This is the first in a group of stories that I am writing as a project I’ve wanted to take on for some time. It is a continuing saga of a young male and his sexual adventures, as well as growing adventures from childhood until his mid-twenties. Some of the stories are pure fiction, some of them are taken from the authors experiences and some are wishful fantasies. If you have read some of my other stories, you will know that I take my time between sexual glimpses into the main character, in this case Ben Morgan. It may seem tedious to some readers but you’ve had fair warning. If the name sounds familiar to some of you, I started this series but halted it because of low readership. I hope you will enjoy this effort more than before. Your comments are always welcome, but please make them meaningful.
About in the middle of the 500 block of Church Street in Middletown, sits the home of the Morgan family, Roger Morgan, his first wife Lucile, her two daughters, Carol and Sharon and Roger and Lucile’s son Benjamin, that’s me. This was the home I grew up in. It was large, but not too large. It was definitely a house befitting the owner, upper middle class, but by no means the largest or the nicest on the Church Street. Church Street, now that was an ironic name for the street on which so many unholy events took place.

My father was the pharmacist in town, had been for many years. He married my mother who was a Viet Nam War widow with two little girls. I should mention that he “had to marry” my mother after he got her pregnant. Everyone in town who could count knew that I was illegitimate, but being a smallish town, nothing was ever said, not that I heard anyway.

My mother was always kind of sickly, even before my father knocked her up. Maybe that’s why everyone always took my mother’s side. Even after I was born, when my mother’s health took a turn for the worst, everybody blamed my father. I heard about this several years later.

My sisters, or actually my stepsisters, were eight and four years old when I was born. My mother had been widowed two years when she met my father, so they were mere children when my parents got married. My memories of my oldest sister, Carol, were pleasant ones, full of happy times. She was fun and always smiling. Being the oldest, she was my designated babysitter until I was about six or so. Then something happened that made her change. Those wonderful memories of a smiling, fun loving sister, turned into memories of a sullen, hateful tyrant who was mad at the entire world.

As my memories grew more coherent, Carol became more distant, until one day during her junior year in high school, she moved out of the house and went to live with her girl friend. She had changed physically as well as emotionally. Where once she was a beautiful young lady, she had become an overweight, short haired girl, wearing baggy men’s clothing all the time. I didn’t know what made her change, but I didn’t like it.

After Carol moved in with her friend, I started noticing Father’s propensities towards drink. Not to say that he was merely a social drinker, because he started doing some real heavy drinking. My mother and father had the entire upper floor to themselves; her bedroom, his bedroom, their bathes and his immense study/office/drinking room. This is where he spent most of his off hours, upstairs, alone, drinking in his hideaway. I later discovered that he would consume an entire bottle of Scotch Whiskey every night.

My mother also spent most of her hours upstairs in her room by herself. Her illness prevented her any visitors or any real contact with the outside world. She had a degenerative nerve condition that was slowly strangling the life out of her. She could barely function, much less be a meaningful mother figure to us kids, not to mention a loving partner and wife to my father. This was the family that I born into, totally dysfunctional.

The memories of my youth are somewhat sketchy at best. After Carol left the house, Sharon took over as my primary care giver. Sissy, as I had always called her, was twelve when her sister took off. She was barely old enough to know what to do with her eight year-old little brother, but managed to muddle through on gut feelings and an unbelievable intuition. We would fix our own meals, clean up after we ate and she made sure my homework was always completed, checked and neatly placed it in my backpack before I could bathe myself and go to bed.

My parents had the upstairs, so that left us with the downstairs. We shared a bath, but we had rather comfortably sized bedrooms on either side of the bath. Carol’s room and a guest room filled out the downstairs bedroom wing. I liked the arrangement because I could always tell when my father was up and moving around upstairs. I could hear him when he would come down the stairs late at night.

One night, when I was around nine or so, I was awakened by a loud noise of some sort. It sounded like a cry of pain. Was I dreaming or did I really hear something. I lay quietly for several moments, waiting for the noise to happen again. Suddenly, there it was! It was a cry, a girls cry. It sounded like Sissy! I sprang from my bed to offer her some aid just as my father stepped out of her room and closed the door. Spotting me looking at him, he said, hastily, “Sharon was having a bad dream. I settled her down. She’s doing fine now, go back to bed, Ben.”

