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This is the final episode of this series
This is the sequel to and final episode of 'Sarah left me 1 to 9'. You will not understand anything unless you read them first.


For five years now, Sarah and I have hosted a fuckfest every Friday night, except for one month each year when we go away on holiday. The numbers have grown to about 30, although on any one night we rarely have more than 25 or fewer than 20. My favourite fuck, always my first of the night, is in Wendy's arse; now days there is always someone else fucking her cunt at the same time. Often it's her husband, Steven, but not always.

Of the 12 participants at our first fuckfest only John has dropped out. He was a regular until he met and fell in love with Cindy. Cindy was horrified when he told her about our Friday nights and refused to attend with him, so he chose love over lust. Cindy and John come to dinner often, bringing their new baby, Jane, but they never come near us on Friday nights. At least she does not refuse to meet us.

Apart from Friday nights we are just a 'normal', loving, happy family, albeit a larger family than we were five years ago. Soon after Angie and Harriet started their final year of school, Harriet turned up at our place one night weeping copiously. Her mother had somehow discovered something about Harriet's promiscuity and there had been an awful row. Harriet said that she never wanted to go home to her parents again.

Sarah and I finally managed to convince her that we both loved her like a daughter and would be happy to have her move in permanently with us. Getting her belongings from her parents' place was a bit tricky, but somehow Sarah managed it and Harriet has lived with us ever since. Harriet and Angie often have Tom and Dick stay the night with them.

When I say that we are a 'normal' family, I mean that we all love each other and work together happily as a family. We still only have two very large beds, plus cots for the babies. Each night we end up in bed with someone different. If Tom and Dick are with us Angie and Harriet sleep with them, and fuck them in what used to be Angie's bed, and the rest of us sleep in what used to be my bed (originally Sarah's and my bed) and fuck in various combinations. On other nights, when Tom and Dick aren't with us, the bed allocations are completely random

Then, towards the end of that year, while Angie and Harriet were preparing for their final exams, Harriet came to me and asked me to father the baby that she wanted. Obviously that wasn't something that I was going to agree to without discussing it with everyone else in the family. I was astonished to witness the maternal instincts that this discussion unleashed. All 'my' girls wanted me to give Harriet a baby, and they all wanted to be part of that baby's close family.

Harriet stopped her birth control and limited herself to me fucking her in the cunt, although the other two holes were OK for anyone else. Poor Harriet had to sit her final exams while suffering severe morning sickness. More than once she had to walk out of an exam, accompanied by an invigilator, to throw up in the toilet, then return to try to concentrate on the exam paper. She passed all her exams despite the difficulties. When her baby was born we all doted on him. So our little family had grown again.

Slut changed her name back to Lilly. “After all,” as she put it, “I love being a slut, but I'm no more a slut than Sarah, Angie, or Wendy.” Lilly completed her PhD with high praise from her supervisor, who secured for her a two year postdoc in Hawaii which gave her observing time on the telescope on top of the mountain on the island of Maui. This observatory is so high that astronomers and others working there have to take special precautions to avoid altitude sickness. Lilly loved the work, although she missed us, her adopted family, desperately.

While she was in Hawaii she took a series of lovers who satisfied her need to be fucked, but not to be loved. During those two years Sarah and I took Angie, Harriet and Harriet's son, Phil junior, to Hawaii for our annual holidays. While we were there, the sex with Lilly and all of us was really franticly enthusiastic. When the two years were up, Lilly got a permanent job on the strength of the papers that she had had published back in Sydney. It was great to have her back with us again. And not just on Friday nights!

Angie decided to have a gap year, and a baby, before going on to Uni. Before she went off birth control she discussed it with the extended family. All the girls agreed that another baby would be wonderful. Harriet offered to be a stay-at-home mum and look after the two babies so Angie went ahead. She does not know who the father is as she just continued fucking all comers. The only exception is that she would not let me fuck her cunt, because she did not want an in bread child.

Angie went on to study Science at Uni, although she is going to take another year off next year because she and Harriet are both pregnant again. Harriet's baby is again mine, the father of Angie's baby is again unknown. Our little family is about to grow even bigger!

I am so happy that Sarah left me for a time because without that, all this happiness would never have eventuated. Of course I am even happier that she came back too.

THE END of 'Sarah left me'.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-02-09 06:30:22
Good writing about a shitty topic, after she left she would not be allowed to return for any reason! Once a cheating whore always a cheating whore!

Anonymous readerReport

2014-09-28 20:29:09
Sadly, I have only recently becmoe interested in textiles as mixed media so have only just discovered Sarah's work.My book arrived today and it is just lovely. Every page provides inspiration.There are many techniques and ideas that I have never come across before. To describe Sarah as talented would be a great understatement. This book is a wonderful legacy left for all crafters.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-29 19:24:08
At first I wanted to throw Sarah to the wolves but I guess that if her husband can accept her back I will say nothing else (I know that it is just a story). Quite a good story, in fact. I am a medical professional and think that it is stupid for Angie to not know the father in case her babies have medical problems but, again, it is just a story. Let the little bastards die needlessly, just so Mommy gets her wishes and whims fulfilled.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-10 02:50:35
good series except the ending was just too short coming but I gave it a positive rating none the less

anonymous readerReport

2012-12-13 02:02:57
Well that was a shitty ending after such a great series

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