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At 45 years old, Roy Hammer had been Vice President of the Property Management Division of Kelly Enterprises for five years now. When he was divorced 5 years ago, he was a junior executive in the Development Division. With nothing to hold him back, he had given the job his full attention and rose to his present position in less than two years. Now, he had over 300 residential properties under his management. When a property was sold, it was his division’s responsibility to make sure the owner got whatever they desired. A significant portion of that work fell on him and his secretary, and sometimes lover, Yvonne.

Yvonne was a beautiful woman, 40 years old with a nice body and married to a successful lawyer with two grown children who were now out on their own. With a husband who was out of town or working late constantly and her children now away from home, she decided to make up for the times she had missed out on earlier in life. She had shared his bed many times and he continued to see her on a regular basis. She was also eager to introduce him to her friends, married and single. He had fucked everyone she had set up with him so far.

The first time he fucked her had been strictly by chance. It was a Friday night and he worked late to close out some accounts. It was too late to cook at home so he drove out to the beach to have dinner at his favorite seafood restaurant. Of course, there was a waiting list and he headed to the downstairs bar for a drink while he waited. When he sat down at the bar, he was surprised to see Yvonne sitting a few stools away next to two other equally beautiful women. She saw him at the same time and waved energetically as she jumped up from her stool and hurried over to him.

“Roy!” she said excitedly. “It’s great to see you here. I was just telling my friends that I didn’t really want to eat alone but they’ve already eaten. I hope you are here to eat too and will join me.”

He couldn’t help give her a big smile as he held up his pager. “I just got mine. They told me it would be 20 minutes so I came down to get a drink. Are you sure you want to have dinner with your boss?”

She laughed. “Tonight you’re not my boss, smarty. We’re off work and just going to have a good dinner together. Deal?”

“Of course,” he said. “How can I refuse a beautiful lady in distress?”

“That’s great,” she said and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. He was very conscious of her firm titties pressed tightly against his chest. “Let me go tell my friends and I’ll come join you. Hold my seat.”

“You don’t have to do that Yvonne. I’m fine until we get paged to a table.”

“Nonsense,” she said with a big smile. “They were just keeping me company anyway. They both have husbands waiting for them.”

He smiled. “You don’t?”

She laughed as well. “No. He’s out of town again so I put him out of mind and enjoy myself.” She stepped down from her stool. “I’ll be right back.”

He watched her walk the few feet to talk with her friends and couldn’t help but wonder where this night would lead. She was wearing a mini skirt that barely came to mid thigh, a blouse that was cut very low and was sheer enough to reveal the half cup bra she wore underneath and three inch heels that showed her legs to the max. It had been very difficult to keep his eyes on her face when they were talking. Almost immediately, she returned with her friends in tow.

“Roy, this is Gina and Darla,” she said as she pointed at each of them. Gina was a blonde and Darla was a red head. Both were beautiful and both had bodies just as great as Yvonne’s. He had no way of knowing it then but he would fuck both of them within the next few weeks.

“Good to meet you Roy, Darla said with a big smile. “Yvonne is tight lipped about you for some reason but we hope the two of you have fun tonight. We really have to go.”

Both women walked out with a wave and a smile. Yvonne started to take her seat when they heard a buzzing sound. She reached into her purse to see her dining pager flashing.

“That’s me,” she said. “You can turn yours in on the way.”

They were led to a table in the back of the restaurant that gave them a good view of the beach. With Yvonne now sitting across from him, he found it even more difficult to concentrate on her face rather than the substantial amount of cleavage revealed by her low cut blouse. They ordered their meals and drinks and sat enjoying the drinks while they waited. A number of times, Yvonne leaned over the table to touch his hand while she talked and he was afforded an excellent view down her blouse. He saw enough to know that the bra she was wearing barely contained her nipples and they were hard the whole night. She caught him looking a couple of times. Each time, she just gave him a big smile and leaned over further.
When they finished the meal, she asked him to order them another drink while she went to the ladies room. Just before she returned, the waitress appeared with the bill and he gave her his credit card. Yvonne had seen the exchange on her way back to the table. When she sat down, she had a frown on her face.

“I didn’t ask you to join me so you would pay for dinner,” she said sternly.

He laughed lightly. “That frown takes the sparkle out of your eyes. The price of the meal was well worth it for the company. I hate eating alone myself. Now, put a smile back on your face and enjoy your drink.”

She smiled again. “Okay,” she said and reached over to touch his hand. “Thank you.”

When she leaned over, he realized she had taken her bra off and and opened her blouse more. When she left, the top two buttons of her blouse were undone. Now, a third button was undone and her titties were completely exposed to his view. They were full and firm with nipples that were just as hard and pressing into the thin material of her blouse. She caught him looking again.

“I’m glad you like them,” she said calmly.

He shook his head, not sure what she meant. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“My titties, of course. My husband doesn’t pay much attention to them anymore. I enjoy men looking at them. That’s why my nipples are so hard now.”

Her frankness surprised him. He laughed lightly. “It’s difficult not to like them,” he replied as calmly as he could.

She just smiled and gazed out the window for a minute before turning her attention back to him. “I’d love to take a walk on the beach tonight. Will you walk with me?”