I retreated back into my room and to my bed, but couldn’t go back to sleep easily. Did I hear it again? It was softer this time, almost like a girl crying. It almost sounded like Sissy was crying. I thought, “What are you crying about, Sissy, you just had a bad dream.”

I continued to grow up as I aged into a gawky seventh-grader, full of myself and as of yet, I had no idea how much I didn’t know. Sissy’s insistence on my homework being correct started paying dividends, however, as I found my education to be easy, yet fulfilling and stimulating. I started receiving praise and high marks from my teachers as they all met the challenge of mentoring a gifted student. Plus my home-life was more than pleasant, at least as far as my sister was concerned.

Being alone in a big house, except for mother, confined upstairs in her room, who we faithfully checked on everyday after school, we really had a free reign to do what we wanted, when we wanted. As a result, we became very close step-siblings. Sissy didn’t treat me as a “kid brother” but instead as an equal, as a friend and I liked that. She never had to “tell” me to do anything. If she wanted me to do something, all she had to do was ask. She knew I would comply and I knew she would never ask for anything unreasonable. That was the way I grew up.

We divided up the chores around the house, with Sissy doing most of the cooking, laundry and domestic work, leaving me with the outside work like the trash removal, lawn-care and outside cleaning of the house. Although Sissy would, on occasion, encourage me to try my hand at cooking, which I thoroughly enjoyed, we kept pretty much to our designated chores. So, one Saturday morning about nine in the morning, I announced that I was going to mow the lawn and Sissy said she would start the week’s laundry.

After about a half hour of mowing, the call of nature rang my name, so I went into the house to relieve myself. Walking to the bathroom and opening the door, I was shocked at what I found. There in front of me were the bare ass cheeks of Sissy, staring right back at me. She had gotten out of the shower and was drying her hair while bending over. Her ass was pointed right at the doorway and when I entered, well, there it was.

I was shocked, disbelieving my eyes and totally embarrassed all at the same time. I just stood there with my mouth wide open. Sissy screamed and yelled at me, “Benny, what the hell are you doing? Get out! Close your mouth and get the fuck out of here! Can’t you knock? My God, Benny,” covering herself with the towel, she slammed the door in my face.

I stood there, wondering what had just happened. Did I see Sissy’s ass? Did I just see her dark hair between her legs? Did this just happen to me? As the door knob started to turn, I hurriedly turned towards my room and made my exit from the scene. A voice stopped me in my tracks. It was Sissy’s and she said, “Benny, I’m sorry for yelling at you like that. But you started me and I was in a rather awkward position when you walked in on me. I over reacted, will you forgive me?”

I tried to speak but nothing came out. All I could say was “I…I…I…” and then stared at her now towel covered body. Her wet hair hung down over her shoulders but the look on her face told me she was being earnest with her apology. I finally found a bit of that intelligence that the teachers were so proud of and answered, “O Sissy, I’m so sorry for barging in on you like that. I really didn’t think anyone was in there, really. I didn’t mean to see your …” my voice trailed away.

“I know you didn’t, Benny, I know,” and she slowly headed back into the bathroom. She was shutting the door when she stopped and thought a second. Sticking her head back out of the door, she asked, “Benny, have you ever seen a girl’s body before?”

My eyes got big and the blood must have drained from my face. I searched for the courage to answer truthfully, but all I could do was muster a waggle of my head in the negative. Then the unthinkable happened. Sissy grinned a little and came up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her bedroom. My feet and legs followed boldly, but my mind and sole were still in denial, but they complied anyway. When we reached her room, she pulled me in and closed the door behind me.

“Benny, would you like to see my body? Would you like to touch it?” she asked.

Again, my voice failed me and I looked at her with my eyes wide and my mouth open.

“Come over here and sit down beside me,” she directed as she sat down on the edge of her bed. She patted the bed beside her as I followed her commands and took my place next to her. My brain was racing. Was this really happening to me? I’m only twelve years old and I’m going to see Sissy’s naked body.

