continued from the first with a diferent twist.
After the day with Gina I was woried about her telling someone for a couple weeks but nothing ever came of it so I guess she did keep it our secret.The thoughts of it kept me horny and I gave my wife Mellisa a lot of attention the next several weeks. Mellisa is verry attractive. She is about 5 foot tall and weighs about 110 lbs has a good tan and nice butt. The only tell tail signs of her having kids is a few marks vert on her stomach .that are faded pretty good. Her tit’s a ski sloped when she stands 34 b cup with a few frekles on them.
Anyway I have been fucking her a lot since me and Gina’s encounter and Mellisa seem to be enjoying all the attention.
Mellisa baby sit a lot for the neighbors and stuff but it was all boys. Her sisters girls had not been over since the last time I told you about. Mean while I took Mellisa to a hypnotise to try to help her quit smoking.
We were in the office when the doctor came out to get Mellisa for her apointment. I waited in the room and after awhile I got up and went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I could hear the doctor and Mellisa through the register so I sat down and could hear everything.he was going through his rotine and I could tell mellisa was hypnotized by the way she was talking.
Ok mellisa now before I wake you on your next visit when I say mellisa eat the apple you will be back in this state you will sit a listen and do what ever I tell you. To wake up I also say eat the apple. And when I say it you will wake and not remember being hypnotized but ever thing I told you will be your own thoughts and feelings.
Ok, Mellisa eat the apple. Oh doctor did I fall asleep? Yes you did Mellisa its not uncommon for that to happen ok I will see you next week good luck on stoping smoking.
Mellisa got up and left and I met her in the loby.
On the ride home I never told her I over heard the doctor and her. All the way home I was thinking could it be that easy could I hypnotise Mellisa with the doctors comand. The posibilities rolled around in my mind.
We got home and I had to try it so when we walked in the house the kids were not home from school yet we had about an hour. I said Mellisa EAT THE APPLE. She stop in her tracks and sat down on the sofa. She seemed relaxed and did not move. I said Mellisa? Yes you ok ? Yes I was jumping for joy. I had to stay calm though. Mellisa when you get up you are going to go to the bed room and get undressed and and put on your black bra and panties. Then just slip one of my t shirts on and wear that the rest of the evening.

You like dressing sexy at home. You will do anything I say at all times and not think nothing of it. Mellisa eat the apple.
She got up and did not say a word and went to the bed room. I few min later she came into the kitchen dressed like I said. I love it when she wears my t shirts for a night gown and she looked hot.
She prepared dinner cause the kids would be home soon.

Before the kids got home I sit at the table and say honey give me a blowjob. She walked over to me and got on her knees and pulled out my dick and started to suck on me just that easy. She was bobing up and down on me without saying a word and I was about to come when I heard the kids coming in the front door. So I had her stop and go back to what she was doing before. Just before Lori walked into the room.
I was in agony. I was just about to come when I had to stop her. Then I got thinking she would of not stoped if I had not told her. The posibilities were rolling in my mind.
We sat and ate dinner and the kids left while Mellisa did the dishes.
Brian the neighbor boy came in about that time. He was 11 Mellisa baby sat him every evening till 8 while his mom was at work. Then it clicked what I wanted to do next. Brian was older than our kids so really did not play with them he usually went to the basement and played videos and watched tv all evening by himself. so when he went down stairs I got out my blue tooth and told Mellissa to put it on. I took my cell phone with me and went down stairs to the basement. Brian was watching tv when I went down and did not see me. Now down stairs is all open except the storage room at the far end and the other end was a laundry room the tv was beside the door to the laundry room and I was at the other end in the storage room I shut the door which had slats on it so I could see the whole room and noone could see me.
I call Mellisa hello Mellisa go do the laundry and leave the Bluetooth on. don’t talk to me just listen to everything I tell you.I did not get any response and a few min later she came down and went to the laundry room saying hi to brian as she walked by him.

