The story of the wild night in the life of a high school freshman.
My name is Sean. I'm 14 years old and am a high school freshman, and this story is about two of the most beautiful girls at the entire school.
I told you that I'm 14 but I didn't tell you yet that I'm 6'4" and 280 lbs. No, I am not fat, its actually muscle. Most of it anyway. Needless to say a high school student my size must be a football player, and this story takes place on homecoming night.

I just finished my 9th hour computer art class, and now all I still have to get through is English before I can go home. I head out the door and up the stairs to the left, up, and up, and up I go from the 1st to the 3rd floor. Two more left turns and I'm inside the classroom, again. This familiar place is crowded as always. A lot of people have their friends come in to chat for a few minuets before they have to get to their next class, and today is no exception. I make my way past the crowd of faces to my desk in the back, and I sit down and just wait for a few minuets for the bell to ring and for the teacher to enter the classroom. Finally it rings and the last of the speeding students file into the classroom followed by Mrs. Jaeger.

Normally this class is boring as hell, but there is one thing that always keeps it interesting: Mrs. Jaeger. She is hot, only 24 years old, with what appears to be about a 34-C bust line. Her hair falls back just below her shoulder blades, and the light brunette color with blonde streaks is always inviting. Today she wore her hair in the usual "combo" of straight and long curls, so there was nothing too interesting. I actually fell asleep that day with only 10 minuets left in the class. When I woke up, she looked pleased to see me, I looked around to find that all the desks were moved around the room because we did a group activity and no one moved there desks. I also found them all empty.

"Hey Sean" she called "would you mind giving me a hand with all this?"
"No problem." I said.

I was wearing my Wildcats jersey because we won yesterday, and the coach was so pleased with our performance that he cancelled practice today. After helping out, I decided that I would stay a while and chat with Mrs. Jaeger. I already missed the bus and the only way I was getting home was using the payphone to call my dad who wouldn't be off work for another 2 hours. We started talking about work, what her husband did, what my parents did. I don't even remember how we got on the subject of being single. I was single at the time and wasn't going to homecoming tonight. She asked me who I thought was the best looking girl in the freshman class. I blushed a little because, in my opinion, it was someone who happened to be in the same class as me.

After a few seconds I admitted: "Probably Sam."
"Samantha?" she said sounding surprised.
"Yeah, that it."
"Ya know, a lot of students tell me I look like I could be her older sister." She said.
"You don't say." I replied. They did look a lot alike, with the same hair color, almost the same bust size, and a similar sense of fashion. But the one thing that separates them more then anything else is the eyes. While Sam has a hazel color, Mrs. Jaeger's eyes are a light blue. That and the fact that Sam is probably 8 inches shorter then her.