Sissy smiled at me when I sat down and her hands went up to the top of her towel gathered under her arms. Without moving her eyes from mine, she released the towel from her chest and it slowly dropped away and fell in a heap at her lap. I couldn’t believe my eyes, because right there beside of me were two beautiful, firm breasts, just waiting to be touched.

All I could do was to stare them with my eyes still wide and my mouth still open. They were fixed upon the sight, unmoving and not blinking. Suddenly, Sissy’s voice broke my trance with a suggestion. “Do you want to touch them?” she asked. “Here,” she said, taking my hand, “place your touch on them like this.” She moved my hand up to her globe and gently touched the soft skin on her left breast. The sensation was breathtaking.

“O Benny, that’s it. Caress it softly with your touch. Feel the skin tingle under your touch. Rub my nipple now, take’s it slowly, smoothly. Feel it harden under your touch. Now take it into your palm. Take’s right, take the whole thing into your palm and squeeze it softly yet firmly.” She started pressing forward a little when her nipple hardened and her breath became deeper and a little faster.

“Do you like the feeling of making my nipple hard?” she asked with a little excitement in her voice.

I managed an “Uh huh,” as my eyes were glued to my hand on her breast.

“Then touch the other one,” she commanded and turned her body to receive my other hand.

Now I had both hands on both of her breasts, touching, rubbing and caressing them. I stared at her nipples and after making each as hard as I could, put my entire hand over them and squeezed gently. I didn’t know what else to do, so I kept up the motion for awhile until I heard her say, “O Benny, you do that so well. Would you like to kiss them, right on the nipple?”

I was running on pure adrenalin by this time so without thinking, I moved my mouth closer and kissed her breasts, right on the nipple where she asked me to. She let out with a soft, little moan and then proceeded to lie back on the bed, taking me with her. Her breasts flattened out a little as she lay on her back, but my lips never moved from my kiss.

“Suck on my nipples,” she commanded rather abruptly in a husky voice. “Open your mouth, take it in and suck on it. O Benny, that’s right, it feels so good. Keep it up, suck on it hard. Yes, harder. Now the other one. That’s it, Benny, suck on it, too. Harder!”

I had one hand on each side of her, supporting my weight as I put my face down upon her breasts. As I continued to suckle, she gave me another command. “Benny, get rid of the towel around me. Take it out from under me and throw it on the floor.” With that given, she opened up the towel exposing her crotch to my eyes and then lifting her hips off of the bed so I could do as I was commanded. I pulled on the towel and it cleared her hips, and then it was free to be disposed of.

My eyes went directly to her hairy patch between her legs. I was mesmerized by my first sight of a girl’s crotch and I could have look at it forever. But Sissy had other ideas. “Do you want to touch it, Benny? Go ahead and put your hand down on my pussy. Cup your hand around it and squeeze firmly. O Benny, that’s it, O yes, squeeze it firmly.”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing to Sissy. She wanted me to and I was more than willing, even if she had to tell me everything to do. I was a fast and eager learner and anything Sissy wanted me to do, I would do.

“Benny, put your middle finger down between my legs. Down further, that’s right, further, right there. O yes Benny, now curl your finger up in my opening and shove it in. Do you feel that rough spot up there, curl it more, do you feel that? Rub it hard right there. O yes, faster. O Benny, yes faster, harder. That’s right. O yes, Benny. Now move your thumb up my slit and…O BENNY, YES, you found it! Rub it hard! Put your finger up me! Rub my knob harder, HARDER! O BENNY, YES, O YES…”

She suddenly stiffened up, arching her back and making a terrible face. She let out with a cry that caused me to lighten up the pressure I was applying to her “knob” and with my middle finger. She cried out with encouragement, “O please Benny, harder, please HARDER!” Then she grabbed my hand and roughly removed it from her crotch. She shook for a little while and then fell silent. Rolling onto her side, she proceeded to doze off.

I sat there and wondered what to do next. Since she didn’t move or say a word, I decided to get up and leave the room. But not before I took one more look at her naked body, curled up in a knot on her side. Only then did I realize that my thing was sticking straight out and it started to hurt. I left the room and went directly into my own. I felt so uncomfortable with my thing sticking out, I had to go in and see what was happening to me.