Leave the door open I tell her. She starts loading the washer and separating clothes and I could see her back side. Brian was just to the left on the sofa and he could see her too. He would look that way glance at her every once in awhile while she loaded the washer..mellisa stop and raise your shirt just up off your butt so it will rest on your hip. She did and I could see her sexy black underwear the laces folded under her left butt cheek reveiling it a little. Brian glanced that way and staired. She finished loading the washer and hit start and her shirt fell back in place. But it was enough to get his attention. Mellisa started to leave the room but I stoped her and told her to keep straighten up in there. Brian kept looking that way more now. The under wear view got his attention and he only looked away when she turned around and was facing him. Mellisa you are very horny. You want to fuck someone and you don’t care who and you are getting real wet thinking about it. Take off your shirt. With her back to him she took off her shirt and tossed it in the hamper. Turn around and go out and stand in front of Brian.

She turned and walked toward Brian and he turned his head and acted like he was watching tv. She stood in front of him and he looked down at his feet and would not look up. Take off your bra and panties. She did so. Get on your knees in front of Brian and pull down his pants and start sucking him. She pulled them down brian was trying to cover himself as she went down and took him in her mouth without saying a word.

He just froze as I saw her head bobbing up and down on him her but in the air. I pull my pants down and as I watched I started jacking off. I could see her head bobbing Brian was wide eye looking down at her. Climb up ontop of him and fuck him. She stops and looks up at him smiling. And stands up. I can see his dick standing straight up about 5 inches. Bald as can be just like mellisa’s shaved cunt.
She climbs ontop of him and reaches down and guides him into her. Her lips part and her eyes close as she slowly lowers herself on him.she moving on her own now. My wife is fucking the neighbor boy and she thinks me and the kids are up stairs.

She puts her hands around his neck and leans down and kisses him on the lips I can see her tong sliding into his mouth then she pulles his head into her chest the hole time moving slowly up and down on him.

As im watching I lost control and came all over the floor of the storage room. It was so intense I never saw anything so hot in all my life. Mellisa was grinding her self into him now. I could here her breathing and moaning calling out his name under her breath.mellisa held him to her chest as she bounced and grind into him she would lean down and kiss him holding him tight to her.the Bluetooth fell off her ear and landed on the floor. She was on her own now. She started coming humping into to him and finally with her last thurst of her hips she collapsed ontop of him panting hard trying to catch her breath. When she sat up she had a look of a deer in the head lights. She jumped up and grabed her underwear and went to the laundry room and shut the door. Brian pulled his pants up quickly and just sat there.A minute later she came out and sat with brian and told him she was sorry. She was crying. I don’t know what came over me we cant tell anyone about the. Brian nodded his head.she smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the fore head and hurried up stairs. A bit later Brian started playing video games and I snuck out and went upstairs.

Mellisa was in the shower so I went in to check on her just as she was getting out. She had a guilty look on her face as she looked at me and said hi what have you been doing . I was out in the garage working on the lawnmower. Your getting a shower a weird time of day. Yea I was a hot and just a wanted to cool down with a shower. Ok honey and l leaned forward and kissed her.

It was about 6 oclock now and Brian was going to be hear another 2 hours i was sexually satified after the load i shot in the Storage room. i was watching tv in our bed room when i realized i had not seen Mellisa for awhile i look at the clock and it was almost 7. i go to the kichen and i remember she was doing laundry so i slowly open the door and i can hear her down there i was in disbelief she was having sex with him again.

I sneak down just enough so i can see her riding him again the only diference is she left her t shirt on. probably so she won't get caught. i go back up to the top of steps and yell down Mellisa you down there?
it got quite and she said yea. what are you doing? I'm doing the laundry. ok i shut the door and go check on our kids. the were playing in ther room the boys was watching tv so i peaked in on Lori she was playing with her dolls. i sat on her bed and could not get the image out of my mind. mellisa is down stairs fucking the neighbor boy right now.
I get up and go back to the basement door i crack it open and i could hear her whispering Brians name and moaning. i make a noise and walk down the steps when i get into view brian is covered up with a blanket and i see Mellisa just as she makes it back into the laundry room.
i go to the laundry room and she is folding the laundry. she had her shirt on and her face was flushed red and i could tell she was frustrated.