"So, are you single now?" She asked with a sense of innocence.
"Yeah, I am." I replied.
"You don't talk very much, do you?"
"Well, it depends on the situation, sometimes ill hardly say a word, but if I care about what I'm talking about then Ill probably get into it more."
"So what kinds of things do you like to talk about?"
Surely she must be kidding, I thought. Usually I just talked with my friends about how hot she is. "Uhhhh, well? I guess what most other guys my age like to talk about." Good save, I thought.
"Oh really, then can I ask you a personal question?"
"Sure, go ahead."
"How far have you, ya know, 'gone' with a girl before?"
At this I was completely taken aback, My English teacher is asking me about my sex-life. "Well, not that far to be honest."
"Like what," she continued, "just making out, or has it gone further?"
Now I knew something was up, I looked at her, and she stared into my eyes as though she were a lioness who had just spotted a wounded dear on the side of the road. "I've gone farther then that." I said, trying to make myself look cool (in fact, that was as far as I had gotten with my best friends sister before my friend got off the phone).
"Have you ever had a girlfriend?" she asked, "Like in a steady relationship?"
"No, not really."
She got up, made sure the door was locked, and then turned to me and said, "Good, I want to be your first."
Immediately, a rush of feelings went through me that I had never felt before. I was thinking of the consequences of what I could do next, and the words "what about your husband" raced through my head a dozen times, but never did I ask. She began to unbutton her top, and I started to get a hard on.
"Don't worry, this is something I know you've wanted to do for a long time." She said, "And ive wanted this too."
I was stunned, speechless, and overall confused. Finally I got the nerve to ask, "Why are you doing this?"
"Why not?" she said, sounding surprised.
"Because you're my teacher and you'll get fired if we do anything. I could even get you fired right now."
"Then I'll just have to make sure you keep your mouth shut."
Her blouse fell off her shoulders and fell to the floor, and she immediately began unbuckling my belt. I just sat there because she seemed to know what she was doing. My belt was off and she began to pull my jeans down. I was there in my jersey with only my boxers between my now rock hard tool and the youngest teacher at the school. I never knew that she had such a side, as she pulls down my boxers just enough to release my seven-inch tool from its confinement. She began to stroke it up and down and I squirmed from the intense pleasure, faster and faster she went until she took the entire length into her mouth. Because of football, I hadn't been able to jack off for some time and my cock was ready to launch a load at any time.
"Uh, god." I said in disbelief. She just sucked harder until I was just about ready to burst. "I'm gonna," I started, but she stopped immediately.
"It will be better this way." She said. My cock began to soften from the cold air around it. She stood up, and undid her bra. Dropping it behind her back, it fell on top of her blouse, and she began to unzip her skirt.
Standing up, I followed suit and took off my jersey. The coach didn't want them to be dirty, so I folded it and put it on top of a desk. I dropped my boxers to my feet, stood up, and started to move closer to her. I kissed her passionately and she returned the favor. She was the first one to use tongue, and I invited it in without consideration. I put my arms around her and pushed her back on the long table at the front of the room. She lay down on her back and I began to trail my kisses downward. First to her neck, then to her collarbone. I took my time and caressed her breast. She moaned with pleasure and writhed under my hand.
"Oh god, I thought you've never done this before." She said.
"I haven't, but I'm not as innocent as you think. I've learned the feather touch technique, but just not through experience."
"I would have never guessed."
"I hear that more often every year." At this we both started laughing, at this whatever nervousness I had was completely erased.

Her nipples stood at attention, partly because of the cold air around it, but mostly because of my touch. I kissed her upper-most rib, and kissed every one on the way down. Of course, I snuck an extra lick in on her nipple. My hand moved all around her right breast and brushed lightly over her nipple while my head moved lower. I reached the last rib and centered myself right over the middle of her stomach. I continued to move lower, slowly, and she moved her body like an excited child. Finally I reached her panties. I looked up at her and smiled, and she looked down and nodded her head. I pulled her white cotton panties down and stood up.
"Why are you stopping?" She said.
"Its better this way." I said mocking her. She began to sit up, "Lay down, I just want to look at you."
"Why would you want to do that?" She said.
"You would have to be looking at one of gods most beautiful creations to now that." I said trying to sound older.
She just looked up into my eyes and said, "I already am."
I began to blush at her remark, she just laid her head down and told me to do what I wanted with her. Needless to say, I got back to business. I began again just where I left off. I placed my hand her bellybutton and slowly sent it down toward her most precious region. She parted her legs to let my hand trail down to her closed pussy lips. She offered me no more help, as it became my job to drive her wild. I parted the folds and brought my head down to match her level. I began to eat her out, slowly at first, but gradually faster and faster. Then I found her most sensitive spot and I taunted her like I never thought I would be able to.
I shoved two fingers into her vagina and my tongue swirled around her clit without actually touching it. She moaned loudly, and screamed for me to finish her off, but this was revenge for her being such a tease before. Her moans became less rhythmic and I decided to have mercy, but not without making sure that she would never forget it.
"Oh, god. Oh, god. Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck. Please keep going, oh god, don't stop."
She continued like that for almost a minuet as my tongue dashed all over her clit. My two fingers were pumping in and out of her and she screamed on for more. Finally she pushed herself over the edge, and my soaked fingers became a soaked hand. She screamed almost as if she was in labor, and it was one the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard.