As I entered my room, I felt an uncontrollable urge to touch my erect, stiff pole down between my legs. I slid down my zipper and unbuttoned my pants and then probed it with my hand, the same hand that moments ago had been in Sissy’s crotch hole. That thought made me ache even more down there and as I touched it, it jerked and started moving on its own. It felt good when I touched it and even better when I rubbed it. Now I took it out of my shorts and started running my hand up and down on it. The more I rubbed, the better it felt.

Over and over I rubbed it and the better and better it felt. I was rubbing it faster and harder now and the feeling started getting intense, when suddenly a funny sensation came over me. It started down between my legs with a warm glowing throb. It spread rapidly to my pulsating pole and then, to my surprise, that feeling came right out of the hole in my thing and started spitting out in streams of white sticky stuff. Squirt after squirt came out. My knees buckled as I fell onto my bed with that white stuff squirting out of me, making a mess wherever it landed.

I lay there, catching my breath, fighting the urge to drift off to sleep. I rolled over onto my tummy and the sensation returned between my legs. I squeezed my thighs together and the last of the stuff came oozing out onto my bedspread. I didn’t care anymore; I just relaxed and enjoyed the final sensation.

I must have drifted off, because I was awakened with a start as someone was tapping at my door. I hurriedly got up and pulled on my zipper and buckled my pants. “It’s just me, Benny,” it was Sissy voice just a little louder than a whisper. I struggled to the door and opening it. I found my Sissy, wearing a tee-shirt and shorts standing in the doorway, looking radiant.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay,” she said, looking down at my crotch area. It was covered with drying white stuff. I must have turned several shades of red because when I looked up, Sissy was smiling. She said simply, “Benny, thank you for being with me today. You made me feel so wonderful. Next time, I’ll make that stuff come out of you so you won’t have to.”

Did I hear her right? Did she say “Next time”? I tried to shout back to her, “How about NOW? I want you to make it come out of me NOW!” But all that I managed to say was, “Okay.”

As I turned a brilliant color of red, she smiled a knowing smile and said, “You had better get back out and finish mowing the lawn before your father comes home.” Then she turned back to her room to fetch her laundry.

All I could think of was her saying “Next time,” there will be a “next time”, Sissy said so. It kept ringing in my ears; there will be a “next time”.

I waited patiently the next night for her to knock at my door and then the next night and the next. I waited all week, every night. I heard father going down the stairs on occasion, he was restless as usual, but I didn’t hear the sound that I desperately was waiting to hear; the sound of her sweet voice behind my closed door. Days turned into weeks and still no “next time”. After waiting every night, I would pull it out to play with it and imagine I was touching Sissy’s nipples and crotch. It always ended the same with me squirting my stuff all over the place and me having to clean up after myself.

Finally, I got wise and would squirt it into a dirty sock or handkerchief or something handy like that. I didn’t think she would notice the stain when she did my laundry on Saturdays but she did. On one Saturday morning as I was walking by her room on my way out to mow the lawn, she yelled out to me saying, “Benny, would you step in here a second. I want to talk to you a minute.”

I stopped my exit and returned to her room. Sticking my head in the door, I said, “Yeah Sissy, what’s up?”

She looked up at me from her bed where she was sitting and she patted the edge of the bed, indicating for me to sit down. My heart was racing. The last time I was invited to sit down on her bed, well, I liked what happened next.

When I was seated, she put her hand out and touched my arm gently, softly, almost like a caress. The sensation was electrifying. I felt a knot start to develop in my throat as I looked down at her hand resting on my arm.

“Benny, I made a promise to you about a month ago that I haven’t fulfilled yet and I’m sorry for that,” she began. “I’ve been real busy with school stuff and my friends and stuff. You know how it goes. I’ve noticed that you have been trying to rectify your situation on your own and by the number of stains on your socks and underwear, I’m guessing that you might need some help.”