“Sure,” he replied quickly, wondering where this was headed.

They agreed to drive their cars to a beach parking lot a short way from the restaurant and meet there. On the way, he began to wonder if he was going to fuck his secretary tonight. He smiled at himself. He certainly had no qualms about it but he didn’t want it to interfere with their job either. He had to tread carefully.

He saw her standing beside her car and parked beside her. She was standing under one of the overhead lights and he took in her beauty as he walked towards her. Her blouse was sheer as it was but the light seemed to make it even more so. When he approached, he got an excellent view of her titties through the thin material and he really enjoyed what he saw. As soon as he was within reach, she grabbed his hand in hers and gave him a big smile as they turned towards the beach. She took her heels off on the boardwalk and carried them in one hand while she continued to hold his hand with the other. The wind was blowing off the ocean and he saw chill bumps on her arms so he dropped her hand and put an arm around her shoulder.

“That feels better,” she said as she snuggled into his arm. “I didn’t realize it was that cool.”

“We can go back if you prefer,” he said quickly.

“No!” she replied quickly and firmly. “It’s beautiful out here. I want to walk a few minutes.”

She kicked at the sand as they walked and they talked very little. The moon was hidden by an overcast sky and the farther they got away from the main beach, the darker their surroundings became. His hand had been resting on her shoulder but he gradually let it drop until his fingers were toying at the opening of her blouse, fully expecting her to push it away. She didn’t. Instead, she just snuggled closer to him. When he couldn’t resist it any longer, he eased his fingers inside the top of her blouse and began to slowly stroke the top of her titty. When she still didn’t resist, he pushed his hand lower still until he was cupping her titty and toying with the nipple. She surprised him when she reached up to press his hand harder against her titty.

“Ummm,” she said. “That feels so good.”

When they were under the shadow of the dark fishing pier, her pulled her to him and kissed her, fully expecting to be slapped or pushed away at the least. Instead, she eagerly kissed him back. The kiss was long, deep, and urgent. He sensed she wanted him to go farther and he cupped her ass with both hands as they kissed. Slowly, he worked her skirt up with his hands until he could feel the smooth skin of her ass. He should have been surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties but he wasn’t. He kept one hand on her ass, massaging it firmly, while he moved his other hand around to the front of her skirt and pushed his finger into a very wet pussy.

“Oh god yessss,” she moaned into their kiss. She was suddenly kissing him harder as her arms tightened around his neck and she spread her legs to give him room to finger here deeper. “That feels so good. Please don’t stop!”

Moving his hand from her ass, he pushed her blouse up, broke their kiss and then started sucking on her titties. Even though it was cool on her exposed skin, it didn’t take him long to heat her up. Her pussy was juicing so fast that his fingers were soaked in seconds. At last he pulled away from her titties and reached down to unzip his pants. She quickly looked around and saw they were alone, then turned back to him and took his dick in her hand. He had already been hard but his dick swelled to its full size very quickly under her gentle touch. There was a look of amazement on her face.

“I’ve never seen a dick as big as yours,” she said calmly as she stroked him firmly.

“I need to fuck you so bad,” he said quickly. “Let’s go back to my house.”

“I need you to fuck me too but I want it right here and right now,” she moaned as she locked her lips on his again. Her tongue probed his mouth as she rose up on her toes, spread her legs as far as possible and placed the head of his dick at her pussy.

It felt so good when his dick began to ease inside her hot, wet pussy and he quickly cupped her ass to pull her closer. As big as he was, he had to ease in an inch at the time, moving in and out slowly until he felt his balls against her pelvis. Reaching down, he gripped her legs in his hands and lifted her body until he felt her legs wrap around his waist and locked behind his back. Now, he was able to drive in slow and deep, teasing her as he pulled all the way out and then pushed in slowly again. It lasted longer than he could have hoped and it took everything he had to hold back until he felt her body shaking and then her cum coated his dick. As soon as she did, he gripped her legs to keep her body tight against his and began to thrust deeper and faster. At long last, he felt his balls swell as his climax began and he drove deep as he cupped her ass and pulled her tight against him. She suddenly clamped her pussy tight on his dick and urged him to cum inside her. When he exploded, the feeling of his hot cum drenching her pussy started her towards another climax.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” she cried. “That feels so good!” Don’t stop yet.”

He continued thrusting until he felt her body relax, then she unlocked her legs and dropped them weakly until she was standing again. She smiled and her eyes closed into narrow slits as she spoke. “It’s been a long time since I came that hard and often.”
He laughed lightly. “I’m glad,” he said. “Let’s go back and have another drink. Then, we’ll go to my house and do this right.”

She gave him a big smile. “There was nothing wrong with the way we just did it. I enjoy public fucking. I’m always wondering if someone is watching and it just makes me that much hotter. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share my passion. I have all weekend and I’d love to go home with you but let’s forget the drinks and head to your house,” she replied with an even bigger smile. “I’m looking forward to getting fucked again tonight and as often as you can manage over the next two days. I just hope we don’t spend all our time indoors. Maybe we can find another place like this.”

He smiled. “My house is in the country. I think we can find a few other places you’ll enjoy.”


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