After it was over, she began to calm down. But I was surprised to hear moans coming again, this time more muffled and softer. As if it was coming from a distance. I looked toward the classroom, and next to Sam's desk, I saw a backpack. Stunned, I looked at the back door and saw Sam leaning against the wall on the other side of the door, with one hand down her pants, and another grasping her exposed tit. I immediately looked back at Mrs. Jaeger and walked up closer to her head.
I kissed her and said, "We have a visitor."
She just looked at me and said, "Is it Sam?"
"Yes, how did you know?"
"I told her to come by."
"Why would you do that?" I said.
"I knew you liked her from the start, you looked like you were ready to marry her the first day of class. She said that she liked you too, but wanted to see you in action first."
"You could have told me."
"Yeah but I like it this way, its more exciting."
"Oh really? Well then, lets give her a real show." And I lifted her shoulders until she was sitting upright. She nodded toward me and, as she moved toward the blackboard, glanced at Sam. They made eye contact, and she leaned up against the blackboard.
"Is this good?" She said. She moved her lips in a very exaggerated way.
"Perfect" I said. I walked back toward my desk.
"Where are you going?" She said.
"To get a condom." I replied.
"I'm 24 and I'm married, I don't want kids so why would you need a condom?"
"Your on the pill?"
"Exactly, so you don't have to worry about that. But I do wonder why a single freshman would be carrying condoms with him?"
"My brother told me it would be a good idea, he said that I never know when the opportunity would arise."
"If Sam keeps this up, you might still need those condoms."
I walked back her way and got ready to do something I woke up thinking I wouldn't do for years. I was going to lose my virginity. To make it more outstanding, I'm losing it to my English teacher, while my crush watched us, and got off to it.
"You ready?" she said.
I said nothing, only moved closer, until I was set to insert myself into her. She was still wet from before so it slid in easily. She closed her eyes, and lifted her view, as if she was looking at the ceiling. She also exhaled, hard and fast.
"Oh, I love this part." She said.
Then, I reached down from under her and lifted her up onto the little shelf that hangs off the bottom for the chalk. I heard moaning from two sources again, and I began to pump in and out of her. Harder and harder, all the while she moaned louder and louder. It was almost exaggerated, I thought, as it was much louder then before, and this time there was no way I could stimulate her clit. But then I heard the second source get louder as well and I knew what she was doing.
I continued my pace, into her deeper and deeper with every thrust. I couldn't believe it, but I heard Sam's moaning now above Mrs. Jaeger, and they both seemed to be competing to see who could scream the loudest. I started to suck on her nipple and she began to writhe from the increased stimulation. She lifted her legs up on the table that she was lying on before, and began to move her hips in tune with my own to make our pubic bones collide with each thrust.
Now she began to moan more like last time, and I just took that as a sign to keep going. I pumped harder, and began to feel an increased stimulation between my own legs. She became less rhythmic in her moans and began to scream for me to keep fucking her. The tingling became stronger and I felt the tension in my cock start to grow. The pressure mounted as she screamed louder then ever before. We came simultaneously.
I was completely spent, and Mrs. Jaeger was too. Her legs dropped and she put her entire weight on my hips. Instinctively, I held her and turned around. I placed her on the table, kissed her, and looked up at Sam. I saw her sweating, and looking just as exhausted as I was. I watched her for a while, and she put her bra on and her shirt. Then she looked up at my and her teacher. She saw me, made eye contact, and then her face turned white. I was smiling, but she was stunned. I moved toward the front door, and she took off in the other direction.
I looked back at Mrs. Jaeger, who had fallen asleep stark naked on the table. I walked back in, got dressed, got my backpack, and started to leave. I stopped to kiss Mrs. Jaeger one last time, and headed toward the back door. I opened it, and saw three pieces of paper where Sam was. Two of them were yellow, and small. While the other was a sheet of loose-leaf paper. On it, was seven numbers, Sam's phone number. The other two, were tickets to the homecoming dance. Apparently, I now had a date.

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