I could feel the blood rushing up to my face as I turned a bright color of red. I’ve been discovered. She knew that I squirted my stuff out and I assume she knew what I was thinking when I did it. I was mortified. But it was her fault; after all, she started the whole thing

She slid down from her perch up at the head of the bed to join me at the edge. The skirt that she was wearing rode up her legs and by the time she swung them over the edge I could see right up her skirt and her white panties were staring back at me. All of a sudden, the blood was diverted to another place.

“Stand up and turn towards me,” she directed me into position. As I stood up in front of her, she reach out her hands and I felt them go to my button to my pants and then to my zipper. With a slight tug downwards, they slid past my hips and fell down to my ankles. I was shocked. I’ve never let a girl see me in my underwear, except the nurse when she gave me a shot and that was for medical reasons. But now, here I stood in front of Sissy, in my underwear and my pole was sticking straight out.

That caught her attention and she slowly took it in her hand and started rubbing it gently, back and forth. I almost died right there. It jerked a little when she stroked it and I didn’t make it move at all. Then she smiled and said, “I think it likes to be touched don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” I gulped between deep breathes.

“Well, let’s see if it would like to come out and play,” she said as she pulled my underwear down to join my pants. I couldn’t believe it. Now I was naked from the waist down in front of Sissy, and I was loving it.

I had just started to develop down there so I had only a mustache for pubic hair and my thing wasn’t that big. But it was growing and I was proud of its size. Sissy reached out and rubbed it with her hands as she said, “Now does that feel better big guy?” I appreciated the comment about being big but the tingling down between my legs was starting to become an urgent need.

“Sissy, I’m going to squirt!” I said in a panic.

“Well, isn’t that the idea?” she said with a grin on her face.

“But I want it to last. I don’t want it to squirt out yet,” I exclaimed.

She thought for a moment and then stopped her rubbing and her hands went up to my tee shirt and she raised it up over my head. This distraction was timely and I got control of my passion before I let loose. She threw my shirt on the floor and reached down and removed my pants and underwear over my shoes. She helped me step out of them and I was completely naked.

As she came up from bending down to my ankles, her hair brushed up between my legs and I could feel the caress all the way up. I shivered uncontrollably at the sensation but I let out a loud moan when her hands followed her head as they ran up my legs and joined together right where they met.

I had to back away. I couldn’t take the stimulation like that. I gulped for air as I grabbed onto her hands with both of mine and removed them from my groin. “O Sissy,” I groaned. “My gosh you make me feel so…so…” I couldn’t complete my thought.

She smiled a contented smile and then purred to me, “Benny, what do you want me to do? Do you want to cum? I’ll make you cum if you want me to.”

I thought a second, my mind whirling. What did I want? Suddenly I knew.

“Sissy, can I take your clothes off? Can I see you naked like me?” I asked, no I begged.

“You want to undress me?” she asked standing up.

“Uh huh,” I managed.

She took my hand and turned me around so I could sit on the bed and she stood before me. As I sat down, she took a step forward and stood between my legs. She started to remove her top but I stopped her by grabbing her hands. She slowly released the hem and allowed me to run my hands down to her tummy. As I took over the task, she raised her arms to allow me to pull it over her head. After it came free of her head, I deposited it next to mine on the floor.

Now it was my turn to run my hands up her legs. From the hemline of her mini-skirt, I brushed the skin up her inner thighs until I reached the silky material covering her crotch. She let out a soft moan and a wiggle at the contact, but my hands did not stop there. They continued up her crotch until I could take her entire groin into my hand. I inserted my thumbs down between her legs and dug them into the hole she helped me to discover. This brought an even louder moan and a slight buckling of her knees. What was that I felt? It was wet! Did I cause her to pee her pants?

I moved my hands around to her ass cheeks and then back to the outside of her skirt. Finding the zipper, I released the skirt from her hips and it fell to the floor. Our eyes met and she gave me a nervous smile. Why was she nervous? This was my first time instigating anything.

I sat back a little and admired her body. It was beautiful, so soft and curvy. She must have realized what I was doing because she cocked her hip a little and brought her hand up to her waist like a model or something. I smiled back anxiously and continued to stare at her body. I knew I had to see it all again so I reach up to her bra and followed the strap around to the back to attempt to unfasten it.

