly to enable him to push his cock into his aunt's pussy at the same time.
Sarah and Kath took their turns fisting Claire's bum, after which the all three women had a second round, Mike happily moving about the bed and shoving his cock up any anus that appeared to be otherwise unnocupied.
All four were slippery with sweat and tired when the clock hit 9:00PM, and Mike's prick was still rock hard, slightly reddened and soiled from having been pushed in and out of cunts and arseholes dozens of times since it's last orgasm.
"Time for a finale," he said, feeling fatigue tugging at him.
"What do you want to do honey?" asked his mother.
"Something special," grinned Mike.
He directed the four women, first positioning Kath on her back with her legs spread and raised, exposing her yawning arsehole. Claire was on her hands and knees over her sister, positioned slightly forwards so that her heavy tits dangled down into her Kath's face. Kneeling in front of this arrangement, Mike pushed his prick up Kath's rectum then steadily inserted his slimy right fist up his mother's. Finally, he had Sarah stand over the other two women, facing away from Mike. It was a little difficult for her to find a place to stand, with the writhing limbs and shiny, sweaty torsos beneath her, but eventually Sarah managed it, bending over and placing her hands on her knees with her arse in Mike's face. Raising his left arm, Mike steadily pushed his free fist up into Sarah's cunt, buring it to the wrist in the hot, tight confines between the woman's legs. Finally, he leaned forwards and kissed Sarah's anus before roughly shoving his tongue up there.
He was proud of the set-up he'd created, all three women gasping in pleasure as they were all seen to by the boy. Sarah was being lovingly cunt fisted whilst the 14-year-old's tongue wiggled and thrashed it's way into her rectum. Claire had her son's fist gently twisting round one way, then the other, in her arse whilst her sister sucked hard on her nipples. Finally, as Kath suckled on Claire's tits, her nephew's cock was drilling into her bowels. She could actually feel the boy's prick swell up when he finally approached orgasm ten minutes later, and her guts were flooded with sperm. With his face buried in Sarah's arse, Mike's cries of delight were muffled, and he felt one of the most powerful climaxes of his life as his cum pumped out whilst his prick was gripped by Kath's sphincter.
It took a few moments for them all to break up from the position and finally sprawl out on the bed, limbs intwined, Mike resting his head on his mothers belly whilst Sarah and Kath lay in each other's arms. It didn't take long for the musky room to be filled with the sound of snoring as the foursome plunged into well deserved sleep, dreaming of the fun they'd have tomorrow, and beyond.
It'd been four years since Sarah had fully flung herself into her mission of filling her widowhood with as many sexual adventures as possible, whilst five months had passed since Kath and Claire had seduced Mike. But all of them knew, as they slept, that the real fun was only just beginning.


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Oops! I meant to add my avatar to my comment about Mike being anally screwed by all the women. Should anyone wish to correspond, please do. Sanctobosco

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A marvelously sexy story with only one (obvious?) element missing. Why didn't any, or indeed all of the women fist fuck Mike, or at least use a dildo in his ass?
That scenario would have made a thrilling climax (excuse the pun!) to a wonderful tale.
I trust I'll be reading more soon? Please?


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It's stories like these that make me self concious about mine! Your amazing at writing and it makes mine look like poo!! Bravo, keep writing Id love to see more from you!!

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Wow... I have said that the milk stories were the best on numerous counts... But your work is amazing. Not only sexy and naughty, but grammatically and taking plot into consideration... This is the best story I have ever read on here. Thank you for writing and please continue.

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Very good, keep writing.

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