I said have you seen my watch? she looks at me for a minute and then says in an overly helpfull voice i think its in the bathroom. i said ok and leave. i stand at the top of the stairs and can hear her talking to him then a moan tells me she is back at it. i was in disbelief she is fucking him now on her own. i turned loose a away i was turned on and in another i was pissed. how dare she cheat on me like that. i was horny and mad a go back to my room and when i got back it was 7:15 i knew she would be fucking him or trying to for the next 45 min. the thought made me angry and at same time horny.
i think of our kids not knowing what was going on. then lori came back to my mind and for the first time i am thinking of her sexually. if she can fuck brian i am going to do her little girl. i go to her room and shut the door.
Hi daddy. hi honey what are you doing? playing with my dolls. oh i see. can you stand up for a minute?
she stands in front of me as i sit on her bed. daddy just wants to see hows his little girl is grown. i pull her shirt off and remove her pants and underwear. she was quite. don't worry no one is going to see you i locked the door . she stood there as i looked her over and her little bald pussy lips were puffed out alittle as i looked her over i put mu fingure between her lips and rubed it a little. i turn her around and look at her little round butt..
ok honey put your t shirt back on.she gladly put it on it made her feel more comfortable.ok babe lay hear on your back. she layed down on the bed with her feet over the edge. i pulled her more over the edge riding her shirt up with her butt on the edge i sit her up and pull the shirt over her hips and have her hold it over her head as i lay her back down.
She can't see me now i unbutton my pants and release my cock. i get in between her legs and rub the tip up and down her crack.
Daddy what are you doing? I am cleaning you off down there it won't take long. i leaned down and licked her pussy lips a few times to make her wet and slippery. and got back between her leg and took my right hand and rubed it up and down her lips my cock head ficking over her clit i could feel her flinch alittle each time just like Gina did. i jacked my cock fast up and down her pussy rubbing her faster and faster then all at once i came. filling her crack and shotting all over her belly and hips. i button up my pants and took her shirt off. she looked down and saw tha cum all over her and said whats that daddy. Its lotion and i start rubbing it all over her. i rub her clit a few times and she turned her head not to look at me and closed her eyes.she jerked every time i rubed it does that hurt Lori? no no o dad it tickles. oh ok and i rubed it more. i could hear her breathing harder. then she clinched her legs together and said daddy im going to pee.

Its not pee honey go ahead its ok let it go and i kept rubing as my daughter had her first orgasium on my fingure and cum soaked pussy. she held her breath as i felt her clinch her pussy tight and then colapsed on the bed. ok lets get you cleaned up and i took a towel and wiped her off .lets keep this a secret between us Lori as i pulled her panties back on her and left the room.
it was just about 8 i went to the basement door and hear Mellisa talking to Brian. A few min later Brian came up the stairs and out the door. Mellisa came up and went to the kitchen.I went in a little latter and she was doing dishes. i went up behind her and gave her a hug. she smelled like sex. i could still feel the heat from it coming off her. i kissed her neck and said Mellisa eat the apple.

She stop what she was doing. sit down and i pulled out a chair for her. she sat and had a blank stair.
Have you ever cheated on your husband ? yes I pause when? Today. is that the only time? yes why did you fuck Brian? I have always thought about it but never had the courage too. thought about? yea fantisized i would play with myself and think about it.why did you today? i was doing laundry and got real horny.
Who else have you fantisized about? Alot of people. i mean any other young boys?
yes a few. i saw my son tom in bath once when he was 4 with a hard dick and i played with myself while i watched him play in the tub.mellisa eat the apple.
she stood and went on doing dishes like nothin happened. i was in disbelief my wife likes litttle boys. would of never thought of it.
the end
if you like i can continue just let me know

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