Finally, after three unsuccessful tries, she reached around to assist and it loosened up around her chest and released the binding of her breasts. As I grabbed the shoulder straps to aid in its removal, the cups fell away revealing the two most beautiful things in the world. I had forgotten just how beautiful they were until that very moment. I let the bra slide from my grip as I never took my eyes off of the sight I had dreamed of. I moved my face forward in an uncontrollable urge to take them into my mouth and to suckle upon them.

“O Benny, it was my turn to do you and here you are turning me into a bowl of jelly. O Benny, that feels so good,” she moaned.

I didn’t say a word. I just kept sucking. I ran my tongue around on her nipples, just like I did before. Taking just the nipple between my lips, I sucked down hard and she groaned even louder. I was sucking harder with my whole mouth full of her breast. I took my tongue and ran it all around and over them. I was mad with hunger and I was devouring her breasts.

My hand went to her tummy and then to her panties. The silkiness of them against her abdomen sent a chilling shutter throughout my body and I sucked even harder on her breast. I cupped my fingers inside of the waist band of her undies and slowly pulled them down in front. As I reached her pubic hair, she let out a loud groan. I inserted my fingers further down the front and ran the back of my middle finger down the length of her crack, sending her into a convulsive gyration that caused her to back away for an instant.

“O Benny, who taught you how to turn a girl on like this?” she demanded.

“Sissy, I’ve just been with you that one time, honest,” I pleaded.

“O God Benny, you are a fast learner and imaginative, too,” she said sliding her crotch back into my hand.

I proceeded to pull down her panties over her hips, her thighs and knees, until they fell to the floor around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she was as naked as I was. I finally had met my dream.

I planted my finger right between her spread legs into her hole. She gasped and thrust her hips forward as I started plunging it in and out while pressing up into the rough spot as she directed me the first time. With my lips still glued to her breast and my finger feeling up into her hole, I ran my thumb up her crack and she went wild.

With a shriek, she stepped away and fell to her knees. Grabbing my thing with her hand, she did something totally unexpected. She opened her lips and took it deep within mouth. She closed her lips around it and started to suck on it and I do mean suck. Her cheeks acted like she was sucking on a lollipop, all pulled in. Then as she pulled it out, her tongue licked at the hole on the end. I was going crazy. Her hand went down and cradled my balls as she proceeded to take it all the way in so her lips were on my mustache. It felt so unbelievable; I rolled my head backward so I was looking at the ceiling. My mouth was open and I fought for air. Then I felt that sensation starting to build, that wonderful feeling that I learned to recognize as the feeling before I squirted.

I didn’t want to squirt my stuff into Sissy mouth so I pushed her away with my hands. But she wouldn’t move. I tried again but she resisted my pushing. I pleaded with her, “Sissy, I’m going to squirt my stuff. I can’t hold it any longer. SISSY?”

Her lips locked around it like a vice. She sucked down on it so hard that she was actually sucking the stuff from my squirting thing. I could feel it squirt big globs into her mouth. It had to go down her throat, but she never missed a stroke. Over and over I shot down her throat as she continued to suck the life out of it. Finally, when I was just oozing, she quit sucking but continued to lick all around the end, including the hole. I was lying flat on my back by this time, trying to catch my breath. My head was spinning but a warm glowing sensation swept over me as I lost conscience.

After awhile I began to stir and realized that Sissy face was still buried in my crotch. She had released my thing from her mouth but her face was still down there. I sat up and she looked at me. Were those tears coming down her cheeks?

“My gosh, Sissy. What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong? I knew I shouldn’t have squirted in your mouth, I’m sorry, Sissy,” I scrambled for word of apology.

“No silly, it’s not that. I loved that part. It’s just…O it’s nothing. I’m being silly myself. Well Benny, what did you think of your first blowjob?”

“Is that’s what it’s called?” I asked. “My gosh Sissy, it was great, just unbelievably great.”

She got up from her kneeling position, put her hands on my shoulders and pushing me backwards until I was laying flat on my back. She lay down on top of me with her face right above my own. Then she kissed me on the lips. It was a hard kiss, a sensual kiss and a long kiss. It was a kiss that showed that she loved me. It was a kiss that started to arouse my limp thing down there.

As I started to return the kiss, she propped herself on an elbow, looked down into my face and smiled. Then she said something I’ll always remember. She said, “Benny, I loved making love with you. But I won’t take the one thing from you that I wish I hadn’t given away. That’s the feeling of giving it for the first time to someone you love.”

I was thinking, “But I love you Sissy. I want to give it to you the first time.” But I said nothing. I just watch her get up, reach down and pick up her clothes and walk to the door. The “next time” was over. It was wonderful but it was over.

We met again on occasion; usually it was on a Saturday morning. Saturdays became special for me, even if we didn’t do anything because we were alone in the house, except for our mother upstairs in her room, and we knew we could do it even if we didn’t. When we did do something, she always made it unbelievable for me. She taught me what grownups called all of the parts of a boy and girl. It was called a “cock” or “dick”, not a thing. A girl had “tits” and a “pussy” and she loved to be “finger fucked”. When she put it in her mouth, she gave me a “blow job” and she taught me how to “eat out her pussy”.

We met and loved each other on most Saturdays for over a year, tasting, fingering and sucking upon each other until we would make each other cum; sometimes, multiple times. It was great. We treated each other like two lovers instead of siblings. The only thing we didn’t do was to actually fuck. She held to her promise of not wanting to take my virginity.

I had heard my father come down the stairs on many nights. I began to wonder what he was doing. I asked Sissy if she heard him move around at night and a strange look came over her face. She thought for a second and then answered, “Yeah, I hear him, but I didn’t know that you did. I guess he can wander around the house anytime he wants to, it is his house after all,” and let her voice trail away.
Once I asked Sissy; after a particularly instructive session one Saturday morning, how she knew so much about sex and stuff. She responded, “Well, I know when I had my first experience, when I was thirteen, I wondered how y…” she paused for a second and then continued, “I wondered how the guy knew so much about sex. Well, they just do, I guess and I try to teach you what I know, that’s all.”

She cut off her answer and I let it die. I was glad she knew so much about sex and was willing to teach me what she knew. Who ever taught her, certainly knew what he was doing.

It happened on a Friday night, at the end of the school year. I was graduating from middle school and Sissy was graduating from high school. It was late and I was just starting to drift off. I awoke to the felling of someone sliding in beside me in bed. I became fully awake when I realized it was Sissy.

“Sissy, what are you doing in here?” I asked.

“I just had the urge to be close to you, that’s all,” she answered, snuggling up next to me.

I could tell immediately that she was not wearing anything; she was pressing her naked body as close to me as she could. My cock started to come alive with this realization and I rolled over to press my shorts into her nakedness.

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me into the most sensual kiss she had ever given me. I responded by kissing her back just as passionately. As we kissed, her hand went down to my cock inside of my shorts and attempted to pull them off. I came to her assistance and after a second my cock was poking her in the crotch.

“Benny, I’ve been thinking about not letting you fuck me and I was second guessing that decision. What do you think? Would you like to loose your virginity to me? I mean, do you love me enough to want to fuck me?”

“Gosh yes, Sissy. You know I love you. You know I’ve wanted to put it in you for over a year now. But you said I should wait until I did it with someone I love. But Sissy, I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time. Hell yes I want to fuck you, if you’ll let me.”

“O Benny, I will let you, I want you. Please, take me Benny,” she begged.

I rolled her over and was on top of her in a flash. She spread her legs to accept my penetration and just as I was aimed and ready, I stopped myself and thought, “What are you doing, Ben? This is what you’ve always wanted and now that is there for your taking, you want to rush in and grab it. Why not take it slow and enjoy the moment? Maybe you can make it special for your sister, too.”

I suddenly scooted down on her body until my face was directly over her tits. I opened my mouth and started licking tenderly her left nipple and then her right one. Since I was right on her pubic bone with my tummy muscles, I started moving around a little, grinding my stomach into her pussy. As I licked her nipples, I was humping her pussy. She was starting to breath harder every time a made a rotation with my stomach.

I licked her nipples until they were hard as pebbles and then, taking one at a time into my mouth, I sucked hard on it and pulled it away from the rest of the breast. This caused a little moan to escape from her lips as she grown her crotch into my tummy muscles. I moved my hands up to her breasts and squeezed them both at the same time as I scooted down a little more and ran my tongue down around her navel.

She tightened up her muscles to her tummy and abdomen and gasped at the sensation. She buried her fingers into my hair and pressed it downward. I complied with the unspoken request by offering no resistance and within a second or two; my nose told me that I had arrived at her sweet opening. Her smell of honey I knew from many times before. This was not the first time I had tasted her juices, but it was the most exciting time, knowing that I was about to enter her most sacred place; the opening to her soul, her grand treasure. I was about to penetrate her vagina with my cock and fuck her with all of my might and passion. But not yet, I had to taste and suck upon the sweet little knob she had hidden under that hood she held between her lips, those two luscious lips that guarded her secret treasure that before now, I had only dreamt of invading. Tonight was my night, she told me so, and I wasn’t about to rush it for anything.

I ran my tongue up to her hooded nubbin and flicked it several times. She strained her hips upward in an attempt to stimulate it more. I then moved down between her legs and lapped at her opening, inserting my tongue in as far as I could stretch it. Again, she reacted by pushing her crotch upward to help my tongue enter some more. I licked at her anus and she went wild. Pulling my head down with both hands, she raised her hips high into the air and groaned so loud, I had to caution her for making to much noise.

“I don’t care who hears me,” she panted in response. “O Benny, you make me feel hot for you. Please, take me now!”

“Are you ready?” I asked.


I slid down into position with my knees just under her bent knees. Both of her legs were sticking straight up in the air and spread wide, waiting, inviting, beckoning. I felt my cock when I positioned it at her entrance. It had never felt so big, so straight and firm. I was about to enter an unknown world that I had only dreamt of and now was the time. Finding her opening wide and moist with her lubricant that coated the head of my throbbing cock, I yelled to myself, “GO FOR IT,” and rammed it home, down to the hilt.

“O MY GOD, BENNY,” was all she could get out before I withdrew it and plunged it in again. My loins were on fire as I pinned her against the mattress of my bed for a second time. The breath had gone out of Sissy, as I rammed in the third assault on her womb. It felt so different than when she sucked me off. I could feel the pressure all around it as it slid in and out. I could feel it when it jammed into the back of her womb.

Now it was coming in rapid, jack hammer, action; going in long and hard, then quickly out to the head. Then ram it in again as far as I could make it go. She was now meeting my every thrust with a thrust of her own. We were literally jamming our crotches together with no cares of the consequences. Over and over we were slapping the skin together. The bed was squeaking as it moved across the floor and she was holding me tight around the ass.

The feeling of bliss that was emanating from my loins was growing with every penetration. I knew it was just a matter of time. But I could not control my movements. I continued ramming my cock into her incredibly juicy pussy and she continued receiving and giving back again with as much force and passion as she was given. As she reached her breaking point and the emotion had built up to a crescendo, there was only one way out and that was an unbelievable orgasmic release, for both of us.

It came with a flurry of movement and noise. She screeched a muffled cry as she strained to get the last ounce of energy out through her pussy. I held my breath for what seemed like forever. Finally, we released all pent up desires and ground into each other with a rapid ramming of our bodies, concentrated at our crotches. The slamming finally started to subside until we just slowly and smoothly continued to slide it in and out, slower and slower, until all motion stopped.

We must have fallen to sleep, because when I awoke, several hours later, she was gone. When I say gone, I don’t mean gone from my bed, but gone entirely. She was not there in the morning when I got ready for school. She was not there when I got home or at dinner that evening. She was gone completely and forever. I loved my Sissy and she left me. But she also left me with the knowledge of love and that was better than nothing.

I like to think that she came in and said goodbye before she left that last time. Maybe she did or maybe that was the purpose of her final late night visit. I will always think it was the first one. But even if it was the latter, I still will think fondly of her last night in my life.

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